My air.My life.Healthy air to breatheis a major factor in our health.

Something isin the air You can’t always see it or smell it, but ourindoor air is full of fine particles and harmfulsubstances. Bad quality air harms our health,performance and wellbeing.

There are many harmful substances thatcan negatively impact our indoor air.These include chemical vapours coming frombuilding materials, furniture, carpets and otherinterior fittings.Ourindoor airis anythingbut clean.Even short-term activities like smoking, cook ing, burning candles and using scented oilsin lamps harm the air we breathe. Renovationwork can also release harmful substancesand make our indoor air deteriorate.And then, of course, we ourselves are a majornegative influence on our indoor air. We useup oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, watervapour, excess heat and bodily odours intoour surroundings.

Is indoor aira health risk?Indoor air can be up to 100 times dirtier thanthe air outside. Bacteria and germs, smoke andexhaust fumes, odours and vapours, mouldspores, particulate matter, dust, pollen andallergens all swirl around in our indoor air.This bad qual ity air is harmful to our health,performance and wellbeing. Well-intendedventilation can, depending on where you are,bring new harmful substances, allergens andparticles into a room and sometimes makethe indoor air even worse.THE FACT IS:We spend up to 90% of theday indoors and this figureis rising. No matter whetherwe’re working, sleeping,shopping or eating, we domost of it inside. That’s whyit’s important to think aboutthe influence indoor air has.

Bad air makesyou ill.Air pollution harms our health.Dust particles can reach the respiratorysystem and lungs through the nose. In theworst case, the very smallest dirt particleseven find their way into the blood vessels.They are then transported to the organsthrough the circulatory system.This results in headaches, tiredness, lackof concentration and respiratory illness.It also favours chronic (bronchitis and COPD)and acute diseases (lung inflammation,lung cancer). The risk of heart attack andstroke also rises.

Bacteria and virusesThey’re so small, you need a microscopeto see them. That’s why they are calledmicroorganisms. Bacteria and virusescan be found everywhere – and theycan make us ill in different ways. Someinfections are even life-threatening.10THE FACT IS:The average employeein Germany is signed offsick for ten days a year.Source: German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

Pollen and allergensIf you suffer from an allergy, a substancewhich doesn’t normally harm the body istreated as dangerous by the immune systemand combatted by an immunological reaction.An allergy, therefore, is an overreaction bythe human immune system to a substanceforeign to the body.THE FACT IS:The number of allergy sufferers is steadilyrising. One in five Central Europeans suffersfrom allergies and allergic asthma. This isa serious state of affairs in which air qualityplays a major part. The most commonallergies include:PollenPetsMitesMouldChemicals

Air purifiers.Relief for allergysufferers.Susan (secretary):“My hay fever used to vex me every spring. I wasawake all night because I couldn’t breathe properly,then I was tired, unfocused and irritable throughoutthe day. Thanks to air purifiers, I can now sleepwell again in the pollen season.”

Particulate matterParticulates are among the substancesmost harmful to our health, because theycan penetrate into the sensitive regionsof our respiratory system. Long-lastingexposure to particulate matter is harmfulto our health and shortens our lifes.Particulate matter kill around sevenmillion people a year. The latest studiesalso show that particulate matterincrease the risk of heart attack andlung cancer, and even trigger diseaseslike Alzheimer’s and dementia.THE FACT IS:Particulate matter are divided into variouscategories, depending on the size of theparticles. The smaller the particle, thefurther they penetrate into our lungs.PM 1AlveoliCirculatoryPM 2,5BronchiaBronchiolesPM 10Nasal cavityTracheaPM stands for‘Particulate Matter’.

Odours and chemicalsAside from particles there are other harmfulsubstances which have a negative impacton indoor air. These include vapours, odoursand other volatile organic compounds (VOCs),nitrogen dioxide, ozone and formaldehyde.VapoursDepending on the substance, large quantitiesinside a room can cause disorders andsometimes even serious health complaints:irritation to the respiratory tract and adverseeffects on the nervous system. Some sub stances are even believed to be carcinogenic.VOCsNO2ExhaustOzoneSmokeTHE FACT IS:It is frequently assumed that healthyair should smell good, but clean airis actually odourless and colourless.

Air purifiers.Breathe freely,think clearly.Daniel (banker):“I often felt exhausted and tired at my office and I found itdifficult to concentrate. Most of the time I had no idea why.Ever since I‘ve had an air purifier in my office, I’ve beenperforming much better and feeling better, too.”

