P90 Challenge Group GuideInstructions – How to Use This GuideIn this guide, you will find shareable social posts, including tips, recipes, videos,* and more, that correspond to each week ofyour P90 Challenge Group. These are suggested posts to help you manage your group, but feel free to mix them up to suitthe needs of your Team.Take these steps before your group starts:1.Create a Challenge Group using the My Challenge Tracker Coach Portal, and invite your participants to download the MyChallenge Tracker App. Alternatively, you can set up a private Facebook group.2.Review the Product Training Guide for all the information you need to know about the P90, including recommendations onproducts and nutrition, to ensure your group's ultimate success.3.Share this message from Tony Horton with your challengers.4.Post Week 0 topics to your group's wall.NOTE REGARDING LINKS:This Challenge Group Guide contains links to products, tools, and resources on To ensure credit forany sale made through these links, simply append the following text shown in bold (inserting your OWN repID) to the end ofthe URL and paste the link into Facebook: ?referringRepId [yourID]Example for Coach with repID of 2422 linking to P90 Challenge Pack eckout/challengepack/p90?referringRepId 24221

P90 Challenge Group GuideDownload all images in this Challenge enge group guides/P90/assets/assets.zipPrep Week 0 (The Week Before Your Challenge Begins)WEEK 0Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 1IntroductionWelcome, everyone! This is our Group's privateFacebook page; and throughout our journey I'll be postinghealthy eating and fitness tips, Success Stories,inspirational thoughts and quotes, recipes, and more.But this Facebook page isn't just for me to post stuff, it's foryou guys to ask questions, get answers, and connect witheach other.This will be a journey . . . But the best part is we're all in ittogether!To introduce yourselves to one another, without feelingpressured to write a novel, here's a list of 7 simplequestions. Copy and paste your answers to these in the"Comment" section!1. Name2. Where you live3. Occupation4. Favorite Shakeology flavor5. One part of your body you'd like to work on themost6. What you usually have for breakfast7. What food(s) you dislikeDay 2Nutrition TipImages (click link to download)Download NowP90 comes with a simple-to-follow Nutrition Guide filledwith recipes and tips on how to stick to a healthy eatingplan that's tailored to your needs. Please follow your planas closely as possible. Remember: FOOD IS FUEL! Yourresults are dependent upon how well you fuel yourbody.For additional meal ideas, visit the recipe section onTeam Beachbody : oad Now2

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 0Day ofWeekDay 3TopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)GettingStartedTo get started, take the following steps:Images(1) Open your P90 kit(2) Review the materials, including the P90 4-StepPower Plan and P90 Nutrition Guide(3) Watch the "How to Hit It" DVD(4) Make sure you have the tools you need tosucceed, specifically dumbbells or resistancebands. I also recommend the yoga mat toprovide you with some padding for thoseworkouts that have you on the /YogaMat(5) I also suggest you try using P90X Results andRecovery Formula , designed to maximize yourmuscle recovery, so you'll be ready to Hit It everyday: FTub(6) Try the 3-Day Refresh, a 3 day clean eatingprogram that will give you a clean break from badeating habits, while helping you lose a fewpounds quickly: Find P90 worksheets ools/workout-sheetsDay 4Goal SettingLet people close to you know about your health andnutrition goals—their awareness will help you achieve theresults you're looking for!Four tips for how to successfully set and achieve yourgoals:Download Now3

