CSIR TENDER DOCUMENTATIONRequest for proposals (RFP)The Provision to appoint a Panel for CorporatePhotography and Videography (multi-media) servicesto the CSIR for a period of (36 months), on a “as andwhen basis”.RFP No. 949/28/04/2021Date of issueTuesday, 13 April 2021Closing Date and TimeWednesday, 28 April 2021 at 16:30 – Late bids will not beconsideredAll responses must be submitted to:[email protected] cannot be submitted to any other address, asthis will lead to eliminationSubmission of enquiries:All enquiries must be submitted to [email protected] email is only for submission of enquiries.(Please use the RFQ number as the subject reference)08:00 – 16:30Submission of responsesContact detailsCSIR Business Hours


SECTION A – TECHNICAL INFORMATION1INTRODUCTIONThe Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading scientific and technologyresearch organisation that researches and develops transformative technologies to acceleratesocioeconomic prosperity in South Africa. The organisation’s work contributes to industrialdevelopment and supports a capable state. The CSIR’s main site is in Pretoria while it isrepresented in other provinces of South Africa through regional offices. The CSIR is invitingproposals from service providers for the supply of photography and videography services tothe CSIR.2BACKGROUNDCSIR Communication handles all the communication-related material produced by theinstitution, including brochures, publications, online content and multimedia elements.Photography and videography are integral components of all of these communications tools.The CSIR’s photography and videography needs include photos and videos of facilities,scientific equipment, scientists and other staff, as well as events.3INVITATION FOR PROPOSALProposals are hereby invited for the supply of videography and photographic services to theCSIR. The CSIR is looking to make use of the services of experienced photographers andvideographers to capture high-quality images and videos for research projects, facilities,breakthroughs, technologies, inventions, events, and staff for various print and onlineplatforms. The CSIR will not appoint a single service provider, but will work with differentservice providers that satisfy the set functionality criteria, are the most competitive in terms ofprice and B-BBEE. The appointed service providers will be listed as preferred suppliers andwill be approached as and when requiredRFP 949-28-04-20213

4PROPOSAL SPECIFICATIONThe CSIR is looking to make use of the services of experienced multimedia suppliers tohandle the photography and video needs of CSIR Communication. Interested parties need tostipulate and include information on: The hourly rate for services rendered (assume photography and videography to takeplace at the CSIR main campus in Pretoria). This single hourly quoted fee must be allinclusive, i.e. include 1) travelling to the CSIR in Pretoria 2) any associate photo and videoediting 3) supply of all images videos in high and low resolution 4) as well as anyassociated delivery/upload fees. The delivery lead times, described in the number of working days after the day of theshoot; (note elimination criteria in 6). Delivery and upload on electronic platforms. Editing capabilities. Details of the equipment used and the ability to adhere to the technical requirementswhich are outlined under (6) elimination criteria. Portfolio including, business portraits, headshots, group photos, event or conferencevideos, corporate videos or science photography/videos. The portfolio should includereferences to multimedia that have been included in online or printed publications. The supplier is responsible for the provision of all filming equipment, which includes aminimum of two full HD video recording cameras, video lighting, sound recorders- lapel,editing subtitles and sound mixing softwares, and a basic music library, for final videos. Drafts of each video are to be supplied to the CSIR for review and final approval on acloud-based storage facility or USB memory stick or external hard drive delivered to theCSIR. The bidder must allow for up to five (5) drafts per video. Each edited and approved video to be approximately 3 - 8 minutes long and will include astandard introduction and closing sequence provided by the CSIR for this series. The finalHD video must also include subtitles. The video must comply with the CSIR's brand guidelines. These will be shared at thebeginning of each project. The pricing quotes, must be inclusive of all costs to be incurred by the bidder, includingtravelling and accommodation costs within the Gauteng Province. Travelling and accommodation costs outside of Gauteng will be paid and covered for byCSIR. Contactable references, within the last two (2) years.RFP 949-28-04-20214

All proposals should be submitted in electronic format only. The portfolio of work must becaptured as part of the electronic proposal.5FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION CRITERIA5.1#Description1Visual appeal: Striking, modern, visually appealing photographyand videos, including composition, choice of viewpoints, visualimpact, originality (based on electronic track record supplied)50Technical criteria: Adherence to technical requirements for goodphotography and videography, including colour, contrast, lighting,focus/sharpness(based on electronic track record supplied)30235.2Weight (%)References and track record:Suitable, reputable references to illustrate a sound track record(based on references supplied)20Total100Proposals with functionality / technical points of less than the pre-determined minimumoverall percentage of 70% or less than 50% on any of the individual criteria will beeliminated from further evaluation.5.36Refer to Annexure A for the scoring sheet that will be used to evaluate functionalityPREQUALIFICATION CRITERIA 7Only EME or QSE level 1 and 2 service providers will be further consideredELIMINATION CRITERIAProposals will be eliminated under the following conditions: Submission after the deadline; and Proposals submitted at incorrect location.RFP 949-28-04-20215

