HRB-4FULLY HYDRAULIC 4-ROLL BENDING MACHINESHRB-4 15041500x 3-4 mmHRB-4 2510 showing26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc1/16

BENEFITS OF 4 ROLLS PLATE ROLL BENDING MACHINESZ4 roll machines are more precise,faster, more productive and safer plate roll bendersby its user friendly operations without dependence to operator competence. The most accurate,ease of operate, the fastest bendings are acquired with 4 rollsmachine. In principal , the sheet is hold in between top and bottom rolls and by siderolls upright movements and turnings bending is realised. The bottom roll which is positioned with the same axis with top roll tighten the sheetfrom the edge and creates perfect pre-bendings.By this way,the flat zone of the sheetedges is minimised. The side rolls positioned right and left of bottom rolls, are independentaxes.These axes contributes to perfect bendings. The sheet is controlled by tightening of top and bottom rolls.This operation does notallow the sheet is skid and fall down.The machine can also be installed below ig.5ZYXPFig.6ZY The paralelism of the sheet can be assured by support of side roll middle position at therear. Forming the sheet by controlling it in between top and bottom roll is also the most suitablebending operation for CNC applications.Difficult bending shapes like poly-centric or elipticworkpieces can also be acquired easiliy with CNC 4-Rolls machines. 4 rolls does not require to remove and then flip and then try to acquire the parallelism ofthe worksheet after the prebending comparing with 3 rolls machine.Which means 4 rolls are%50 more efficient than 3 rolls.XPFig.7ZYXPFig.8NYXZFig.926.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc2/16

ENGINEERING AND PRODUCTION ADVANTAGEThe mechanical and hydraulic systems on HRB-4 machines are designed by experienced Durma engineers. Theseengineers design the machines utilizing parametric 3D engineering technology (Pro/Engineer) as well asimplementation of static and mechanism analysis.All mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic systems are designed and tested by Durma electrical and mechanicalengineers. Only following lengthy tests and evaluations are the machines authorized to be manufactured in serialproduction.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc3/16

Stable and Robust Machine BodyMachine body is strengthen and lowered to minimise the twists and deformation.The robust body of the machine isjoined to the strong frame of the machine by steel bars.Machine body, frame and steel bar connections are stres relieved after the welding operation.Whole body ismachined with 5 axes CNC machining centers with single reference fixing .By this way parallelism of all axes and thesurfaces of the machine precisely which assures the precision and longlasting of the crticial characteristics machine.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc4/16

Strengthen Guiding SystemsRolls are guided with spherical roller bearings and bronze beds.Guiding system requiresless lubrication and keeps it precision in long term.RollsRolls and their positions are selected after long term engineering, tests and evaluation periods.Side rolls are guided by swing beds which allows them to act as 2 independent axes moving on planetary shape.System allows to bend minimum workpiece diameter as 1.2 times of top rolldiameter dependent to the capacity of the machine.Side rolls are approaches to the top roll on curve movement which allows to getperfect prebendings as well as spring back minimisation.Durable Rolls and Crowning SystemThe most important element of a plate roll bending machines are the rollsitself. Weak rolls in the market are deformed during the bending andminimum workpiece diameter reaches to 5 times of top roll diameter.Highly durable carbon steel (C45) rolls are machined by CNC Lathes withhigh precision without creating notch effect. Working surfaces of the rollsare induction hardened to HRC 54 2 and hardness tests are done fromdifferent points.1,2 times diameters are acquired easily.Rolls are machined as crowning shape to compansate the deflactions onthe rolls during the bending. Special Crowning for other materials can beapplied free of charge when ordering.DURMA Planetary RollsHardened RollsDURMA Roll Crowning System26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc5/16

High Torque Roll TriggeringBy its high torque, Durma machines bend the sheet with lesssteps. Top and bottom rolls are triggerred by high torquehydromotor, planet gearbox and gear system.Trigger system is positioned on the same axis with roll andhigh torque is transferred to the sheet without any lost.Strong Hydraulic Brake : Especially during the pre-bending,system does not allow the sheet to slip back which maycreate safety problems. Pressure safety valves are protectingthe hydromotors and other components from overloads andpeak pressures.Precise Roll Positioning SystemSide rolls are triggered by 4 different strong hydraulic cylinders. Syncronisation between the rolls areacquired by magnetic ruler measurement and PLC’s responds within miliseconds.Thanks to high precisionload holding valves.Bottom roll tightens different thickness of sheets without deformation and taking to the consideration of itsparalelism by hydraulic adjustable strong torsion bar.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc6/16

