52 Best Software Testing Tools of 23,2019ToolsTuesday April 23, 2019Software testing tools is one of the major parts of SDLC and it is very important to carry itout properly for the success of your software. To assist you in the task of software testinghundreds of software testing tools list are now available in the market. But you cannotrandomly pick any.Shortlisting the best among them is again a tedious and very time-consuming job. Sohelping you out in selecting the best software testing tools for your task, we have curated alist of top 52 software testing tools along with their key features.Functional Testing Tools1. Tricentis Tosca Testsuite1/17

Model-based Functional Software Test Automation Tool.Key Features:Focuses on problem-solving vs. test case design.Supports Agile method.Offers end-to-end testing.Includes test data management and Orchestration tools.Offers recording capabilities.Requires less maintenance and is easy reuse of test suit.2. SquishGUI based Test Automation tool to automate the functional regression tests It is completelya cross-platform tool.Key Features:Supports many GUI technologiesSupports various platforms like a desktop, mobile, web and embeddedSupports Test script recordingSupports object and image-based identification and verificationsDoes not depend on visual appearanceSolid IDE (Integrated development environment)Supports various scripting languagesSupports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)Offer command-line tools for full controlIntegrates with CI-Systems and Test Management3. HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)Was initially known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) and assists in automated back-endservice and GUI functionality testing.Key Features:Offers reusable test components.Strong partner network.Supports Agile development.Automates manual testing resources.Supports functional testing over various devices.Assimilation with various test tools.4. Katalon Studio2/17

Mobile and web automation framework covering both Selenium and Appium,Key Features:It is a cross-platform tool.Supports Agile method.Easy to use even for non-programmers.Support CI workflow.Supports Dual scripting interface.Integration with qTest and JIRA.5. IBM Rational Functional TesterUsed for automating functional testing using a data-driven approach.Key featuresSupports various applications.Allows Test ScriptingSupports storyboard testing.Offers reliable testing tools.Offers incorporation with other test tools.6. Worksoft CertifyCapable of compliance, validation, discovery, measurement, and scale in the businessprocesses across all applications.Key featuresWell supportedScriptless approachEasy to useWell-suited with custom built code/extensionsWorks with a wide variety of applications7. TestPlanteggPlant FunctionalUses an image-based approach to do automated functional testing.Key Features:Tests from the perspective of a user.Fast development.Offers lab management.3/17

Supports all device types.Supports CI integration.Requires very little automation skills.8. RanorexWith affordable pricing model, it provides easy setup and execution of test automationscripts.Key features:Offers strong GUI object recognitionDeveloper-friendlySupports reusable code modulesOffers record/playback functionalityOffers script-free functionality.9. SeleniumDesigned to test functional automation testing of web-based applications it supports wideranging platforms and browsers.Features:Supports parallel test executionRequires fewer resources as compared to other testing tools.Supports various different OSSupports various programming languages like Python, Java, Perl, C#, PHP, andJavaScript.10. Quick Test Professional (QTP)Scripting language based automated functional GUI testing tool for web or client basedcomputer application. QTP is apt for functional regression test automation.Key Features:Very easy to use even for beginners.Test cases are available in a simple workflow.wholesome authentication of software using a full balance of checkpoints11. WaitrIt is an open-source web application testing tool. It is a cross-platform tool of Ruby libraries.4/17

Key Features:Watir is completely free to use.Supports multiple browsers and platforms.A lightweight but powerful tool.Supports human-like interaction with the browser to form filling, clicking links, andvalidating the text.12. TestimUses machine learning to speed automation testing. It supports a quick analysis of testcases and their execution on various web and mobile platforms.Key Features:Assists in easy addition of comments.Uses bug tracker for easy and fast sharing of annotated screenshotsJust by clicking the automated bug tests, a tester can automatically reproduce them ina browser.13. Telerik StudioIt is a web and desktop applications testing tool for Windows OS. It is a functionality, load,and the performance testing tool for testing Cross-browsing issues.Key Features:Supports AJAX Applications test automationSupports Telerik UI ControlsAssists in Browser Dialogs and HTML Popups testingSupports JavaScriptUses the Build server for Continuous Integration14. TestCompleteVery easy to use and efficient automated test management tool.Key Features:Supports various scripting languagesSuitable for testers with no scripting knowledgeData-driven testing basedCustomize plugins and extensions SupportIntegration/API Software Testing Tools5/17

15. CA Technologies Application TestCA Technologies Application Test uses a declarative workflow model.Key Features:Offers automated mobile testingSupports visual testsCustomized load testingSupports mainframeAdvanced analyticsIntegration with mobile testingOffers improved visual editing by Integrating with Selenium16. IBM Rational Test WorkbenchOffers testing tools for enterprises covering complete software development lifecycle.Key Features:Continuous integration testingSupports automatonOffers mobile, regression, performance and scalability testing capabilitiesAbility to expand its capabilities by Integrating with IBM Rational testing suite17. ParasoftSOAtestOffers end to end test automation.ParasoftSOAtest assists in web UI testing,API testing, service virtualization, web andperformance testing, API security testing,development testing, SOA testing, andruntime error testing.Key Features:Supports a wide selection ofmessaging/protocolsSupport for RESTCreates reusable test casesSupports numerous platforms, protocols, and messaging formats18. SmartBear Ready! APIIt is an end to end API testing platform.6/17

