MY “DIRTY DOZEN” TRICKS AND TIPSFOR BUILDING ATHLEAN ARMS FAST!The “Lowdown" - I know how badly guys like you want to be able to build bigger moreripped and defined biceps. More importantly, you want to know how to do it FAST!You know, the kind that make people take a second look when they see your arms bursting outof your sleeves (without having to rely on size small t-shirts to create the illusion!). Seeing ashow this was one of my MAIN GOALS growing up, I definitely feel as if I am qualified to talk toyou about this, since I pretty much made myself the unofficial “expert” on what NOT to do as Imade lots and lots of mistakes along the way to the arms I have today.But as they say, mistakes are only costly if you don’t learn anything from them. Not only did Ilearn a few things along the way, but these mistakes are directly responsible for teaching mewhat SHOULD be done to get the kind of biceps most guys want.So, being kind of the studious sort (that’s thePT in me) I looked back on all of my old traininglogs (yes, I actually kept them and read throughthem every now and then to see what valuablenotes I can pull from them) and found the 12Biggest “AHA!!” moments that turned myfortunes around and kick started new growthwhen it seemed like I had reached a plateau.To help you avoid the years it took me todiscover these shortcuts (that’s over 15 yearsof training logs!) I put them all together into oneseries that I like to call my “Dirty Dozen” BicepsBlackbook tricks and tips for bulking up thebiceps when time is not on your side! Usethese, my secrets of Mass ConstruXion, andnever be self conscious about your arms again!Blackbook AXXess is now granted!BICEP BLACK BOOK02

NOTE #1STOP CONCENTRATING ONCONCENTRATION CURLSIt’s amazing how often I’ll go into a gym andfind guys spending entire workoutsconcentrating on concentration curls andother “low reward” exercises in hopes ofbuilding mountainous biceps. Yep, I did ittoo.But just because it felt like I wasdoing something it didn’t mean I was.The lack of results didn’t lie.Looking back now I have to call it like it is,and doing this exercise is a waste of yourprecious gym time.Look, I know that most guys out there actually have many other obligations likework, family, and much needed hobby or relaxation time that they need to attendto and simply cannot be a slave to the iron in an effort to build bigger arms.I get this, because I’m one of those guys.That said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t beef upyour biceps with short, but intense 20-30 minuteworkouts. In fact it’s necessary if you want results.The key however is intense, and in this case.exercises that give you the mostbang for your buck.Namely for biceps I’m talking about the good old-fashioned straight barbell curl.If your wrists are a bit achy, opt for the EZ Bar instead, but the essence is thesame.BICEP BLACK BOOK03

If you’re one of those who don’t thinkthat barbell curls can “shape” thebiceps and give you the peaks you’vebeen looking for as well well,consider that for the last 10 years ofmy training career (startingsomewhere in college) my bicepsworkouts shifted to include THISEXERCISE in every arm workout and Isaid goodbye forever to theconcentration curl!The shape you see today wasdeveloped once I made the decision tomake this swap. This might go downas the most lopsided trade since Iswitched Entenmann's for oatmeal,but that’s a whole other story!Bottom line: Don’t get distracted by the curl machines andconcentration curls those OTHER guys are doing.Instead, “concentrate” on the exercises that will actually buildthe upper arm mass that others are hoping to get by doing thewrong (and easier) exercises!BICEP BLACK BOOK04

NOTE #2SEE THE POSITIVE IN THE NEGATIVES!In the quest for bigger biceps it’s crucial to understand that there really is TWO parts to everyrep, and that by ignoring one you are cutting your potential size by MORE than 50 percent!Let me explain. As you may have heard, there is both a positive and a negative portion to eachrepetition on every exercise (not just biceps exercises). Now don’t get confused by the names,because both of them are good and in fact equally important for growth.The positive or “concentric” portion of the biceps curl is when you arelifting the weight up from in front of your thighs towards your shoulders.While, the negative or “eccentric” portion is the slow andcontrolled lowering of the bar back to it’s starting position.Notice I said SLOW and CONTROLLED? That’s the part that seems to get overlooked. You see it’s during this eccentric part of the rep that you actually combine both tension AND stretch.What this does is cause mini micro tears in the muscle (don’t be horrified it’s a good thing!).These mini fiber tears are actually what your body repairs while you rest and recover to allowyou to come back bigger and stronger.BICEP BLACK BOOK05

