SilkRoad Performance(WingSpan) User GuideVersion 2019.1

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ContentsIntroduction . 5About this guide . 5SilkRoad Performance . 5Available modules . 6Supported browsers and mobile device support . 6Supported languages . 6Technical support . 6Getting started . 8Logging in . 8Home page. 8My To Do List . 9About the navigation bar . 10Employee Profile . 10Print a Employee Profile Report . 12File list UDF set . 13Upload a file into a file list UDF set . 13Delete a file from a file list UDF set . 14Edit a file on a file list UDF set . 14Email notifications. 14Resetting your password . 14Re-authentication. 16Changing language . 16Appraisals . 17Appraisals overview . 17The Appraisal process . 17Select Appraisal Reviewers (Optional) . 17Employee Writes Self-Appraisal . 18Direct Manager Writes Appraisal of Employee . 18Next Level Manager Reviews Appraisals . 18Manager Schedules and Manages Review Meeting . 18Employee Acknowledges Meeting . 18SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) User Guide Version 2019.11

Get Meeting Reports . 18Completing appraisals. 18Employee role . 19Manager role . 21Next Level Manager role . 22Additional information . 23Selecting reviewers . 26Employee role . 26Manager role . 28Reviewing appraisals . 30Manager role . 30Employee role . 31Review completed appraisal reports . 31Appraisal status . 32Performance Planning—Goals . 34Performance planning overview . 34Create goals . 34Employee role . 34Approve a goal plan . 37Manager role . 37Assign goals . 38Accept all pending goals . 39Mark a goal as complete . 39Launch goal plans . 39Edit a prescribed goal . 40View the Performance Planning Dashboard . 40Task warning email . 41Assessments . 42Assessments overview . 42Assessment process . 42Select assessors . 42Review assessors . 42Complete assessment . 42Review reports . 43SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) User Guide Version 2019.12

Completing assessments . 43Select and approve assessors . 43Complete the assessment forms. 46Review assessments . 48Manage assessments . 49Aggregate reports . 50Development planning . 52Development planning overview . 52SilkRoad Performance and SilkRoad Learning integration . 52View and manage your development plan. 54View/Journal . 55Archive. 56Launch Course . 56Delete . 56Edit . 57Complete. 58Add an activity to your development plan . 58Interactive reports. 60Interactive reports overview. 60Appraisal Chart . 60View your Appraisal Chart . 61Print your Appraisal Chart . 61Assessment Chart . 62View your Assessment Chart. 63Print your Assessment Chart . 63Journal .