The FREE 45 Day Beginner ProgramDedicated as “The Father Hoog Workout”I am StrongI am FitI am DeterminedI will SucceedWaiver of LiabilityWhat you are about to undertake is an advanced fitness program. Injuries may occur inany workout program as with this specific program written by Stew Smith. Bydownloading the program, you are waiving any liability to Stew Smith or is a recommended program that has worked for many others. It may not be right foryou. It is recommended that you consult a physician before undertaking any new fitnessregimen.See Testimonial Page!!

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About the Author – Stew Smith CSCSStew Smith is a former Navy Lieutenant (SEAL) who graduated fromthe United States Naval Academy and Basic UnderwaterDemolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. He has been personally training,testing, and writing workout books and ebooks that prepare people toace fitness tests for over 25 years now. People from all levels of fitnessuse his military preparation products to lose weight, prepare for basictraining, as well as advanced level athletes who are training for SpecialOps.Stew also works with the Tactical Strength and Conditioning program ofthe National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a CertifiedStrength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He also has over 800articles on Fitness Forum focusing on a variety of fitness,nutritional, and tactical issues military members face throughout theircareer.Let these workouts assist you in becoming a better conditioned tacticalathlete. The following list is the published books/eBooks writtenfocusing on specific training programs. All books and manuals arefitness related and have a multi-week training program to help youprepare for any test, training program, or just lose weight and get fit forduty. Basically - anything that requires a fitness test to enter, has the answer.

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IntroductionThank you for reading this free download version of the basicfitness and health routine. This 45 day program is specifically designed for abeginner to exercise or someone who is rehabilitating after an injury. For thepurposes of this program, a “beginner” is someone who cannot do regularpushups at all or properly, cannot walk a mile in under 12 minutes, or has notexercised in several years. The goals of this program are to help you developfoundational fitness and cardiovascular base you will need to get more fit, loseweight, and reach your goals. Follow up programs are available and willprepare you for the next level of fitness, BUT if you are going to do this ebookworkout, you should have two goals to accomplish:1. Build a foundation of fitness and/ or2. Lose WeightThis is a great first time to exercise for younger children as well as for thosewho have neglected personal fitness for several years. Please take a fewminutes to look through the whole book so that you become familiar with allthe program components.Bad lower back? – Check out a FREE ebook:The Lower Back Plan fAlso See 52 Week Beginner ProgramDo You Have Time to Exercise?Do you really not have enough time in your day to exercise? Too many timespeople say, “I need to exercise but I do not have enough time in the day.” Or,when they do have the time they only have the energy to lie down and watchTV. Whether you are on travel working late hours or at home dealing withwork, family, and other after school events, the schedule below or someversion of it will help you get over the hump.Exercise is anything other than sleeping or sitting. Even when you are on thefloor flat on your back or stomach you can exercise the torso with abdominalexercise or back other torso exercises. The pushup is a great “laying down”exercise and an abdominal crunch is just a little bit harder than sleeping. Anhour a day is a nice goal to achieve to increase your fitness level and overallhealth, but even 10-15 minutes is better than nothing and beneficial too.

A little humor from "Today’s Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen", displayedwith special permission. Please visit Randy's site @ www.glasbergen.comFitting fitness into a day is a challenge we all face. Exercising is tough afterlong hours of working at home, office or on the road, but Americans still needto workout as we are creating a generation of people who are obese and haveother PREVENTABLE health disorders. Many people who struggle to fitfitness into their schedule actually do a better job at getting the job done IFthey take 15-20 minutes prior to starting work for the day and 15-20 minutesafter work is done for the day. Even if that exercise is a simple walk beforebreakfast and after dinner, a 15-20 minute walk at each of these times cansignificantly help you burn calories that only wind up getting stored as fat. Infact, after any meal, a light walk and some calisthenics will help you to bemore energized and ready to do whatever.

Here is a busy day schedule I typically do when long days appear:0600 – Early wake up for get 20-30 minutes of some form of cardio done likerunning, biking, swimming. If on the road, find a pool in a hotel to really wakeup for the day.0700 – Eat Breakfast for energy for the day. (See Lean Down Food Plan)0800 – Work1000 – Work - Eat a snack1230 – Eat lunch1:15 – Walk a few minutes1:30 – Work4:00 – Work – Eat a snack6:00 – Break for dinner7:00 – Walk or Lift weights or PT for second wind of the long day8:00 – Continue work until midnight if neededPersonally, when I have to work 15-18 hour days, I like to get a cardio workoutcompleted the first thing in the morning. This wakes me up fully and I amready to handle the day ahead. Then, eat a good breakfast full of protein,carbohydrates, and plenty of water. Then pack a snack for about mid morninglike an apple, orange, yogurt or a nutrition bar. This will help you from beinga ravenous eater at lunch if eating in a restaurant. For lunch have a green leafysalad with some form of lean meat like chicken or fish or boiled eggs. Then,take a 10-15 minute walk to help keep the metabolism going for the afternoon.Afternoon working is much easier if you lay off the breads, simple sugars andfocus on eating protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber rich foods.After working the rest of the day, break for a medium sized dinner and try tosqueeze in a short workout of weights, calisthenics or if you do not have thosefacilities, just walk again. But, I find a lifting session or PT really gives me thesecond wind I need to keep working or playing with the family.I hope these tips will be of use to you as they are common issues seen today.Remember something is better than nothing so at least get out and walk a fewtimes a day

