Warwick District2011- 2029Adopted September 2017

Contents12Introduction, Vision and Objectives .7Introduction7Issues10Vision, Strategy and Objectives12Development Strategy .15Strategic Policies15STRATEGIC POLICY DS1 Supporting Prosperity . 15STRATEGIC POLICY DS2 Providing the Homes the District Needs . 15STRATEGIC POLICY DS3 Supporting Sustainable Communities . 16STRATEGIC POLICY DS4 Spatial Strategy . 17Policies and Proposals17DS5 Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development . 18DS6 Level of Housing Growth . 18DS7 Meeting the Housing Requirement . 19DS8 Employment Land . 19DS9 Employment Sites to be Allocated . 20DS10 Broad Location of Allocated Housing Sites . 21DS11 Allocated Housing Sites . 22DS12 Allocation of Land for Education . 26DS13 Allocation of Land for a Country Park . 26DS14 Allocation of Land for a Community Stadium and associated uses . 27DS15 Comprehensive Development of Strategic Sites . 27DS16 Sub-Regional Employment Site . 29DS17 Supporting Canalside Regeneration and Enhancement . 30DS18 Green Belt . 31DS19 Review of the Local Plan . 32DS20 Directions for Growth South of Coventry . 33DS21 Safeguarded Land . 34DS22 Former Police HQ, Leek Wootton . 35DS23 Land for outdoor sports and recreation in Kenilworth . 363Prosperous Communities .37Overarching Policy37PC0 Prosperous Communities . 37The Economy382

EC1 Directing new employment development . 39EC2 Farm Diversification. 41EC3 Protecting Employment Land and Buildings . 41Retail and Town Centres43TC1 Protecting and Enhancing the Town Centres . 44TC2 Directing Retail Development . 45TC3 Safeguarding Existing and Potential Retail Floorspace . 46TC4 Chandos Street Town Centre Development Allocation, Royal Leamington Spa Town Centre. 46TC5 Providing for Shopping Growth in Royal Leamington Spa Town Centre . 47TC6 Primary Retail Frontages . 47TC7 Secondary Retail Areas . 48TC8 Warwick Café Quarter . 49TC9 Royal Leamington Spa Restaurant and Café Quarter . 49TC10 Royal Leamington Spa Area Action Plan (AAP). 50TC11 Warwick Town Centre Mixed Use Area. 50TC12 Protecting Town Centre Employment Land and Buildings . 51TC13 Protecting the Residential Role of Town Centres. 51TC14 Protecting Residential Uses of Upper Floors . 52TC15 Access to Upper Floors in Town Centres . 52TC16 Design of Shopfronts . 52TC17 Local Shopping Facilities . 53TC18 Farm Shops . 55Culture, Leisure and Tourism55CT1 Directing New Meeting Places, Tourism, Leisure, Cultural and Sports Development . 56CT2 Directing New or Extended Visitor Accommodation. 57CT3 Protecting Existing Visitor Accommodation in Town Centres . 58CT4 Extensions to Tourism, Cultural or Leisure Facilities in Rural Areas . 58CT5 Camping and Caravan Sites . 59CT6 Warwick Castle and St Mary’s Lands, Warwick . 59Major Sites in the Economy60MS1 University of Warwick . 61MS2 Major Sites in the Green Belt . 614Housing .64Overarching Policy64H0 Housing . 643

New Housing64H1 Directing New Housing. 64Inclusive and Mixed Communities67H2 Affordable Housing . 67H3 Affordable Housing on Rural Exception Sites. 70H4 Securing a Mix of Housing . 72H5 Specialist Housing for Older People . 73H6 Houses in Multiple Occupation and Student Accommodation. 74H7 Meeting the Accommodation Needs of Gypsies and Travellers . 76H8 New Gypsy and Traveller Sites . 77H9 Compulsory Purchase of Land for Gypsy and Traveller Sites . 77Rural Housing78H10 Bringing forward Allocated Sites in the Growth Villages . 78H11 Limited Village Infill Housing Development in the Green Belt. 78H12 Housing for Rural Workers . 79H13 Replacement Dwellings in the Open Countryside . 80H14 Extensions to Dwellings in the Open Countryside . 80H15 Custom and Self-build Housing Provision . 815Sustainable Communities .83Overarching Policy83SC0 Sustainable Communities . 83Built Environment83BE1 Layout and design. 84BE2 Developing Significant Housing Sites . 86BE3 Amenity . 87BE4 Converting Rural Buildings . 88BE5 Broadband Infrastructure . 89BE6 Electronic Communications (Telecommunications and Broadband) . 89Transport90TR1 Access and Choice . 90TR2 Traffic Generation . 92TR3 Parking . 94TR4 Safeguarding for Transport Infrastructure . 94TR5 Safe Operation of Aerodromes . 95Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Communities96HS1 Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Communities . 96HS2 Protecting Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities . 974

HS3 Local Green Space . 98HS4 Improvements to Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities. 98HS5 Directing Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facilities . 99HS6 Creating Healthy Communities . 99HS7 Crime Prevention . 101HS8 Protecting Community Facilities . 101Climate Change102CC1 Planning for Climate Change Adaptation . 102CC2 Planning for Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Generation . 104CC3 Buildings Standards and other Sustainability Requirements . 105Flooding and Water106FW1 Reducing Flood Risk . 106FW2 Sustainable Drainage. 108FW3 Water Efficiency . 109FW4 Water Supply . 110Historic Environment110HE1 Designated Heritage Assets and their setting . 111HE2 Conservation Areas . 112HE3 Locally Listed Historic Assets . 115HE4 Archaeology . 115Natural Environment116NE1 Green Infrastructure . 117NE2 Protecting Designated Biodiversity and Geodiversity Assets . 118NE3 Biodiversity. 119NE4 Landscape. 120NE5 Protection of Natural Resources . 120NE6 High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) .