The Tampa Bay Coalition of ReasonFreethoughtVol. 3 No. 6 June 2014 Jim Peterson, EditorNewsWhat’s Inside? A Universe from Nothing!Unified Calendar . 2Humanist Society . 3 *Tampa Humanists . 5 *Florida Atheists . 6 *Clr.UU-Humanists 7 *Post Carbon Council.8Cooper Library . .9Humanist Families 10 *Tampa Bay Thinkers10Military Atheists. .10 *Ctr. For Inquiry.13 *Sarasota Humanists .13Coalition News . 14A scientific materialist perspectiveBreaching the wall.One looks at the headline hardly able to believe it isreal. " “Legislative prayer"“? Our highest court, theone that supposedly gives us the final interpretationof our Constitution, "okays legislative prayer"?.* Member organizationsDirectoryTampa BayCoalition of ReasonCalendarRick O’KeefeWeb siteJim PetersonRecent public letters by MembersLet us know if you don’t see your letter. .Our Best LettersAll graphics courtesy of NASAA common question about the early evolution of thecosmos invariably arises: where did the singularitythat started the Big Bang come from? For sometime, many physicists and cosmologists have said itcould be possible for our universe to have actuallystarted from nothing – as wild and counterintuitiveas that sounds. But without evidence this seems likea statement of faith, impossible to prove ordisprove, and therefore outside the purview of truescientific discussion. Ever since philosopher, KarlPopper said that falsifiability is the demarcationbetween what is scientific and what is not, it feltlike this might be the point where the scientificmethod would have to give way to the origin storiesof myth. Now, perhaps not.NewsletterThe descriptive passage explains: "All nine justicesendorsed the concept of legislative prayer, with thefour dissenters agreeing that the public forum 'neednot become a 'religion-free zone,' in the words ofJustice Elena Kagan."Doesn't the First Amendment to the Constitutioninfer that all government should be a religion-freezone? Could this latest reference to religion be avery small step toward the violation of a fundamental concept of our government?Abigail Ann Martin, Brandon 5-12-14 TB TimesIn the voters' handsWe would have had solar programs in place longago if we had elected Al Gore or John Kerry.Now we have a president who is trying toaccomplish what many have been encouraging foryears. He needs our support and the support ofCongress and our state and local governments.Please vote this November for candidates whosupport a cleaner and safer United States.Peggy Goodale, Largo5-14-14 TB TimesJim PetersonSpecial ProjectsMark BrandtClick to connect!According toScientificAmerican, a new paper that may be as important toour understanding of the Big Bang as was thedetection of gravitational waves. A group from theWuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics inChina has made the first rigorous mathematicalproof that the Big Bang could have spontaneouslygenerated from nothing. They have demonstratedthat the universe as pictured above is out of balance(only slightly, but sufficiently) which may beshowing the influence of gravity from the existenceof other adjacent universes. Stay tuned.Thanks for the silenceI would like to thank the Hillsborough CountySchool Board for their recognition of diversity inthe community by rejecting an opening prayer.While the recent Supreme Court decisioncertainly opens the way for prayer to beincluded, by observing a moment of silence theboard respects the ability of all participants toreflect on the seriousness of their responsibilitiesin a manner that is appropriate.Judy Adkins, Tampa 5-17-14 TB Times( President, Atheists of Florida)

Center for Inquiry–Tampa Bay – June, 2014 Calendar2This is produced from preliminary information. Check the individual Web sites to insure the event is being held,when and where . We are not liable for changes, errors, or omissions. Compiled by Rick O'Keefe & Jim Peterson.06-07, 1st Saturday, 2:00 PMCLEARWATER– Countryside Library on 580The Humanist Society of the SuncoastTo get the details: Regular meeting - See page 3, 2nd Sunday, 1:30 PMTAMPA See page 6 for detailsAtheists of FloridaDetails & to pabay/06-08, Sunday, 7 PMBRANDON–Brandon AtheistsSkeptics in the Pub. 16, Monday, 7 PMNW HILLSBOROUGH / CARROLLWOOD–Tampa Bay ThinkersLively philosophical discussion. For topic, see page 10.RSVP at Web site: – North Tampa LibraryTampa Humanist nist-Association/06- Sunday, 5 P.MCLEARWATERHumanist Society of the Suncoast See page 4Sunday Social