Hello there Rebel!In this quick Nerd Fitness Diet guide and cheat sheet, we’re going to walk you through thenutritional strategy and diet leveling system that has helped thousands and thousands ofbusy people like yourself lose weight, build muscle, and get in shape the right way.This leveling system has been pulled from our premium course The Nerd Fitness Academy,which allows you to actually earn experience points and level up a character each time youlevel up to the next level of the NF Diet.If you want more specific instruction, along with workouts, boss battles, recipes, and asupportive community, I’d recommend you check it out!As you hopefully already know from Nerd Fitness, how you eat will account for 80-90% ofyour success or failure when it comes to getting in shape. That’s why getting started withthis leveling system will help you more than any amount of exercise.Speaking of exercise, along with the Nerd FItness Diet, you can level up your life byexercising in the following way: Follow the workouts and boss battles laid out in the Nerd FItness Academy Go for daily walks - I hear walking to Mordor is all the rage Do a bodyweight training routine like the Nerd Fitness Bodyweight Workout Strength train as laid out in our Strength Training 101 ebookThis is a diet that has more flexibility than Paleo, Keto, or Whole30, but still allows you toget the results you’re after. Note that this is NOT a 30-day diet. Instead, it’s a philosophyand a lifestyle blueprint for fixing your relationship with food that you can follow for thenext decade. This diet is built on the premise of slowly easing your way into nutritionalchanges rather than making one big drastic change.NOTE: We don’t recommend you go “all or nothing” for a month. That’s a recipe fordisaster and causes most people to give up. Instead, we’re looking for permanentimprovement and changes over long periods of time that give you sustained results!Our overall goal is to get your nutrition from where you are now to a plate that looks likethis:WWW.NERDFITNESS.COM1

2/3rds of the plate with vegetablesand/or fruit. 1/3rd of the plate isyour protein (chicken, fish, grass fedbeef). Foods like sweet potatoes,rice, legumes, and yams shouldbe occasionally mixed in when thesituation calls for more carbs.That’s the eventual long term WINwe’re looking for, but we’re going totake our sweet time getting there.There are 3 big rules that applyto all levels of the Nerd FitnessDiet, which are part of our overallphilosophy:Eat real food. You’re a smart person, I know it! And you ALSO know what real foodis. Minimize the steps between food being grown/raised and entering your digestivetract. The less steps, the better! Keep it simple. We don’t care about what cavemen ate100,000 years ago. We care about eating actual food today. If you HAVE to ask “is thishealthy?” it’s probably a no. This doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally eat unhealthyfoods - increase your ratio of good foods to unhealthy food as you move up in levels.No cheat days. We make a conscious decision to occasionally eat unhealthy foods, butit’s not a bad thing nor are you doing anything wrong. It’s not cheating, it’s a decisionyou make and then you get right back on track. You’re in control, and you’re an adult.If you want to eat pizza and drink beer, go for it. But then get right back on track.Never miss two in a row! Never have two bad meals in a row. If we eat an unhealthymeal, our next meal is the most important meal of our lives. We know that every decisioncounts, and 50% compliance is better than zero! If you ate an unhealthy breakfast, theday is NOT ruined. It means you had one unhealthy meal and nothing more. You canstill have two healthy meals that day and no momentum is lost. We’re not militant, butwe operate within the guidelines of the level we’re on.Below you’ll see 10 levels, each of which slightly more difficult than the level thatprecedes it.WWW.NERDFITNESS.COM2