Key features:SupportsAPI security testing, API functional testing, API load testing, servicevirtualization, API testing in code, API performance management and defining,building, and managing APISProvides metrics and reporting, script support, project management, and discoveryNumerous API testing abilitiesSupports constant amalgamation19. Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonarLeveraging dynamic mutation technology it assists in performance and security testing andfunctional automation.Key features:Offers API virtual performance modeling.Provides API emulation and virtualization, API service testing, and API securitygateway technologies.Supports numerous protocols like RES, JSON, and SOAP.Test Management Tool:20. qTestqTest by QASymphony is a testing platform for Agile and DevOps applications.Key Features:Real-time integration with Jenkins, Jira, and GitHubSupports test management, automation, and reportingUnified CI integrations and test automation schedulingModern, browser-based UIAgile test managementEnterprise BDDConcrete analytics and reportingInvestigative and Term Based Testing21. TestPadA simple manual test tool that works over logic than process.Key features:Offers Guest testing to those who don’t have an account7/17

Offers checklist-inspired test plansSimple to use even for non-testersAdapted to Exploratory testingKeyboard-driven editorjavascript-powered UIAdapted to syntax highlighted BDDDrag’n’ drop option to manage test plansAllows to add new tests during testingIntegration with JIRA22. PractiTestAn end-to-end testing tool.Key Features:Offers third-party integrations with many automation tools, bug trackers, and robustAPIFully customizable & flexibleAbility to Reuse tests and correlate test resultsEnables a deeper and broader understanding of testing resultsMatchless hierarchical filter treesVisualize data with advanced dashboards and reportsenables full visibility into the testing processFast professional and methodological support23. ZephyrProvides complete testing solutions for agile teams.Key Features:Easy integration with Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, Jenkins, and moreServer, Cloud, and Data Centre Deployment OptionsOffers Advanced AnalyticsProvides DevOps DashboardsProvide extraordinary visibility, flexibility, and insights24. QMetryBest suited for Agile teams, this testing tool decreases the release cycle times.Key Features:Offers recreation and reuse of modular test cases.8/17

Integration with HipChat, JIRA Capture, & Confluence.Helps in faster building, managing, and deploying quality software.Step by step advancement of the test cases.Assists in real-time reporting & trending analytics25. TestRailIt supports full JIRA add-on integration permitting integration with all the JIRA versions andeditions, including JIRA Cloud.Key Features:Centralized testing efforts like managing, organizing and tracking.Easy drag & dropAllows testing the highly productive user interface.Supports Screenshot featureSupports Test Report & Metrics Automation26. Test CollabIt is a web-based test management tool that uses a unique identifier for each reusable stepsfor repeatedly using them without typing them.Key Features:Supports multiple operations in a single windowPermit assigning steps to multiple usersOffers secure communication among different team members27. QA completeIt is suitable for enterprise-level testing and supports Agile teams and DevOps.Features:Supports prioritizing testing effortHelps identify high-risk issuesProvides Enhanced security using SSL and Single SignDecide test coverageEnsure all inclusive tests presenceAbility to program automated Test RunsIntegration with JIRA, Jenkins, Selenium, and many other tools.Offers Service Level Agreements (SLA) monitoring28. TestLink9/17

This web-based test management tool offers software quality assurance for test plans, testcases, user management, and reports and statistics.Key Features:Offers export and import of test cases easily.Easy integration with various Defect management toolsEasy distribution of test cases to different usersLoad testing tools29. WebLOADIt is a powerful load testing tool with dominant scripting capabilities. It supports manytechnologies including Selenium to mobile, enterprise application to web protocols. It allowsgenerating load in the cloud and on-premise.Features:Easy creation of load test scenariosWith more than 80 types of reports and graphs, it assists in easy identification ofperformance bottlenecks.Supports Amazon EC2 to run performance testing from the cloud30. LoadRunnerIt supports load testing of Windows and Linux based web application. It efficientlydetermines the performance and tests the working of web applications under heavy loads.Features:Can test various types of Web AppsSupports multiple enterprise environments.Supports single dashboard control over various users.Supports numerous types of protocols.User-Friendly monitoring and analysis10/17

Easy to use the testing tool.31. WaptWindows-based stress and load testing tool. It works with the same efficiency on dynamiccontent, secure HTTPS websites, and RIA applications under data-driven mode.This testing tool also provides supports for RIA applications in the data-driven model.Features:Collaboration among multiple users in a single testSimulate real load conditions using various advanced techniquesSupport testing of SSL secured applications32. LoadUIIt is an open source load testing tool that permits creating and updating test cases duringthe execution process.Features:Support the creation of multiple performance strategies.Supports reusing existing SoapUI Pro functional tests.Supports Real-time feedback.Supports the concurrent running of multiple load tests.33. Silk PerformerThis load testing tool is very cost effective and suited for even most performanceexpectations, critical applications, and service-level requirements.Features:Quick in detecting performance issuesProvides in-depth analysisSimulate enormous loads without any expensive hardware setupIndefinite scalability with CloudValidate real-time user experience34. Apache JMeterInitially developed for load testing of web applications, this open source load testing tool isexpanded to various other test functions.Features:11/17

Performs load and performance testing of different types of servers.Allows users to generate a test plan using a text editor as test plans are stored in XMLformat.Also performs automated and functional testing.It is a Java application for performance and load testing.35. AgileLoadAgileLoad efficiently conducts load and performance testing on web and mobile application.Features:Supports dynamic webSupports mobile technologiesOutstanding monitoringAll-inclusive analysis diagnosticsCreates customizable test reportsImprove the application performance quicklyAlso Read: Top Penetration Testing Tools For 201936. LoadFocusIt is a cloud-based load and performance testing tool.Features:Supports Cloud Load Test Website and RESTful APIsSupports cloud and secure serversWebsite Speed TestingOffers Insight AnalyticsSupports various cloud testing services like Mobile Applications, Website SpeedTesting, Mobile Emulation, and APIs testing37. Load ImpactA cloud-based load testing tool used to perform load tests on web-based apps, mobileapplications, websites, and APIs.Features:Real life simulation of traffic.No hidden caching.Can simultaneously generate load from 10 different