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TORT LITIGATION INVOLVING HYDRAULIC FRACTURING(AND RELATED 04-2411-14Sheatsley v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Tucker v. Southwestern Energy Co.Berry v. Southwestern Energy Co.Ginardi v. Frontier Gas ServicesLane v. BHP Billiton Petroleum (Arkansas) Inc.Frey v. BHP Billiton Petroleum (Arkansas) Inc.Palmer v. BHP Billiton Petroleum (Arkansas) Inc.Hearn v. BHP Billiton Petroleum (Arkansas) Inc.Hiser v. XTO Energy Inc.Scoggin v. Cudd Pumping Services, Inc.Bartlett v. Frontier Gas Services, LLCSmith v. Southwestern Energy Co.Hill v. Southwestern Energy Co.Pruitt v. Southwestern Energy Co.Scoggin v. Southwestern Energy Co.Yanke v. Fayetteville GatheringMiller v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Sutterfield v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Mahan v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Thomas v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Ramsey v. DeSoto Gathering Co., LLCKay v. Peak Water Systems, LLCDavis v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Ramsey v. DeSoto Gathering Co., LLCStratton v. Kinder Morgan misseddismisseddismisseddecided, 15201605-1506-03Gardiner Family LLC v. Crimson Resource Mngmt.Gus Who v. US Governmentsettledclosed2011201103-2307-20Strudley v. Antero Resources Corp.Evenson v. Antero Resources 801-1204-30Andre v. EXCO Resources, Inc.Beckman v. EXCO Resources, Inc.Teekell v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.Walsh v. Comstock Oil and Gas-Louisiana dLALALALA2009201108-2703-09Maring v. NalboneBaker v. Anschutz Exploration Corp.pendingclosedNYNY2009201008-1310-22Kartch v. EOG ResourcesArmes v. Petro-Hunt LLCsettleddismissed/settledNDND2010-11 G uy-G reenbrier Earthquake Victims v. C ARARARARARARARARARARARARARARARARARCACA

s v. John D. Oil and Gas Co.Payne v. Ohio Valley Energy Systems Corp.Alford v. East Gas Ohio Co.Boggs v. Landm