REQUEST FOR PROPOSALNETWORK INFRASTRUCTUREIssued December 7th, 2018Responses due February 8th, 2019Justin [email protected] ITEMS: DA Review, NDA, Prof. Svc. Agmt.

1 Contents23General Information . 32.1Objective . 32.2Pershing County Background . 32.3Pershing County Technology Environment . 3Proposal Overview . 43.1Project Overview . 43.2RFP Official Contact. 63.3Proposal Schedule . 63.3.1Project Deadlines . 63.3.2Deadline for Proposals . 73.4Letter of Intent . 73.5Questions Regarding the RFP . 73.6Confidential and Proprietary Information . 73.7Worksite Examination . 73.8Proposal Preparation . 83.8.1General information. 83.8.2Proposal Preparation Costs . 93.8.3Right to Request Additional Information . 93.8.4Ownership of Responses . 93.94Selection Criteria . 93.9.1Compliance to Specifications . 93.9.2Experience . 93.9.3Proposal Price and Value . 93.9.4Federal or State Sales, Excise or Use Taxes, and Permits . 103.9.5Selection Process . 103.9.6Right of Refusal . 103.9.7Turnkey Solution and Right to Negotiate Price. 103.9.8Proposal to Become Part of Agreement . 113.9.9Approval by Board of Commissioners . 11Work Description . 114.1Scope of Work . 11

564.1.1Phase 1: Discovery and Direction. 124.1.2Phase 2: Network Design . 124.1.3Phase 3: Procurement Assistance and Implementation . 13Budget & Schedule . 155.1Fee Proposal. 155.2Schedule . 155.3Invoicing . 15Additional Information . 156.1Personal Information . 156.1.1General . 156.1.2Consent for Criminal Justice Information Background Checks and Training . 166.2Governing Law . 166.3Statement of Liability . 166.4Entire RFP . 166.5Attachments. 176.5.1Service Locations Map . 176.5.2Non-Disclosure Agreement . 176.5.3Professional Services Agreement. 176.5.4US-DOJ/NV-DPS Security Standards. 176.6Appendices . 176.6.1Appendix A: Fiber Construction Guidelines . 176.6.2Appendix B: Transport Medium Maintenance Specifications . 23

2 General Information2.1 ObjectiveThe purpose for this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified Vendors to performa complete Network Infrastructure upgrade for Pershing County Government Information TechnologyDepartment (PCIT).PCIT is seeking proposals that includes all elements of the design, build, install, provision and someaspects of the technical support for the wide area information network that connects all County offices.Vendor proposals should include: A proposed network designQuotes for the purchase, test, installation, initial provisioning and warranty maintenance of thenetwork equipment which are included in the proposed network designA specification and quote for the construction and/or lease of the layer one infrastructure (fiber,fixed wireless or alternative transport medium) that will interconnect county government sitesA specification and quote for the operation and maintenance of the layer one infrastructure(fiber, fixed wireless or alternative transport medium)A specification and quote for the emergency maintenance, repair or replacement of the networkequipment. This can be included in the warranty maintenance section of the equipment proposal.Proposals from a single Vendor or from multiple Vendors working as a team will be considered. Thepreference of PCIT is to award a single contract and to have a multiple vendor solution provide a singlepoint of contact for management of this Equipment and Network Infrastructure upgrade. The idealVendor(s) will also have qualified network security staff assigned to this project and have experience(within the last 2 years) performing network design and implementation for businesses and/or localgovernment agencies of similar size or larger to Pershing County.2.2 Pershing County BackgroundPershing County covers 6,037 square miles of Northern Nevada and is bordered by Washoe, Humboldt,Churchill, and Lander counties. The City of Lovelock serves as the County Seat. Pershing County’spopulation is approximately 6,753. Pershing County has approximately 133 full- and part-timeemployees.2.3 Pershing County Technology EnvironmentPershing County has approximately 106 PCs and laptops and 13 servers. The County’s network consistsof 10 locations with LAN subnets with site-to-site IPSec VPNs (See Sections 3.1 and 6.5.1 for locationdetails). We currently use Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls (reaching end of life) and ISR routers (reachingend of life), HP and Netgear switches, and a Nortel NorStar MICS PBX phone system.PCs are primarily Dell OptiPlex desktop models ranging from 3 to 10 years of age, and HP All-In-OneBusiness PCs. The standard operating systems are Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Server locations are split between four small server rooms at different county buildings (See map fordetails): Pershing County Administration BuildingPershing County Courthouse – District Attorney’s OfficePershing County Sheriff’s OfficePershing County Annex Building – Child Support Division OfficeThey consist of a mix of rack mounted Dell PowerEdge and HPE ProLiant DL380 and DL360 servers withredundant power supplies, and direct attached storage arrays. The environment is completely physicalwith no virtual machine guests. The typical storage configuration consists of a RAID 1 array (OS) and aRAID 5 array (DATA). The network is an unmanaged TCP/IP switch Ethernet flat network with IPSec siteto-site VPNs connecting certain geographically dispersed locations. Critical servers are backed up withSymantec Backup Exec and Unitrends Backup and Disaster Recovery.3 Proposal Overview3.1 Project OverviewIn addition to life-cycling equipment components at end-of-life (EOL), the project is expected to upgradethe County’s network topology from separate flat networks to a hub and spoke topology. Proposals andthe associated installation sequence/timeline shall be structured to provide the County with the mostfavorable pricing and least amount of disruption to County services while maintaining adequate security.A successful vendor proposal will include: All ordering, delivery, and warehousing of equipment. PCIT will provide storage space but thevendor should be present for the delivery and acceptance of the equipment.Furnishing, installation, testing, and configuration of selected network components. Thenvendor should describe the test data it will supply to PCIT prior to acceptance of the equipmentand configuration. This description should include adherence to the security, VLAN, QoS,diagram, and logistics standards set forth in this section.Strict inter-VLAN access rules to improve network and data security (identification, isolation andcontrol of illegitimate traffic or system anomalies).Segregated and hardened network segments for NCJIS and DMV access complying with stateand federal standards (See Section 6.5.4).QoS controls to guarantee bandwidth allocation and prioritization for mission critical applicationtraffic, de-prioritization of less critical network traffic, and VoIP capability.Necessary, scalable network capacity to support future technologies including hybrid cloudservices and internet bandwidth transfer support of 1 Gb and internal 10 Gb internal networktraffic support.Network resilience with 99.99999% uptimeDetailed bill of materials (BOM) of equipment and services to upgrade the entire system of allbuildings at all locations.

Spare parts inventory that supports an appropriate balance of downtime risk, investment cost,and procurement latency of warranty replacement components. PCIT desires to have at leastone complete spare switch (include cables and modules) for any switch model that has morethan four switches in the network design. PCIT also desires vendor to carry replacementinventory of any switches in the network design within a four-hour drive of Lovelock.A specification and quote for the construction and/or lease of the layer one infrastructure (fiber,fixed wireless or alternative transport medium) that will interconnect county government sites.A specification and quote for the operation and maintenance or the layer one infrastructure(fiber, fixed wireless, or alternative transport medium).A specification and quote for the emergency maintenance, repair or replacement of the networkequipment. This can be included in the warranty maintenance section of the equipmentproposal.Diagrams, in printed and electronic formats, of physical n