(ex ploring)S E RIE S1. Investigating in a systematic way: examining. 2. Searching intoor ranging over for the purpose of discovery.Microsoft Office 3652019 Edition INTRODUCTORYSeries EditorMary Anne PoatsyMulbery Hogan Davidson Lau Lawson Williams Rutledge KosharekA01 POAT2542 03 SE FM.indd 114/12/18 12:45 PM

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DedicationsFor my husband, Ted, who unselfishly continues to take on more than his share to support methroughout the process; and for my children, Laura, Carolyn, and Teddy, whose encouragement andlove have been inspiring.Mary Anne PoatsyI dedicate this book to my nephew Peyton and nieces MaKynlee and Tenley. I further dedicate thisbook to the loving memory of Aunt Barbara.Keith MulberyFor my father, Lawrence Conwill, a lifelong educator and administrator who has inspired so manyboth in and out of a classroom. His legacy in education and his love of family can never be trulymatched, but is something I will always aspire to and admire in him. He is my hero.Lynn HoganI dedicate this book to my beautiful wife Sarah. Thank you for your love, support, and amazing homecooked meals. Your love is still my greatest achievement.Jason DavidsonI dedicate this book to my only child, Catherine Shen, who taught me that there is another wonderfullife outside of my work. My life has been more fulfilling and exciting with her in it. I also dedicatethis book to the loving memory of my dog, Harry, who was by my side, through thick and thin, for16 years. I miss him dearly every day.Linda K. LauThis book is dedicated to my children and to my students to inspire them to never give up and toalways keep reaching for their dreams.Rebecca LawsonI offer thanks to my family and colleagues who have supported me on this journey. I would like todedicate the work I have performed toward this undertaking to my little grandson, Yonason Meir(known for now as Mei-Mei), who as his name suggests, is the illumination in my life.Jerri WilliamsTo Zac: thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on this project. The long (late) hoursyou spent did not go unnoticed. I have very much enjoyed working with you and hope there’s moreto come. To my husband Dan, whose encouragement, patience, and love helped make this endeavorpossible. Thank you for taking on the many additional tasks at home so that I could focus on writing.To Emma and Jane, I love you. You inspire me to reach for my goals and never settle for less.Amy RutledgeI dedicate this book to my husband John, for his understanding, patience and encouragement; my sonJustin and daughter-in-law Jennifer, for their love and unending support; my son Alex, whose strengththrough so many challenges continues to inspire me; and my grandsons, who make each day a newadventure.Diane KosharekA01 POAT2542 03 SE FM.indd 314/12/18 12:45 PM

About the AuthorsMary Anne Poatsy, Series Editor, Common Features AuthorMary Anne is a senior faculty member at Montgomery County Community College, teaching variouscomputer application and concepts courses in face-to-face and online environments. She holdsa B.A. in Psychology and Education from Mount Holyoke College and an M.B.A. in Finance fromNorthwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.Mary Anne has more than 20 years of educational experience. She has taught at Gwynedd MercyCollege, Bucks County Community College, and Muhlenberg College. She also engages in corporatetraining. Before teaching, she was Vice President at Shearson Lehman in the Municipal BondInvestment Banking Department.Dr. Keith Mulbery, Excel AuthorDr. Keith Mulbery is the Department Chair and a Professor in the Information Systems andTechnology Department at Utah Valley University (UVU), where he currently teaches systems analysisand design, and global and ethical issues in information systems and technology. He has also taughtcomputer applications, C# programming, and management information systems. Keith served asInterim Associate Dean, School of Computing, in the College of Technology and Computing at UVU.Keith received the Utah Valley State College Board of Trustees Award of Excellence in 2001, Schoolof Technology and Computing Scholar Award in 2007, and School of Technology and ComputingTeaching Award in 2008. He has authored more than 17 textbooks, served as Series Editor for theExploring Office 2007 series, and served as developmental editor on two textbooks for the EssentialsOffice 2000 series.Keith received his B.S. and M.Ed. in Business Education from Southwestern Oklahoma StateUniversity and earned his Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Business Information Systems atUtah State University. His dissertation topic was computer-assisted instruction using Prentice Hall’sTrain and Assess IT program (the predecessor to MyITLab) to supplement traditional instruction inbasic computer proficiency courses.Dr. Lynn Hogan, Word AuthorDr. Lynn Hogan currently teaches at the University of North Alabama, providing instruction in thearea of computer applications. Prior to her current assignment, she taught for more than 25 yearsat the community college level, serving in academic administration and teaching applications,programming, and concepts courses in both online and classroom environments. She has served asan author for several Pearson publications over the past 14 years, including Exploring 2010, 2013,and 2016. She also contributed Word chapters for the first edition of Your Office, and developed andwrote Practical Computing. She received an M.B.A. from the University of North Alabama, and aPh.D. from the University of Alabama.Lynn has two daughters and resides with her husband, Paul, in Alabama. Her interests includecreative writing, photography, traveling, and helping manage a family horse farm.Jason Davidson, Excel AuthorJason Davidson is a faculty member in the Lacey School of Business at Butler University, wherehe teaches Advanced Web Design, Data Networks, Data Analysis and Business Modeling, andintroductory information systems courses. He has served as a co-author on the Exploring series since2013. Prior to joining the faculty at Butler, he worked in the technical publishing industry using hisbackground in media development. Along with teaching, he currently serves as an IT consultant forregional businesses in the Indianapolis area. He holds a B.A. in Media Arts from Butler University andan M.B.A. from Morehead State University. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Sarah, andin his free time enjoys road biking, photography, and spending time with his family.ivAbout the AuthorsA01 POAT2542 03 SE FM.indd 414/12/18 12:45 PM