By simply letting the weight drop back to the starting position of the exercise without fightingthis momentum and keeping the tension on your biceps throughout, you’re literally allowingyour chances to fall that you’ll ever have arms that fill those t-shirts!Make the shift towards slowing this part of therepetition down and you’ll notice your results speedup in your quest for legalized guns!This one modification alone (even when I was doing the not soproductive concentration curls) still helped me to build arms thatpeople noticed when I was a young teen.By far, the biggest results getting tip I could give on stimulatingbiceps growth if I was just limited to one!BICEP BLACK BOOK06

NOTE #3STOP WORKING ONLY PART TIME(TIME UNDER TENSION THAT IS!)Now that we’ve got the whole discussion of positive versus negative out of the way, and younow realize how a negative can very much be a positive (oh man I’m starting to even confusemyself well, you get the point right?), it’s time to start figuring out HOW long you actuallyshould be holding this negative for in order to maximize the size of your biceps!As a general rule, I want you to start taking 4 seconds per rep. 1second for the explosive “up” or concentric lifting portion and 3whole seconds for the controlled lowering back to the start.If this is new to you (and it will be to most of you the average set is completed in 23 secondsfor 12 reps!) then these 3 seconds are going to feel like a lifetime! If you perform the 10-12reps per set that you should be to best build new muscle and definition, then your “new” setsshould be taking you about 40-48 seconds literally double the time it used to take you.What does this mean?Well, to begin with, double the “timeunder tension” that your biceps will“feel” during the set.Take this out over the course of oneworkout, or a month’s full of bicepworkouts, or even a year’s worth ofworkouts -- and it’s easy to see how theincreased workload will translate tomore focused effort and moreproductive growth.All it takes is a clock on the walland your eyes on the clock tounlock all new size potential youmay never have thought waspossible!BICEP BLACK BOOK07

NOTE #4CHANGE THE CHIN-UPTO SPEED UP YOUR BICEP DEVELOPMENTOne of my absolute favorite exercises for packing size on the biceps is the weighted chin up.But before you can turn up the heat on your arms and get those gains coming, there are a fewthings you will need to adjust about the standard chin up that will turn it into more of a bicepsdriven exercise than a lat driven one.First thing’s first, focuson your grip.With this being a chin-up, you’regoing to want to grab the bar with anunderhand grip. But we need to lookat how wide that grip needs to beand, more importantly, how wide thegrip is in relation to the elbows.Anatomically, we have somethingcalled the ‘carrying angle of theelbow’. The carrying angle is inplace to allow us to carry somethingat our sides and not interfere withthe locomotion of the legs. Thesame thing happens when the armis placed into full elbow flexion -like we would be at the top of abicep curl.So, what we want to do is to mimic that angle with our grip so we canmaximally target the biceps. This means that the hands are to be placedslightly outside the width of the elbows.Next, you want to bend the wrist back slightly and be sure to grip the bar deep in the palm ofyour hands. This modification will take the forearms out of the exercise so that the biceps cando more of the work.The key is to keep the bar deep in your hands so as not to overload the middle deep fingerflexors, which can lead to medial elbow pain quickly if you forget to do this.BICEP BLACK BOOK08

