K-Box Turbo 180/200/250 BlueEfficiency Installation ManualRev 280213

Installation Manual for Mercedes-Benz 1.6l 2.0l Turbo 180/200/250 BlueEfficencyThis instruction manual provides a step by step process for installing the KLEEMANN K-Box Turbo BE. It is recommended that you read the instructionmanual completely before starting the installation of the K-Box to gain an overview of the entire process. If questions arise during the installation, you arewelcome to contact us directly. We are ready to provide answers and assistance. It is essential for all involved that the installation is done correctly, the carperforms flawlessly and the customer is satisfied.Kleemann A/SRugmarken 27BDK-3520 FarumDenmarkKleemann USA Inc.3455 Fillmore Ridge HeightsColorado Springs , CO 80907USAphone 45 70 109 109fax 45 70 109 108phone 1 719 473 6441fax 1 719 578 [email protected][email protected]!!2

PreparationMake sure the ignition is turned off and the key has been taken out.Before you disconnect the 2 sensors at the engine, you should open thebonnet, close all doors and lock the vehicle. Please wait about 4-5 minutes(on most cars you can hear a resounding “click” in the enginecompartment) until the timer function of the Engine Control Unit is turnedoff.!Mercedes Blue Efficiency - 2 sensors3

InstallationWrongAs shown in the picture, release the connectors to 2 sensors and removeit. Now plug the wiring harness between the sensor and the original plug(click). (See page 5).!Make sure that you insert the connector correct. They can be inserted180 degree incorrect. Visually, look at the plug and check if the flat sidesmatch. Wrong install will light up the engine light and fault code willshow sensor fault “short circuit to ground”. In this case install correctlyand erase fault appropriate equipment.RightBefore driving, please use the self-test, which you will find on the next page.!Super Plus 98 Octane or 100 Octane to ensure the performance.4

Use the harness with the yellow and green cable on sensor 1 for this master sensor.Then use the harness with brown and white cable for slave sensor.During move, please make sure to attach the cable with cable ties andthe KLEEMANN module. Make sufficient distance from parts of theengine (exhaust gas recirculation, turbocharger, exhaust manifold etc.!Sensor 1 MasterSensor 2 SlaveNow connect the control unit with 25-pin connector on the wiringharness. Check all cable connections and make surethey are secure andcorrectly installed.!The KLEEMANN module is essential to an appropriate place to install,free from water and vibrations and protected from corrosive liquids(such as battery acid fumes).Install engine cover and possibly other removed parts again.!Damage due to improper installation of the KLEEMANN module will voidany claim for damages.Before driving, please check with the self-test! (See page 6)Super Plus 98 Octane or 100 Octane fule tanks!5

Self Test DescriptionECUThis description is used as a supplement to the instructions for KLEEMANN chip tuning boxand explains the additional features of the model V6.!Self-test and functional test (in the installed state)!Turn on the ignition, LED3-PWR begins to shine on the bottom - LED2- CH1 and LED1-CH2flash for about 5 seconds alternately. Start the engine - enter idle and press hard thethrottle, LED2-CH1 begins to shine on the bottom - thats it. (Depending on engine type andoccupancy of the channels can additionally LED1-CH2 shine!)!!LED3-PWR shine 5V power supply of the sensor active.!!LED2-CH1 shine signal acquisition, self-test and the communication of the activechannel is okay. (Depending on engine type and occupancy of the channels canadditionally LED1-CH2 shine!)!!The engine can be switch off. The self-test and functional test was successful.6