Protect your lungs. It’s very simple.Did you know that you breathe at least 10,000litres of air in and out every day? Harmful substances enter your body every time you breathein. The lungs cannot filter all of them out. Theprefilters in air purifiers filter out large particles like hair and dust. HEPA filters removerespirable and ultrafine particles. Active carbonfilters bind in odours, smoke and chemicals.99.97per cent of all particlesare filtered out byair purifiers

Air purifiers.Stopping ‘stuffy’air in your office.Caroline (department manager):“The five of us working in our shared office couldnever agree whether the window should be openor closed. As a result, the air in our office wasoften very stuffy. At a certain point, I said enoughis enough. Installing a big air purifier and using itdaily has put an end to the drama.”

We’re concernedabout your air.And your life.Markus BoosDirector CompetenceCenter Air TreatmentBjörn SauterSales Manager Health &Sales Director ExportNothing is more important thanclean and fresh air to breathe.At IDEAL, we wish you the very best of health.That’s why our air purifiers provide the technical answer to increasing environmental andair pollution.We set standards in air purification with ourbroad range of products and by using thehighest quality materials and components.

AP60 PRO AP80 PROHigh-performance air purifiersAP100 MedHigh-performance air purifierThese high-performance airpurifiers are designed fora high air throughput andmaximum cleaning: Germanperformance engineering.This powerful air purifieris ideal for larger rooms (of 80 to 100 sqm) and the highesthygienic demands. Thanks toits antimicrobial properties,it cleans unusually well whilehandling a lot of air.AP40 MedAir purifierAP15 AP30 AP45Air purifiersThis professional air purifier(for room sizes of 30 to 50 sqm)is antimicrobially equipped andensures maximum cleanlinessand hygiene. Perfectly suited tomedical use.Our entry-level air purifiersprovide clean air at homeand in the office. Availablein three sizes, these devicescan be used flexibly in anykind of room.

Air that is too dryalso makes you ill.The heating is turned up high in officesand residential rooms in the autumn andwinter months, and the air not only containsharmful substances but is also too dry.This dry, heated air makes the climate indoorsunpleasant. If the relative humidity dropsbelow 30%, more dust is created. This makesthings easier for germs, since bacteria andviruses can remain in suspension for longerin dry indoor air.IDEALComfortzoneTHE FACT IS:Temperature, air humidity and air purityimpact our personal wellbeing. Air washersensure that the indoor climate is balanced.

Comfortable indoor air.Ideal for good health.Humidification meets cleaning. Relativeair humidity and room temperature arethe main factors influencing a comfortableindoor climate.40-60Studies show that air is perceived to beespecially comfortable and ideally humid ifrelative air humidity is between 40% and 60%.This range also keeps germs and dust particles to a minimum. An indoor temperaturebetween 19 C and 23 C is also consideredespecially pleasant.80%per cent relativeair humidity is ideal.20%Relative air humidityuncomfortably humidcomfortableuncomfortably dry15 CTemperature30 C

Air washers.Ideal indoorclimate – even inthe colder months.Sarah (teacher):“The days are gone when I used to suffer fromrespiratory complaints, tiredness and coldsduring the heating season. My air washer cleansthe air and keeps it hygienically humidified,and makes me feel better.”

AW40Air washerThis air washer with itsautomatic function cleans theindoor air and enriches it withthe right amount of humidity.AW60Air washerThis air washer withmulti-stage filter technologycombines air cleaning withthe ideal level of humidity.Its automatic function ensuresthat air humidity alwaysremains in the ideal range.Combatting harmfulsubstances in the airfor your benefit.Ultra-silent operationIdeal for bedrooms andchildren’s rooms.Constant air qualityIntelligent sensors measureodours and particles.Easy to change filtersFilter cassettes are quickand easy to replace.Low energy consumptionEnergy-efficient motors andoptimised flow ventilatorssave power.Recommended forallergy sufferersIDEAL air purifiers are certifiedas allergy-sufferer-friendly andcarry the ECARF seal.Tested hygieneCertified for medical use.Microbiologically andmycologically tested.

If the air isgood, we feelgood.Our ideal is nature.We all know the feeling: after work, on theweekend and in the holidays, we feel likegoing outdoors. We walk in the woods, go intothe mountains and take holidays by the sea.Taking time out in nature has a very positiveinfluence on our well-being. But why is that?Aside from other factors, the quality of the airplays a major role. It takes just a short stayout of doors and we feel more relaxed, calmerand more balanced. And above all, we canbreathe more freely again.

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