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the medi lymphedema therapy conceptEvery patient has their own story to their lymphedema journey and their own personalizedtreatment plan. The medi lymphedema therapy concept is a simplified approach utilizingcompression therapy in the treatment of lymphedema. It combines the decongestion phase andthe transition phase with the maintenance phase and provides the right products for every stageof hasePhaseTransitionPhaseStepStepcircaid reduction kit circaid juxtafit essentials armcircaid juxtafit effective education, training, andmedical and psychosocial support.It involves: Daily skin care Exercise/movement Compression – compressiongarments, bandaging or an inelastic,adjustable compression deviceThe mediven flat-knit customproducts offer individualizedsolutions for every patient’sunique shape, delivering optimumcompression and containmentlevels, with endless choices ofcolors and patterns to make yourpatients feel better: mediven 550 leg3Use of medi flat-knit garments forlong-term lymphedema managementThe long-term management oflymphedema focuses on enhancing thefunction of the lymphatics, limitingfurther deterioration of swelling, andgaining long-term control of thecondition. Success relies on selfmanagement by patients andcaregivers, with appropriate andMaintenanceMaintenancePhaseMaintenanceWide range of inelastic andelastic compressive solutions –for individual requirements mediven lines circaid juxtafit circaid graduate medi pcs mediven 550 line - The strongestand most reliable containment inthe mediven collectionThe NEW mediven cosy 450 Flexible and supple freedom ofmovement with strong wall stabilitymediven mondi 350 – Soft witha lightweight feel for mid-stageconditions

Benefit from our widerange of servicesProduct quality and varietyProven quality, durability andpatient outcomesComprehensive fabric offering tomeet specific needs of patientComfort zones for enhanced mobilityand comfortIndustry-leading wearing &product warranteesDesigns and colors that enhancepatient complianceEducationComprehensive Fitting Certificationprogram with medi ClinicalEducation teamHands-on workshops & clinicdemonstrationsVirtual training opportunitiesTerritory Business Managers withrigorous training for supportCustomer Experience Team availableto troubleshoot & processorders efficientlyTechnology & Innovationmedi vision measuring technologyfor better patient fitting experiencemedi education portal for patientand clinical supportIndustry-leading b2b orderingportal from medi

Products for Lower Extremitymediven mondi 350mediven cosy 450mediven 550 legNEWSoft.Light.Discreet look.Flexible.Supple.Freedom of movement.Material*Strong.Greatest wall stability.Reliable hold.Lighte. g. mediven mondi 350 legMediume. g. mediven cosy 450Stronge. g. mediven 550 legnormal to firmsoft to firmvery soft to hardenednonemoderatestrongCriteriaConnective tissueWeightLobes & creasesSeverity of the diseasemediven mondi 350 legRecommended mediven compression stockings:mediven cosy 450mediven 550 leg

mediven 550 legmediven 550 legIndications1Compression classes1, 2, 3, 4medi tip2:Based on the properties of the550, we recommend: Very soft to hardened connectivetissue Strong deepened skin lobes& creases Associated weight disorders Pronounced lymphedemaSpecial features Available in compression class 4 Fashion-Elements Design-Elements Elastic seams in panty &gusset sections Elastic gussetmediven 550 leg Very high wall stability High working pressure Firm, strong fabric1 High durability Primary and secondarylymphedema, stages 1, 2, 3 Mixed forms such asphlebo-lymphedema,lipo-lymphedema Lipedema, stages 1, 2, 3 Post-operative and posttraumatic edema Scar managementPlease note that this recommendation does not replace the diagnosis or theadvice from a medical professional.The choice of the optimum compression stocking depends on the indicationand the individual needs of the patient.2

mediven cosy 450NEW!mediven cosy 450Indications1Compression classesmedi tip2:Special features Primary and secondarylymphedema, stages 1, 2 Mixed forms such asphlebo-lymphedema,lipo-lymphedema Lipedema, stages 1, 2, 3 Post-operative and post-traumaticedema Scar management1, 2, 3Based on the properties of the cosy450, we recommend: Soft to firm connective tissue Moderate skin lobes & creases Associated weight disorders Lipedema patients Travel/Activity Reinforced sole and heel for addeddurability and value Anatomical foot for a perfect fit Elastic seams in panty &gusset sections Fashion-Elements Design-Elements1Please note that this recommendation does not replace the diagnosis or theadvice from a medical professional.2The choice of the optimum compression stocking depends on the indicationand the individual needs of the patient.mediven cosy 450 Medium wall stability Elastic seams Flexible, supple fabric High durability

mediven mondi 350 legmediven mondi 350 legIndications1Compression classesmediven mondi 350 leg Light wall stability Silver options available Soft, fine fabric High durability Primary and secondarylymphedema, stages 1, 2 Lipedema, stages 1, 2 Post-operative andpost-traumatic edema Scar management1, 2, 3medi tip2:Based on the properties of themondi 350 leg, we recommend: Normal to firm connective tissue No deepened skin lobes & creases Normal weight (normal leg shape) Atopic dermatitis (mondi withsilver segments) CVI with severe edema tendencySpecial features Extra soft fabric Incorporation of silver segmentspossible Elastic seams in panty &gusset sections1Please note that this recommendation does not replace the diagnosis or the advicefrom a medical professional.2The choice of the optimum compression stocking depends on the indication andthe individual needs of the patient.

