MY NOTE TAKING NERD“Giving You The Edge”What My Note Taking Nerd Learned FromAnthony Robbins “Time of Your Life”

Time of Your LifeDAY 1: The POWER OF FOCUSIn today's complex world, we play multiple roles and we want to excel at everything. We believe that"there is never enough time", but remember this: time is nothing but an emotion, a feeling. Howlong something lasts is based on how we feel, and our feelings change by a change in perspective.Focus in the ultimate power that can change the way we think, the way we feel, and what we do inany moment. When we change our focus, we change our lives. What we focus on determines thedirection we will go.Real happiness comes from controlling your focus Those who fail to focus their time (theiremotion) on the areas that really matter live in reaction to three things:1) Anything that leads to pain.2) Anything that leads to immediate pleasure.3) Other people's demandsIf you want to change your life, ask better questions . RPM is a process of thinking that providesmore choices, leads to a sense of balance, and moves us toward what we really want - the things thatare most important.RPM Life Management System proves flexibility and freedom . Have you ever checked offeverything on your to-do list but still felt like you haven't really accomplished anything? With the RPMsystem, 20% of your actions will give your 80% of the resultsRPM is:1) What is my RESULT? WHAT do I really want?2) What is my PURPOSE? WHY do I really want it?3) What is my MASSIVE ACTION PLAN? What specifc actions must I take to make this happen?The way to get more time is to get rid of the unnecessary things that "steal" your time . What activitiesdo I do on a regular basis that I really don't have to or that someone else could easily do for me. Whatare two things that I don't have a sense of real purpose for, that doesn't give me the real "juice", orrelate to an outcome or result I want, and yet I find myself doing.The first secret to creating a change is awareness, so let's find out what you're currently focusing on:What are some areas I focus on in life that don't really serve you? Are there some things I fear or don'twant to experience but often find myself thinking about anyway?

DAY 2: TIME TARGETSIf I had more time, what would I do with it?I would exercise more; spend more time with Dave; read more; create beautiful counted-cross stitchitems; create my business;redecorate my home; clean my home; take my cocker spaniels for a walk; get out of the house to domore with friends; Tae Kwan Do; learn fly fishing; connect with family and friends moreTime for a reality check: Where do I spend my time. TR provides a great metaphor for the time targets.Think of a dartboard. There are four dimensions of time:1) The Dimension of Distraction: Not Important and Not Urgent (Outer Ring): This is where wego when we're stressed and want to do something that requires no thinking. Examples: eating whenyou're not hungry, watching TV. If you spend most of your time here, you are in what TR calls "NoMan's Land" - you're really not happy, but you're not unhappy enough to do anything about it2) The Dimension of Delusion: Urgent But Not Important (The Second Ring): You areconstantly making "to-do" lists. You spend all of your time having a plan created, but you getinterrupted by urgent demands of others around you and you get caught up in doing those items. Inother words, you delude yourself into believing that you have to do all of these crazy "to-do" lists thatkeep you from doing the actions that will bring fulfillment.3) The Dimension of Demand: Urgent and Important (The third ring): There are always certainthings that cannot be planned for (i.e., injuiries, death of a loved one, co-worker out sick) These itemsare urgent and need to be dealt with. You want to become PROACTIVE in anticipating these demands.4) The ZONE: Very Important, But Not Urgent (The Bull's Eye): The dimension where yourprimary focus is on doing the things that are VERY IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT The "Zone"contains all those actions you all know to be so important, but you never get to because you "have notime". TR says that activity without a true purpose is the drain to a life of fulfillment. This is theDIMENSION OF FULFILLMENT!!!!!People who experience lives of total fulfillment spend 40-70% of their time in THE ZONE.TR asks us to look at another Dartboard Target. This time, it has three rings:The outer ring are things you can't control or influence. In this ring we have to make the decision tofind an empowering meaning when events happen out of our control.The inner ring are things you cannot control, but you can influence. You can influence opinions, but youcannot control how other people react and their opinions no matter how hard you try. You also cannotcontrol the past - you can't change it, why would you spend time on what you can't control?The bulls eye is what you can control - your emotional stateBy controlling our focus, developing awareness, and eliminating the belief that stress is a natural partof life, we can reduce the amount of time we spend in the Dimensions of Distraction, Delusion, andDemand. In order to do this, we must change our beliefs on what "urgency" is - URGENT DOES NOTMEAN IMPORTANT!!! We have to stop living in reaction to outside demands.TR says that more time comes not from changing your schedule, but by CHANGING YOURLEVEL OF FULFILLMENT. When you are engaged in an activity that you love, time disappears. Makesure you spend your time, emotion, and focus on what you CAN control: your state of mind and whatthings mean. (This is where Days 5, 9 and 10 of PPII are important)

