Coraline Book CoverBy: Rachel RobertsFor my book cover project I decided to pick the book/ film “Coraline”.This book and feature stop motion film has been one of my favorites eversince it came out. Alluring me with childish fantaties of other worlds, andthen capturing my soul with the twisted dark reality of it all. Through thisprocess, I have not only revamped the original cover style through myown, but also re-designed the logo type, color scheme, theme, and more(including an article cover based on parallel worlds and theories. Not onlydo I feel like I have captured the childish, yet dark theme of the book, butalso the uniqueness of a child’s imagination in traveling to another worldthat seems so much more perfect than our own.Inside this overview, you will find the “re-creation” of “Coraline” andseeing the process to how I’ve re-designed her character and world. Thisoverview will include detailed sketches, logo designs, an article, finalsketch, and then the final design to the overall project. In creating thisprocess, it allows myself and others to see my creative process on how Icome up with such imaginative designs.

Getting into the MoodFor the overall theme and mood of the story“Coraline” I had to create something that had this darkand sinister tone unearthing from the background of achild’s life. To do this, I gathered a few reference photo’sfrom online to give me an idea of how to create this illusion I was needing to capture.Below, I also worked out a few color schemes andcombinations that might also work to create this dark, yetfantasy styled cover that I needed to achieve. These colorsconsist of a variety of blue’s (since this is Coraline’s maincolor scheme), green (as seen in many transistions betweenher world and the next), and then a few earthly tones tocreate that nostaligic wooden texture that becomes prominent in the original book cover.

Rough SketchesThese are a few sketch concepts I came up with while trying to create abook cover and/or monochromatic for the story “Coraline”. In most ofthese, I tried keeping the idea of the doll that the belldame uses throughout the story, as well as the key to the other world and even a spider webto hint at the fact that the belldame was a type of spider-like insect creature in both the book and the movie. And of course I kep the button ideathroughout each concept in order to keep the ambiguity theme of theoverall dark plot and its signifigance towards Coraline.

Final MonochromaticThis is the final product forthe monochromatic pieceusing a variety of blueshades and tints. Also included is the original logotype for the movie version of“Coraline”. This conceptcame from the idea ofCoraline looking throughthe view finder and heralternate doll self is shown .

Book Cover Sketches

Typography Designs

Final Book Covers (Rough)

Article Reference & Sketch

Parallel UniverseYou will probably neversee your other selves.The farthest you canobserve is the distance thatBy: Max Tegmarklight has been able to travelduring the 14 billion yearssince the big bang expansionbegan. The most distant visiblereading this article? A person who is notobjects are now about 4 x 10 26you but who lives on a planet called Earth,meters away - a distancewith misty mountains, fertile fields andthat defines our observablesprawling cities, in a solar system with eightuniverse, alos called ourother planets? The life of this person hasHubble volume, our horzonbeen identical to yours in every respect.volume or simply ourBut perhaps, he or she now decides to putuniverse. Likewise, the universedown this article without finishing it,of your other selves are spheres ofwhile you read on.the same size centered on theirThe idea of such an alter egoplanets. They are the most straightseems strange and impulsive, but itforward example of parallel universes.looks as if we will have to live with it,Each universe is merely a small part ofbecause it is supported bya larger “multiverse”.astronomical observations. TheBy this very definition of “universe”,simplest and most popularone might expect the notion of aastronomical model todaymultiverse to be forever in the domainpredicts that you have a twinof metaphysics. Yet the borderlinein a galaxy about 10 to thebetween physics and metaphysics10th 28th meters from defined by whether a theory isThis distance is so large thatexperimentally testable, not byit is beyond astronomical, butwhether it is weird or involvesthat does notmake yourunobservable entities. The frontiersdoppelganger any less real.of physics have gradually expanded toThe estimate is derived fromincorporate ever more abstract (and onceelementary probability and doesmetaphysical) concepts such as a roundnot even assume speculativeEarth, invisible electromagnetic fields,modern physics, merely that spacetime slowdown at high speeds, quantumis infinite (or at least sufficiently) insuperpositions, curved space, and blacksize and almost uniformly filled withholes. Over thepast several years the concept of amatter, as observations indicate. Inmultiverse hasjoined this list. It is grounded in wellinfinite space, even the mosttested theories suchas relativity and quantum mechanicsunlikely events must take placeand it fullfills both ofthe basic criteria of an empiricalsomewhere. There are infinitelyscience: it makespredictions, and it can be falsified.many other inhabited planets,Scientists have discussedas many as four distinct types ofincluding not just one butparallel universes. They keyquestion is not whether theinfinitely many that havemultiverse exists but rather how many levels it has. - We all accept thepeople with the sameexistence of things we cannot see but could see if we moved to a differentappearance, name andvantage point or merelywaited, like people watching for ships to come overmemories as you, whothe horizon. Objects beyond the cosmic horizon have a similar status. Theplay our every possibleobservable universe grows by a light-year every year as light from far awaypermutation of your life.has time to reach us.Is there a copy of youFinal ArticleFor the final article design, I chose an article about parallel universe’s,since the theme covers “Coraline” throughout her journey in the storyas well as added the cat in her final deisgn. The piece included gradient shadows/ highlights, as well as a few harsh light and shadows inher overall design. The key I kept in her design as I added it inside thiswarped bubble shape as Coraline travels through this alternate world.As for the main color scheme, I kept the consistant colors of blue, whileusing the green as an overall highlight to tie together the piece as shetransitions between these different worlds (Even the refelection in hereyes showcase a green tint). As for the article itself, all copyrights arereserved to Max Tegmark who created the idea for this topic.

Final Design Layout

Final CoverNeil GaimanIn the completed version of the “Coraline” Book cover, I finally added the authors name in the same blue shade color as the title and had it available on bothsides to further develop the “flipping” aspect of the cover. I also fixed a fewsmall issues with the rounded objects in the top right corner by adding morehighlights and making the star shape more spherical. As per the overall concept, as I mentioned before, I wanted to keep the idea of Coraline going betweendifferent worlds and how that has an effect on the book by adding it to thedesign of the cover. I also included the button key as well as the cat that can gobetween worlds like she does. The spider webs and mechanical needle handboth symbolize who the bell dame truly is, while the thread and needles are anode to the puppets that are seen throughout. Finally, the 3 objects in the topright corner are the 3 ghost eyes that Coraline goes to find in the second half ofthe story. As for the spades in the background with dots surrounding it givesyou a clue to the garden area and how it is set up, with the spade being thetrowel and the dots representing each of the people that Coraline encountersboth in her world and in the other mother’s realm.