The University of ArizonaManual of Design and Specification StandardsDIVISION 16 - ELECTRICALSection 16000 - General DiscussionIntroductionRefer any questions, clarifications regarding Division 16 to UA Facilities Design & Construction.The electrical system is very important to the operation of many of the aspects of the operations of the Universityof Arizona. Many of the buildings have testing which need to go on continuously and if the electrical power goesout during the testing then millions of dollars of work and equipment can be destroyed. For this purpose it is veryimportant to supply the most reliable electrical equipment system that can be designed. It is for this reason thatmany of the systems and specifications enclosed herein exceed the requirements of the National Electrical Code.In addition it must be understood that:The National Electrical Code is a minimum standard of the quality of work that can be used and shall not beused as a maximum for the quality of the electrical system.The DSS is a standard each Consultant, Builder and Project Manager needs to study as a standard for ALLUniversity of Arizona renovations and new work.The local lighting ordinances are exceeded.Use of metal Halide light sources shall not be permitted without written approval of the Director of FacilitiesDesign & Construction.The University of Arizona is itself a small utility which maintains all of the secondary power distribution to all of thebuildings on its campus at both 13.8KV and 4.16KV. The standards specified herein reflect the requirements ofthis "utility". Note that at some other locations interface with standard utility requirements will be required. Inthose cases only will these standards be overruled. Attention to fault current and how it affects systems must beobserved. The system energy capacity increases on an ongoing basis, as the result of ongoing campus utilitymodifications.ELECTRICAL SWITCHBOARD ROOMSWhenever the design for a new building or major expansion of an existing building is to take place specialconsideration shall be made for providing an electrical distribution switchboard room which is sized adequately tohouse all of the major electrical switchboard items which would need to be installed on the project. This shallinclude the primary distribution switchboard (usually 480 volt), the Fire alarm panel, some of the secondarytransformers and 120/208 volt distribution panelboards, the automatic transfer switch, the generator status panel,and the motor control center (where required)). This room shall have built in at least 40% spare capacity to allowfor installation of future equipment as necessary and storage of pertinent electrical maintenance items. Thereshall be a minimum of two exits from the room with at least a 6' aisle between rows of electrical equipment orbetween electrical equipment and the wall. In addition a separate area shall be made to house the primarydistribution transformer, the standby / emergency generator, and any primary distribution switchgear required(such as a PMH switch). This area shall be located in an equipment yard just outside of the main building walls.SERVICESExisting electrical services will require specific attention with respect to replacement and expansion. Projectswhere the existing service equipment is not to be replaced, need to be evaluated for fault current, overload,deterioration, grounding and safety violations. Where this work is designed by consultants, reports will be requiredat the Schematic Phase and addressed with Project Managers and the University of Arizona Electrical Engineer.SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS4 Pages16000-103/04

The University of ArizonaManual of Design and Specification StandardsSingle line diagrams shall be complete representations of the designed electrical systems. The goal is to allow thebidding and constructing contractor to bid the job using the correct equipment. The reviewer will require clearindications that all electrical parameters have been considered. Bidding and review shall not require tediousdeciphering of keynotes. Nor shall the reader be burdened in flipping feverishly from sheet to sheet.Single line representations shall include, but not be limited to, display of voltage levels, wye and deltaconfigurations, bus sizing, sizes and types of main and feeder overcurrent devices, vertical bus sizes, horizontalbus sizes, pull sections, metering sections, grounding, spare bussing, bus extension provisions, transformer sizes,main breaker or lug locations for panelboards and switchboards, (bottom, top or feed through) fault levels,overcurrent device frame sizes and trip ratings, TVSS connections, TVSS overcurrent protection, feeder sizes,transformer sizes and housekeeping pads, primary cable conductor sizes and any other information necessary toprovide a complete representation of the system.The use of keynotes shall be minimized in the labeling of equipment and system components.Switches, pull stations and automatic door closers in areas where the construction requires glass walls, glassdoors and similar construction, shall require the architect to design mullions to accommodate orderly installation.Consultant shall coordinate these devices with the architect.LIGHTNING PROTECTIONLightning protection shall meet and exceed the requirements of NFPA 780 and the NEC.Protection shall be provided where NFPA 780 calculation shows MODERATE conditions OR whenever directed byUA Facilities Design & Construction.If available, UL MASTER LABELING shall be included.Design shall be performed by the electrical registrant for the project, put on plan and sealed. It shall not be doneas a requirement specification. The Consultant may feel free to seek the expertise of Lightning ProtectionCompanies in preparing their (the Consultant’s) design.Attention shall be given to the Suppression Requirements of NEC for data, power and phone. Attention needs tobe given to the material types and quality of lightning specific components and how they are fastened to thebuilding. Mastics shall not be the primary method of attachment. Components shall be copper or bronze. Wireshall be copper. Down conductors shall be the braided UL approved copper product specifically designed for theapplication. Ground plates are allowed for existing buildings where grounding by other methods is not practical.Examine the job site prior to completing your fee. Contact CCIT for suppression needs and methods. Determinesuch things as RF antenna on roofs, walls or parapets, “Add on” suppression for power shall be either APT ORCURRENT SYSTEMS products, not less than 180 ka per phase.Firms having 3 dimensional capabilities shall include this graphic presentationConsultants shall evaluate the need for lightning protection on all new buildings and building additions. Utilize theassessment criteria in NFPA 780. Risk factors in the highly moderate to severe category shall require lightningprotection.COORDINATION OF PROTECTIVE DEVICES AND STUDIESCoordination studies, protective relay studies and adjustments shall be performed by registered electricalengineers skilled in this area of expertise.The consultant shall design the system and perform key device coordination as part of his/her scope of work. Thiswill require a basis of design “brand” in some cases. This in NOT to be an exhaustive Coordination Study. Theconsultant will give special attention to the sizing of busses, services transformers, motor control centers anddistribution panelboards so as to assure clean system coordination. The upper device shall be the 13.8KV padmounted switch fuse sized for less than 200 amperes. The Pad Mounted Switch (PMS) shall feed the service4 Pages16000-203/04

