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IMPACT PRODUCTS, LLCCommitment to our CustomersThe mission of Impact is to provide quality products at competitive prices, while using a teamenvironment to offer superior customer service. We continually strive to maintain our motto “thefriendly, flexible company” and do so with the best in people, process, and products.Commitment to the EnvironmentImpact is committed to learn and implement practices for a greener tomorrow. Through researchand strategic sourcing, we are adding items to our line that will help our customers reduce theircarbon footprint and work towards a greener world.Throughout the 2013 Catalog, you will find our copyrightproducts that meet one or more of the following criteria:symbol. This symbol highlightsComposed of earth friendly or recycled materials and/or a recyclable product.Support recycling programs.A sustainable or durable product. Sustainable products last longer(vs. disposable) and reduce waste and landfill space.Reduce the carbon footprint by their use.Manufacturing process supports a greener, cleaner environment.Commitment to a Safer EnvironmentAt Impact, “we live what we sell”. Incorporating safe work practices in all Impact facilities with the“STOP for Safety” program from Dupont has resulted in a workplace free of injuries for over twoyears; recently receiving an award from the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio.3

MicrofiberWet MopsMicrofiber Flat Wet MopsLWBS18 LWGS24polypropylene scrubbing strips for better deep grout line cleaning by creating scrubbing actionwet mops have an additional layer of microfiber for fluid retention versus a layer of foam, making it more bacteria resistantexcellent launderabilityavailable in four colors for coding systems-red, yellow, green and blue in 18" and 8LWGS24LWRS18LWRS24LWYS18Wet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat MopsWet Flat 8"24"18"24"18"Packaging12/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.LWBS24Microfiber Looped Wet Mops low abrasive wet pads for general use no foam inner layer, only additional layers of microfiber for greater absorbency as durable as any microfiber on the marketLF0017 F0018Looped Wet MopLooped Wet MopLooped Wet MopLooped Wet Mopbluebluegreengreen18"24"18"24"Packaging12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.Microfiber Pocket Scrubber Mop with FringeLFPB16 LFPG16polypropylene scrubbing strips for better deep grout line cleaningcan be used for wet or dry cleaninglooped fringe picks up large particles of dust and trashhas an additional layer of microfiber for better fluid " Pocket Scrubber Mop with FringeBlue16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.LFPG1616" Pocket Scrubber Mop with FringeGreen16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.Microfiber Tube Wet MopsLF0022 /LF0003 / LF0008LF003131143117 / 3118 /31213126 / 3127 /31284 very absorbentminimum five times the launderability of traditional yarn mopswith microfiber, less chemical is requiredthe textured finish loosens and holds dirt until washedpriced competitively with blended looped yarn mop heads, yet out performs traditional mops in both cleaning and durabilitywide canvas or mesh headbands (as indicated) and tailbands with the blue, green or white microfiber for color codingcanvas headbands are longer lastingmesh headbands are textured for scrubbingItemDescriptionColorSize (Weight 09LF0023LF00313114311731183121312631273128Tube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, canvas headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh headbandTube Mop, mesh redwhitebluebluebluegreengreengreenmedium (400 g)large (500 g)xlarge (600 g)medium (400 g)large (500 g)xlarge (600 g)medium (400 g)large (500 g)xlarge (600 g)medium (400 g)large (500 g)medium (400 g)large (500 g)xlarge (600 g)large (500 g)xlarge (600 g)medium (400 2/mstr.12/mstr.12/mstr.12/mstr.12/mstr.12/mstr.

Microfiber Flat Wet Mop with Scrubber Strips plastic scrubbing strips add texture to loosen dirt and break surface tension looped end mopItemDescriptionColorSize3159Flat Scrubber Mopwhite/green5” W x 18” LPackaging12/bg.; 10 bg/ mstr.3159Microfiber Finish Pad with Mesh Back looped end microfiber for better release of finishtwo layers of Microfiber for better absorptionmesh backing allows finish to soak into pad from top to bottom preventing puddlingfits standard 5”x18” wire dust mop frameLFFM18ItemDescriptionColorSizeLFFM18Mesh Back Finish Mopblue/white18"Packaging12/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.Microfiber Trapezoid Finish Pad looped end microfiber for better release of finishtwo layers of microfiber for better absorptionVelcro backeddesigned to fit holders of the bucketless handle systemavailable in 4.5”x16” and 8LFFV24Trapezoid Finish MopTrapezoid Finish Mopwhitewhite18" (fits 16" base)24" (fits 22" base)LFFV18 / LFFV2412/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.Microfiber Flat Finish Mop trapezoid shape for easy application in cornersblue microfiber strips are more rigid and help smooth finishtop quality hook & loop backingmicrofiber specially designed to hold and release finish for even coat3189ItemDescriptionColorSize3189Flat Finish Mopblue/white5” x 18”Packaging12/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.Microfiber Disposable Pads disposable microfiber pads are perfect for those customers wanting to use microfiber, but not having laundry accessexcellent for anyone simply wanting to implement an effective disposable cleaning systemwork great wet or dryLBH18DISP has a sewn edge to prevent isposable Pad with Unfinished EdgeDisposable Pad with Finished Edgewhiteorange18" x 5"18" x 5"DISP18Packaging50/bg.; 10 bg./mstr.50/bg.; 10 bg./mstr.LBH18DISPMicrofiber White Loop Mop larger, thick looped wet mop for heavy soils versatile mop can be used for dry dusting, wet mopping and wall washing large loops for larger soil capacityItemDescriptionColorSize3177Loop Mopwhite5” W x 18” LPackaging317712/bg.; 10 bg/mstr.5MicrofiberWet Mops, continued