Work your way through each levels at your own pace. You might fly through Level 1 if youdon’t drink soda these days, but Level 5 might take you two months. That’s okay!A quick note on levels: Once you get past Level 7, you are getting into hardcore territoryin difficulty and compliance. Levels 8-10 are only for people who are aiming to get to avery low body fat percentage as quickly as possible - say for a competition, a wedding, orvacation. These levels also might have a side effect of decreased athletic performance,increased irritability, and more compliance challenges if you live with or spend time withothers that eat a typical American diet.It is Team Nerd Fitness’s belief that Level 7 is optimal for achieving a damn good physiqueand still having fun and occasionally consuming unhealthy foods or beverages.As you progress, you must continue the habits you’ve established in the previous levels.These are written as if you are completing them. Because you are it just might take awhile for all of the small wins to add up to allow you to fully identify with each level.Quick note: you absolutely can combine the Nerd Fitness Diet with Intermittent Fasting.Make it work for you!Download and print the [10 Level Cheat Sheet], which is the last page of this PDF, and readeach level’s description below.These are quick descriptions of each level, pulled from our flagship course, The NerdFitness Academy. We know that knowledge isn’t enough - you also need accountability,support, and a blueprint to follow!If you struggle with adhering to a plan, even one such as this that slowly transitions yourdiet, consider joining The Nerd Fitness Academy to give yourself the best chance to succeed!Good luck, Rebel!Level 1: I’m Clueless But Ready to StartI am a complete food newbie.I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t really bother with portion sizes or learningabout what’s good or bad. I just eat what I want!WWW.NERDFITNESS.COM3

I haven’t cooked a meal in forever, and most of my food comes from take-out or drivethrough. I know I should change HOW I eat, but I’m not quite sure where to begin. I’m notsure how to count calories. I definitely don’t bother figuring out how much protein, fat, andcarbs I eat either.I can level up to LEVEL 2 when: I spend one week tracking my food diligently. I don’t makeany changes, but I’m just AWARE of the foods that I am eating. Whether it’s taking picturesof every meal, keeping a simple food journal, or tracking calories through an online tracker,I track EVERYTHING I eat.Level 2: Awareness and TrackingI don’t eat differently, but I’ve started counting calories and have tried to keep my foodintake at a certain amount based on my goals. I’ll be tracking my calories for the next 2weeks.I know what carbs, proteins, and fats are. I still eat fast food, and I still order out a lot, butI try to focus on eating LESS food overall than I was eating before.I know that cutting back 500 calories per day from what I was eating on average before canget the weight loss process started, so that’s what I focus on.I can level up to LEVEL 3 when: I start minimizing liquid calories for one week. Liquidcalories are a HUGE problem for weight gain, and I’m going to work on cutting back onthem. Whether it’s juice, gatorade, soda, frapuccinos, or alcoholic beverages, I make asignificant progress over a one week period to drink less liquid calories.Level 3: Liquid Calories ReducedI have reduced liquid calories in my diet significantly.I used to drink soda for caffeine, now I drink black coffee, diet soda, or tea instead. I knowthat skim milk, juice, and other drinks are akin to sugar water, and I’m working on cuttingthese back.I have a glass of red wine or whiskey with dinner and some beer on the weekends, butWWW.NERDFITNESS.COM4

otherwise I’m pretty good about this.I drink a ton of water – more than I ever have in my life!I’ve also started educating myself further on what “healthy eating” actually means. So, I tryto make one meal per day healthy, and I try to make sure each meal has a protein sourcein it.I’ve decided to start with breakfast, making sure it has a good amount of protein and somefruit, compared to my old breakfast which was bagels, cereal, muffins, and/or toast.I’m getting much better at mindful eating. Instead of eating while watching TV or playingvideo games, I only eat! I understand that we can often eat WAY more calories than weintended to eat when our mind is preoccupied elsewhere, so I do my best to JUST eat, haveconversations with loved ones or perhaps read a good book.I can level up to LEVEL 4 when: I have swapped out grains completely at breakfast for ahigh protein breakfast for two weeks straight. Instead of a bagel, cereal, muffin, or donut Ieat a breakfast that is high protein: bacon and eggs, or a homemade omelet. Or scrambledeggs and fresh fruit. Or a whey protein smoothie.Level 4: Vegetables CarbsI’ve learned that fat is not the enemy! Simple carbohydrates are, with sugar being the mostevil of all. Sugar is what’s making us unhealthy, and I’m going to start weaning myself offof it deliberately.For that reason, I’ve started working on minimizing consumption of sugar and unhealthycarbohydrates.I’ve purge my freezer of any treats and ice cream and cleared the candy from my desk atwork.I’ve cut out almost all liquid calories. Other than the occasional alcoholic beverage onweekends, all I drink is coffee, tea, and water. I have cut back on diet soda too, as I knowthey oftentimes are filled with chemicals and preservatives that aren’t good for me.I have started to learn about the importance of vegetables, understanding that theyWWW.NERDFITNESS.COM5

