Name: KEYKitchen utensils:Period:Small Equipment IdentificationIdentify the Kitchen Equipment: Name – using notecards provided to identify the equipment Describe the uses of each of the following kitchen equipmentThe following are the pieces of equipment you will find:Measuring Tools1.Name: Liquid Measuring CupsUses: Made of clear glass or plasticMeasures liquid ingredients2.Name: Dry Measuring CupsUses: Made of metal or plasticMeasures dry ingredients1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, ¼ cup3.Name: Measuring SpoonsUses: Measures small quantities of dry or liquid ingredients1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon4.Name: Instant-Read ThermometerUses: Accurate reading in secondsMeasures the temperature of foods at end of cooking time5.Name: Straight-Edge SpatulaUses: Levels ingredients in dry measuresSpreads frosting & meringue

Mixing Tools6.Name: Wooden SpoonUses: Used for stirring and mixingHandles remain coolWill not scratch pots & pans7.Name: WhiskUses: Incorporates air into foodsWhisks eggs, meringues, & soufflésPrevents lumps in sauces8.Name: Mixing BowlUses: A large bowl, in which ingredients are mixed for thepurpose of preparing food9.Name: Rubber SpatulaUses: Used to scrape bowls and saucepansUsed to fold one ingredient into anotherBaking Tools10.Name: Bench ScraperUses: Portions or cuts doughCleans surfaces after making doughTransfers sliced or diced foods from cutting board to pan11.Name: SifterUses: Blends dry ingredientsRemoves lumps from flour and sugar

12.Name: Pastry BlenderUses: Blends shortening into flourBlends butter and cheese mixtures13.Name: Pastry BrushUses: Brushes butter or sauces on foodsRemoves crumbs from cakes before frostingBastes foods in the oven14.Name: Rolling PinUses: Rolls dough and pastries flatCutting Tools15.Name: Kitchen ShearsUses: Snips herbsTrims vegetablesCuts meat, dough, cookies and pizza16.Name: PeelerUses: Removes the outer surface of fruits and vegetablesMakes carrot, chocolate curls17.Name: Shredder-GraterUses: Used to shred & grate foods such as: cheese &cabbageDifferent sized openings for small and large pieces18.Name: Cutting BoardUses: Made of wood or plasticProtects tables & countertops when cutting orchopping foods

19.Name: Chef’s Knife/French KnifeUses: Most used knifeTo cut, chop & dice fruits and vegetables20.Name: Paring KnifeUses: Smallest of knivesTo peel fruits & vegetables21.Name: Utility KnifeUses: Good all-round knifeTo trim fat from meat & cut tender vegetables, cheese& cold cutsMay have a straight or serrated edge22.Name: Bread KnifeUses: To slice breadHas a serrated edge23.Name: Pizza CutterUses: A wheel-bladed utensil for cutting pizzas24.Name: Apple Corer/SlicerUses: Removes the core from apples and slices it intowedges25.Name: Zester/Channel KnifeUses: Removes thin strips of rind or “zest” from citrus fruitsCuts a “channel” or groove into the outer surface offruits & vegetables.

26.Name: Egg SlicerUses: Cuts hard boiled eggs into even slicesMay be used to cut strawberries for garnishesCooking Tools27.Name: TongsUses: Made of metalTo turn meats & fried foodsTo handle hot foods28.Name: Meat ForkUses: Transfers heavy meats & poultryTurns heavy foodsHolds meats for carving29.Name: LadleUses: For dipping & pouring punches, soups, sauces,gravies & salad dressing30.Name: Slotted SpoonUses: A large spoon with slots or holes for draining liquidfrom food31.Name: Spaghetti ServerUses: A large, long-handled spoon with thick tines on therim of its bowlUsed for picking up cooked pasta32.Name: Bent-edged Spatula/TurnerUses: Removes cookies from traysTurns meats, pancakes, eggs & omelets

33.Name: Splatter GuardsUses: a screen placed over a frying pan to prevent hot oilfrom splashing out of the panMiscellaneous Tools34.Name: Strainer/SieveUses: Used to separate liquids and sold foods35.Name: ColanderUses: Perforated bowl with heat resistant handlesTo drain hot foods like pastaTo drain fruits & vegetables36.Name: Melon BallerUses: Cuts rounded pieces of melons or other soft foodsUsed in garnishing37.Name: PortionerUses: Measures equal portions or amounts of ingredients orservingsExamples: cookies and meatballs38.Name: Manual Can OpenerUses: Used for removing the lids from cans39.Name: Garlic PressUses: To crush garlic cloves

40.Name: Egg SeparatorUses: Slots or holes allow the egg white to pass throughleaving the yolk in the spoon41.Name: Potato MasherUses: To crush soft foods to make mashed potatoes, applesauce, or refried beansPots and Pans42.Name: SaucepanUses: One handledSizes from-1 pint to 12 quartChoose appropriate size to match recipe and burner43.Name: Frying Pan/SkilletUses: Sizes vary & some with lidsWide bottoms and low sidesFor pan-broiling and frying food44.Name: StockpotUses: 2 handled large potDeep sided with a lidCooking large quantities of foods45.Name: Dutch OvenUses: 2 handled pot with a lidCan be used on stove top and in ovenHandles heat resistant46.Name: Muffin PanUses: Oblong pan with round depressionsAvailable in many sizesTo make muffins & cupcakes

47.Name: Angel Food/Tube PanUses: For angel food, sponge and chiffon cakesTube in center & bottom are removable48.Name: Baking/Cookie SheetUses: For baking cookies, toasting bread, supporting smallutensils (custard cups)49.Name: Pie PanUses: Made from glass or aluminumRound with sloped sidesTo make desserts & pies50.Name: Loaf PanUses: Deep, narrow, oblong shapeFor breads and loaf cakes51.Name: Oblong Cake PanUses: 13 X 9Baking of cake and brownies52.Name: Cake PansUse: 8” or 9” usual sizesFor cakes & short cakes“Always start out with a larger pot thanwhat you think you need.”― Julia Child