Dinner for all members, friends andothers interested in conversing with Humanists06-22, Sunday, 2 PMBRANDON at Crispers 11019 CausewayLunch & discussion. Click to RSVP /06-21,3rdSaturday, 11:00 AMBlvd. Brandon, FLCFI Skeptics in the Pub06-28, 4th Saturday, 10:30 AMNW HILLSBOROUGH / WESTCHASE–CFI Readers Book Discussion (Limit 12)Book lovers meet monthly to discuss books we've read.RSVP Details:, Usually, Every lastMonday, 6 PMN. PINELLAS AREACFI Skeptics/Humanists SupperRSVP is required if you are coming. Seating islimited to 20! Click here before midnight, January 25th., Sunday, 12:30 AMCLEARWATER–UU Humanists,Regular Sunday meeting.See page 7 for more information06-On HiatusST. PETERSBURGAstronomy ClubDetails, location, & and RSVP TBABRADENTON Humanist Families of TampaFamily outings and other activities. See page tober: Annual Humanists at Disney in 35424/06-25 see Web siteSARASOTA –Humanists of Sarasota BayMany events: Details: Web 13 Friday EveningTAMPA - M.A.R.S. Astronomy ClubSee Website :www.meetup.comMARS-astronomy-club-mosi06- TBATAMPA Humanities Institute at USFfor all details.See website for full listing of many events and calendar.Organizers of these events will be most grateful to all who have the courtesy to RSVP for those events that require it.Watch for major COR eventsscheduled throughout the year !

3NewsAn Epicurean society dedicated to the proposition that the fully examined life is worth living well.Associate organization of the Humanists of Florida, the AHA, COR, and CSH.Find us at www.suncoasthumanist.comVolume 22 No. 6June 7th 2014June, 2014Now is the Time to Join The Humanist Society of the Suncoast.Annual DuesTrial –3 month– free newsRegular - 25.!NewReg. Couple - 30.Supporter - 35/45 (W/ pin)Life - 200.Life Couple - 250.Associate - 10.Contribution for growth (See pg. 5)If new, please fill out the form;if renewing just indicate your name and any changesfrom our previous information. Thanks!Name:With Members of the Humanist Saturday Drama TroupeProduced and directed by Jackie JordanCity, State, ZipThere will be Comedy: You will laughYou won’t want to miss the thrilling pageantry, the liltingthespian sonorities of our ever engaging company of fine actorsand noble raconteurs. We have an exciting lineup of diverseentertainments as would boggle the mind of those of lesser wit.Clearly, you are not one of them!You’ll kick yourself over and over for not having been present.And you would deserve it. Avoid self flagellation - be there!Please join us forthis fineentertainment.Tampa Bay HarvestSaturday,June 7th,2014at 2 PMatFood: the first kindness. Humanists aspire to truefriendship with our fellow human beings.An important measure of this concern is care for the physicalwell being of others. As reactionaries in congress vote to cutthe budget for food stamps and other key supports, there isincreasing hunger here in our community. Don’t forget tobring canned and boxed food (before the expirationdates) or checks for TBH. Thanks to Glenn Paul, chairAddress –if new :The ClearwaterCountryside Library2741 State Rd. 580Clearwater, FL 33761Many members go todinner afterwards.Phone:*E-mail:(Privacy respected)Send tax deductible dues to:Marios Psomas, TreasurerHumanist Society of the Suncoast1013 Connecticut RdTarpon Springs, FL 34689Ω* optionalNeed Psychological Counseling?For a secular therapist, click:Cognitive Neurosciences Inc. or, TheTherapist Project, or, Linda Gurvitz, orPatricia Walters.For Addiction Problems, see:LifeRing Secular Recovery

The Movable Feast:the Humanist Society monthly social Dinner.of theSavory RestaurantSuncoastA chapter of the American Humanist Assoc.The Association of Secular Humanist Societieslocated at 12881 Walsingham Road at the east end of asmall strip Mall near the big Baptist church in Largo onSunday June 22nd at 5:00PM. Walsingham is an extensionof Ulmerton and this red and yellow colored restaurant islocated at the junction of the two with a bright sign outfront.Humanists work to build a worldin which happiness is theenduring criterion of social policy.What is theHumanist Way?1. To extend a human centered approachto the critical problems of life and society.2. To encourage attitudes of kindness,compassion, tolerance and a lovinggenerosity in human relationships,and in our treatment of all life. Theseattitudes help us to see ourselves in thelives of others and encourage appreciationfor the remarkable diversity of humanculture and experience.3. To