are what truly make my body function properly, and try to make myself eat at least onevegetable per day. I’m still not much of a chef, so I’ve picked ONE vegetable. I know how tocook and make sure I keep it in stock, even if it’s something as simple as frozen or cannedveggies.I can rank up to LEVEL 5 when: I consume a vegetable with every lunch or every dinner,replacing a normal carbohydrate or starch, for 10 total days in a 2 week period, and I goone week without eating pasta. Instead of french fries, I order broccoli. Instead of whitebread, I’m eating asparagus.Level 5: No Pasta, No SweetsI have a pretty good grasp about what’s healthy food and what’s not. I’m a smart personand I have made a few key changes to how I attack my daily nutrition.Liquid calories have been removed for a while now. I now crave water as much as I usedto soda! Soda water with a lime wedge for the win!For at least 6 days a week, I am no longer eating pasta, bagels, muffins, or other emptycalories.Candy and sweets are a VERY rare occasion. AKA ordering dessert after dinner is a treatonce every two or three weeks (instead of nightly).Every meal has a quality protein source, and every meal has a vegetable. I’m still eatingthings like rice, potatoes, and some bread (though I’m cutting back on those things in favorof more protein or vegetables in some cases).I can rank up to LEVEL 6 when: I have gone 12 out of 14 days without eating bread ORpasta, and 12 out of 14 days with a vegetable in at least 2 meals per day.Level 6: Bye Bye BreadI have eliminated bread from my diet with the exception of a few times per month. I knowbread and pasta are calorically dense and nutritionally empty, so I minimize them.WWW.NERDFITNESS.COM6

I still eat rice, potatoes, beans, dairy, and yeah I love pizza, so I still have it once a month.For the most part carbs are limited to rice and potatoes.All meals now have plenty of protein and healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, avocado, fatty meats).I know that how I eat is becoming more of a lifestyle, rather than a simple diet I’m justfollowing to lose weight. This is NOT a one month change, or something I force myself todo because I’m scrambling until I can get back to how things were.Next, I have started to eliminate snacking between lunch and dinner. I make sure my mealshave enough fats, vegetables, and quality protein so that I am not hungry between meals.Because I’m drinking boatloads of water and eating meals with plenty of protein, I nolonger feel the need to eat while bored between meals. I say no to dessert, and insteadchoose to eat more calories at another meal if I’m hungry.I know that cutting back on carbohydrates is the fastest path to continued success, so I doa BASIC counting system and make sure to keep my daily carb consumption under 150grams per day.I can rank up to LEVEL 7 when: I have gone two weeks without pasta, bread, or pizza,and every meal has vegetables and protein. I’m starting to lower and be more aware ofmy dairy consumption. I feel like it’s time for me to kick things into high gear, and I want totake my diet to the next level.Level 7 (HEALTHY TARGET): Minimize Dairy and SnackingI now follow the Nerd Fitness lifestyle, and I’m finding my groove.I understand the concepts, I love how eating right makes me feel, and I love the effect it’shaving on my outward appearance. It turns out my diet IS 80-90% of the equation, andby focusing on my diet, I’m seeing results faster than I ever have in the past and I’m notslowing down.I still eat rice, quinoa and beans, though I try to not eat TONS of them. If I eat starches, I aimfor sweet potatoes and yams. I try to keep my daily carb consumption around or under100 grams per day.WWW.NERDFITNESS.COM7

When I DO eat carbs (such as those listed above), I try to eat them in the few hours followingmy workout.I have started to minimized dairy consumption. I may or may not be lactose intolerant, butI’m going to minimize dairy consumption when possible.My bodyfat percentage is still dropping, and I know eating more healthy fats and less dairycould potentially help me feel less lethargic, so I’m giving it a try. If I consume dairy, it’sdone so in the window directly after working out so that my body can process more of itfor recovery and muscle building.I don’t snack anymore. I don’t keep snacks in my home either. I don’t k