ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 1BetaLED. Evolution of the species.

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 2BetaLED. Contemporary design,state-of-the-art technologyThe lighting of urban spaces has a new benchmark.BetaLED is the Ruud Lighting division dedicated toresearching LED devices that are a fusion of technology,design and functionality. BetaLED started out and specializedin the United States; the skill base was then transferredto Europe where the division now creates state-of-the-artlighting systems renowned for their superior technologyand stylish design and which have earned the favour ofprivate and public bodies in situations demanding superiorperformance, full visibility and reduced energy consumption.BetaLED proposes a perfect combination of the highestperforming LEDs, exclusive optics and singular design ineach product, to create reliable lighting that guaranteesmaximum efficiency and reliability over time, as well asdecorating the spaces they occupy.23

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 4Ruud Lighting evolvesat the speed of lightThe extraordinary technology of Ruud Lighting LED systemsof opens up the possibility of unseen prospects and offerssolid guarantees. With BetaLED, we have obtained resultswithout precedent in the history of LED lighting, but theresearch continues, because now our goal is to surpass ourselves.Our LEDsThe journey of Ruud Lighting products begins with theacquisition of LEDs with a performance of greater than120lm, from the American company, Cree Inc. Followingassembly and tuning, our products are fitted, in the standardversion, with LEDs of a colour temperature of 6,000 K ( /500 K), but it is possible to request LEDs of different colourtemperatures. At present, BetaLED products of 4,300 K and3,500 K are also available. The colour rendition of our LEDsat 6,000 K is 75. The 4,300 K LEDs have a colour renditionequal to 75, with a lumen emission equal to 87% of the fluxemitted by the standard products.The 3,500 K LEDs have a colour rendition of 80 and emit80% of the flux emitted by the standard products.Patent pending NanoOptic controlBetaLED products use the innovative technology,NanoOptic , to control of the luminous flux emitted by theindividual diode. Each individual LED is equipped with directcontact refractor that shapes the beam, optimising performanceand obtaining incredibly precise light distributions. Whereasother systems overlap luminous fluxes of different amplitudes,in an attempt to create a more accurate light distribution, theNanoOptic optimises the result of the individual LED,reaching optical efficiencies of greater than 90%. The finalproduct, deriving from the overlapping of identical luminousbeams, is the result of an actual dedicated optic, and theefficiency of the system, the precision of the beams, and theuniformity produced, are greater than any traditional technology.Bare LED PackageSuperior driver performance and controlThe exceptional optical rendition and improved thermal management are combined with an LED pilot driver developed especiallyfor Ruud Lighting, with high efficiency and incredible lifetime. The power to the LEDs is provided in direct current through anelectronic converter with an input voltage of between 120V and 277V 50Hz/60Hz. The device acts as a voltage stabiliser and seesto it that the internal circuit that powers the diodes is not sensitive to sudden changes or variations of the voltage of the system.The drivers used include protection against over-heating and safeguards the life rating of the product on the whole. If a fault shouldoccur, and the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Celsius, the current to the LEDs is automatically halved, so as not to jeopardise its life.The lifetime tests conducted on our drivers show 0.5% mortality at 150,000 hours of operation at a constant temperature of 25degrees Celsius.The efficiency of the individual driver is 91%.Control SistemsThe standard driver currents are 350mA and 525mA, but there are luminous flux regulation systems available that allow for varyingintensity on two or three pre-defined levels. Depending on the system being implemented, the time of day, and the layoutdimensions of the application the system can be optimised by selecting between the various combinations of bi-power or tri-powerdrive currents.The most common options are 350/175 mA and 525/175 mA (option G). Naturally, in decreasing the pilot current,the temperature of the junction also decreases considerably, contributing to increasing the lifetime of the whole product. Switchingfrom the high mode function to the low mode function is immediate. The multi-level system can be controlled by a clock or aphotocell, and is managed through an additional power cable, guaranteeing maximum reliability over time. In addition, LED pilotcurrent could be regulated by an occupancy sensor (option K).Ruud Lighting now offers new control systems.The Power Line Control system regulates the colour and intensity of light and controlsthe lighting fixture through a signal carried on the power line (option D).There is also a two-level dimming option: a device calculates virtual midnight automatically and, when programmed during installation, regulates automatically in accordance with the switch on andoff times (option S).LED NanoOptic Refractor Control45

