REQUEST FOR PROPOSALVideo Wall Displaysfor theCentre for Advanced Studies in Engineering & Sciences (CASES)Thunder Bay CampusProject NumberLU18 - 240LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY955 OLIVER ROADTHUNDER BAY, ONTARIOCANADA P7B 5E1Proposal Issue Date:Tuesday, September 11th, 2018Last Date for Questions:Tuesday, September 25th, 2018Date for Final Addendum:Thursday, September 27th 2018Proposal Submission Deadline:Thursday, October 4th @ 3:00:00PM Local Time

Introduction:Lakehead University is soliciting proposals from competent and qualified proponents toundertake the development, sourcing, delivery, installation, and commissioning of aVideo Wall display in the CASES (Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering andSciences) Building on the Thunder Bay Campus.In addition, the successful proponent will provide a software solution, run and controlledby the University, to enable content loading, display changes, and potentiallyemergency notifications. Details regarding the University can be found is RFP is released by Purchasing Services on behalf of the Vice-President,Academic, to obtain comparable proponent submissions which will satisfy therequirements of the initiative as detailed below.Specifically, the successful proponent will:1) Provide a detailed and fully costed proposal for hardware, installation,maintenance, commissioning, software, and troubleshooting.2) Source hardware components at competitive pricing.3) Provide and support a Warranty on the products.4) Install and complete the commissioning of the Wall.5) Provide ongoing support for our Technical Services Team in the operation of thevideo display.A bid form, which is required with submissions, is contained within Appendix ‘A’.Specific details of the University’s vision for number of displays, potential locations andother information is contained within Appendix ‘B’The Invitation:RFP submissions will be signed, sealed, and dated and will be received by:Geoffrey MatteManager, Purchasing & Contracts Lakehead UniversityRoom BB1002A, Braun Building955 Oliver RoadThunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5E1Submissions must be received BEFORE 3:00:00PM local time on Thursday, October4th, 2018 @ 3:00:00PM local time.A bid submission received at 3:00:00 PM will be declared a late bid.A bid received after 3:00:01 PM will be declared a late bid.

Late bids will not be evaluated or scored, and will be returned to the proponentsunopened at the proponent’s written request.Queries:Direct ALL queries, questions or requests for clarification in writing (email) to:Geoffrey MatteManager, Purchasing & [email protected] any question received by Purchasing Services pertain to the bidding processdefined in this RFP, or to any potential proponent, they will be answered in anAddendum with both the question and answer detailed. The University will not identifyproponents by name in responding to questions.No other individual within the University is to be contacted regarding the content of thisRFP, and the University shall not be responsible for any communication, verbal orotherwise, not undertaken by the office of Purchasing Services.Examination of Documents:Before submitting a proposal, the proponent shall:Carefully examine the specifications outlined in this document.Fully inform itself of all conditions and limitations specified in all parts of this document,and Include in its bid sufficient information to cover all items required by the documents.InterpretationShould the proponent find discrepancies in, or omissions from, the specifications orother terms and conditions, or be in doubt as to their meaning, it shall at once notify thePurchasing Department, which will send written instructions or addenda to allproponents.The University will not be responsible for any oral or telephone interpretations.Questions received less than 48 hours before bid closing time cannot be answered. Alladdenda issued during the open period of the bid shall be incorporated into anyresulting contract.Addenda:Any addenda issued during the tender period shall be posted in the same locations andin the same manner as the original solicitation. Addenda will be issued in responding toproponent inquiries, or for clarification purposes.

Proposal Submission:Two (2) paper copies, plus one electronic copy (on CD or USB data stick) of thesubmission are to be received at the above address in a sealed package & clearlymarked with the Project name and RFP number, before the date & time shown on thecover page of this RFP. Submission deadlines are strictly enforced.Lakehead University reserves the right to accept in part or in whole any proposal. Thelowest, or any, bid submission is not necessarily accepted.Bid submissions that are unsigned, improperly signed, conditional, illegible, obscure,contain errors, erasures, alterations or irregularities of any kind may be declared noncompliant.No oral, telephone, faxed or emailed modifications to a submitted bid will be consideredonce the deadline has passed.Faxed or emailed bid submissions will be not be accepted.Should a proponent wish to amend a bid already submitted, an email to PurchasingServices shall be sent indicating the changes requested and will include a cover lettersigned by an appropriate authority of the proponent as an attachment. At the time of bidopening, this request will form part of the proponent submission.Schedule:- RFP Release- Deadline for Questions- Date for last Addendum (if req’d)- CLOSE Date for Submissions- Supplier selection & Award- Work substantially completeTuesday September 11th, 2018Tuesday, September 25th, 2018Thursday, September 27th, 2018Thursday, October 4th, 2018Week of October 8th, 2018Week of October 29th, 2018Submissions are to include the following:- A cover letter, signed and dated, summarizing the qualifications of thesubmitting firm to engage with this project.- An outline of how the proponent’s firm can achieve the scope anddeliverables outlined above, including their anticipated timing and duration.Bidders will need to be cognizant of the University’s schedule as above.- Detailed pricing for the project separating the components, installation,software, and other costs. (see attached Bid Form, required signed andsealed with the proponent submission.)- Incidental and/or anticipated costs for which reimbursement would beexpected.- Bid Form completed.

