10 kanban boards and their contextHi!I’ve visualized a set of kanban boards fromoperations, development and sales to trigger ideas.But don’t forget, a kanban board is a tool to help youthink for yourself, in your context. So remember toapply the work in progress limits, policies andcadencies that is right for you.”Never copy, only improve”- Mattias SkarinDude, what’s n1

Scrum teamapplying WIP limitsWork in progress limitContextI W T D [3]Scrum teamSunorem ipsum dolorsit amet, co nsecteturorem ipsum dolorsit amet, co nsecteturRobWhy? To trigger a shift froma burndown like this.orem ipsum dolorsit amet, co nsecteturJaneTo something more like:2Mattias Skarin, 2010

Development teamusing defined processContextReady bufferWIP limitNewDevelopment teamcombined with specialistsTest design[1]In progr.DoneIn Dev[3]In progr.User Test[3]DoneIn progr.DoneDeploy[5]QueueDoneIn progrStakeholders:- Product owner / Project managerPro: Polices are clear WIP in each step Ready buffer’s from which next stepcan pull work Risks identified 1 Happy pathtest case Has a testcase Tag! In CI In stage Buildfileupdated User happy!Visible policiesCons: New column can get messy ifno person maintains itA buffer is a trade-offbetween cycle timeand variance absorbtion3Mattias Skarin, 2010

Development teamwith multiple clientsContextProd issueNewCustom solutionsdev team with projectmanagerEstimateIn progr.NewDoneStakeholders:- Customer A- Customer B- Other teams- Platform architectsDoneIn WorkActive projectsTestdesignCode[2][3]Test[3]Package[6]Pro: Projects and features visible WIP in each step Estimations can be regular /or ”on need”triggered eventClasses of services in use:Cons: Tempting to default features to”time constrained” (even though therereally isn’t any costly delay consequence)Time constrained featureOrdinary featureBugTo risk balance yourportfolio, limit theamount of eachcategory allowedon the board at anytimeFixing tech debt4Mattias Skarin, 2010

Development teamwith completion predictionContextNewDevelopment teamIn rs:- Product owner / Project managerDevcompleteMon Tue Wed Thu FriPro: Completion date visible Learning of prediction towards cycle [email protected] Chris MattsCons:If estimated size 5dtask is broken downfurtherWhen developer starts a taskit is placed on the day they think itwill finish. Each day, this prediction isupdated.5Mattias Skarin, 2010

Multi tier kanban withswimlanesRequests in progress [9]ContextFeatures in progress [5]Dev in progress [3]x Development teamsAnalysts, cctestDoneStakeholders:- Business units- CTO- ArchitectsPro: Add limits all stages of the design cycle Synchronises flow of cooperative workby specialists and generalistsCons: You may need a big enough area infront of the board to gather around 6Mattias Skarin, 2010

System administrationPrioContextFlowSystem administrator teamsupporting development andproductionStakeholders:- Production site- Development teams- Internal projects- TestersProdReleaseDevSupportProject AProject BDoneInwork[8]BreakdownPro: Course grained prio visible WIP balanced across work types Visible learnings opportunities forteam members in maintainanceand project workNewCons: Newly arrived reguests can get messy ifno person maintains it7Mattias Skarin, 2010

Operations - businessprocess roblemStakeholders:- Production site- Business functions- Business planning dept.- Development teamPro:PlannedbusinessneedDue 2 monthsFind causeDue 1 monthDue 1 weekFix causeDone!In work [3](High impact)(Low impact)Routine Time and scope visibilityUnplannedCons: WIP limits can be difficult toreviewNewPlatformimprovementsNewCommitted[1]In work[2]Test[2]NewCommitted[1]In work[1]Test[2]8Mattias Skarin, 2010

First line r bugsStakeholders:- Customer developers- Customer users- Sales- ArchitectsNeed feedback from clientAwaiting confirmationOwn platform bugsNeed helpfromspecialistOn hold – get contract!Call up clientImprovementsPro: Time and scope visibilityCons: WIP limits can be difficult toreviewSignal to get or confirmclient support contract (sales)Signal to pullspecialist skill in(architects)Signal to call clientup for confirmation(manager)9Mattias Skarin, 2010

No of newincidents notaddressed(yesterday)Second line supportAddress root cause,(one at a time)ContextBacklogNew{0}Stakeholders:- First line support- Development teams- Operations managersInvestigate[3]Follow up[6]Painkiller[1]OverflowDoneDoneIn work [1]High prio”The rest”BacklogPro: Wip limits on follow up work Focus on one root cause at a time,stay with it until fixedCons: Not all incidents can go on the board- requires size limitation or similar fortasks on the board to avoidoveradministrationWip Overflow section– Policy: Notify source”We haven’t dropped it,But won’t be doing anythingabout this for a while. Youare best off giving it a goyourself.”10Mattias Skarin, 2010

Sales team- respond to RFPContextNewEstablishteam[1]Create RFPQADone[3]In Progr.Stakeholders:- Sales- Tech leads- CEODone#1Pro: Visibility to sales people, oftenmultitasking#2Cons: WIP limits can be difficult toreview#3Also works as ”ready” bufferfor Create RFP11Mattias Skarin, 2010

Sales team- from lead to purchaseContextLeadSales teamStakeholders:- Sales- Tech leads- CEOProposalWritenUnderNegotiationWon(verbal : Can help focusing sales effortwhile opportunity window permitsTintinHotColdCons: Many opportunities to manage Physical board requires co-location”Key stuff is to make sure wontranforms fast into purchaseorder received”- CEO12Mattias Skarin, 2010

Marketing teamIce (popcicles)Hot (dogs)Idea board / todoContextClasses of servicesWebSmall marketing teamPR, web, graphics, blogStakeholders:- CEO- SalesCommunicationEventsReleasesMarketing kanbanIn [email protected] Third partyUnderValidation(well) DonePro: Ideas repriotitization and agingvisible Visual progress of combinedworkCons: Over administration?13Mattias Skarin, 2010

Now, go practice!