Dr. Linda K. Lau, Word AuthorSince 1994, Dr. Linda K. Lau is a Management Information Systems (MIS) faculty at the Collegeof Business and Economics, Longwood University, located in Farmville, Virginia. She received theOutstanding Academic Advisor Award in 2006. Besides teaching and advising, Linda has authoredand co-authored numerous journal and conference articles and textbooks, edited two books, andsat on several editorial boards. Her current research interest focuses on cyber security and forensics,and she is a member of the Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (JDFSL) editorial board.Linda earned her Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1993, and her M.B.A. and B.S. fromIllinois State University in 1987 and 1986, respectively. In her younger days, Linda worked as a flightattendant for Singapore International Airlines for six years before coming to America to pursue heracademic dream. She also worked as a financial consultant with Salomon Smith Barney from 1999 to2000 before returning to the academic world. Linda resides in Richmond with her family.Rebecca Lawson, PowerPoint AuthorRebecca Lawson is a professor in the Computer Information Technologies program at LansingCommunity College. She coordinates the curriculum, develops the instructional materials, andteaches for the E-Business curriculum. She also serves as the Online Faculty Coordinator at the Centerfor Teaching Excellence at LCC. In that role, she develops and facilitates online workshops for facultylearning to teach online. Her major areas of interest include online curriculum quality assurance, thereview and development of printed and online instructional materials, the assessment of computerand Internet literacy skill levels to facilitate student retention, and the use of social networking toolsto support learning in blended and online learning environments.Jerri Williams, Access AuthorJerri Williams is a Senior Instructor at Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania,and currently works as a technical editor and content developer in addition to her teachingresponsibilities. Jerri worked as a live and virtual corporate trainer and developer in majorpharmaceutical and other companies for many years prior to joining the Exploring Access 2013,2016, and 2019 teams. She is interested in travel, history, cooking, theater, movies, and tendingto her colonial farmhouse (a work in progress). Jerri is married to Gareth and is the mother oftwo daughters, Holly (an accountant/office manager, and mother of an adorable son, Meir) andGwyneth (a corporate defense/employment attorney). Jerri and Gareth live outside of Philadelphia,and enjoy their home and garden, spending time with family and friends, watching the PhiladelphiaEagles, and visiting the Jersey Shore any time of the year.Amy Rutledge, Access AuthorAmy Rutledge is a Special Instructor of Management Information Systems at Oakland Universityin Rochester, Michigan. She coordinates academic programs in Microsoft Office applications andintroductory management information systems courses for the School of Business Administration.Before joining Oakland University as an instructor, Amy spent several years working for a musicdistribution company and automotive manufacturer in various corporate roles including IT projectmanagement. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration specializing in Management InformationSystems, and a B.A. in French Modern Language and Literature. She holds an M.B.A from OaklandUniversity. She resides in Michigan with her husband, Dan and daughters Emma and Jane.Diane Kosharek, PowerPoint AuthorDiane Kosharek holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of