Flip OrganizerInstructions for Making:The flip organizer is designed to have animage for each chapter at the tops of thepages and lines for writing at the bottoms ofthe pages.For this to work, your pages must beduplicated on the front and the back of eachpage. I ran my pages front and back directlyfrom the printer. This is a simple process.Simply place the page that has been printedon one side back into the printer for thereverse side to be printed.The pages are aligned in this resource in thecorrect order. Page 2 (the next page in thispacket) will be the front and page 3 will bethe back of page 2. Page 4 will be the frontand page 5 will be the back of page 4 and soon.IMPORTANT The images are upside downon purpose, so they will appear right side upwhen the pages are flipped up.Once all the pages have been printed, cutout the boxes on the outside of the boldedlines. [Note: The boxes are only on thefronts of the pages because differentprinters/copiers align front-to-back copiesdifferently. By leaving off the boxes on theback sides of the pages, the backs andfronts don’t have to align perfectly.]Arrange the pages in numerical order. Alignthe tops and staple the pages together. Gay MillerInstructions for Use:The flip book may be used in different ways:Have students summarize each chapter list the characters first introduced in each chapter with a briefdescription write figurative language, puns, play on words, etc. for each chapter list vocabulary words and definitionsTheartworkinthisorganizer is from theoriginal version of Alice’sAdventures in Wonderland(1865). It was created byJohn Tenniel.

Chapter XII: Alice's EvidenceChapter I: Down the Rabbit-HoleAlice'sAdventures inWonderland

Gay Miller

Chapter II: The Pool of TearsChapter XI: Who Stole the Tarts? Gay Miller

Chapter III: A Caucus-Race and a Long TaleChapter X: The Lobster Quadrille Gay Miller

Chapter IV: The Rabbit Sends in a Little BillChapter IX: The Mock Turtle's Story Gay Miller

Chapter V: Advice from a CaterpillarChapter VIII: The Queen's Croquet-Ground Gay Miller

Chapter VI: Pig and PepperChapter VII: A Mad Tea-Party Gay Miller

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Gay Miller