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 6The life rating of BetaLED productsThe life rating of an LED is expressed according to international standard L70; thenumber of hours necessary for an LED to reach 70% of the initial luminous flux. RuudLighting is able to provide life rating data for its own products at various ambienttemperatures.Exclusive DeltaGuard protectionA luminaire designed for longevity requires an equally resistant finish. The body ofBetaLED is die-cast aluminium treated with patented, 15-phase procedure – ColorfastDeltaGuard – creating an impermeable barrier against atmospheric agents andguarantees resistance to: ultraviolet rays corrosion flaking maintenance of colour over time.Reduced environmental impactUncompromising advantagesIn comparing an LED luminaire with a traditional one, the effective lumens per watt of a fixture should be considered, and not thelumens originating from the source. The effective lumens per watt of any lighting product depend on various factors, such as powerleakages, caused by the lack of optical control and those connected to the temperature.In any luminaire, these losses practically cut the initial effectiveness in half (in lumens per watt) of the High Pressure Sodium or MetalHalide sources. BetaLED is different: by keeping these losses to a minimum, it exceeds in effectiveness any traditional technology.Naturally, a more accurate analysis of these results can be conducted by comparing the photometric data of two or more alternativesolutions, with associated calculations on ROI. Even in the case of the LED products, Ruud Lighting uses independent laboratories tomeasure photometrics measuring of its own products, and voluntarly provides the market with the findings.Protection of the environment is a cause Ruud Lighting maintains with consistency. Byselecting BetaLED, the quantity of waste admitted to the environment is reduced, dueto components of the fixtures lasting longer and the lack of highly toxic heavy metals.In addition, special disposal procedures are not required.The BetaLED family of products also conforms to the requirements of legislationagainst light pollution (Dark Sky – IESNA full cutoff) and RoHS directives.Quality guaranteed over timeThe tests carried out on the entire range, the excellent results of the realisations, andthe verification of the actual rendering of the product have created the bases for a solidguarantee for BetaLED products. Ruud Lighting guarantees the superior quality of itsproducts by offering a 5 year warranty, on the drivers and LEDs (if greater than threesimultaneous LED failures per fixture); and a 10 year warranty on the DeltaGuard finish.Modular systems for uncompromising designRuud Lighting is known for the modularity of its lighting systems. In the case of LED products, Ruud Lighting engineers were inspiredby this same concept of the modular system, and able to give the user maximum design flexibility. The heart of the whole system isthe light bar, a module of 10 or 20 LEDs that can be coupled within the fixture with a maximum number of 12 modules, equal to 240 LEDs.Through an entirely automated process, the 10 or 20 LEDs are positioned on each module with respective NanoReflector , connectedin such a manner that the premature death of an individual LED does not jeopardise the entire module. Moreover, in the case in which anindividual LED fails, the module redistributes the current to the remaining LEDs, reducing or even eliminating the possible reduction in flux.Efficient thermal managementEffective thermal management within LED luminaries is the key to their longevity. BetaLED products, mount each light bar onto heatsinks that allow the diodes to operate at an ideal temperature. Moreover, the exclusive airflow system uses natural and forced ventilationto dissipate heat. The body of the fixture, with IP66 grade protection, is open and fitted with an upper grille allowing the airflow tocool the heat sinks.67