MicrofiberDust MopsMicrofiber Pads - Fringe Dry/Dust Mop have all the benefits of microfiber without having to replace standard frames and handlescut-end microfiber with fringe to pick up larger particles of dust and trashpoly/canvas backed microfiber mops attract and hold dust that cotton mops leave behindcanvas backing is color coded by size-yellow-18”, green-24”, red-36”, blue-48”, gray-60” & 72”the mop attracts dust electrostatically and requires no treatmentenvelope style backing eliminates problems created by ties or snaps while still using traditional 5" dust mop framesextra padding in the mop allows for complete surface contactLFCB18 /LFCB24 /LFCB36 /LFCB48 /LFCB60 /LFCB72LFFD18 /LFFD24 FCB48LFCB60LFCB72Canvas BackCanvas BackCanvas BackCanvas BackCanvas BackCanvas ygray/gray18"24"36"48"60"72"Packaging12/bg.; 6 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 4 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 3 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 3 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 2 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 2 bg/mstr. same features as Canvas Backed Mops, but with Velcro backing, for use with microfiber k-and-Loop Dust MopHook-and-Loop Dust MopHook-and-Loop Dust /bg.; 8 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 6 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 4 bg/mstr.Microfiber Wedge Mop designed to be an economical replacement for the traditional cotton wedge mophas fringe to increase cleaning benefitsmakes excellent spot duster and wall washerextra padding allows complete surface contacttelescopic handle for convenient height adjustmentWDGMHD /WDGFRM /WDGHDL DGCOMWedge Mop HeadMop FrameHandleComplete "30"-53"13" x 40"Packaging12/bg.; 12 bg/mstr.50/mstr.12/mstr.1/mstr.Microfiber Pocket Mop with Long LoopLLPR16LLPG16 large, thick looped microfibercan be used for wet or dry cleaningpocket mops and hardware offer an alternative to Velcro systemstrue polyester/polyamide microfiber blend cleans better than competitor's “100% polyester” productcovers more square footage than short pile threadsavailable in four colors for color coding ngLLPR1616" Pocket Mop with Long LoopRed16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.LLPG1616" Pocket Mop with Long LoopGreen16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.LLPB1616" Pocket Mop with Long LoopBlue16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.LLPY1616" Pocket Mop with Long LoopYellow16"12/bg, 10/bg/cs.Microfiber Pocket Dust MopLDPB24 can be used with traditional 5" metal dust mop framestrictly used for dry/dust cleaninglarge loop microfiber picks up more particles of dust and trashmops attract dust electrostatically and requires no treatmentVelcro is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.W.6ItemDescriptionColorSizePackagingLDPB1818" Pocket Dust MopBlue18"12/bg.; 6 bg/cs.LDPB2424" Pocket Dust MopBlue24"12/bg.; 6 bg/cs.LDPB3636" Pocket Dust MopBlue36"12/bg.; 6 bg/cs.

Microfiber Cloths excellent cleaning for any surface including counter tops, porcelain, chrome, glass and wood; excellent for washroom cleaning for general purpose cleaning; available in eight colors for color coding #LFK100 Blue suede cloth is specially designed and knitted for cleaning glass and dust, and can be laundered 500Suede Glass ClothAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose MicrofiberAll-Purpose tegreenblue16" x 16"16" x 16"16" x 16"16” x 16”16" x 16"16" x 16"16" x 16"16" x 16"16" x 16"12” x 12”12” x 12”Packaging12/bg.; 18 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 15 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 20 bg/mstr.12/bg.; 20 bg/mstr.ClothsMicrofiber Waffle Weave Bar Towel virtually lint-free waffle-weave creates more efficient cleaning by providing greater surface contactabsorbs more than seven times its weight in liquid, much more than conventional bar towelspart of a “Green Clean” system due to less water and chemical usageremoves 99% of bacteria with water alonesynthetic fibers are resistant to bacteria growthmore durab