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Contents3611The power of the network.UnitedHealthcare Product Continuum ChartChoice Simplified*Plan information for UnitedHealthcareSelect Plus, UnitedHealthcare Core ,UnitedHealthcare Navigate andConsumer-driven Health.Select PlusCoreNavigate**Doctors PlanValue-added programs for Select Plus,Core, Consumer-driven health andNon-Differential PPO.Advocate4Me Care CoordinationComplex Medical ConditionsDisease ManagementeSync Platform Evidence-based MedicineFind Care & SimplyEngaged United Behavioral HealthUnitedHealthcare Motion Virtual Visits*Formal product name: UnitedHealthcare Multi-Choice **Formal product name: UnitedHealthcare Navigate Formal HMO product names:Signature UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AdvantageAlliance UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AllianceSignatureValue Harmony UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Harmony214162022HMO plan offerings.Signature PlusAdvantage PlusAlliance PlusUnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Harmony Value-added programs for UnitedHealthcareSignature, Advantage, Alliance andUnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Harmony.Disease Management and Health Managementmyuhc.comMaternity Support programAdvocate4MeVirtual VisitsSimplyEngagedOptumRx UnitedHealthcare MotioneServices.Employer eServices United eServices for BrokersAdditional value-added programs availablewith every plan and other additional services.myuhc.comRally Rally Marketplace SimplyEngagedeNewslettersLatino health solutionsSpecialty PlansDentalVisionPackaged Savings Enhanced Member ServiceBenefit Services

Better information.Better decisions. Better health.UnitedHealthcare is a division of UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 50 company and one of the single largest health coveragecarriers in the country. We offer a diverse range of health coverage plans and a national network of more than 1,165,991*physicians and health care professionals, 6,095* hospitals and 67,000 pharmacies. Serving 48 million membersnationwide, we’re committed to helping enhance the health care experience through:Better information — We alert individuals and their doctors to potential health risks oropportunities to help take charge of their health. We give employers access to informationto plan and implement worksite wellness programs designed to help boost productivity andmorale. Use this guide to review your Supplemental benefits. Inside, you can check out yourplan details, learn about other benefits and more. Ready?Better decisions — When we give employers, individuals and doctors access to relevantinformation, they can be empowered to help make informed health care decisions.Better health — Our mission is helping people live healthier lives, which may encourage ahealthier and more productive, cost-efficient workplace.* As of Oct. 20201

Helping keep prices more affordable, and plans andprocesses simpler.AffordabilityGood health. We hear and read every day that one of the best ways to help get control over healthcare costs is to get healthier. Unhealthy employees cost their employers—in lost productivity as wellas health care costs. UnitedHealthcare plans include 100% coverage for network preventive care andwellness benefits,* such as wellness coaching and biometric screenings. Built-in incentives to helpencourage healthier behaviors (like reimbursing a portion of an employee’s fitness membership if heor she meets the criteria) and other value-added programs at no additional premium cost. And wecontact our members to encourage them to get that preventive care or take action on personal healthrisks when the need arises.Education. We’re helping make it easier for our members to understand and manage their healthcare costs with tools such as our easy-to-use Find Care & Costs and easily accessible health advisers,professionals who offer guidance as needed through the health care system.Plan design. Plans such as Select Plus and Alliance feature flexibility in choice of benefits andfinancial responsibility, as well as give the member more control over managing health-relatedexpenses. And the increasing availability of lower-cost generic drugs may make a significant dent inthe high cost of prescription medication.SimplicitySimpler is better. We’ve improved our services, simplified administration and renewals, and made iteasier to offer more health care coverage options to employers and their employees.And our Choice Simplified option provides employers with the opportunity to mix and match any ofour plans to help meet their needs. Plus, specialty plans, such as dental, vision or life, can be addedand administration services are part and parcel of the program.*Learn more about Wellness Programs on Page 22.2

The power of the network.Our commitment to providing you with health coverage solutions for your clients includes offering a variety of networks,both nationally and locally, that are easier to use, fully integrated and stable.Our California HMO network includes:* Easier to use Fully integrated Stable Signature plan: 62,590 physicians and health careprofessionals, and 273 hospitals.21 Advantage plan:1 33,800 physicians and health careprofessionals, and 248 hospitals.2 Alliance plan:1,3 36,200 physicians and health careprofessionals, and 258 hospitals.2 SignatureValue Harmony:1 11,970 physicians and healthcare professionals, and 144 hospitals.Our California Select Plus network includes: 80,557 physicians and health care professionals,and 290 hospitals.2Our California Core network includes: 47,105 physicians and health care professionals,and 280 hospitals.2Our Navigate network includes: 49,854 physicians and health care professionals,and 262 hospitals.2Network coverageOur Doctors Plan network includesCanopy Health in Northern California: 5,000 physicians and healthcare professionals,and 20 hospitals.2Our national network includes: 1,165,991 physicians and health care professionals,and 6,095 hospitals.4 83% of all available U.S. hospital beds and 2 out of 3available doctors and health care professionals areaccessible for employees nationwide.Formal HMO product names:Signature UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AdvantageAlliance UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AllianceSignatureValue Harmony UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Harmony2NDAR, October 2020.3Alliance product is available in select markets. Please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative for information.4As of Oct. 2020.1*There has been a change to the SignatureValue HMO product counts. Individual providers are counted one time,regardless of the number of specialties they are licensed for or number of locations they practice in.3

