DIVISION SIXTEENELECTRICALSection 16010Section 16015Electrical General ProvisionsShort Circuit/Coordination Study/Arc - Flash analysis (*Consultantprovided for Contractor information)Conduits, Raceways, Fittings, and Cable TraysSurface Metal RacewaysPower Pole SystemsWire, Cable and ConnectorsWire, Cable and Connectors (Aluminum Conductors)Wiring DevicesDevice and Outlet BoxesJunction and Pull BoxesFusesStandby Electrical Power System (Elementary - 35KW)Standby Electrical Power System (Middle - 45KW)Standby Electrical Power System (High - 100KW)Standby Electrical Power System (Diesel)Underground Electrical ServiceOverhead Electrical ServiceSurge Protective DevicesDistribution SwitchboardGenerator Quick Connect SwitchboardDistribution PanelboardsBranch Circuit PanelboardsDisconnect SwitchesElectric Equipment EnclosuresDry Type TransformersGroundingEnclosed Circuit BreakersFeeder BuswayTrack Busway SystemLighting Control Systems (nlight)Lighting Occupancy SensorsInterior L.E.D. and Exit LightingExterior/Security LED LightingSports Field Lighting System and Control SystemAuditorium Lighting Controls and Performance Lighting SystemsBlack Box Theater Performance Lighting and ControlsMiddle School Stage Performance Lighting and ControlsSchool Zone Warning Signals (Solar)Fire Detection and Alarm SystemFire Detection and Alarm System (Modular Building)Security Intrusion SystemDoor Access Video Entry SystemCCTV Surveillance SystemWireless Master Clock and Program SystemSound and Intercommunications SystemsClassroom Amplification SystemSection 16110Section 16115Section 16118Section 16120Section 16121Section 16130Section 16140Section 16150Section 16160Section 16210Section 16211Section 16212Section 16213Section 16410Section 16415Section 16418Section 16420Section 16425Section 16430Section 16435Section 16440Section 16445Section 16450Section 16460Section 16470Section 16480Section 16485Section 16500Section 16506Section 16512Section 16542Section 16545Section 16550Section 16555Section 16565Section 16570Section 16610Section 16612Section 16620Section 16625Section 16626Section 16630Section 16710Section 16713111/19

Section 16715Section 16720Section 16725Section 16726Section 16730Section 16735Section 16740Section 16745Section 16750Section 16760Section 16770Auxiliary Sound Reinforcement SystemsAuditorium Sound Reinforcement SystemBlack Box Theater Sound Reinforcement SystemDrama Classroom Sound Reinforcement SystemGymnasium Sound Reinforcement SystemBand, Choral, Orchestra and General Music Rooms SoundReinforcement SystemAthletic Fields Sound Reinforcement SystemsDance and Gymnastics Rooms Sound Reinforcement SystemsTelecommunications System (Cat 6)Cable Television/Broadband Distribution SystemMulti-Media Presentation Control System211/19

SECTION 16010ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONSPART 1 - GENERAL1.01DESCRIPTIONA.1.021.03[ENGINEER MUST EDIT]It is the intent of this Specification that this Contractor furnish and install allmaterial, labor, equipment, apparatus, tools, transportation, and other incidentalsrequired to provide the following: electrical service(s); power distribution (bothnormal and stand-by emergency power); branch circuit wiring; low voltage wiring;wiring devices; grounding; lighting (both interior and exterior); lighting controlsystems; fire detection and alarm system; security intrusion system; door videoaccess entry system; wireless master clock and program system; sound andintercommunications system and program system; classroom amplificationsystems; auxiliary sound reinforcement systems; auditorium sound reinforcementsystem; Black Box Theater sound reinforcement system; gymnasium soundreinforcement systems; band, choral, and orchestra sound reinforcementsystems; athletic fields sound reinforcement systems; dance and ionssystem;cabletelevision/broadband distribution system; and multi-media systems as shown onDrawings and as described in these Specifications.REQUIREMENTSA.The general provisions of the Contract, including General and SupplementaryConditions and General Requirements, apply to the work specified in thisSection.B.Provisions of this Section apply to each and every Section of this Division.SCOPEA.It is the intention of these Specifications and the Contract Drawings to call forfinished work, tested and ready for operation.BAny apparatus, appliances, materials, or work not indicated but mentioned inthese Specifications, or vice versa, or any incidental accessories necessary tomake the work complete and perfect in all respects and ready for operation,even if not particularly specified, shall be furnished, delivered, and installed bythis Contractor at no additional expense to the Owner.C.Minor details not usually shown or specified, but necessary for the properinstallation and operation shall be included the same as if herein specified orshown on the Drawings.D.With submission of bid, this Contractor shall give written notice to the16010-111/19

ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONSSECTION 16010Architect/Engineer of any materials or apparatus believed: inadequate orunsuitable; in violation of federal, state, and local laws, codes, and ordinances,including Fairfax County's electrical inspection rules or regulations; and anynecessary items of the work which have been omitted. In the absence of suchwritten notice, it shall be mutually agreed that the Contractor has included thecost of all required items in the proposal and that the Contractor shall beresponsible for the approved satisfactory functioning of the entire electricalsystem and low voltage electrical systems at no additional expense to theOwner.1.04APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS, CODES, STANDARDS, AND PERMITSA.Materials, equipment, and installation shall be in accordance with therequirements of the latest adopted editions of the National Electrical Code(NEC), the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, and these Specifications.B.Unless otherwise specified herein the work and material shall conform to theapplicable requirements of the (latest editions or currently adopted) followingcodes, standards, and regulations:1.American National Standards Institute (ANSI).2.Americans with Disabilities Act Code of Federal Regulation (ADA).3.Canadian Standards Association (CSA).4.Electronic IndustriesAssociation (EIA/TIA)5.Fairfax County Fire Marshal's Office.6.Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).7.International Building Code (IBC)8.International Code Council (ICC)9.National Electrical Code (NEC).10.National Electrical Contractor's Association (NECA).11.National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA).12.National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).13.Occupational Safety and Health Association ry11/19

ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONS1.05SECTION 1601014.Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).15.Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Program (VOSH).16.Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC).C.All electrical materials and equipment shall be new, listed by UL, and bear theUL label. This applies to all equipment for which UL standards have beenestablished and label service is regularly furnished.D.Equipment not UL (or other testing agencies recognized by VUSBC) labeled andequipment assembled in the field using UL components and not UL labeled asan "assembly", for which standards have not been promulgated, shall beaccepted upon certification by A.B.M. ELECRICAL POWER SOLUTIONS (METELECTRICAL TESTING), 4390 Parliament Place, Suite Q, Lanham, MD 20706telephone: 240-487-1900 or ELECTRICAL TESTING CORPORATION, 1701Edmondson Avenue, #201, Baltimore, Maryland, 21228, telephone 410-5264700. Cost of such certification shall be included in the base bid and in eachquoted cost for alternates and proposed change orders. Electrical equipmentthat requires certification shall be tested by this Contractor at no additional costto the Owner.E.Workmanship shall conform to the "Standard of Installation" published by theNECA. This Contractor shall provide a minimum of one (1) valid licensedjourneyman electrician (Foreman) to be present at all times while work is beingperformed. License shall be issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Suchcertification shall be provided to the Architect/Engineer upon request.F.This Contractor shall: give all necessary notices; obtain all permits (including alow voltage wiring permit); pay all government taxes, fees, and other costsincluding, but not limited to the Fairfax County Fire Marshals Office shop drawingreview fees; file all necessary plans; prepare all documents; and obtain requiredcertificates of inspection for work and deliver same to the Architect/Engineerbefore any request for acceptance and final payment for the work.G.This Contractor shall be responsible for purchasing equipment and appliancesthat bear the label of an agency as approved by the Fairfax County Departmentof Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES). It shall be theresponsibility of the Contractor to pay for any label testing of equipment orappliances that are installed without the label of a DPWES approved agency.REVIEWS AND SHOP DRAWINGSA.The materials, workmanship, design, and arrangement of all work installed underthis contract shall be subject to the review of the Architect/Engineer and Owner.B.Where any specified materials, process, or method of construction or16010-311/19

ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONSSECTION 16010manufactured article is specified by name, or by reference to the catalog numberof a manufacturer, the specifications are to be used as a guide and are notintended to take precedence over the basic duty and performance specified ornoted on the Drawings.C.In all cases, the Contractor shall verify the duty and available electriccharacteristics with the specific characteristics of the equipment offered forreview.D.All component parts of each item of equipment or device shall bear themanufacturer's name plate giving name of manufacturer, description, size, type,serial or model number, electrical characteristics, etc., in order to facilitatemaintenance or replacement. The nameplate of a Contractor will not beacceptable.E.If materials or equipment are installed before they have been reviewed by theArchitect/Engineer, the Contractor shall be liable for their removal andreplacement at no additional expense to the Owner, if in the opinion of theArchitect/ Engineer, material or equipment does not meet the intent of theDrawings and Specifications.F.This Contractor shall call to the attention of the Architect/Engineer by letter or onshop drawing submittals, any instance in which the shop drawings differ from therequirements of the Drawings and Specifications.G.Data and shop drawings shall be coordinated and included in a singlesubmission in a bound format. Multiple submissions are not acceptable exceptwhere prior approval has been obtained from the Architect/Engineer. In suchcases, a list of data to be submitted later shall be included with the firstsubmission. No delays in construction occasioned by the Contractor's failure tosubmit material in accordance with the approval schedule will be excused.H.Catalogs, pamphlets, or other documents submitted to describe items on whichreview is being requested shall be specific and identifications in catalog,pamphlets, etc., of items submitted shall be clearly made in a contrasting ink.Data of a general nature shall not be acceptable.I.Submitted samples, drawings, specifications, catalogs, and the like shall beproperly labeled and shall indicate: specified service for which the material orequipment is to be used; Section and Article number of Specifications governing;contractor's name; and name of the job.J.Data and shop drawings shall be identified in accordance with SECTION 01340.In addition, shop drawings shall be identified by the name of the item and systemand the applicable Specification paragraph number. This Contractor shall submitthe following components/systems described herein and as specified in otherSections of this Specification. (Engineers must edit.)16010-411/19

ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONSSECTION 160101.Athletic fields sound reinforcement systems.2.Auditorium lighting controls and performance lighting.3.Auditorium sound reinforcement system.4.Auxiliary sound reinforcement systems.5.Band, Orchestra, and Choral rooms sound reinforcement systems.6.Black Box Theater performance lighting controls and lighting.7.Black Box Theater sound reinforcement system.8.Boxes including device, junction, outlet, and pull types.9.Cable hook (J-hook) support systems.10.Cable television/broadband distribution system.11.Cable tray systems.12.CCTV Surveillance System13.Classroom Amplification Systems.14.Conduit and associated fittings.15.Dance and gymnastics sound reinforcement systems.16.Disconnect /safety switches.17.Distribution switchboard(s).18.Door Access Video Entry System.19.Dry type transformers.20.Emergency/standby engine generator set, remote annunciator panel, andautomatic transfer switch(es).21.Enclosed circuit breakers.22.Feeder type busway.23.Fire detection and alarm system.16010-511/19

ELECTRICAL GENERAL PROVISIONSSECTION 1601024.Fuses and spare fuse cabinet.25.Generator quick connect switchboard.26.Grounding system, including rods, connectors, and welds.27.Gymnasium sound reinforcement system.28.Lighting control systems.29.Lighting fixtures including lamps, ballasts, and poles.30.Lighting occupancy sensors.31.Middle School stage performance lighting controls and lighting.32.Multi-media systems.33.Motor control centers.34.Panelboards, including distribution and branch circuit.35.Rooftop conduit support system.36.School zone warning signals.37.Security intrusion system.38.Sound and intercommunications and program system.39.Sports field lighting systems.40.Surface metal raceways and fittings.41.Surge protective devices.42.Telecommunications system including outlets, equipment racks, andcables.43.Television studio p