Fixed Income FunctionsThe Bloomberg Fixed income functions include the following F2- Government Bonds/TreasuriesF3- Corporate BondsF4- Mortgage BondsF6- Municipal BondsF3 GO displays the menu for all major corporate bond functions

The main go to screen when looking at the big picture of bond markets is similar to the WEI function forEquities and GLCO for CommoditiesWB GO World Bond Markets allows you to monitor and chart sovereign (government) bond yields,spreads and historical performance on one screen. WB enables the user to view bonds from allcountries;. It is broken down by the Americas, Europe, and Asis/Pacific.Clicking on any one country will show the user more detailed information about bond benchmarks,curves, etc.

BTMM GO Treasury and Money Markets displays all major rates , securities, and economic releases fora selected country, This also gives an informative and comprehensive overview of interest rate changes,trends etc. Fed Funds rate, US T-Bills, Commercial Paper, 10yr Note along with upcoming economicrelease.Clicking on Fed Funds or typing FOMC GO displays previous announcements, headlines, and otherrelated information about the Federal Reserve. This move of the markets are heavily influenced by theFederal Reserve, this is a very useful screen to monitor Fed activities.

SECF GO - Security finder is a filtering systems that is not only effective for Bonds markets but for anysecurities in the Bloomberg Universe of Securities. This screen enables the user to search a specificcompany and if they have any bonds issued, maturity ratings, etc. Below is an example of bonds issuedby General Motors. The arrows indicate the navigation to find these particular bonds.Click FixedIncome (FI) tabCorporateBond tabInsert tickersymbolClicking on the first bond brings all information on this particular bondPricing infoClick DES

Click DES- Description. This gives all relevant information about the particular bond selected. The DESscreen is a great Launchpad to links to other Bloomberg functions.YAS GO Yield and spread analysis allows the user to price and graph a fixed income security.Type YAS onblueblinkingcursor

TOP BON GO gives all relevant bond news including sovereign bonds, municipals, corporates, etc.These can also be filtered.