NENA Prepares for the Future to Serve our CommunityThe NENA Board of Directors is pleased to present to our General Membership a multi-yearstrategy for funding housing, commercial, streetscape, environmental, community engagementand communications projects initiated by the neighborhood.BackgroundIn 1987, with signs of neighborhood decline in Minneapolis becoming increasingly apparent, thecity created a task force that reported the physical revitalization of Minneapolis neighborhoodswas badly needed and would cost over 3 billion. The Minneapolis Neighborhood RevitalizationProgram (NRP) was launched and made the city's residential areas better places to live, work,learn and play. NRP is an investment program based on empowering residents by bringing theminto the priority-setting process of the city.In the mid-80’s, residents formed the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) torepresent the four neighborhoods of Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park and Wenonah. Workbegan on a grand NRP Community Action Plan for Nokomis East with the focus areas ofhousing, commercial development, environment, safety and people services. The communitycame together again in 2010 to review the results of the first decade of NENA’s NRP programsand to plan for Phase II NRP funding and retaining theNRP Planning Historymain neighborhood priority areas.Phase I Plan Approval – December 1998It is time again to review the results of NENA’s NRPprograms and to plan for the future.Phase II Plan Approval – January 2011Plan Modification Approval – March 2017Planning for the FutureIn December 2015, the NENA Board passed the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, and over the pastyear, has made significant progress. As part of the Strategic Plan, NENA has developed a multiyear funding strategy and asks for support from the community at the General Membershipmeeting.

SummaryIn early 2016, the NENA Board formed a NRP Work Group tasked with creating the multi-yearfunding strategy. This strategy maintains the focus on longstanding neighborhood priorities inboth the Phase I and II Plans. And with new opportunities for partnerships and projects; andthe formation of the NENA’s Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee and the GreenInitiatives Committee, NENA is primed to act.Strategic funding highlights include: Additional 100,000 added to NENA’s home improvement loan programs; Housing and renter outreach programs, including the new NENA Curb Appeal MatchingGrant Lottery; Green initiatives such as the new 50th Street Monarch and Pollinator Corridor Projectand the Minneapolis Monarch Festival; Community development projects in partnership with the Nokomis East BusinessAssociation and local businesses; and Continued funding for neighborhood favorites such as the Nokomis East Garage SaleDay and Nights out with NENA.Get InvolvedNENA’s Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee and the Green Initiatives Committeeare the generators of resident-led ideas and projects. The next few years will be a busy time forNENA’s committees as they design and implement new projects to benefit our community.Neighbors, just like you, are a part of the work and this is a rewarding volunteer experience.Become part of the 30 year tradition of empowering residents by bringing them into thepriority-setting process.Proposed NRP Plan Modification MotionThe NENA Board recommends a NRP Plan Modification to move 115,000 to EnvironmentalProgramming and 25,000 to Community Development Programming. These funds will bereallocated from overfunded Phase II program areas including Housing Initiatives,Environmental Initiatives – Tree Planting, Community Engagement Initiatives and Staff Support.The Plan Modification also requires minor language changes to allow for an expandedprogrammatic use of NRP funds.

NRP Phase I Plan Funding AllocationsSafety 167,500Environment 418,060Implementation 438,417Economic Development 552,004People Services 870,426Housing 2,018,022 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2,500,000NRP Phase II Plan Funding AllocationsCommunity Development 15,848Environment 100,000Administration 165,000Community Engagement 205,000Housing 1,135,000 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,0002017 Remaining Phase I & II BalancesFund AllocationsCommercial and Streetscape 80,738Administration 81,547Environment 122,647Community Engagement 134,814Future Projects 324,066Housing 393,303 0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000


New and Existing ProgrammingHousing & Renters OutreachExisting Program Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee Home Emergency Loan Program Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program Low Interest Green and Energy Efficiency Loan Program South Minneapolis Housing Fair (4/1) Minneapolis Renters Coalition Benefitting Bossen Work Group Weekly Door Knocking and Renters Rights OutreachCommercial & StreetscapeExisting Program Housing, Commercial and Streetscape Committee Commercial Façade Improvement Matching GrantsEnvironment & Green InitiativesExisting Program Green Initiatives Committee Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop (5/20) Minneapolis Monarch Festival (9/9) Nokomis Naturescape Garden Nokomis East Gateway GardenEvents & Community EngagementExisting Program Community Info and Input Sessions (as needed) Nights out with NENA (monthly) Annual Meeting and Board Elections (4/27) Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop (5/20) Annual Nokomis East Garage Sale Day (6/17) National Night Out (8/1) Minneapolis Monarch Festival (9/9) Night Before New Year’s Eve (12/30) Bilingual staff Professional translators and interpreters Hospitality and childcare at meetings Southside United Neighborhoods (SUN) ProjectCommunicationsExisting Program NENA Website NENA E-News (biweekly) Facebook and Twitter Longfellow Nokomis Messenger Articles (monthly) Mailed postcards Posters and flyersNew Program Add 100,000 into Home Loan Programs Curb Appeal Matching Grant Lottery Bossen Community & Info Fair (5/20) Multi-Family Apartment Building EnergyEfficiency Pilot ProjectNew Program Nokomis East Welcome Packet Nokomis East Bike Racks 34th Avenue S Reconstruction Project (2018)New Program 50th Street Monarch and Pollinator Corridor Free countertop compost bins Community Garden – Food School & Church Composting Education Pilot ProjectNew Program Great Nokomis East Crock-Pot Cook-Off (2/4) Bossen Community & Info Fair (5/20) Ward 11 Candidates Debate (TBD)New Program Quarterly mailed newsletter Nokomis East Welcome Packet Multi-lingual content

This is Your Neighborhood. This is Your Opportunity.This is Your Time to Get Involved.Board of DirectorsCommitteesThe Board is the central decision making bodyand is responsible for overall governance, whichincludes setting the direction, financial oversightand priorities. The Board has the bird’s eyeview of NENA and makes decisions in the bestinterest of the organization.Committees are the supporting pillars of NENA’swork and serve as a sounding board forcommunity members’ ideas and energy.Committees gather information, makerecommendations to the Board and helpimplement NENA’s direction and programs.Run for a seat on the NENA Board at the AnnualMeeting and Board Elections on April, 27, 2017.Housing, Commercial and StreetscapeMeets the first Wednesday of the monthMeets the fourth Thursday of the monthGreen InitiativesMeets the second Wednesday of the monthVolunteerGot a Question or Idea?NENA relies on the people power supplied bycommunity volunteers.NENA is the resource hub for Nokomis East.Have a question about something in theneighborhood? Ask NENA, if we do not know,we will find out who does and make theconnection for you.We need help at events, community meetingsand with programs.A great way to volunteer and be outside is towork with the Nokomis Naturescape Garden orthe Gateway Garden.We also need volunteer support withtranslation, interpretation, door knocking, copyediting and graphic design.Check in with NENA to find the right fit for you!Is there an idea in your head for a project? LetNENA know and discuss how to make your ideaa reality. We can connect you to potentialcollaborators and other interested in the idea.NENA also has a Request for Support Form. Askfor support for promoting your upcoming event,collaborating with NENA or identifyingadditional project resources.