Request for ProposalFor Video Production ServicesOctober 20, 2014Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority11615 Sterling AvenueRiverside, CA 925031

Table of ContentsNotice . 3Submission Details . 3Submission Deadline . 3Submission Delivery Address . 3Electronic Submissions . 3Planned Schedule of Due Dates . 4Right to Change RFP and Process . 4Introduction . 4Resources . 5Scope of Work . 5Project Management . 6Assumptions and Constraints . 6Detailed Specifications . 6Qualifications . 6References . 6Submission Requirements . 7Terms and Conditions . 8Ownership . 8Selection Criteria . .9Selection Process .92

NoticeThe Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) is seeking proposals for Video Production Services.The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit competitive proposals to identify a videoproduction firm or individual that will facilitate the development of a marketing video featuring theInland Empire Brine Line and its services.Submission DetailsSubmission DeadlineAll submissions to this RFP must be submitted on paper or electronically and mailed or delivered to ouroffice, as stated below, no later than:Friday, October 31, 2014No later than 3:00pmSubmission Delivery AddressThe delivery address to be used for all submissions, questions, and clarifications:Dean UngerInformation Systems and Technology ManagerSanta Ana Watershed Project Authority11615 Sterling AvenueRiverside, CA 92503Direct Line: 951.354.4224Email: [email protected] SubmissionsElectronic submissions, in response to this RFP, will be accepted as long as they meet the followingcriteria: Sent via email to: [email protected] Document standards:o Must be in Microsoft Word format, or Adobe PDF formato File name must end in “.doc, .docx,”or “pdf” Video Links thru Vimeo or Youtube or Video Files:ooDVDMemory Stick with MP4 format3

Planned Schedule of Due DatesEventDateRFP Release DateProposal Due DateAnticipated Agreement AwardedOctober 20, 2014October 31, 2014November 4, 2014Right to Change RFP and ProcessSAWPA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, to advertise for newproposals, to abandon the need for services, and to cancel or amend this RFP at any time prior to theexecution of the written agreement. SAWPA reserves the right to waive any formalities in the RFPprocess, consistent with applicable laws.IntroductionThe Mission of the SAWPA’s Inland Empire Brine Line is to: Return salt from the inland areas to the ocean Increases water supplies by making brackish groundwater drinkable Improve water quality in the Santa Ana River Protect Orange County by the reducing salt concentrations in the river Support economic development by transporting salty wastewater from industry Increase use of recycled waterThe Inland Empire Brine Line (Brine Line) is a nearly 100-miles long regional pipeline designed to convey30 million gallons per day of non-reclaimable wastewater from the upper Santa Ana River Basin to thePacific Ocean for disposal, after treatment. The Brine Line is the primary method for salt export. Salinityhas been increasing in the watershed’s groundwater basins due to the historical import of water foragricultural purposes. Removing salt by means of the Brine Line allows the Watershed to work towardsachieving salt balance – a key Watershed goal and indicator of sustainability. Salt is removed frombrackish groundwater by reverse osmosis desalters, which discharge the concentrated brine into theBrine Line. The treated water from the desalters is delivered for consumption as potable water. TheBrine Line is also used for the disposal of industrial wastewater that is unacceptable for discharge intolocal wastewater treatment facilities, usually because of high concentrations of TDS from commercialand industrial facilities.4

Economic Development StatementThe Brine Line facilitates the economic development of business within the Watershed. The Brine Linesupports job creation by increasing opportunities within Watershed for businesses needing ultracleanwater or businesses that produces salty water.AudiencePolicy level officialsResources Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Website - www.sawpa.orgInland Empire Brine Line Webpage- of WorkThe successful firm or individual will be expected to produce all elements of the video, including, but notlimited to: Outlines Shooting Storyboards Lighting Scripting VoicingGraphics andAnimation Interviews Editing B-Roll to supportinterviews and script Coding Music – IntegratedSoundtrack andVoice-Over Rough Cuts Finished tapes,DVDs, CDs and/orelectronic filesVideo Requirements: Videos will be focusing on the Inland Empire Brine line, program, project, or initiative and shouldbe able to tell our story while engaging the viewer. Videos must be broadcast-quality, 16x9 HD full screen. Videos must be able to be reduced in size without sacrificing quality. Videos must be able to be used on SAWPA websites, as well as through multiple video and socialmedia platforms. Each video should be no more than 5 minutes in length.Deliverables: Video Producer will deliver the finished product, one 5 minute video, in desired format(s)including, but not limited to, DVD, Beta and Web-compatible formats.5