Products for Upper Extremitymediven mondi 350 armmediven 550 armIndications1Indications1 Moderate to severe lymphedema Moderate to severe lipedemaCompressionclasses Moderate lymphedema Moderate lipedemaCompressionclasses1, 2, 3medi tip2:Based on the properties of the mondi 350 arm,we recommend:· Normal to moderately firm connective tissue· None to mild skin creases· Stage 1 and 2 lymphedemaSpecialfeatures Extra soft material for sensitive skin Elastic seams for greater range of motion Knitting marks and oblique borders for addedcomfort and coverage Available with Design-ElementsMaterial*1, 2, 3medi tip2:Based on the properties of the 550 arm, werecommend: Normal to firm connective tissue Deepened skin lobes and creases Stage 1, 2 and 3 lymphedema Lifestyle that requires the most robust materialSpecialfeatures Robust material for maximum containment Flexure zone in elbow for added comfort Available with both Design and Fashion-ElementsLight / Mediume. g. mediven mondi 350 armStronge. g. mediven 550 armnormal to firmvery soft to hardenednone / moderatemoderate / strongCriteriaConnective tissueWeightLobes and creasesSeverity of the diseaseRecommended mediven compression arm sleeves:mediven mondi 350 armmediven 550 arm* wall stability1 Please note that this recommendation does not replace the diagnosis or the advice from a medical professional.2 The choice of the optimum compression stocking depends on the indication and the individual needs of the patient.

medi’s inspiring variety at a glance!medi’s flat-knit products make the treatment of edema even more individual. From brilliant colors,to sophisticated patterns and numerous accessories – virtually no wish is left yNEWNEWGreyVioletCherry-redBlue-jeansmedi MagentaSwarovski is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.PearlRoségoldYour mediven compression stockings can be finishedwith exclusive Swarovski crystals on request. Theapplications are placed on the stockings at the ankleand placed at the upper or lower arm for sleeves.CrystalAvailable in mediven 550 leg & cosy 450:2The mediven Design-Elementsare patterns that can beincorporated into most customgarments in any standard or trendcolor. Specific patterns are availablefor lower and upper extremities.Patterns that can be added in the 550 leg, cosy 450 & mondi 350 arm products to give more personal style.RibsPyramidsStarsThe mediven Fashion-Elementsare a unique collection of patternsand colors. The four color optionsperfectly complement any of thefour patterns. Mix and match forany 550 or cosy 450 product!Exclusive patterns for the 550 leg and cosy 450 styles to be paired with four vibrant color options formore diverse, colorful erryGreyAvailable in mediven mondi 350 arm & 550 arm2TimelessSportive1Delivery time for trend colors & Fashion Elements is up to 10 working days.2. The Design-Elements can be freely combined with the standard and trend colors (no extra charge).Live Laugh Love

medi freedom and compliance featuresMost patient stories usually include some challenges. medi has developed options to assistpatient’s who have problem areas or who are looking for a greater range of motion.Knitting marksFlexure functional zonesThe knitting mark option builds a degree offlexion into the indicated joint, knee, ankle,or elbow.Flexure zones are “ease sections” that canbe knitted into the mediven 550 & cosy 450product lines at the knee, elbow and foot.These zones help areas with boneyprominences that may not need the highcontainment levels of the 550 orcosy 450 products.Oblique endingsSilk liningOblique endings should be used on “fuller”thighs and arms to create more garmentcoverage and to help prevent migration.Silk lining can be used as a tool to cover skinareas that may become irritated with directcontact with the garment.

medi therapeuticfeaturesSome patients need additionaltherapeutic support for troubledspots that can resurface aftertherapy or for areas that do notcooperate easily in garments.These flat-knit options can helpcontrol these areas.Lymph padsLevamedmedi lymph pads can be designedinto the garment to help decongestfibrotic tissue and other challengingareas that may need more therapy.The levamed silicone pad is anoption that is positioned aroundthe malleolus to decongest fluidor prevent build up in thistroublesome area.medi suspension &anti-slip features:Silicone topbandsSilicone top bands canbe used at the proximalend of both lower andupper extremitygarments to helpanchor the product inplace to preventmigration.Almost all lymphedemapatient stories include therecommendation of movement.Ambulation with compressiongarments will put strain on theplacement integrity for mostpatients. The use of silicone bandsand strips in garments have provento be a successful deterrent tomigration.Anti-slip Silicone DotsUse anti-slip silicone dots insidea garment to prevent garmentmigration. Or use on the outside ofthe garment to help with grip forhands and feet.On the sole of the footOver the knee

medi World of Compressionmedi World of Compression: signpost to the future with over 60 years’competence in the field of compression. Your partner for the highest demands onquality, innovation and design. Let’s shape the future together and create positivebrand experiences – for you and your clients!*Swarovski is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.Intended purpose: Flat-knit medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the lymphatic system.medi vision –simply innovative.Enhancing the fitter & patientenvironment with mobile, fast &precise results with minimal contact!Learn more at mediusavision.commedi USA6481 Franz Warner ParkwayWhitsett, NC [email protected] 1.800.633.6334F 1.888.570.4554mediusa.comP0973 Rev EMinimalcontact!