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 0Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 5ShakeologyEvery Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology, which isbest used daily. Breakfast is a great time to have yourShakeology, but feel free to incorporate it at any point inthe day.ImagesCheck out Kristin's Shakeology success and //bcp/75265974001/1?referringRepId 1Day 6"Before"Pictures andBeachbodyChallenge ContestDownload Now1-2-3 . . . Smile! Be sure to take your "before" photos andmeasurements today so that, as your body transforms, youcan measure your changes against where you began. Weknow not everyone likes to document things aboutthemselves that they wish to change—but trust us, do itnow, and you'll be thankful later.Plus, you'll need your "before" and "after" info to enter theBeachbody Challenge , get your FREE P90 t-shirt,and have a chance to win serious cash and prizes!Beachbody gives away more than 1 million a year!Log on today:'s a quick video with tips on how to take your prizeworthy "before" 5185579001/1?referringRepId 1Day 7Beachbody OnDemandDownload NowIf you haven't yet received your program and arewondering, "What do these workouts look like?" or "Whatam I going to be eating for the next few weeks?" check outBeachbody On Demand. Once you enroll and log in, you'llbe able to stream all your workouts and check out yourprogram materials (including your meal guide) in oneplace. It's super-convenient (I use it to do myworkouts [insert place]) and it shows you what's in storethroughout your program.Click here to login: (Subscription feesapply. See website for full details.)4

P90 Challenge Group GuideWeek 1Day 1: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 2: Sculpt ADay 3: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 4: Sculpt ADay 5: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 6: Saturday SpecialDay 7: RestWEEK 1Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 1VideoIt's Day 1 – Let's get ready to Hit It!Check out this week's video from Tony to get the ballrolling: 2MotivationI hope you enjoyed your first workout, drank yourShakeology , and let the transformation begin! For thisfirst week, don't worry if the workouts seem difficult orhard to follow, just do your best and forget the rest!ImagesDownload NowDay 3Nutrition TipOften we mistake being dehydrated for being tired andhungry. So the next time you're dying to take a nap orfeel those nagging hunger pangs, grab a glass of water.Not tea, soda, or coffee. WATER! It'll hydrate you and fillyou up in a way the other stuff won't.Click "Like" if you've STOPPED saying NO to H2O.Download Now5

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 1Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 4ShakeologyIf you keep up with your daily Shakeology routine, youshould experience some positive changes.ImagesDo you feel more energized yet?Download NowDay 5Fitness TipThis is just the beginning of your journey. Start outslowly and be more concerned with consistency thanwith the completion of every repetition. Building a strongfoundation in fitness is what prevents you from injuryand keeps you on track. You can do this – one push up,squat, and crunch at a time.Day 6Success StoryKameron was thin prior to having children. Postpregnancy, she couldn’t lose the weight. She would tryto work out and eat right but never really had the timebeing a single mother of two and balancing a career.Her daughters are now young adults and lead veryactive lifestyles. Kameron used P90 to improve herhealth and fitness to a level of being able to enjoy thatlifestyle along with her children.Kameron lost 31 lbs. and 38% of her body fat!*Results varyDownload NowDay 7Check InAwesome job on completing Week 1! You should beso proud of yourself for getting through this week . . . Iknow it wasn't easy. We all have our own reasons forcommitting to getting healthy and fit. Who's willing toshare what kept them going this week?6

P90 Challenge Group GuideWeek 2Day 1: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 2: Sculpt ADay 3: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 4: Sculpt ADay 5: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 6: Saturday SpecialDay 7: RestWEEK 2Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 1VideoCheck out this week’s video from Tony: 2MotivationYou're two days into Week 2, and while there's still along way to go, take a moment to acknowledge what youaccomplished over the last several days.ImagesDowDownload NowDay 3Nutrition TipFood for thought: One of the biggest reasons we getfat is because we overeat. And we overeat becausewe're hungry. And we're hungry because our belliesdon't tell our brains that we're full for about 20 to 30minutes after we're stuffed.Check out page 4 of the P90 Nutrition Guide to figureout how many calories your body uses each day.Day 4Fitness TipDownload NowIt’s almost two weeks in, and you are probably feelingstronger, lighter, or more energetic. This is the perfecttime to check out your form and master every move. P90was designed with moves that constantly build on oneanother, so if you have proficiency with them in Phase A,the rest of the program will be easier to complete. Checkyourself out in a mirror or video tape a workout to get thebest feedback.7

