ECO ARC 350WIRE ARC SPRAY SYSTEMManualNOTICEAll personnel reponsible for the proper and safe use of this equipment must read andunderstand this instruction manual.In addition, the operator of this equipment must receive personal instructions in its use.A thorough understanding of the operation, maintenance, and safety requirements ofthis equipment is essential. 2006 Sulzer Metco

Manufacturer of this unit:Sulzer Metco OSU GmbHWeseler Str. 147169 DuisburgTelefon 49 203 54411-0Telefax 49 203 54411-49Sulzer Metco distribution:http://www.sulzermetco.comProtective note according to ISO 16016The reproduction, distribution and utilization of this document as well as the communication of its contents to others without explicit authorization is prohibited. Offenders willbe held liable for the payment of damages. All rights reserved in the event of the grantof a patent, utility model or design.

Contents1General safety instructions1.1Safety pictograms.11.2Operating and safety regulations.31.3Authorized use.41.4Unauthorized use .41.5Measures concerning personnel and organization.51.6Ventilation and exhaust .61.7Emissions, caused by the system .71.7.1 Metallic dust and fumes.71.7.2 Spray jet, comprising molten metal particles and compressed atomizer air.81.7.3 Electric arc - UV radiation / Infrared radiation.91.7.4 Noise .101.7.5 Electrical energy .111.7.6 Compressed air energy .121.7.7 Dust combustion and dust explosion hazard.131.7.8 Hot surface .141.7.9 Danger of tripping / falling.141.7.10 Moving Parts.141.7.11 Oily compressed air (only at systems with air motor) .151.8Other instructions .161.8.1 Protective equipment, protective and work clothing .161.8.2 Spray dust disposal .161.8.3 Solvents used for degreasing .171.9Hazardous materials.181.10Europe - Laws, Regulations, Standards and Directives .211.11German Laws, Instructions, Standards and Directives.221.12DIN-Standards.241.13Professional Insurance Association Accident Prevention Regulation .261.14TRGS - Technical Regulations on Hazardous Substances.282System-dependent Informations2. you need to know about this wire arc spray unit .1General Informations .1Authorization procedure .2Spray wire.2Transport and Positioning.3Transport .3Positioning .3Further Instructions.43Technical Data und energy supply3.1Technical Data.1

3.2Energy supply.33.2.1 Electrical supply.33.2.2 Compressed air supply.44Installation of lation instructions .1Installation schema.2Connecting hose package to power supply.2Connecting power supply to plant mains.2Installation of decoiling device.3Hasp spool decoiling device .3Drum decoiling device .4Important notes to follow: .4Hasp / dorn spools.4Drum decoiling device .45Operation of 5Operating devices and indicators .2Setting-up system.4Introducing spray wire .4Changing spray wire.4Starting the system.5Setting-up spray parameters .7Setting-up spray voltage.7Setting-up spray capacity .7Setting-up atomizer air pressure .8Setting-up the oiler .8Further 2System does not start.2System does not start, system cuts out.4System cuts out .5Spray wires are not pushed forward, not melted down, electric arc breaks off, chatters7Maintenance7. device LD/U3.1Control intervals.1Changing contact nozzlesl.2Hose package LD/U3 .4Electric arc shuts off, spray wires not feeding, push gear running .11Electric arc cuts out, coarse particles in spray coat, spray wires feeding, not melted supply with Push 4 drive.4Oiler (back side power supply) .4Filter (back side power supply).5Drum decoiling device .5Spool decoiling device.5Table of lubricants .58Spare part device LD/U3.2Spray head LD/U3 (closed nozzle system) .2Gear housing LD/U3.4Wire feeding LD/U3 .5Wire pressure LD/U3 .6Air motor LD/U3.7ON / OFF swtich LD/U3.8Hose package LD/U3 (8 and 10 m) .9Power supply .10Front side power supply .10Electrical system, pneumatics and control .12Wire feed drive Push 4 .14Wearing parts recommended for stockkeeping .169Appendix9.19.2Recommended spray parameters for Sulzer Metco wire arc spray systems .1Circuit diagram .2

General Safety Instructions1General safety instructions1.1Safety pictogramsAttention!Special instructions, safety instructions, etc.Caution!Explosive materialCaution!Hot surfaceCaution!Inflammable materialsDanger!Risk of electric shockCaution!Magnetic fields from high currents can effect pacemakeroperationDanger!Potentially dangers causing serious injury or deathiAttention!Additional information of general importanceAttention!Respiratory equipment must be wornAttention!Ear protection must be wornRevision 1/10/081-1

General Safety InstructionsAttention!Safety gloves must be wornAttention!Eye protection must be wornAttention!Safety overalls must be wornCaution!Moving parts (Risk of injury)1-2Revision 1/10/08

General Safety Instructions1.2Operating and safety regulationsThermal coating is a safe process. However, it is paramount that theoperating crew is sufficiently familiar with the individual components,knows the safety regulations, and is competent in working with thesystem.Our manual contains all necessary safety regulations and pointers forthe safe operation of the system.In addition to work specific information it contains also general safetyregulations, which the operating crew must have read and understood.Failure to comply with the operating instructions or the use ofunsuitable equipment may damage the system or even present adanger to life and limb.It is therefore vital that you read the operating and safety regulationscarefully, and note the additional operational risks described here.Never use the installation and its components unless everything is inperfect working order. Eliminate malfunctions immediately!Revision 1/10/081-3

General Safety Instructions1.3Authorized useThis system is intended for the sole use of thermal coating ofworkpieces in atmosphere. The system may be used solely in itsconfiguration as delivered, using the components as supplied.Any other use of the system or its components is considered illegal.Authorized use also includes the reading of the manuals andcompliance with all regulations.1.4Unauthorized useThe system has been manufactured in accordance with the currentlevel of technology and accepted safety regulations. However,unauthorized use may result in bodily harm or death of the operator orthird parties, or in harm to the product itself or other material assets.Under no circumstances should the system be used for the followingunauthorized purposes:System and componentsUnauthorized useSystem- Use without previous instruction- Use beyond the operational limits- Use in an atmosphere at risk for explosions- Disabling safety devices, e.g. emergency shut-downdevices- Use as control for other processes, e.g. for arc welding- Use for incineration of articles or waste