Administrative Conditions of this RFP:This RFP is not intended to create, and shall not create a formal legally binding process.For greater certainty and without limitation, the RFP shall not give rise to any ‘ContractA’ based tendering law duties or any other legal obligations arising out of any processcontract or collateral contract. Neither the proponent nor the University shall have anyrights to claims of breech of contract, tort or other claims against the other with respectto the award of a contract, failure to award a contract, or failure to honour a response tothe RFP.No legal relationship or obligation regarding the procurement of any good or serviceshall be created between any proponent and the University by the RFP process until thesuccessful negotiation and execution of a written agreement for the delivery of theservices described above is completed.While pricing information provided in responses is non-binding prior to the execution ofa written agreement, this information will be utilized in assessing proponent submissionand will affect the scoring of proposals. Any inaccurate, misleading or incompleteinformation, including withdrawn or altered pricing could adversely affect the rankedscore and or the contract award.The University may disqualify a Proponent or rescind a contract award without penaltyshould a proponent’s response contain misrepresentations or other inaccurate,misleading, or incomplete information. No opportunity will be provided to proponents torectify this kind of situation.The University may rescind a contract award should repeat violations of any Universitypolicy be encountered. The full suite of University policies can be viewed ciesPricing:Pricing will be submitted in Canadian Dollars, exclusive of taxes, which shall beinvoiced as extra.Evaluation:Bid submissions will be reviewed and scored by the evaluation team based onthe following criteria, and in the following manner;Point Scoring MethodologyThe table below indicates how the University will rank Proponent Submissions against atotal of 100 points.

CriteriaEvaluation MethodologyProponentExperienceHardware offeringExperience of the firm and how it isdetailed within their submission.Quality of hardware components offered,including manufacturer’s warranty for theOEM components.How is the display to be achieved andmaintained, software or .?Support for further development,additional warranty or site supportBid Price, total costs.Software DisplayServiceGuaranteeCostMaximumpossiblepoint scoring102515545Contract Documents1.1. Should the University proceed with a contract award, the agreement form will bethis RFP document, the proponent’s response, and a Lakehead Universitypurchase order form.1.2. If, in the opinion of the University, the proponent cannot provide the servicespromised in the contract, the Owner reserves the right to terminate the contractat any time, in accordance with the negotiated contract documents.1.3. The University assumes that the personnel named in the proposal will be thepersonnel working directly with the University, if awarded the work. If theproponent wishes to change personnel, a written request shall be submitted tothe University for approval. The University reserves the right to requestadditional information regarding the proposed personnel and reserves the rightto deny said request.Conflict of Interest DisclosureThe Proponent warrants to the best of their knowledge, no potential Conflict ofInterest exists with any Lakehead University staff, either in their RFPsubmission, or with the University’s evaluation process. Proponents furtherwarrant that no potential Conflict of Interest exist with any University staff, ifawarded the contract under this RFP, as defined in the University's Conflict ofInterest Policies and Procedures, as amended from time to time on the /policies/general/conflict-of-interestShould a conflict of interest exist or arise, Lakehead University, may disqualifythe bid submission and/or terminate any awarded contract as applicable.

Payment TermsPayment terms are as follows:Net 30 days monthly upon internal approval of invoice(s) submitted.

APPENDIX ‘A’BID FORM Page One of TwoLU18 - 240CASES VIDEO WALL DISPLAYOwner:Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON. P7B 5E1Bidder:Legal Name:Address:City Province Postal CodePrimary Contact Name:Telephone Number:Email Address:Bid Pricing:Hardware: Provide full product descriptions/specifications as an attachment.wordsnumbersInstallation & Commissioning:wordsnumbersSoftware Costs: (if any - attach explanatory notes)wordsnumbersWarranty or Other Costs: (attached details)wordsnumbers

Bid Form Page Two of TwoLU18 – 240CASES VIDEO WALL DISPLAYDeclaration:I/We have examined the RFP content and any Addenda issued by Lakehead University,have familiarized ourselves with the Campus(es) and hereby offer to enter into aContract for the delivery of this service for the pricing stipulated immediately above.We further declare and agree to perform the work detailed in the RFP in accordancewith the schedule identified above.Signed and Submitted for and on behalf of:Bidder Name:Signature:Name & title:Witness Name & Title:Witness Signature:Affix Corporate Seal:

APPENDIX ‘B’Recommended Hardware and related componentryThe following list of Hardware and/or components (including the University’srequirements for software) represents materials and requirements that are known towork with or adjacent to existing systems.The list does not represent the only products that can be bid, only products known tothe University with which proponents can compare the products they intend to submit.Recommended Hardware·Monitors – NEC UN551S·Mounts – ConnexSys (LVS1U)·Zero Clients – ThinGlobal or BrightsignRecommended Minimum Server Specs·Dell·Intel i7-7700·256G SSD·32G Ram·Nvidia Gforce GTX 1050Ti·Rack mountableRequired Documentation from Proponents·Configuration setup·Software list·Zero Client documentation·IP addresses, MAC addresses and associated authentication information formonitors, clients and servers.·Documentation for content management systemConfiguration and Location DrawingsAlso attached below are drawings for the physical space and potential options forLocating the wall display. Proponents can use these to cost the installation portionrequired on Bid Form Appendix ‘A’.Please note the final installed product will include an interactive video display at theentrance to the CASES building lobby area which will be used for directions, importantnotices and potentially wayfaring. At a minimum, this display will show a digitaldirectory for the building.

Appendix ‘B’ Continued

Appendix ‘B’ ContinuedProponents who wish a more detailed review of site conditions can contact:Mr. James McKillop, Project Manager, (CBRE) who is the University Project Managerfor the CASES building. He can be reached at:McKillop, James @ CBRE GCS Canada [email protected] by phone at: 807-708-3609

Appendix ‘B’ ContinuedOptional Configurations below:OptionABCDOption

ABAppendix ‘B’ ContinuedCDOptionABCDEnd of RFP