develop and popularize the skills ofcreative and critical thinking thatempower people to challenge prejudice,superstition and irrationality in every areaof life. Such empowerment enables theindividual to reach the highest levels ofachievement.4. To exalt those artistic and imaginativeexpressions of life which have been thesource of the greatest pleasure andenlightenment, and which reflectcompelling human truths. Throughmusic, literature, art, dance, and otherexpressions, we embrace the essence ofwhat it means to be human.5. To explore the grounds of ethics andmorality within the unfolding history ofour evolving culture. Such knowledgewill enable us to become effectiveprotagonists for the happiness of theindividual person. JP4HumanistsocietyThe Savory is a rather low priced eatery offering everythingfrom soups, salads, sandwiches, eggs, pizza, pasta withmany low priced dinners and plenty of Italian dishes under 11 - a good wide range of affordable food. Beer and wineis available also.To confirm your reservation, call or write GlennPaul at [email protected] call 727-595-3347 by Saturday June 21st.Board of Directors.MeetsSept., December, AprilLois Fries, SecretaryAnita GarciaDave Kovar, Vice PresidentBeth MaxieJim Peterson, PresidentFrank PrahlMarios Psomas, treasurerJordan WilliamsEmeritus members: Terry Eckstien,Steve Brown, Jon Green, Mark Kligman,Jerry Moore, Mark Winterbottom,Sidney Goetz Dec. Bob Collette, GlennPaul, Don Acenbrach Dec., JackieJordan, Brent Yaciw, Mike Hubbard,Matt Cooper, Jim Butler * *- * * Laugh LinesLexophiliaJordan Williams, Publisher.6-14. A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.Jim Peterson, EditorE-Mail us at:[email protected] The batteries were given out free of charge. A dentist and a manicurist married. They foughttooth and nail. A will is a dead giveaway. With her marriage, she got a new name anda dress. A boiled egg is hard to beat. Police were called to a day care Center wherea three-year-old was resisting a rest. Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left sidewas cut off? He's all right now. A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired. When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds. The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine isnow fully recovered. When she saw her first strands of grey hair shethought she'd dye. Acupuncture is a jab well done. That's the point ofit.5/14Thanks to: Connie PurdumThe Kochhar HumanistEducation Center hopes toimpact the level of communityactivism among chapters andaffiliates of the AmericanHumanist Association byproviding case studies andcitizen action guides; theybring to light issues on minority religions and ethnicitiesthat humanist chaptermembers may not haveconsidered before. It will alsoexpand existing efforts likeEssays in the Philosophy ofHumanism and utilize otherresources in working to eliminate the pernicious effects ofignorance and discrimination.

5Tampa Humanist AssociationNext meeting:Saturday, JuneA Progressive Headquartersfor The Tampa Bay areaIt has long been a dream for those of us whohave struggled to advance the cause ofHumanism, critical thinking, environmentalawareness, compassionate social policies, anda defense of art, music, and science, to have areal building; a central office in our area.21st, 2014, 11:00 AMThe North Tampa Public Library8916 North Blvd. Tampa, FL 33604MapCome join us for a special video program on:Effective ThinkingOpen discussion will followThe Tampa Humanist Association is the only AHA Humanist group inHillsborough County. This is a county of more than 1 million people. Ifstatistical averages are correct, than at least 150,000 of those people do notsupport conventional institutions of religion. Currently, our rolls do not numbermore than 20. I think we can agree that there is room for growth.We are here to offer the people of Tampa, a local Humanist option.Join today, or renew your dues. Only 25/ year or 35 with the Happy Humanistpin. 5 more includes spouse 2 pins. GOOD WITHOUT A GODOn April 7th, over 25 humanist & atheists joined over 3000religious participants at Tropicana Field for the FAST SocialJustice Rally. The 10th annual Nehemiah rally was thelargest, with plans for more attendees next year. Issuesincluded juvenile justice, elementary school reading, dentalcare for disadvantage youth, and job opportunities for qualified ex-felons. FAST works yearround with government leaders to brainstorm no net cost sol