The Five Phases of Fitness (Psychological)Below are the five phases we all go through when starting a new fitnessprogram no matter what fitness level we are.1) Make a decision to get healthy.This takes 3-4 seconds but it takes about 23 weeks to make a habit - hang in there at least that long.and BUILD GOODHABITS.2) You doubt yourself. It is absolutely natural to have doubts about what youare undertaking. My advice is to start doubting yourself as quickly as possibleand get over it. Realize self doubt is part of the process.Even SEAL traineesdoubt themselves, but those who become SEALs conquer their doubt.3) Conquer Doubt - You can do anything you set your mind to. That is whatyou just told yourself. This is where the mind and body connect. Use theworkouts to be a catalyst in all areas of your life: work, relationships, school,etc.I am a firm believer that exercising your body will give you the staminaand energy to exercise your mind spirit and build better relationships withthose around you.4) Associate yourself with fit and healthy people. Now you are fit in mind andbody. Your example will inspire others. Be a role model to another heavyperson. People will be amazed by your new work ethic and work and play.Eating healthy is now a habit for you too.In fact eating crappy food makesyou feel ill slightly.5) Set and conquer a goal for yourself. Whatever you like - run, swim bikeweight lift.Challenge yourself to run a 10k, lift 400 lbs etc.

The Father Hoog StoryMotivation To Change Your Life –From Overweight to HealthyChanging your life and deciding to do something different because you yearnto is something you read about, but I am here to tell you it can happen to you atany time in your life. Most of us all say to ourselves, "One day, I'd like to dothat."One day two men meet for the first time. One, a 52 year old Catholic priest andthe other a 28 year old Navy SEAL Lieutenant. The two could never haveforeseen the effect they would have on each others lives. I personally knowfirst hand because I am Stew Smith, the Navy SEAL lieutenant.The priest, Father Hoog, who was from St. Mary's in Annapolis, waited at histable at the Naval Academy Restaurant. I was stationed at the Naval Academyand in charge of the remedial physical fitness program at the time, so I wasaccustomed to talking to people about fitness. But never had I undertaken sucha project. Father Hoog's goal was to become a Navy Chaplain after almost 25years as a civilian Catholic priest. I knew this was not going to be easy toaccomplish and I figured I would put as much into his program as Father Hoogdid.Our first visit, was spent getting to know each other and I soon found myselftalking about my choice to convert to Catholicism. The first meeting went wellas we discovered we both could contribute to each other's lives. We decidedthat we would meet weekly to exercise and my job was to alter his weeklyfitness program to meet the goals specified by the Navy. In turn Father Hooghelped me find faith in the Catholic Church and God. He was always willing toanswer my basic questions about Catholicism and faith.Father Hoog had to lose over eighty pounds, be able to do over 40 pushups, 60situps and run a mile and a half under 13:00. The first week, we took abenchmark test to see where he should begin. Father Hoog could walk a mile,but not run at all. Pushups on his toes, which was the requirement, werenonexistent and his weak lower back was preventing him from being able to dositups. His high blood pressure was an issue as well and he was on medicationfor it.Week one for Father Hoog was a week of walking, stretching, a few kneepushups and crunches. Everyday, I would see Father Hoog walking around theNaval Academy Campus. It was good to see he was determined to start, butwould he keep up the vigor? We also realized that he had to watch the sweets,but decided not to start a rigorous diet the same week as an exercise routine.

Exercise to a sedentary person is stressful enough, I did not want to add to thestress, so we decided to wait a month or so before we added a strict dietprogram. We tripled his water intake, for if there is such thing as a magicsolution to losing weight it is WATER. He was drinking nearly a gallon a dayand barely able to make it through an entire mass without rushing to the restroom. But the water helped flush his system, enabled the body to burn fat as anenergy source more efficiently, and kept his body cool during exercise.Within a few weeks, father Hoog showed no signs of weight loss and wasgetting frustrated. He was building muscle in areas that were inactive before,but he was losing fat at the same time. Father Hoog did not notice the changein body composition by the scale, but he did notice by the tape measure and thetighter notch on his belt. This was pleasing to both of us, but we still ha