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 2Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 5ShakeologyEver wonder where the incredible Shakeology ingredients come from?ImagesCheck out this video – it never fails to inspire me! 6MotivationWeek 2 is almost done!The Saturday Special is your last workout of the week.So if you woke up this morning and forgot the answer tothe simple question, "Should I Work Out Today?", here'sa hint on what the correct answer is:Download NowDay 7Check InTwo weeks are done!Now that we're two weeks in, you should start feeling abit more energetic and confident that you can getthrough 90 days!What's your favorite workout so far?8

P90 Challenge Group GuideWeek 3Day 1: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 2: Sculpt ADay 3: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 4: Sculpt ADay 5: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 6: Saturday SpecialDay 7: RestWEEK 3Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 1VideoCheck out this week's video from Tony: 2MotivationWhat is your why? Do you have a high school reunion toattend, a bathing suit to wear on vacation, or do you justwant to be more active with your kids?ImagesHaving a reason for why you are working so hard canmake all the difference on those days that you just don’twant to get out of bed. Make sure your goals areachievable in the next 90 days, so you can really enjoythe fruit of your labor.Day 3Nutrition TipForget everything you learned about just eatingbreakfast, lunch, and dinner. That's because eatingonly 3 times per day ISN'T the best way to fuel your body.Instead, eat 5 times per day (3 meals and 2 snacks)—thatway your blood sugar will remain stable instead ofpeaking and crashing.9

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 3Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 4ShakeologyBy now you should be feeling reduced cravings for junkfood. That's because the nutrients in Shakeology feedyour body with the stuff it needs, and its 15 grams ofprotein help you stay satisfied!ImagesNow that you're in your 3rd week, which foods hasShakeology helped you stopped craving?Download NowDay 5Fitness Tip5 Tips for Getting Through Your Toughest Workout: 6Success StoryMentally PrepareFind a Workout BuddyGet into a RoutineMake Your Goals SpecificUse the 3 Ps – Positive Images, Power Words,and Present FocusDownload NowNathan wanted a fitness routine that he could follow andtrust. He also needed a SIMPLE nutrition plan to follow.His brother was out of shape as well and they wanted todo something to better not only themselves but eachother. P90 brought gave them the opportunity to do P90together - quality time with each other that was importantto both of them.Nathan lost 26 lbs. and 57% of his body fat!*Results varyDownload NowDay 7Check InYou've conquered Week 3 - CONGRATS! Remember:to get the results you want, you've got to stay consistent.And your Challenge Group is here to help. Make exerciseand nutrition who you are, not just something you do.Got questions?Everyone does. Ask away on our Challenge Group page,and together we'll work toward finding a solution thatworks for you.10

P90 Challenge Group GuideWeek 4Day 1: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 2: Sculpt ADay 3: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 4: Sculpt ADay 5: Sweat A Ab Ripper ADay 6: Saturday SpecialDay 7: RestWEEK 4Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 1VideoCheck out this week's video from Tony as we prepare tofinish Phase A: 2Fitness TipThis is it – the final week of the first phase. Time to pushyourself a little harder and see how much stronger youhave become. Maybe use slightly heavier weights orresistance bands. Perhaps you can complete one extrarep or jump one inch higher. Give yourself a challengethis week, and see how far you have already come.Day 3ShakeologyAwesome thought: You're getting tons of health-nutingredients every day without even thinking about it!Here's one of my favorites:ImagesDownload Now11

P90 Challenge Group GuideWEEK 4Day ofWeekTopicFacebook (Copy and Paste)Day 4Nutrition TipTiming your pre-workout nutrition intake is very important.You want to have enough fuel in your system to get in agood workout. However, if you exercise immediately aftereating, your body's energies will be focused on digestion– leaving you feeling drained.ImagesIt's best to eat a very small meal about two hours beforeexercising.Day 5MotivationIf you still find yourself struggling, keep this in mind asyou push through Week 4:Download NowDay 6Checking InIt's the end of your 1st month and time to take yourmeasurements and photos. Don't trust your mind toremember th