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OutlineYour Resume at WhartonCreating a winning resume Role of your resume Understand your audience Components of a winning resumeWharton Resume Book Process Timeline for resume content reviews and final submission to the Class of 2020Resume Book Wharton Resume Book standards Resources for developing your resume Opportunities for resume feedback

Your Resume at WhartonCustomize your resume for different industries, companies and rolesYou may have multiple versions depending on your target firms and rolesHighlight your relevant skills/experiences that align with the target roleYou will be submitting your resume via Wharton Class Resume Books (Fall and Spring)Networking Expo Resume BooksClub and Conference Resume BooksCareerPath for job applicationsCompany websites and external job boards3MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Creating a winning resume

What is a resume?Your resume is the frontline document marketing your skills and story an expression of who you are beyond just the words the key document that can determine whether or not you get an interview a guide for what you will talk about in your interviewsYour resume is NOT a laundry list of everything you have ever done a novel of creative fiction a time for you to show-off all of your industry jargon an opportunity for you to be modest and humble in your accomplishments5MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Understand your audience – What is anemployer looking for?An employer typically spends seconds, not minutes, reviewing each resumeAn employer looks for a resume to quickly demonstrate Critical competencies and skills Relevant experience Track record of accomplishment – especially important for career changers Record can be professional, academic or personal How smart you are Ability to produce a flawless professional end product Focus6MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Understand your audienceKnow what the employer is looking for Read and analyze the job description Know the companyHighlight what is important to themFor instance:Analytical SkillsInterpersonal Skills Problem Solving Leadership Quantitative Communication Strategic Thinking TeamworkTip: If you are targeting multiple industries/roles, for the First Year Resume Book,you can create a general/all-around resume.7MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Components of a winning resumeYour resume MUST Be visually appealing Include relevant information State everything with power and impact8MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Make your resume visually appealingEmployers judge your resume before they even read it!DO Make sure that there is white space on the pageHave neat margins and consistent formattingInclude a variety of opening wordsUse bullets vs. paragraphsDON’T Have a resume that looks like a wall of wordsUse fonts and font size that are hard to readBe inconsistent in ANY way (formatting, margins, font size, etc.)Have a resume that looks sloppy!9MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Target resume to your FUTURE employerUse your real estate wisely: Prioritize and emphasize important and relevantexperiences & skills Order lists thoughtfully: The higher on the list, the more important theinformation Be mindful of how you use real estate: More real estate equals moreemphasis Watch out for what words you use: Avoid words that make you look morejunior or minimally experienced Tell a story with bullets that build upon each otherEdit out information that is irrelevant to the industry, company, or roleAvoid wordiness10MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Impactful statements – Say it with POWER Create results-oriented accomplishment statements A winning resume is accomplishments-based, not merely a job description Use active language Use the strongest and most specific language11MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Creating an Accomplishment StatementSituationSet the context quickly –summarize the background,challenge, or problem.E.g. within tight timeframes,while department staffinglevel was at 50%ActionWhat did YOU do?What personal strengthsenabled YOU to takeaction? Be specific anduse strong action verbs.ResultShow the business impactof your actions. Include keydeliverables, “measurables”and contributions, alldescribed in terms of theemployer's point of view.Accomplishment StatementAn accomplishment statement ensures that you are notjust writing a job description, but a powerful statement thatshows your track record and impact for the employer12MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Creating an Accomplishment StatementRead through each bullet and ask yourself Does it add relevant information? Does this bullet pass the “So what?” test? Does it help convey information that add to the overall impression you would liketo leave with this employer?13MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Accomplishment StatementsConducted market data analysis and presented findings to seniormanagement to determine the most appropriate course for the future Not specificWhat did they actually do?What type of result or outcome?Built model to quantify market size and attractiveness by segment. Presentedfindings to CFO and VP of Marketing, recommending new business targetsand redeployment of resources, resulting in 11% market share gain.14MBA Career Management

Accomplishment StatementsRecognized as a top manager among peer group Not specificPassiveRecognized for what?What did they actually do?What type of result or outcome?Who is recognizing them? Did they recognize themselves?Managed team of 12 engineers and programmers through development ofnew product initiatives. Promoted twice in three years. Rated in top 20%of managers each of last three years.15MBA Career Management