DAY 2 DAILY ASSIGNMENT:1) Look at the Outer Ring of the Control Model. Make a list of things I can't control or influence but continueto waste time on anyway.I dewll on how my family treats me and how I can change their behaviors, realizing that I cannot. I dwell onbad things that have happened to me in the past. I remember every grudge someone had against me andevery slight that they had intentionally or unintentionally did to me.2) Write down all the reasons why I know it is silly, ridiculous, stupid, and insane to spend itme on the tingsI listed in #1.The past is dead. The past does not equal the future. Those individuals may have had a bad day - that iswhy they treated me harshly. People always do the best they can with the resources they have. Why worryabout what other people think of me? I must focus on the people who truly love me and those I truly love.3) Develop a new belief. Write a simple phrase that I'm going to start using as an "incantation". Forexample: "This is a waste of my time, I'm not going to do it anymore".Fear means that you have the faith that something bad will happen. I choose to believe that all thingshappen for good. I command my subconscious mind to focus on controlling my emotions and my beliefs thatwill create absolute joy and fulfillment. I will use the events of the past as the springboard to achievefulfillment. People always do the best they can with the resources they have.4) To create more time NOW, do the following:A. Identify activities that are not really important, but because of the sense of urgency I place onthem, I spend time doing them. Or things that are not urgent OR important, and yet they wastemy time.I constantly check my Email to make sure that there are no crises. I do my paperwork on my own. I spend alot of time typing up my Doctoral Notes. I keep piling things up on desks at home and not keep everything inorder. Having to hunt down my patients to bring them to the therapy room.B) Estimate how much time I spend each day or week on these items that don't really matter, orwhen items that you could leverage to someone else.Checking Email from home - 2 hours/nightWriting up paperwork- 3-6 hours/weekTyping up Doctoral Notes - 3 hours/nightBringing my patients down to the therapy room - 2 hours/day.I have a rehab aide do my filing and bring down patients for me so I can complete my paperwork in a timelymaneer. I can purchase "ViaVoice" and dictate my notes to my computer.C) Having found more time for my life by eliminating the activities listed in STEP A, make a list ofareas that I want to spend time on that would give me more fulfillment. Make the decision RIGHTNOW to spend a specific number of hours each week on those things that matter most to me. IDO HAVE THE TIME!!!!I want to increase my energy and fitness levels - 1 hour a day exercising, 1 hour a day preparing mealsI want to create my business with Dave - spend 1 hour a day with Dave creating a strategic planI want to make my home a castle by redecoration my home- spend one day during the weekend doing homeimprovements.

