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Corporate ProfilePPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 1979 withthe manufacturing of vacuum pumps in a number ofdifferent sizes and capacities. Over the years,the company has seen exemplary growth andtoday, it is one of India's largest vacuum pumpsmanufacturers with a production capacity ofupto 22,000 M3/hr (550 kW).An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, PPI Pumpshas successfully maintained the highest levels ofcustomer satisfaction through the influx of qualitycontrol measures in all areas of operations. Thecompany holds regular training and educationalprogrammes, which help create an environmentthat encourages their employees to provideproducts and services that meet the expectationsof their clients.A resourceful and visionary management team,backed by over 500 employees in the group, hasmade PPI Pumps a name to reckon with in not onlythe national markets, but in a number of foreigncountries as well.Vision and MissionTo compete in the world market through excellentproduct quality & incorporation of designs that matchinternational requirements.

PL - SeriesLiquid Ring Vacuum PumpWide Range of ProductsSuction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum VacuumPPI Pumps offers a wide array of products that fulfill the exactrequirements of customers. The different designs of pumps aredeveloped to suit different industry and process specific requirements.Suction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum Vacuum:::8 to 2150M3/Hr0.75kW to 75kW710mm of Hg (G)Widely used in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Process Industries550 to 15000M3/Hr18.5kW to 375kW700mm of Hg (G)Widely used in Pulp & Paper,Sugar Mill, Power Plant, Process Industries &Mining IndustriesThe different type & size of Vacuum Pumps offers wide range ofcapacity, different level of vacuum and choice of material to suitindividual customer requirements.VW - SeriesLiquid Ring Vacuum Pump:::PL 904 - SeriesLiquid Ring Vacuum PumpSuction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum Vacuum:::4500 M3/Hr to 22000 M3/Hr110 Kw to 550 kw700 MM of Hg.Widely used in Pulp & Paper,Sugar Mill, Power Plant & Process Industries

CC SeriesClose Couple Vacuum PumpPSC- SeriesSingle Cone Vacuum PumpSuction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum Vacuum:::220 to 5000M3/Hr7.5kW to 132kW710mm of Hg (G)Suction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum VacuumSuction CapacityPower ConsumptionMaximum Vacuum:::75 to 550M3/Hr3.7kW to 18.5kW720mm of Hg (G)Widely used in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Process Industries20 to 200M3/Hr0.75kW to 5.5kW700mm of Hg (G)Widely used in Plastic Industries and BreweriesWidely used in Process Industries & Power PlantsVWS II SeriesTwo Stage Vacuum Pump:::PR(Air Cooled) & PRP(Water Cooled) SeriesTwin Lobe Roots BlowerCapacity: 100 to 8000M3/HrMax. Discharge Pressure : 1 kg/cm2 (G)Widely used in Cement, Fertilizer & E.T.P. Plants

Group CompaniesPrasad GroupPrashant GroupExcellence in Plastic Auxiliary Equipments.Essence of Finest Fabric MakingPrasad Group, established in 1989, hasIndia's largest infrastructure to producePlastic Auxiliary Equipments.Prashant Gamatex Pvt. Ltd.Producing High Speed Sectional Warping Machine inTechnical collaboration with M/s. Gamatex Italy.Prashant Group, established in 1975,is one of India's prominent TextileMachine manufacturing company withmodern infrastructure.Prasad Koch-Technik Pvt. Ltd.Joint Venture with Koch Technik - GERMANYPrasad GWK Cooltech Pvt. Ltd.Joint Venture with GWK - GERMANYThe Company offers entire range fromPlastic Raw Material Handling, Storage,Dehumidifying. Conveying, Mixing,Heating & Cooling during process, PartHandling by Robot, Conveyors andGranulators for recycling.Prasad Crilec Automation Pvt. Ltd.Joint Venture with Crizaf - ITALYThe group strength is strongpartnership with world renownedAuxiliary Manufacturers.Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Technical Collaboration with Moditec - FRANCEfor Slow Speed GranulatorsPrasad Wemo Robot Systems Pvt. Ltd.Joint Venture with Wemo Automation AB - SWEDENPrashant West Point Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Producing state-of-the-art Sizing Machines inJoint Venture with M/s. West Point Foundry andMachine Company USA.The group has co-operations withleading European & American TextileMachine Manufacturing Companieswhich bring edge in updatedtechnology and enhancement inproducts profile.Prashant Texmach Pvt. Ltd.Producing Complete Line of Narrow Fabric Machines.Prashant Ferber Logistics Automation Pvt. Ltd.Manual & Motorised Warp Beam Handling Systems,Computerised Beam Storage Systems Under JointVenture with “Ferber s.r.l., ITALYTechnical Collaboration for Granulator withRapid Granulator AB - SWEDENARIOSTEADosing MixingDehumidified Air DryerCompact ChillerInfrastructureSpread across 65,000 sq. m the company is equipped withmodern machinery and enough production capacity. Thestate-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with thelatest technology and can meet any kind of challengeTechnical collaboration with Ariostea - ITALY for Bulk MaterialHandling Systems for PVC and other Powdery materialConveyor BeltRobot SystemGranulatorPhilosophyThe company's philosophy all through has been - 'Renownedfor Reliability and Service'. The company strongly believesthat technology if used effectively can make their productscompatible with international standards.Sizing MachineSectional WarperPeopleThe company's greatest strength is manpower. An extremelydedicated and experienced technical staff contributetowards development and production challenges.Narrow Fabric MachineWarp Beam TrolleyCorporate Social ResponsibilityThe Group is actively involved in the upliftment of the tribalcommunities in the State of Gujarat & Bihar of India. Themajor focus for upliftment of society is through education andhealthcare.

Global PresencePresent in more than 35 countries.Australia Bangladesh Dubai Egypt Finland GermanyIndonesia Iran Israel Italy Jordan Kenya LebenonMalaysia Mauritius Muscat Nepal Nigeria Pakistan PhillipinesSaudi Arabia Sharjah Spain South Africa Sri Lanka SwedenTaiwan Thailand Turkey Uganda USA Vietnam