www.goodnewsnetwork.orgI’veGotSome Good News!A Positive View of the WorldMake this issue a personalizedoptimistic greeting card. We’llprint your message here-See pg. 7Autumn, 2001(Vol. 5, Number 19)A Wave of Compassion“It is the greatest wave of compassion this organization hasever experienced.” - The American Red CrossGood BitesThe brightest star on the horizon of recent events is the supernova of generosityand volunteerism that grew out of our compassion for the people who died inthe attacks of September 11. People with no tangible connection to the World TradeCenter or Pentagon were moved to action, giving money, blood or time to relieveothers’ suffering. Within hours, millions tried to donate blood. Within weeks, the outpouring of aid stunned relief groups. Donations soared to more than a billion dollars.Musicians and movie stars raised hundreds of millions of dollars with a NewYork concert for firefighters, and with a national telethon for victims’ families -- ATribute to Heroes -- simulcast on every commercial network, commercial-free. Muchmore will be raised from holiday sales of the new double disk CD recording of thetelethon.Many corporations donated tens of millions of dollars each to victim funds.Most notably, a foundation of the Tribune Co. helped raise 16 million, even whilethe media company posted a loss of 139 million for the third quarter. Another company losing money that still gave generously was AmTrak. They helped thousandsof stranded passengers by honoring airline tickets on trains leaving San Francisco.And the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. created a “Cards of Compassion” campaign todonate 558 teddy bears to families of firefighters, police and rescue workers. The For 20 years, the US hasprovided over 170 million infood, health care, water sanitation, and shelter to the people ofAfghanistan - about two-thirdsof the international contribution. An estimated 15,000Muslims serve in the US militaryand reserves. The US will slash itsstrategic nuclear arsenal morethan two thirds from about 7,000warheads to 2,000 in 10 years.Russia also will cut two thirds ofits arsenal of 6,000 warheads.(Continued on page 5)Forgiving the UnforgivableWhy would Peter and Linda Biehl, a wealthy,conservative Newport Beach couple, leavetheir privileged community for South Africa to work arm in arm with former radical leftists tobring jobs and opportunity to disadvantaged blacks?Because it is the place where their daughter Amy, a 26year-old blue-eyed blonde valedictorian from Stanford,was stoned and stabbed to death in 1993.“In all the world this is the one place Amy feelsmost alive to us,” said Linda.They have taken to heart their daughter’s conviction: To get to the root of apartheid’s sins, societyneeds to address the poverty and the hopelessness in Amy Biehl in South Africapeople’s every day lives.For the last seven years, the Biehls have committed themselves to buildinghousing, schools, and golf courses for the same community where Amy drew herlast breath. With a small group of volunteers they have raised money for scholar- CNN founder Ted Turnergave 25 million to U.N. projectson the environment, population,health, peace, security, and humanrights. He lamented the corebudget of the U.N. is only 2billion a year, far less than theNew York City police department.Inside:Irish Peace ProgressGood News since 9-12Inspiring QuotesEarth HealthVisit our Web Siteand be buoyed.Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6(Continued on page 3)The Good News Network News to Enthuse www.goodnewsnetwork.orgpage 1

Good SamaritanOn September 11, a million GoodSamaritans were inspired to generosity, kindness and helpfulness.In turn, we were inspired by them.After the attacks, Don Forman, a used cardealer in Las Vegas, heard on the radiothe plight of stranded travelers who couldnot get home to their families. There wereno bus or train tickets. No rental cars.Business was slow at Forman’sUnited Nissan, so he decided to help.He rented passenger vans and called themedia. He was offering a ride to anyonestranded in airports who needed to gethome. For free. By the end of the day,150 people were back at home inSouthern California.The word spread through hotels,rental car counters and casinos. By thesecond day Don Forman had to charterbuses. He galvanized his 147 employees to shuttle more than 900 strandedsouls back home to California.He spent 8,000 of his ownmoney but credited his employees fororganizing the fleet, and the mayor’soffice and dozens of businesses fordonating food, money and time.Forman recalled, “The dealershipwas just like everyone else in thecountry. We all stood around with ourmouths open. We didn’t know what todo. When we started doing this, myemployees were ecstatic. They reallyfelt a part of something. ”After the last piece of baggagewas loaded onto each bus -- Formaneven schlepped bags -- and after eachpassenger was given two bottles ofwater, Forman would climb up andstand next to the driver to bid themfarewell and a safe trip home.