Project ManagementSAWPA will assign a Project Manager to be the main point of contact to ensure effectivecommunication.Assumptions and ConstraintsThe firm or individual responding to the RFP must be willing to enter into a Professional ServicesAgreement to perform video production services for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Agreementmay be renewable annually based on available funding. Negotiations with the best qualified firmsand/or individuals in response to the RFP will commence after final review of the proposals.We anticipate the number of interviews to be 3 to 5.We will provide the data, people to interview (live interviews), and any additional photos if needed.Purpose and AudienceThis video is prepared to be shown to policy makers as a way to establish future possibilities forpartnership and economic possibilities for the success of the Brine Line.The video is to be completed by mid-January.Detailed SpecificationsQualificationsThe firm or individual responding to the RFP must provide the following: Extensive experience in video production, preferably for a municipality Have qualified, experienced staff and resources to develop a one 5-minute video, focusing onthe Brine Line, program, project or initiativeReferencesThe firm or individual responding to the RFP must provide a minimum of three (3) video productionsamples or links to samples, they have created for other customers, including one public sector entity,providing the name of the person(s) who may be contacted, title of the person, addresses and phonenumbers. The references should be able to discuss your successes and strengths as a company.6

Submission RequirementsPlease include the following information in your proposal:1. Proposed Plan for Video Production:a. Summarize your understanding of the Scope of Work and your proposed methodology as tohow you will meet each of the requirements identified in the Scope of Work.b. A Project Schedule.c. Related experience of Project Manager and team2. Staff Support:a.b.c.d.Please indicate how many employees you will provide to work on this campaign.Name of main point of contact.Name of person who will ensure that the Scope of Work is completed efficiently and on time.Name of any subcontractors that will be used in order to complete the Scope of Work.i.Please indicate company name, type of service provided, and the point of contact.e. Please indicate the time frame necessary to complete the Scope of Work identified in this RFP.i.Include project stages and milestones.3. Financial Needs:a. Please indicate the costs associated with your service.b. Please indicate the payment schedule, including amount of payments, and when payments willbe due.4. Examples:a. Please include three (3) video campaigns you have produced that showcase your ability to meetthe Scope of Work identified in this RFP.5. This proposal must be signed by a duly authorized official of the proposing company.Attachments Required:1. Please provide a minimum of three references including the name of person(s) who may becontacted, title of the person, addresses and phone number.2. The references should be able to discuss your successes and strengths as a company.7

Terms and ConditionsThe recipient of this proposal must be willing to enter into a Professional Services Agreement to performmarketing consultant services for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Agreement may be renewableannually based on available funding.Agreement terms will be negotiated and may include performance, termination and renewal terms.The firm or individual selected for this proposal must maintain, and provide proof of, appropriatelicensing and insurance for the entirety of the Agreement; failure to do so will result in immediatetermination of Agreement.OwnershipAll work produced by the Video Producer for this project will be on a “work for hire” basis. This meansSAWPA will be the sole owner of all rights, including without limitation, the copyright, in the work whichincludes all raw video footage, production components, and the final videos. The Video Producer willalso separately assign all present and future rights in the work and the associated materials of theproject to SAWPA and may not reproduce or reuse the work or associated materials for any purposewhatsoever without written permission from SAWPA that cites the particular work or associatedmaterials. Any mention of SAWPA by the Video Producer or any authorized subcontracted party inpromotional materials of any kind, including without limitation, on websites, in press releases, etc., mustbe approved in writing by SAWPA. The Video Producer must secure SAWPA’s written permission to post,screen or reproduce video footage or submitted videos derived from the work or the associatedmaterials for awards and public recognition. SAWPA will not be required to acknowledge the VideoProducer in the video content produced.8

Selection CriteriaThe proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: The completeness of the submittal. Understanding SAWPA’s Inland Empire Brine Line Mission and the Scope of Work for thisproject. Demonstrated experience in video development, production and post-production, whilemeeting budget and timeline deadlines. Proposed price. Expected timeline for completing the project. Concept(s) for the video. Demonstrated ability to coordinate resources, equipment, and required staffing for videoproduction and post-production.Demonstrated creativity and concept development of videos.Demonstration of sound judgment and decision making in order to meet deadlines.Demonstration of cost effective approaches to video production.Demonstrated success with presentations to community members, staff and elected officials.Demonstrated experience producing videos for both corporate audiences and governmentorganizations is preferred.Demonstrated ability to achieve broad distribution of videos.The quality of example materials.The quality of any presentation requested by SAWPA, if applicable.Overall fit with the SAWPA’s economic goals and efforts. Selection ProcessAll statements submitted in response to this RFP will be re