5) Don't leave the site of setting a goal without taking the first step toward its attainment!!!! Do somethingto make sure one of those items on your list actually happens.I will continue using my RPM Planning to make sure I'm doing the items that matter most!DAY 3: THE WHEEL OF LIFEIn this session, TR helps you identify what are the most important areas in your life that you are goingto continually focus on, measure, and improve in both your personal and professional life.How can you plan your day if you don't have a plan for your life?For 95% of the population, there are two Areas of Management: Personal and ProfessionalWithin each of these, there are areas on which you must consistently focus and commit to constantlyimprove.To determine the areas that you are going to improve, you need to assess where you are right now. TRtalks about the "Wheel of Life". Think of your life as if it had six areas that you have decided on thatare critically important to constantly improve.Think of them like spokes in a wheel. If the center of the circle represents 0%, and the outside of thecircle represents 100% of where you want to be in this area of your life, where are you currently ineach area? Draw a line in each section of the circle that gest represents your current status.When you are done drawing your lines in your Circle of Life, shade in each section to get a feel for thetrue shape of this item.Now, look at your items. If this were a tire on your car called life, how would the car run? What if youwere going 20 mph? What if you were an achiever going 100 mph? You need to find a way to round offyour "wheel" and create balance in your life so you are putting your time, energy, and focus into all theareas that matter most to you.and so you can truly work at the highest level.I did the Wheel of Life for both my Personal and Professional Categories:PERSONAL: This is a real eye-opener of an exercise. I highly encourage that you do thisPhysical: 30%Emotional: 40%Financial: 25%Family: 30%Spiritual: 40%Career: 50%PROFESSIONAL: I am a special education teacher at Chaska High School. My special educationspecialty is speech-language pathology. This is a good time for me to do the Wheel of Life for myprofessional area because it is summer vacation and will help me prepare for the upcoming 2002-2003school year. Here is my Professional Wheel of Life:Group Classes: 70%Individual Classes: 40%Consultation: 40%Assessment: 30%Professional Associations: 50%Professional Development: 50%Within each of our Areas of Management, we need to find categories that we need to continually focuson and improve Categories of Improvement Within each Category of Improvement, we need to identify the results -

the specific outcomes we really want.Ongoing inspiration comes from a vision that inspires, excites, and drives us. Categories are thetargets but roles provide the juice. You need to change the language of how you describe your roles just by using different vocabulary words can immediately transform how you feel about them. Forexample, instead of being a Stockbroker, you could be a "Treasure Hunter".ASSIGNMENT: Come up with Categories of Improvement for your Personal and Professional Areas. Foreach of the Categories you list, come up with some roles you play as they relate to each category?Think of it this way - as this person, who are you? Make your roles playful, fun, and juice so you can'twait to spend your time here!PERSONAL CATEGORIES OF IMPROVEMENTPure Energy"Ripped" Body, Supple Grace, Eye Candy, Vibrant HealthEmotional BalanceMaster of Mirth, Rock of Gilbraltar, Grace Under Pressure, Voice of Reason, Fundamentals Expert on"The Strangest Secret"Absolute AbundanceBillionaire in the Making, Protector of the Family Assets, Strategic Investor, Treasure Hunter, GenerousProvider, Master of TrendsFocus on the FamilyDave's Best Friend and Lover, Loving Daughter and Granddaughter, Favorite Sister, NurturerForce for GodJoy/Praise, Boldness, Humility, Focus on the Word, Hour of PowerProfessional Calling#1 Best-Selling Author, Lead Leaders, #1 Professional Speaker, #1 Best-Selling InternationalEducational WebsitePROFESSIONAL CATEGORIES OF IMPROVEMENTDeveloper of the Human SpiritTime of Their Life, Creator of Rapport, Building Communities, Coach"Be There"Coach, Nurturer, Listener, Cheerleader, DreamweaverSuccess PlannerThe "Voice"/Advocate for My Students, Preparation "G" - Genius, Networker Extraordinnaire, CreatingRaving Fan Parents, Peak Efficiency ExpertInformation SeekerInquisitive, "Third Eye", Read Between the LinesProfessional AssociationsRaving Fan of Chaska High School, Voice of Reason, Team Player, Caring Bond with ParentsCANI!Speech-Language Clinician, Visionary, Doctorate in Education, Teacher Called on by Teachers

TOYL Day 4 ReflectionsGreetings LIFERS!!!!!This session is the most intense and time-consuming of all sessions, yet it is the most rewarding. Mostpeople (myself included) find that this day is the stumbling block in completing the program.Please take the time really play full-out when doing this session. This is where the rubber meets theroad. Over the course of the next 10 days we are going to be focusing exclusively on writing ourMagnificent 7's for