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 8LEDWAY ROADLedway Road is the innovative LED lighting system designed by BetaLED. Ledway Road guarantees the maximum reliability over time, morethan 50% energy savings and high luminance levels. Ledway Road is particularly recommended for urban and suburban roads lighting.The new tenon mount system (assembly 7) means it can be mounted on an arm or pole top (90 ) and tilt adjusted in 5 increments tokeep it horizontal with the ground. It can be used both for new installations or retrofits on Ø 60mm supports.Order code forClass IIOrder code forClass INumberof LED“A”DimensionLYD##702C*LXD##702C*20156 mmLYD##703C*LXD##703C*30156 mmThe modular Ledway Road system allows for configurations with lightbars of 10 and 20 LEDs to obtain the desired luminous flux. LedwayLYD##704C*LXD##704C*40270 mmRoad fixtures are available in a variety of increments from 20 to 120 LEDs.LYD##705C*LXD##705C*50270 mmLYD##706C*LXD##706C*60270 mmLYD##708C*LXD##708C*80554 mmLYD##709C*LXD##709C*90554 mmLYD##710C*LXD##710C*100554 mmLYD##711C*LXD##711C*110554 mmLYD##712C*LXD##712C*120554 mmStreet LightModular systemDie cast and estruded-aluminium housingIP66 grade protectionNanoOptic inplemented in conformity with Dark Sky (IESNA)Designed for mounting on Ruud Lighting polesAvailable optics for streets, parking lots and green areas lighting include:AC,ACB, PR, PRB,TS,TSB,TM,TMB, QVM, QVSAvailable multi-level option (G) for regulation of the luminous fluxStandard colour temperature: 6.000 KColour temperatures of 3.500 K and 4.300 K are available on requestPower line control system with dimmable driver (option D)Two levels option virtual mid-night (option S)Integral dimming system with plants including flux regulatorsPilot current regulation by occupancy sensor (option K)IP66* colourMounting 7: adjustable mounting system with 5 increment on the vertical tilting and total flexibilityhorizontal orientation, for round poles or roundspigots/brackets with 60mm outside diameter.Colours available:Silver8## selected optic (for a description of the availableoptics, please consult pages 38, 39, 40)Black9

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 10EDGE STREETEdge Street is especially designed for street and urban decor lighting.The modular system allows for configuration according to the necessarypower, using from 1 to 12 light bars, from 20 to 240 LED. Ruud Lighting’s NanoOptic system makes it possible to use Edge Street forroadway to parking lots and from squares to green areas, with better performance than traditional sources. Edge Street can also be usedfor architectural and accent lighting.The fixtures are available with square (from 100mm to 150mm a side) or cylindrical (from 102mm to 160mm diameter) Ruud Lighting poles.Modular systemDie cast and extruded-aluminum housingIP66 grade protectionDesigned for mounting on Ruud Lighting polesNanoOptic implemented in conformity with Dark Sky (IESNA)Available optics for streets, parking lots and green areas lighting include: AC,AC,ACB, PR, PRB,TS,TSB,TM,TMB, QVM, QVSArchitectural and accent lighting optics include: FS, 60, 40, 25, 15, 60D, 40D,25D, 15DAvailable multi-level option (G) for regulation of the luminous flux for powersup to 120 LEDStandard colour temperature: 6000 KColour temperatures of 3500 K and 4300 K available on requestPilot current regulation by occupancy sensor (K option)Power line control system with dimmable driver (option D)Two levels option virtual mid-night (option S)Integral dimming system with plants including flux regulatorsIP66Order code forClass INumberof LED“A”DimensionLYS##102C*LXS##102C*20298 mmLYS##104C*LXS##104C*40298 mmLYS##106C*LXS##106C*60349 mmLYS##108C*LXS##108C*80400 mmLYS##110C*LXS##110C*100450 mmLYS##112C*LXS##112C*120501 mmLYS##114C*LXS##114C*140552 mmLYS##116C*LXS##116C*160603 mmLYS##118C*LXS##118C*180654 mmLYS##120C*LXS##120C*200705 mmLYS##122C*LXS##122C*220756 mmLYS##124C*LXS##124C*240806 mm## selected optic (for a description of the available optics, please consult pages 38, 39, 40)* colour100 mm458 mmA458 mm689 mm231 mmMounting 1: mounting system with thefixed arm for square and cylindrical RuudLighting polesColours available:Silver10Order code forClass IIBlackWhite11

ruud betaled GB2010 1.qxp4-06-201010:14Pagina 12Order code forClass IIOrder code forClass INumberof XS##318C*180654mmLYS##320C*LXS##320C*200705mmLY