“Everybody just applauded,” saidIrv Hamilton of Alameda, California. “Ican imagine this sort of thing in theMidwest, but. you don’t think of LasVegas as being particularly hospitable.”Now, you do. And car dealers too.Thanks to E.J. Niles for submitting story tip.from the editor.Within days of the unforgettable attacks in New York and Washington, it became clear to me that on the heels of the tremendous misery of these events would come a tremendous volume of good. Heroes are only born of crisis. Resurrection only comesafter death. Love shines most gloriously when it comforts the lonely andthe suffering. I’m sorry there has to be so much suffering, but I am alsograteful for the compassion that has been born. This Thanksgiving -and Christmas, Hanukkah and Ramadan -- most of us will find much tobe thankful for.The world has united around this event. It was said by a womanin France, “We are all Americans today.” The incidence of terrorismaround the globe had been steadily declining for a decade. I believethe heightened appreciation for innocent life will strengthen that trend.Another woman asked why we didn’t feel similar feelings of shockand urgency when 100,000 people in Turkey were killed in a recent earthquake. Or why do we not feel the anguish when innocents around theworld are bombed? Are American lives more important? Governmentsare discovering that as we help to feed, clothe, immunize, and educatepoor people in Africa and the Middle East, we dry up the well of despairfrom which terrorism’s gardens are watered. And we can be heroes.I offer to my readers a map leading them to a treasure of positivenews that will quench their thirst for hope. If they allow these stories toabide with them -- instead of the fears fed by their imaginary thoughts of‘what if’-- daily life will not simply become normal again, but better.I am enclosing a gift, a parable I wrote a few daysafter 9-11 inspired by Joseph Campbell’sPower of Myth. I do hope you enjoy it.Feast your hearts on these pages.And be grateful. There will be noroom left for fear. Andreas Schmitz, a German man,received a lottery ticket as a weddinggift. It turned out to be a winner,worth a million marks.Instead of keeping the money,spending it on a fancy honeymoon, hedonated it all to a dance company thatwas in financial straits. The dancershad performed at his wedding.The 40-year-old businessmansaid he was giving the lottery win tothe dance troupe -- who had disbanded -- to help reestablish aresident company in Cologne. Mr.Schmitz says he's already been luckyin life and he felt his new fortunecame with an obligation. “If I winagain, I’ll donate that money too.”Story tip submitted by Amy Grant .page 2The Good News Network News to Enthuse

Parents Forgive(From page 1)ships, museums, music training programs, and adult literacy projects. They’ve opened bakeries, a print shop, anda construction company that vies for large contracts, giving jobs to men and women who live in the squalid townships set aside for blacks during the reign of apartheid.“The Biehls came just when we needed themmost,” said a seamstress who for years had to struggleto make a living selling her tapestries until the Biehlshelped her with marketing. “Losing their daughter likethey did, I cannot imagine what that pain must feel like.But from that one horrible moment, so much light hascome into the world, so much good.”But it is the forgiveness the Biehls demonstratefor Amy’s killers that is most amazing. Jon Jeter of theWashington Post describes it this way: Theirs is not astory for cynics. It is about redemption and transformation. To South Africans, the Biehls have offered theirhelp. To Amy’s killers, they have offered not just absolution but friendship, taking them to the movies or dinner just as casually as they would an old friend. Andfrom the deepest hurt anyone can know, they have exhumed an unimaginable peace and a stirring sense ofpurpose.Easy Nofomela and Ntobeko Peni, along with twoother young men, were convicted of Amy’s slaying.They were part of a mob incited by a political rally tokill whites. Four years ago, they asked for amnesty fromSouth Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission,which set international precedent, finding a way to heala nation bitterly divided by freeing prisoners who demonstrate a political motive for their crimes and who testify fully and truthfully.The Biehls have become close friends and coworkers with the two.