VOLUME 15WINTER 2007-08Drobne EchaInstallment #13Dateline: BowlusFrom Kuryer Polski 1908 – 1910 and Rolnik, 1911 and 1913By Greg Kishel [email protected] The town of Bowlus, in southern Morrison County, celebratedthe centennial of its founding this past July. 1 Bowlus is located inTwo Rivers Township, which had its first Polish settlers as early as1870; in the 1880s a large number of Polish immigrants, mainlyfrom Upper Silesia, established farmsteads in the township. 2 Theearlier Polish-Americans of the area did their local business andattended their church services in North Prairie, the township’s firstvillage.1Bob Prokott, a native of Bowlus and a former board member andlongtime speaker and author for the PGS-MN, announced thecelebration in the summer, 2007 issue of this newsletter.2A.F. Koslosky, “The Polish People,” Chapter XIX , in Clara K.Fuller, History of Morrison and Todd Counties Minnesota: TheirPeople, Industries and Institutions (Indianapolis: B.F. Bowen &Co., Inc., 1915), v. I, p. 202; Harold L. Fisher, The Land CalledMorrison (St. Cloud: Volkmuth Printing Co., 2d ed. 1976), p. 117;Robert Prokott, “Silesia to America--A Heritage: Polish SilesianSettlement in Central Minnesota,” PGS-MN Newsletter, v. 4, no. 4(Winter, 1996-97), pp. 8-9; Robert J. Prokott, “‘Polanders’ ofCentral Minnesota,” in Louis Titel, James Bieniek, & Tim Jendro,Bowlus: A Pictorial History One Hundred Years (Bowlus, Minn.:publ. by the authors, 2007), n.p.Bowlus Article continued on page 23NUMBER 4In this Issue . . .Drobne EchaDateline: Bowlus . .p.1President’s Letter 2Bulletin Board .3Correspondence 4Recent PGS-MN Meetings .5Polish Tutorial .6Little Falls Presentations . 10Słownik GeograficznyOn-line .11Little Falls Surnames . .14Anastasia DzenowagisHandout 17Church Records from LipinkiPoland .1810-, 15-year Members . 22UPGS Conference .23Missing Branches .28PGS-MN Annual MeetingSaturday, January 12, 2008The society’s annual meeting will beheld at Gasthof zur GemütlichkeitRestaurant, 2300 N.E. University Ave.starting at 11 a.m. The agenda will beelection of officers, resolutions, Polishmeal and a short program of interest.See president’s letter. Plan to attend.

Page 2Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaWinter 2007-08Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaA Branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society1185 No. Concord St.So. St. Paul MN 55075-1187 mnpolgs/pgs-mn.htmlOfficers/Board of Directors:President . . .Terry Kita (612-927-0719) [email protected] Vice President . .John Kowles (612-721-7227) [email protected] Secretary .Dori Marszalek (763-535-2296) [email protected] Treasurer . Audra Etzel (763-972-6639) [email protected] Past President .Greg Kishel [email protected] Director . Jan Bias (651-766-0147) [email protected] Director . Mary Ellen Bruski (763-588-3801) [email protected] Director . .Jerome Biedny (952-944-5905) [email protected] Director . .Lisa Trembley (952-941-0574) [email protected] Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs:Library .Jan BiasMembership . . Lisa TrembleyNewsletter John KowlesProgram/Publicity . Terry Kita, Jay BiednyResearch . Greg Kishel, John RysWebsite Mary Ellen BruskiPolish Genealogical Societyof Minnesota NewsletterEditor .John Kowles (612-721-7227)Associate Editors Paul Kulas,Greg KishelMailing labels .Lisa TrembleySurname indexing . Kay Freund,Mary Kowles, Dori Marszalek, Connie WaldherrThe Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaNewsletter is published quarterly in Spring, Summer,Autumn and Winter. Subscription to the Newsletter isincluded with membership. Dues are 15.00 per year.Please use application form on advertising insert.Items submitted for publication are welcomed andencouraged. We require that feature-length articles besubmitted exclusively to PGS-MN. Articles, letters,book reviews, news items, queries, ad copy, etc. shouldbe sent to: John Kowles, editor, PGS-MN Newsletter,3429-45th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55406-2924 or toe-mail: [email protected] Address changes or membership questions?Contact: Lisa Trembley, Membership Chair15800 Post Road, Wayzata MN 55391or e-mail: [email protected] 2007 Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaPresident’s LetterYou are cordially invited to the Annual Meeting of the PolishGenealogical Society of Minnesota. The particulars of the meeting areas follows:Date:Saturday January 12, 2008Time:11 a.m. to 2 p.m.Place:Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit, 