Any conditions stipulating delivery later than four working days (photography) and sevendays (videography) from date of shoot; Inability to commit to the following technical requirements relating to the quality ofequipment used and the associated output:For photos:o Pictures must be captured in raw and processed to jpgo High-resolution images should be at least 20 megapixelso Use of a full-frame camerao Use of professional lighting equipmento Use of professional editing suitesFor videos:o Videos must be captured in high definition and processed for use on severalmultimedia platformso Use of professional, lighting and sound equipment for recordingo Use of professional editing suites8NATIONAL TREASURY CENTRAL SUPPLIER DATABASE REGISTRATIONBefore any negotiations will start with the winning bidder it will be required from the winning bidderto: be registered on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD). Registrations canbe completed online at:; provide the CSIR of their CSD registration number; and provide the CSIR with a certified copy of their B-BBEE certificate. If no certificate can beprovided, no points will be scored during the evaluation process. (RSA suppliers only)RFP 949-28-04-20216

SECTION B – TERMS AND CONDITIONS9PROCEDURE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS9.1 All proposals must be submitted electronically to [email protected] Respondents must use the RFP number as the subject reference number whensubmitting their bids.9.3 The e-mail and file sizes should not exceed a total of 25MB per e-mail.9.4 The naming/labeling syntax of files or documents must be short and simple (e.g.,Product Catalogues).9.5 All documents submitted electronically via e-mail must be clear and visible.9.6 All proposals, documents, and late submissions after the due date will not be evaluated.NB: NO HARD COPIES OR PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED10 TENDER PROGRAMMEThe tender program, as currently envisaged, incorporates the following key dates: Issue of tender documents:Tuesday, 13 March 2021 Closing / submission Date:Wednesday, 28 April 2021 Estimate appointment date of successful tenderer:29 April 202111 SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS11.1 All proposals are to be submitted electronically to [email protected] No late proposals willbe accepted.11.2 Responses submitted by companies must be signed by a person or persons duly authorised.11.3 All emailed proposal submissions are to be clearly subject-referenced with the RFP number.11.4 All emailed proposal submissions are to be clearly subject-referenced with the RFP number.Proposals must consist of two parts, each of which must be sent in two separate emails withthe following subject:PART 1: Technical Proposal: RFP No.: 949/28/04/2021PART 2: Pricing Proposal, B-BBEE and other Mandatory Documentation:RFP No.: 949/28/04/2021RFP 949-28-04-20217

11.5 The CSIR will award the contract to qualified tenderer(s)’ whose proposal is determined tobe the most advantageous to the CSIR, taking into consideration the technical (functional)solution, price and B-BBEE.11.6 Proposals submitted must be in any of the following file formats: PDFPPT and PPTXXLS and XLSX (Excel) - Only where required12 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONProposals shall submitted at the email address mentioned above no later than the closingdate of Wednesday, 28 April 2021 during CSIR’s business hours. The CSIR business hoursare between 08h00 and 16h30.Where a proposal is not received by the CSIR by the due date and stipulated place, it will beregarded as a late tender. Late tenders will not be considered.13 AWARDING OF TENDERS13.1 Awarding of tenders will be published on the National Treasury e-tender portal or the CSIR’stender website. No regret letters will be sent out.14 EVALUATION PROCESS14.1 Evaluation of proposalsAll proposals will be evaluated by an evaluation team for functionality, price and B-BBEE.Based on the results of the evaluation process and upon successful negotiations, the CSIRwill approve the awarding of the contract to successful tenderers.A two-phase evaluation process will be followed. The first phase includes evaluation of elimination and functionality criteria, localproduction and content. The second phase includes the evaluation of price and B-BBEE status.Pricing Proposals will only be considered after functionality phase has been adjudicatedand accepted. Only proposals that achieved the specified minimum qualification scores forfunctionality will be evaluated further using the preference points system.RFP 949-28-04-20218

14.2 Preference points systemThe 80/20 preference point system will be used where 80 points will be dedicated to priceand 20 points to B-BBEE status.15 PRICING PROPOSAL15.1 Pricing proposal must be cross-referenced to the sections in the Technical Proposal. Anyoptions offered must be clearly labelled. Separate pricing must be provided for each optionoffered to ensure that pricing comparisons are clear and unambiguous.15.2 Price needs to be provided in South African Rand (excl. VAT), with details on price elementsthat are subject to escalation and exchange rate fluctuations clearly indicated.15.3 Price should include additional cost elements such as freight, insurance until acceptance,duty where applicable.15.4 Only firm prices* will be accepted during the tender validity period. Non–firm prices**(including prices subject to rates of exchange variations) will not be considered.*Firm price is the price that is only subject to adjustments in accordance with the actualincrease or decrease resulting from the change, imposition, or abolition of customs or exciseduty and any other duty, levy, or tax which, in terms of a law or regulation is binding on thecontractor and demonstrably has an influence on the price of any supplies, or the renderingcosts of any service, for the execution of the contract;**Non-firm price is all prices other than “firm” prices.15.5 Payment will be according to the CSIR Payment Terms and Conditions.15.6 Pricing proposal must be cross-referenced to the sections in the Technical Proposal. Anyoptions offered must be clearly labelled. Separate pricing must be provided for each optionoffered to ensure that pricing comparisons are clear and unambiguous.16 VALIDITY PERIOD OF PROPOSALEach proposal shall be valid for a minimum period of three (3) months calculated from theclosing date.RFP 949-28-04-20219

17 APPOINTMENT OF SERVICE PROVIDER17.1 The contract will be awarded to the tenderer who scores the highest total number of pointsduring the evaluation process, except where the law permits otherwise.17.2 Appointment as a successful service provider shall be subject to the parties agreeing tomutually acceptable contractual terms and conditions. In the event of the parties failing toreach such agreement CSIR reserves the right to appoint an alternative supplier.17.3 Awarding of contracts will be announced on the National Treasury website and no reg