UnitedHealthcare Product Continuum Chart.California Small Business (1–100 employees).UnitedHealthcare offers a broad range of health plans that are designed to be affordable and flexible for employers ofvarious sizes. To help determine the plans that best suit their employees’ need for affordability, we’ve created a productcontinuum chart. The plans are arranged from lowest to highest premium and list key features.Select PlusSignatureDoctors PlanSignatureValueHarmonyPersonalized andsimplified care atthe lowest costand access toOptumCare Network.Delivers quality carefrom Canopy Healthand OptumCareproviders. PCPOffers access to alarge network andflexible benefits. PCP Referral Network only No referrals Network only stum CoimerPNavigateAdvantageProvides low-costnetwork access. PCP Referral Network only PCP Referral Network onlyFormal HMO product names:Signature UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AdvantageAlliance UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue AllianceSignatureValue Harmony UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue HarmonyFormal Insurance product names:Navigate UnitedHealthcare Navigate Core UnitedHealthcare CoreChoice Plus UnitedHealthcare Choice PlusSelect Plus UnitedHealthcare Select PlusFormal PPO product name:Non-Differential PPO Non-Differential PPO*Choice Plus is not available for employer groups with 1-100 employees.4 Non-referral Non-referral Network andout-of-networkcoverage options Network andout-of-networkcoverage options Incentives to usepreferred providersor place of service ReferralCost-effective planswith a network ofhighly effectivemedical groupsfocused on providingpatient-centered care.Ultimate provider flexibilityfor out-of-area employeesin underserved locations. Network only PCPAllianceFeatures access to anational network without-of-network flexibility.Non-DifferentialPPONational networkwith managed care. PCP Referral Network onlyCoreCustomized network ofphysicians and hospitals. Open access Network andout-of-networkcoverage options Incentives to usepreferred providersand place of serviceChoice Plus*Offers a nationalnetwork without-of-network flexibility. Non-referral Network andout-of-network

The Choice Simplified portfolio of plans.Plans in our Choice Simplified portfolio allow small group employers with one or more enrolling employees to purchase onehealth plan package that includes multiple benefit design options. They can offer their employees an array of health carecoverage options to help meet a variety of health care and financial needs. Plans include different product options, rangingfrom health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to consumer-driven health plans eligible for health savings accounts(HSAs).How Choice works:Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Pick the plans that help fit theemployees’ needs. Employer canchoose as many plans as theyneed to fit their program.Direct employees to choose thebenefit design option that bestmeets their individual needsfrom the selected plans.The employer renews withUnitedHealthcare, and can keep orchange their plan offerings within thepackage year after year, helping toensure that the health plan benefitswill evolve with the changing needs ofthe employer and their employees.5

Plan information for Select Plus,Core, Navigate, Consumer-drivenHealth and Doctors Plan.6

Select PlusFlexible plans with network advantages.UnitedHealthcare provides network and out-of-network benefits, plans for single-site, multi-site and multi-state businessesand variable options for deductibles, coinsurance and pharmacy plans that help meet employers’ needs.Some Select Plus plan designs include a per-occurrence deductible, which is applied to inpatient hospital and certainoutpatient services, such as outpatient surgery, standard lab/X-ray and complex imaging (e.g., MRI, CT, PET). Memberswith these plans have the option to avoid the per-occurrence deductible when accessing these outpatient benefits byreceiving services from a network independent, non-hospital-affiliated provider.These benefit plan designs offer employers: Affordability — Lower-cost alternatives for premiums. Choice — Popular combinations of benefits and pricing. Network* — Access to 80,557 physicians, 290 hospitals and 67,000 pharmacies across the country.Select Plus plans help give members the freedom to see any doctor in or outside the Select Plus network without a referral.Benefits of the Select Plus plan include: Members visit any participating network physician or facility (including specialist) without a referral. When members visit participating network physicians and hospitals, there aren’t any claim forms or bills to worry about. Range of plan designs with different deductible levels, copayments, coinsurance and out-of-pocket amounts.CoreAn open-access product with a customized network designedto offer more affordable health care options.UnitedHealthcare Core plan is designed to give members the freedom to choose from any health care professional in theUnitedHealthcare Core network, including specialists, without a referral or choosing a primary care physician (PCP). SinceCore is an openaccess product, members can seek care from any provider, but they may pay more out-of-pocket costswhen they do not receive care from network providers or facilities.Core has similar plan designs and shares many features with Select Plus, but uses a smaller, customized network designedto offer more affordable plan options. This flexible product provides simple-to-use coverage designs and integratedspecialty services for employees. In addition, they will have access to tools and information on our member website, , and quality outreach, advocacy and wellness programs.continued*NDAR Oct. 2020.7

Why Core?Value Lower price point allows employers and employees to benefit from lower premiums compared to other UnitedHealthcareplans in California.Flexibility Plan design options are flexible and have the ability to help support a range of benefit designs includingHSA-compatible plans. Dual option is available with Core, or it can be sold as a standalone product.Access Core national network allows members access to health care services nationwide. No gatekeeper gives members more flexible access to see a specialist. Out-of-network benefits allow members the option of seeing out-of-network providers with more limited coverage. No referrals are required.NavigatePromoting better health and lower costs.The UnitedHealthcare Navigate product is built on the fundamentals of patient-centered care, with the goal of enhancing thepatient-doctor relationship and promoting better health and lower costs.Upon enrollment in any Navigate plan, members must select a primary care physician (PCP) from the Navigate network. PCPscan be general practitioners, family practitioners, internists, OB/GYNs or pediatricians. Each family member can choose adifferent PCP to manage their health care needs.A PCP is the key to helping members live healthier lives, guiding them through the health care system and