“I know this sounds strange, but the one place Ireally feel Amy’s spirit is with Easy and Peni.”“We call them mother and father now,” Peni said.“I don’t know how they found it in their hearts to forgive us, but I can tell you that it has greatly enrichedmy life. I will never forget what we did that night, but Iwill also never forget the kindness they have shown mewhen they had every reason to hate me.”The Biehls often are asked how they could forgive such horrendous acts. “We have seen that to hate,to want revenge, to be angry consumes a tremendousamount of energy, all of it negative, and time, all of itnonproductive. It is completely selfish,” reasons Peter.“As Christians -- we’ve taught high school Sundayschool -- we would be heretics if we now did anythingother than to forgive. And finally, it is completely liberating. We can forgive, move forward, and we’re at peacewith ourselves.”Donate musical instruments, golf clubs (for youth lessons), ormoney: Tel: (760) 771-2044The Good News Network Irish Peace BreakthroughThe Good Friday Peace process in NorthernIreland was collapsing. David Trimble, whowon the Nobel Peace Prize and waselected the first minister of the fragile new government there, resigned in disgust. Britainthreatened to pull the plug from the powersharing experiment that brought home ruleto the war-weary Protestants and Catholics.Then, on October 23 the Irish RepublicanArmy (IRA) announced the long-awaited disposal of a significantamount of the paramilitary group’s weapons and an independent international disarmament commission confirmed that guns, ammunition, and explosives were extinguished.Trimble, long beleaguered over the arms impasse, smiled broadlyafter seeing the proof: “This is the day we were told would neverhappen.”Within hours of the move, the IRA’s opponent reciprocated withits own concessions. The British government will begin the withdrawalof British troops from Northern Ireland and is demolishing two military observation towers and dismantling two other facilities in theregion. Britain called the IRA’s move “unprecedented and genuinelyhistoric, taking the peace process to a new level.”Trimble was restored as leader of the majority Protestant government. Catholics, including Sinn Fein, the IRA representative, joinedhim to continue hammering out a lasting peace within a representative government.Good Politics,Good PolicyToddler is Safe inMother Bear's DenOctober 3 — A mother bear appearsto have cared for a missing 16month-old Iranian toddler, who wasfound safe and sound three days laterin the animal’s den.The child's parents, from a nomadic tribe, returned to their tent after working in the fields to find himmissing, a newspaper reported.Three days later, a search partyfound the toddler in a den about sixmiles from home. The search partysaid the toddler had probably beenbreast fed by a mother bear. A medical exam showed the toddler in goodhealth. (from a Reuters report)News to Enthuse The U.S. extended free trade status to Jordan, a key Middle Eastally. Jordan becomes only the fourthnation -- after Canada, Mexico, andIsrael -- to enjoy a tariff-free partnership with the U.S. Significantly, it isthe first trade agreement to includeworker, environmental and intellectual property rights protectionThe witches of Salem MA. finally won their case. SusannahMartin was hanged in 1692 duringthe Salem witch trials. The ActingGov. Jane Swift of Massachusettspicked Halloween night to sign a billexonerating Martin and the witches.www.goodnewsnetwork.orgpage 3

Rest Stopalways remember how this“I willcity rallied around its firefighters,”said the Battalion 32 Fire Chief to theArt of Living Foundation’s NY chairman Noah Hoffeld. “But I will remember most of all the contribution of yourgroup.”Within hours of the World TradeCenter attacks, Hoffeld had gatheredmembers to set up public trauma workshops, and make hundreds of PeanutButter and Jelly sandwiches, which theystuffed into duffel bags and brought tohungry firefighters that day.Since 9-12, workshops to alleviate trauma and stress have been offeredto New Yorkers free of charge. The foursession Art of Living Courses include avariety of powerful tools that can bepracticed at home, including breathingtechniques to help people feel more centered and calm. Space was donated bythe nearby Holiday Inn.9 12-A Road Map and Guide to GoodNews in an Altered Landscape.Polls show regardNoUfor governmentis up sharply since9-12. Americans’confidence in Turn their execut