PLC Control System (Standard)PLC control system ensures the machine's bottom and side rollers’ synchronous operation.This process is provided via the PLC with 6-axis control and touch screen operator panel. In addition, priorexperience, the circular bending with the facility for bending up to 5 steps of the program, is ease of use andsaves time.DURMA HRB-4 PLCPLC Control Unit Dedicated scratch-proof, oil-proof, acid-resistant IP65sealed touch panelPLCPanasonic 32 I/OMemory5 MbyteDisplayMonochrome LCD 3” ekranResolution128 (W) x 64 (H)3 colors led backlight (green,red, orange)Communication port 1 RS232C Seri PortTemprature -20 / 60 CSoftwareManual working mod,Standard 6 axies (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,P,P1),3 colors display for machine situationConic and parallelism control5 set point programing,Contrast adjusting ,Turkish,English, German, French, Spanish, Polish,Hungarian, Croation languages.Alarm list.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc7/16

NC Control System (Optional)NC control system, in addition to the PLC control system, has the property to work manual, teach-in and automaticmodes of operation. In manual mode, the use of all functions are provided by the operator. In teaching mode for theoperator to twist all the steps are recorded respectively. In automatic mode all recorded movements are repeated,respectively by the machine. NC control system has the capacity to save 2500 programs consisting of Max 100-steps.DURMA HRB-4 NC26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc8/16

NC Control Unit (S530)Graphic color 7” lcd tft display (800 x 480 pixels resolution).128 MB silicon disk.51 keys ip65 keyboard (33 general purpose keys plus 18function place on the near of the display).4 fast counting circuits for line drive 0-5Vdc differentialencoders or npn/push pull.The encoders are powered at 5Vdc (max 200mA per channel).4 analog outputs( 10V) with 13bits sign resolution.4 digital inputs for the zero micros.4 analog inputs, 12 bits resolution, ranges 0 10V, 0 5V.2 general purposes analog outputs, 0 10V (8 bits resolution).32 digital inputs (24Vdc).32 digital outputs (24Vdc, 0,7A max.) protected againstoverload and short-circuits.2 serial port rs232.1 Can port with 9 pins subd f connector.1 ethernet port 10/100 Mbit (lan connection)2 USB (2.0) ports.24Vdc power supply.SoftwareManuel, teach-in and automatic working modes,Standard 7 axies (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,P,P1,Z),Conic and parallelism controlSlow and fast speed by keyAdjustable rolling speed by keys,Adjustable bending speed by keys,X-Z / Y-Z axes interpolation,100 step, 2500 program memory,Automatic rolls referancingUser friendly program editor,USB port for programs and parameters backup ,Part pcs programing,Working hours counter,Metric / Imperial system,Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, İtalian, Russian,Polish, languages.Alarm list.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc9/16

CNC Control System (Optional)CNC control system, with its graphical control system allows the bending to be done step by step orautomatically calculating the bending steps. Due to changes in the structure of the material, there must be enteredcorrection for pre-bending and bending steps after the first bended plate to get desired bending form. Correctioncoefficients can be recorded to CNC control unit for using them in similar characteristic materials bending operations.CNC control unit allows to make bending step by step or automatically. Difficult bending parts can be bent easily withusing bending shapes; like “Cylindrical, Polysentric, Ellipse, Oval Paralel Side, Rectangular, Oval and Arc”. User-friendlyCNC control unit system has interpolation capability due to proportional valves. CNC control unit can store up to10000 program. For editing the recorded programs can be performed with easy-to-use editor page. Programs and themachine parameters can be backed up with USB Pendrive. During any problems, factory settings can be undone. Thecontrol unit can be connected to a computer with using ethernet cable. So Durma service center can be connected tousing remote connection to PC. Lubrication system (offered as an option) operating times can be set at the controlunit. Plate feeder, vertical and side supports (offered as an option) can be included as NC functioned (teachable) intoControl Unit. So supports can be programmed in teach-in mode and provided automatically working during bending.DURMA HRB-4 CNC26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc10/16