2300 University Ave. N.E.MinneapolisCost: 16.50 per person, includes tax and serviceMenu:pork loin, chicken, pierogi, potatoes, vegetable,sauerkraut, dessert, and beverageProgram:A business meeting to include the election of boardmembers, review of the year-end financial statement, anda proposal to increase annual dues.RSVP:Terry Kita, 5036 Queen Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN.55410 (by 1/7/08) – See other contacts below.Election of Officers and Board MembersThe following board positions are to be voted at this meeting:Secretary, Treasurer, Director II (membership chair) and Director IV(web-site). Each office has a two-year term. If you have an interest inthese positions, contact Terry Kita.The candidates proposed by the Board are:Secretary - Dana HalbergTreasurer - Mike EckmanDirector II - Dori MarszalekDirector IV - Mary Ellen Bruski(incumbent)Dues ChangeThis must be voted upon, and approved at a general meeting as theAnnual Meeting to become effective. The Board recommends approvalto increase the PGS-MN dues as follows, effective January 1, 2009:One-year: from 15.00 to 20.00 per yearThree Year: from 40.00 to 50.00A little background: When the organization was founded in 1993, dueswere set at 10 per year, which was increased to 15 per year in 1997.In 2002 we instituted the three-year payment at 40. We propose toincrease the dues to balance our debits to receipts. Our library rent willincrease from 569 in 2007, to 851 in 2008, to 1,451 in 2009, and ata 2.5 % rate each year thereafter. This reflects the cost to relocate theMGS Library to 1185 N. Concord St., So. St. Paul, which wascompleted 10/31/07. PGS-MN rents bookshelf space and meetingrooms from MGS, and pays an annual fee per Minnesota member. Inaddition to rent, printing and postage fees will continue to increase.If you have any questions, contact me [email protected] or612-927-0719.Have a very happy and peaceful New Year, and we hope to see you atour programs.Terry Kita

Winter 2007-08Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaPage 3February 3 – Bal KarnawalowyThis year’s event will be held at the University Clubin downtown St. Paul. Contact PACIM forinformation.PGS-MN ParticipationPGS-MN MeetingsJanuary 12 (11 a.m.)Annual Meeting – see page 2February 2 (10 a.m.) New library OrientationMarch 1 (10 a.m.) Onomastics – Study of theorigin and history of proper names - at newlibrary.The society is always looking for members topresent topics at our meetings. They can be of anylength. This newsletter is also in need of articles topublish. We request they be original material, i.e.not previously published in any other journals. Thearticles are needed no less than 30 days before thenewsletter is put into the mail. The mailing datesare the first of January, April, July, and October.Try your hand. We will provide suggestions andediting support.-JWKSt. Cloud Daily Times ObituaryIndex 1908-27Other 2008 Calendar EventsSt. Cloud Area Genealogists of Minnesota have puttogether a CD containing more than 11,000 deathnotices that appeared in the St. Cloud Daily Times.It can be obtained from them at: mnscag/SCAG/index.htm or P.O. Box 213, St. Cloud, MN 56302-0213.Priced about 22 plus shipping.Join Us in Singing KolędyLeonid Hurwicz Wins Nobel PrizeSunday, January 6, 1-3 p.m. Meet at CatholicEldercare Atrium, 817 Main St. N.E., Mpls. Thenjoin us for a Christmas sing-along at River Village,2919 Randolph St. N.E., Mpls. at 3:30 p.m.Sponsored by Polish American Cultural Institute ofMinnesota. For more information, call Judith at763-571-9602.Frederic Chopin SocietyThese artists will be featured in performances at 3p.m. at Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center atMacalester College in St. Paul. For information call612-822-0123.January 13 – Richard GoodeMarch 2 – Imogen CooperMay 4 - Mihaela UrsuleasaMinneapolis Resident, Educated in PolandLeonid Hurwicz shares this year’s Nobel Prize forEconomics. His ancestors lived in CongressKingdom, then part of the Russian Empire, but hisJewish family was displaced by World War I.Hurwicz was born in Moscow but soon after thefamily returned to Poland in 1919. He graduatedfrom the University of Warsaw with a law degreebefore World War II and then was forced to fleePoland. After the war his parents were able to leavePoland and come to the United States. LeonidHurwicz came to the University of Minnesota in1951 and has resided in Minnesota since then.Taken from Longfellow-Nokomis Messenger,December 2007 and various news sources.