The University of ArizonaManual of Design and Specification Standardstransformer. The transformer shall have its own fusing to protect it.The consultant shall submit selectivity curves in the design document and final construction documents showclean coordination of the devices aforementioned.The consultant shall write the specifications to reflect the following:Contractor shall submit equipment based on the basis of design or one of the approved equals. The contractorshall provide with the submittal, a coordination study based on the equipment submitted. The contractor shall berequired to submit equipment equal in characteristics to the basis of design. That is to say the selectivity of theovercurrent devices shall be as clean in coordination as the basis of design devices.Should the contractor submit a study, including related equipment submittal, that does not give clean coordination,the contractor shall be obligated to change components to allow clean coordination and selectivity, prior to gettingapproval for releasing equipment for manufacture at no cost to the Owner.The contractor may utilize factory trained coordination engineers to prepare the study. However curves must beplotted on standard log-log paper, 11 in x 17 in.References to clean coordination and selectivity shall be as defined in IEEE STD 192, as interpreted by theUniversity of Arizona Electrical Engineer.Coordination shall reflect all intentions of system planning per IEEE Std. 192.TEMPORARY STANDBY POWERTemporary standby power used to power existing critical (research not life safety) building loads shall require thepresence of an approved generator technician for the duration of the outage.Part 1 - General These electrical standards represent the minimum quality of workmanship and the minimum quality ofequipment which are required for the projects which are to be constructed on this site. The general attitudeabout the equipment and materials to be supplied is that this University will be here for many years to comeand the projects which we construct now shall be able to be in service for 10,15, 20, or more years withoutneeding to be renovated due to the lack of quality of the electrical equipment or workmanship. In additionrenovations will need to be made in the future to many of the areas which are under design today and for thatreason spare capacity is to be built into the design to allow for a certain amount of flexibility for the future.Where the design engineer has some areas where he prefers to see an even higher level of quality than whatis set by these standards he shall make the design to meet that level of quality as long as that design providesa cost effective design. Sometimes even though the design costs are considerably higher the actual costsincluding maintenance over the life of the product make it cost effective. Working In Confined Spaces Whenever work is required within a confined space, e.g., utility vaults, utility tunnels, sumps, pits, sewers,etc., contact UA Risk Management and Safety Department for details and procedures on UA ConfinedSpace Entry Program.As-Builts As-Builts shall be prepared by the Contractor and professionally hand drafted in a clear legible manner.These As-Built annotations will then be drafted on the reproducible Record Drawing by the Consultant.See Tab B-9.Part 2 - Products4 Pages16000-303/04

The University of ArizonaManual of Design and Specification Standards Specify the highest quality, best made type of equipment which is manufactured today. Balance this withmaintaining quality while conserving cost. If there are materials which you know from working with them inthe past which you know will not meet the requirements of this area of the specifications, then word yourspecifications to delete those items from being considered for use. Any types of material which by their verynature need to be looked at for meeting the quality that will be specified needs to be specified to be submittedupon prior to installation for review by both the Design Engineer and the Facilities Engineer at the University ofArizona. Single sourcing of a certain type of material shall be made only when other materials would not meeteither the standard of the University or the required operation of the system for which it is specified. In mostcases single sourcing will not be permitted. The use of one or two manufacturers which supply equipmentwhich is known to meet the standards which are required for the particular operation which is specified shallbe utilized. Other manufacturers which may not be known at the time of design or who in the past havemanufactured equipment which is not the same quality as that which is specified then will have the ability tosubmit their equipment in accordance with the requirements of specification section 1300. When specifying equipment, attention shall be given to assure that if a particular manufacturer is specified,that all related equipment is specified with regards to the same manufacturer. For instance, if GE werespecified for panelboards, regards should be given that disconnects, switchboards, motor starters andtransformers be GE. Single sourcing already has been officially justified for fire alarm equipment, primary padmounted switches and variable frequency drives. Prior approval is required for engine generators, transferswitches and primary cable deviations. There is no or equal to be considered after bidding where priorapproval is required.Part 3 - Execution It is the intent of the University to have all new work installed in a quality manner and in a way that it isaccessible for future maintenance and expansion. The installation shall comply with both the requirements ofOSHA, ADA Guidelines, NFPA, NESC and the NEC. In complying with OSHA regulations we wish to complyespecially with the requirements of the lockout/ tagout regulations, and provide the personnel who have towork on the mechanical equipment serviced by the new electrical system with a completely maintainablesystem based on those regulations. As far as the quality of workmanship, we would like to have the electricalsystem installed in such a way that it both is functional, and looks like it has been installed in a professionalmanner.End of Sec