CNC Control Unit (S500)CPU AMD Geode ETX-LX800 500Mhz with 128Mb of RAMFPGA integrated logics, surface mounting, fiber optic24Vdc 100W max power supply15” TFT XGA colour display with antiglare screenErgonomic alluminium housing, with a panel suitable formachine operational selectron-switches and push-buttonsDedicated scratchproof, oil-proof IP65 keyboard with 28keysSilicon hard disk (flash disk)Preset for standard pc keyboard2 serial ports rs-2322 USB port for memory stick1 ethernet port1 can open portFiber optic interfaceLocal area networkSoftwareManuel, teach-in and automatic working modes,Standard 7 axes (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,P,P1,Z),Optional up to 21 axesConic and parallelism control,Slow and fast speed by keyAdjustable rolling speed by hand wheel,Adjustable bending speed by keys,X-Z / Y-Z axes interpolation,User friendly program editor,Automatic rolls referancingAutomatic; cylindrical, polycentric, oval, oval parallel sides,rectangular and arc bending sequence calculation,Mildsteel database,New database creating,US USB port for programs and parameters backup ,100 step, 30000 programs memory,Program editing,Part pcs programing,Working hours counter,Metric / Imperial system,Stand by programming,Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, İtalian, Russian,Polish, languages.Alarm list.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc11/16

Conical Bending SystemBy strong body and angular bottom and side rolls, wide angle & small diameter conical parts are easily bent.While machines in the market is bending conical bendings of 3 times of top roll,Durma HRB-4 machines can bendconical bending of 1.5 times easily.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc12/16

Hydraulic and Electrical SystemMachine movements are trigerred by hydraulic components.The precision on the all axes are acquired byworld leader Bosch Rexroth valves’ high speed response ability. And pressure safety valves used against peakpressures and overload, provides protection for motors and other components.Electrial system designed compatible with CE safety regulations.The system consists of well known electricalcomponents such as Siemens, Schneider, Phoenix and Opkon.The system is protected by current overloadings for its components’, powersupplies, electronics and motors.PLC Control Unit used from PANASONIC. NC and CNC Control Unit used from world leader ESA/Gv.Bending Capacity and CalculationOur machine capacities are defined for 240 N/mm² yield point sheets.For different length and thick sheets you can use DURMA ROLL BENDING CALCULATOR.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc13/16

Optional Side, Vertical or Special Sheet Support SystemOptional hydraulic side or vertical supports the sheet’s stretch and prevent deterioration of the bendingform in big shaped bendings. Moveable gauges with hydraulic double cylinders are produced from St52steel construction. Vertical supports’ capacity is to provide ø2000 mm sheet. It can produced according todifferent tonnage and height.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc14/16

HRB-4 1504 TECHNICAL DATAL100G100UTYPENumber of rollsRolls LenghtPre-bending capacityBending capacityTop roll diameterBottom roll diameterSide rolls diameterLengthWidthHeightWeight approx.Motor powerWorking heightMax. Pass ThroughPower supplyBending speedOil Tank CapacityFeeding rollsRolls housingRolls materialRolls hardeningRolls positioningRolls calibrationingPinchingControl unitConical bendingLubrication1000DURMACY515HRB-4 15503414013013030409701140 2370488012400V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz (Or other)m/min4,2 (NC-CNC models; 1- 4,2 adjustable)lt901 planetery gear box, hydraulic motor and gear systemSpherical roller bearings and bronze housingsHigh tensile carbon steel C45Induction hardened 54 2 HRcOne speed electronic synchronous(NC-CNC models; Proportional speed)Manual (NC-CNC models; Automatic)Adjustable hydraulic pressurePLC control system, moveable control unit(NC-CNC models; 7 axies geometric control)Conical bending device by manualManual* All datas given according to 240 N/mm² yield point.* All bending capacities decreases upto 50% in wide angle conics.* Ideal pre-bending range is between 2-3 mm with standard rolls crowning.26.02.2013HRB-4 1504 EN.doc15/16

STANDARD EQUIPMENTSOPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS PLC control system Conical bending Induction hardened rolls St