Additional Examples: Pre-Wharton Experience Economics Consultant: Performed qualitative market research and econometric modeling using pricing andcompetitive landscape factors for grocery chain merger with combined annual sales of 2B Finance / Project Manager: Developed and instituted enterprise-wide due diligence program to enhanceefficiency and consistency in deal evaluation and execution, cutting response time required for finance duediligence projects by 60% Investment Management: Built firm’s accretion/dilution model for leading U.S. conglomerate which led to 40M investment in the company, representing a 4% position in the firm’s flagship fund Management Consultant: Generated adjacent market strategy for 45B global aerospace company;synthesized competitive, customer and cost analysis to recommend six attractive market segments with highgrowth potential to business development team Marketing Manager: Created and launched company’s first co-branded, multi-regional marketing campaignwith [regional partner], resulting in 20% sales lift in target markets and inspiring similar campaigns globally Military Vet: Planned and executed high-priority asset optimization program; reduced 35% of excess materialassets in six-month period Private Equity: Worked closely with senior management of chemical manufacturer to identify operationalissues in industrial coatings manufacturing plant, implement improvements, and track KPIs; division’s EBITDAcontribution improved from - 2M to 5M in 12 months Social Impact: Launched agribusiness credit scheme for smallholder cotton farmers in developing nations;drafted business plan and secured 30,000 in grant funding for the initiative; pilot program is helping 150 cotton farmers improve their food security16MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Quantify your resultsWhenever possible, provide measurable outcomes to show the impact of your workIncrease:Decrease: Revenue Costs Profits Turnaround time Customer satisfaction Error rate Quality Resources required Ratings ComplaintsQuantify specific results with amount or percentage change.Tip: If results not available or unknown, can state projected impact (“projected to deliverX% sales growth”).17MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Use strong, active languageDon’t Use Instead try Was responsible forLed, managed, oversaw, createdAssisted, helpedPartnered with, collaborated withMultiple, numerous, variousOver 100, 37, (do you mean diverse?)Extremely, very, keyDelete itTips: Avoid fluffy descriptors to make it concise and to the point. Reviewers are scanningquickly, so you’ll want to make every word count.Delete articles ("a, an, the"). It's standard resume-writing form. Eliminating them willmake your writing sound more succinct and add a sense of urgency.Delete all personal and possessive pronouns (I, you, my, they, their, etc.)18MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Common mistakes and how to avoid themALWAYS have someone proofread your resume!Inconsistency degrees, units, and dates periods, capitalization, bullets, spacing, fonts, alignmentGrammar DO capitalize countries, nationalities, languages DON’T capitalize disciplines and industries Spell out numbers 1-10 and at the beginning of a sentence Use consistent formats for amounts – 1 million, 1 billion, vs. 1M, 1B etc. Ensure that you use proper punctuationAvoid typos Spell Check is not always your friend19MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Tips for Wharton School section Use this section to highlight academic aptitude, leadership roles andinvolvement in relevant Wharton activities Especially helpful for career switchers to signal their career interest and focusStudents often include: GMAT 720; Undergrad GPA 3.7 Scholarships, fellowships or other academic distinctions; consider including details ofwhat it is, how you were selected, how selective it is Leadership positions: Clubs, Conferences, Wharton Fellows, TAs Professional clubs that are most relevant to the target job Affinity or special interest clubs Competitions and results/awards (ex. 1st place) Student consulting projects relevant to the target job Relevant coursework if career changer that needs to establish credibilityWhen applying to specific positions, omit items that may be inconsistent withthe target industry/function (majors, club involvement)20MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

John Doe123 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 [email protected] Resume #1 Clean and crisp, good use ofwhite space Shows achievement throughstrong GMAT, academichonors and other awards &recognition, track record ofadvancement in career Includes quantifiable results Specific, yet commonlanguage that a reviewer canunderstand (avoids industryjargon) Additional Interests sectionhighlights otherunique/relevant skills andexperience, as well personalpassions beyond work21MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Jane Doe125 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 [email protected] Resume #2 Example of skills-based formatfor career switchers(Note: This format is not advisedacross all industries, e.g. finance.) Lists all roles with same firmtogether to allow more flexibilityfor sub-bullets Groups bullets into “buckets” tohighlight transferable skills thatare most desirable for the job Headings use key buzz wordsand phrases reviewer is lookingfor; easy to scan quickly Clear consistency and focus inWharton section for target rolein marketing (e.g. marketingmajor, Marketing Club; don’tsee Consulting Club also listed)MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Utilize MBACM Resume Resources OnlineResources include: MBACM resume creationresources Industry-specific resumeguides Reference list of actionverbs Links to view samplestudent resumes Wharton ResumeTemplates Wharton Resume BookStandards VMock – resumeassessment tool thatanalyzes your documentline-by-line23MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Industry-Specific Resume Guides (Excerpts) Consulting: Match your skill set and attributes to the core responsibilities of a consultant. At a basiclevel, consultants: analyze data, create insights/make recommendations and present them in acompelling manner to the client. CPG: A common mistake among career switchers with a finance or consulting background is toover-emphasize their analytical and strategic thinking skills. These skills are important, but look for waysto emphasize “soft” skills such as leadership, communication, persuasion, and teamwork. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is highly specialized and a demonstrated passion is expected. Ithelps to have a healthcare major and be a leader/member of the healthcare club. In addition, somestudents participate in healthcare field application projects or do relevant volunteer work. Investment Banking: Include membership in the Finance Club, and any leadership positions (officer,trek leader, conference organizer, etc.). Leave off other club memberships such as PE or IM, which makeyou look unfocused and not committed to banking. Investment Management: Include any modeling expertise or valuations experience you have had, aswell as any due diligence or analysis you have done around researching companies, problems, etc. Media & Entertainment: Show demonstrated passion for M&E (if not in your work experience, it can beappropriate to list targeted external professional org memberships, conferences, personal M&E interests)24MBA CAREER MANAGEMENT

Industry-Specific Resume Guides (Excerpts) Private Equity / Venture Capital: PE/VC firms typically look for relevant transaction experienceaccumulated during prior buy-side or advisory (i-banking) experience. Sr. Associate roles require a mix ofsuperior analytical ability, deal experience (whether closed or not) and leadership/soft skills. Ideally yourresume should include direct examples addressing each of these three major requirements. Retail: Demonstrate a genuine passion for retail: e.g. retail major at Wharton, retail field applicationprojects, Retail Club involvement/leadership. Prior industry experience (esp. store-level experience) orexperience with consumer products, eCommerce, or customer analytics are also helpful. Startups: Show flexibility and ability to deal with ambiguity, communicate experiences with changingstrategies and plans, and give examples of situations that demonstrate your comfort filling more than onerole within a company and your ability to pitch