Page 4Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaWinter 2007-08Correspondence KomunikacjaRe: Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to WorldwideSources and Migration PatternsEd Brandt asked to correctly point out this bookwas published by the Germanic Genealogy Societyand had six co-authors. Ed was the chief co-author.PGS-MN members can order a book from Ed for 50 (includes S&H), 241 Arthur Ave. S.E. or save 5 by picking one up directly.Re: Cemeteries in PolandWe visited several times last winter about travelingto Poland. In August my wife, Mary Ann, son Joeand I went to Poland etc. for 16 days. We landed inBerlin, and then drove to Szczecin, Gdansk,Warsaw, Czestochowa, Krakow, Prague CR andback to Berlin plus many places in between. In the"greater" Gdansk area we visited the communitieswhere six of our great grandparents came from.In none of the cemeteries, (Piekowo, Lipusz,Wiele) we visited were any plots and headstonesbefore 1946. We could not communicate with thepeople as we did not have a guide to speak thelanguage. We wondered what happened to the plotsand headstones before 1946.Thanks for the tips on driving!! Also theencouragement to do this ourselves. It was awonderful trip.God bless,Jerry BambenekUnfortunately, it is difficult to find old ancestralgraves in Poland. The oldest graves I have found inmy ancestors’ cemeteries date back to about 1920.When I inquired about this I was told when no roomexists new graves are put in over the old ones.There might be some exceptions if the grave is keptup by the family. There is an exception and that isPowązki Cemetery in Warsaw, where many famousPoles are buried. It includes Catholic, Protestantand Jewish sections as well as catacombs. You canfind graves dating back to the late 1790s. If you arein Warsaw it is well worth a visit. I am not aware ofPolish laws relating to cemetery preservationalthough there are some organizations trying topreserve Jewish cemeteries. In general I assumerules are established by those who administer them.-JWKQueries PytaniaSend to: Paul Kulas, Associate Editor, PGS-MNNewsletter, 12008 West River Road, Champlin MN55316-2145 or to e-mail: [email protected] Re: ConnectionsShirley Mask Connolly is trying to connect withsome members of the Flis and Omernik familieswho might be in the area of Polonia. Any ideas onwho to contact? Also she would like to see RayGroshek if possible. Does anyone have a currentcontact for him? [email protected] Re: Słownik Geograficzny On-lineDorothy Pretare writes: .I have found the articlewith: geograficzny/Tom I/1 Link very interesting because I could find somesurnames. However, I cannot determine how todownload or copy or print the displayed page of thebook. Do you know how? (I cannot read Polish andtried to use a dictionary to translate some of thewords on the web page.) .You know, of course, that Słownik Geograficzny is ageographical gazetteer describing localitiesthroughout historical Poland. It does includesurnames, however, but those are primarily the landholders, the nobility or historical personagesassociated with the locality being described. If youfind ancestors mentioned you will indeed befortunate.-PTKSee tutorial on use of the site on page 11.

Winter 2007-08Polish Genealogical Society of MinnesotaPage 5Recent PGS-MN MeetingsOn September 8 Iwona Srienc provided apresentation and answered questions on the Polishlanguage. Iwona did an excellent job on a difficultsubject. Her handouts are contained on pages 6-9.Iwona can reached for professional translations inPolish, Russian and Slovenian at: [email protected] PGS-MN held its out-state seminar in Little Falls onSeptember 29. The session was sponsored byPolish Echos of Little Falls and the MorrisonCounty Genealogy Society. About 80 people werein attendance. Bob Prokott, our Silesian and centralMinnesota expert, discussed Silesia and localimmigration. His handout is published on pages 1011. Greg Kishel provided an interesting talkentitled Beginning Polish Genealogy: Techniquesand Tips. His handout is on pages 12-13. Theafternoon featured a Q&A session. Thanks to JanetRetka and all those who helped make this a verysuccessful event. The list of attendees whosubmitted surnames they were researching issummarized on pages 14-16. Because of spacelimitations it is abbreviated slightly; however, if youneed a mailing address please contact thenewsletter.changes which are in the works for the web site.Most exciting is the indexing of millions of recordsthey now hold. This will involve a huge volunteereffort but is expected to be complete in seven years.You should go to: andclick on News for updates. Attendees were allowedto tour the library, ask questions and do someindividual research in the afternoon. TheMinneapolis/Crystal Family History Center is avaluable local reso