Now, as you start to curl, this is where all the difference is made.When you curl to the top of the bar, maintain an open angle of the elbow. People often talkabout getting the chin over the bar, but what that’s really referencing is your chin higher thanthe bar - not actually bringing your body close to the bar and your chin to the other side.By keeping the angle open and not collapsing yourself down,you keep the tension on your bicep and maintain theeffectiveness of the exercise.So, as you come up to the top, keep your distancefrom the bar. That distance is key.In order to do this, however, you will find thatyou will likely have to arc your body as youbring it up on each rep. This should mirrorwhat that barbell does when you curl it up on astandard barbell curl. Obviously, the bar doesnot travel in a straight line up and down onevery rep. Instead, it follows a definitive arcingpattern.Since you cannot move the pull-up bar, but youwill want to move your body in relation to the barto mimic the same mechanics at the joint andtake advantage of the varied strength curvesthroughout the exercise.Want to see this modification in action?Click here to watch.This exercise will build your biceps faster than any other because it is progressively loadingyou in a way you are likely not used to at the moment. Though the lats do contribute to theperformance of this exercise, the percentage of work done by the biceps will often behigher than it would be if you were to try and apply the load through a standard barbell curlbecause you have to lift your own bodyweight.And just like that, you’ll start to see some significant gains.BICEP BLACK BOOK09

NOTE #5CHEAT YOUR WAY TO MUCH BIGGER BICEPS!While cheating is hardly ever a good thing (infidelity, midterm, or tax return!) there is oneinstance where CONTROLLED cheating can yield positive results! Now I know I’m going to getsome flak out there from those of you that might have skipped over that big bolded word“CONTROLLED”, since as a given rule, cheating in the form of improper technique can not only beunproductive but downright dangerous.Believe me, as a physical therapist, I advocate safety above all elsewhen lifting. You see, I get paid to keep my pro athletes healthyand on the field not rehab them once they’ve already gotten hurt!That said, there is a way that you can gently bend the rules to bump up your poundages onyour curls, and this overload principle definitely helped me to break through one of my longestplateaus from around the end of college until say 5 years ago! The secret is the “slightly”overloaded straight bar curl.I said slightly.What I mean is, if you are used to normallycurling say 75 pounds with picture perfectform, then I am saying bump it up to 95pounds (or an added 20-25%) and literally“bump” up the bar to the top for all newgrowth.To do this, stand with the bar at your thighs(as in the beginning of a rep) and leanforward ever so slightly from your trunk.You can see a video of this byclicking here.From there, you simultaneously begin your curl and bump your hips forward to assist with theheavier load. You must stop however as soon as your back reaches the vertical or straight upposition. You’re not allowed to continue to assist the bar up by leaning back past vertical.Those are the rules! Stick to this form for a few overload sets per workout and before youknow it, you’ll be breaking all new barriers on your way to the triple digit curl!BICEP BLACK BOOK10

NOTE #6OVERTRAINING THESE SMALL MUSCLES IS ABIG MISTAKE!We’ve all been there at some point or another. In an effort to accelerate arm growth, or anyother muscle for that matter, we’ve found ourselves hammering away at it two, three or godforbid even four times in a given week. If some is good more is better right? That’s the wayour twisted minds work at least. Well for money, health, and knowledge that may be true, butwhen it comes to muscle building and sun exposure not so much!You see, you don’t actually grow DURING your workouts. Quite the opposite as we’ve alreadyshown.During the workouts you are actually providing the stimulusfor growth by breaking the muscle down. It’s only when yourest and recover that the regeneration and size building occurs.That said, training the same group of muscles every day or every other day never allows forthe crucial recuperation that is needed to make growth possible.To compound the matter, the fact is that the biceps are an extremely small muscle. They donot have the resilience that the larger more durable legs, back and chest might (not that I’madvocating training them any more than twice a week either).If you want to start seeing more results in the gym the firstthing you should most likely do is less in the gym.I know this is going to be a tough pill to swallow for some of you. Heck, even the popular P90Xsystem will have you believe that more is better with it’s marathon 90 minute workouts and 67 day a week schedule. Don’t fall for the trap.Listen to someone who knows and who has made the mistakes already for you So you don’t have to.BICEP BLACK BOOK11

Trust me.If the 3-4 time a week workouts forbiceps wasn’t enough, I’d even do a fewsets before I went out at night, just tomake them look a littttllle bit bigger!Pathetic I know, but I know I’mnot alone (fess up!)T