SALES & MARKETING PLANThis Addendum highlights the changes to the Herbalife Nutrition Sales & Marketing Plan as it relates tocompensation, discount advancements, qualifications and promotions, which took effect in May 2017 forthe U.S. and U.S. Territories. The Sales & Marketing Plan section of the Sales & Marketing Plan andBusiness Rules will be updated and available at a later date. In the interim, please contact your Sponsor orHerbalife Nutrition at 866-866-4744 if you have any questions and/or require additional support.Required Distributor TrainingAll Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors are required to complete a simple training course; thistraining course was developed to help ensure all Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors know the“Rules of the Road” and a have a solid foundation for growing their Herbalife Nutrition business. Duringyour training you will learn how to: Use Herbalife Nutrition tools to document retail sales Create a business budget and manage income and expenses Make appropriate claims . and much moreAs a new Distributor, you must complete this training before recruiting or receiving any form ofcompensation.Taking the Required TrainingThe required training is easy and accessible; you have 3 ways to complete your training:1. Take the training online by visiting the Learning Center on Download the mobile app by searching for “Herbalife Learning” in the App store or Google Playstore to complete the training on your mobile device.3. Contact us at 866-866-4744; select the language and then select option 1 for Distributors. Fromthe next menu, select option 1 for Automated Services, then select the option for RequiredDistributor Training and follow the instructions.Ordering ProductEach time you place an order, you will need to declare the order purpose as follows: Personal Consumption – Order placed for your own personal use or members of your household. Product ordered for Personal Consumption cannot be retailed. Product Consumption orders will be taxed on the discounted purchase price – not on the fullretail price. Customer Direct – Order placed by you for delivery directly to your Customer. You must provide your Customer’s name, address, phone/email address. You must provide the price at which you sold each item and the total amount paid by yourCustomer. Retail Inventory – Order placed for your on-hand product inventory for resale to your Customers, usein your Nutrition Club, or sampling.Page 1 of 29USEN Rev. 08/28/2020

Creating and Submitting Herbalife Nutrition ReceiptsBecause Marketing Plan Qualifications and compensation are based on receipted sales, productorders alone will not qualify you to advance in the Marketing Plan and earn. Only when you submita complete receipt for a profitable customer sale, does it become Documented Volume which canbe used towards your qualification to earn (earning %), qualification to achieve higherdiscounts, advancement in the marketing plan, and qualification for promotions.Documented Volume is fully explained on the following page.Receipts must be created and submitted to Herbalife Nutrition for every retail or Nutrition Club sale.You have several options to assist you receipt submission:Automatic Creation and Submission of Herbalife Nutrition Receipts: Customer Direct Orders: Receipts are automatically submitted when you place an order to be shipped directly to your customer. Orders: Receipts are automatically submitted when customers order directly fromyour retail site. Preferred Member Orders: Receipts are automatically submitted when a Preferred Member placesan order directly with Herbalife Nutrition.Retail and Nutrition Club Sales:If you purchase product for retail inventory, you need to submit a complete receipt to Herbalife Nutritionwhen you sell the product to your customer. To make it easy to submit receipts, Herbalife Nutrition offerstwo free and convenient digital tools that are available 24/7. Just remember – once you sell it, receipt it! Retail Sales: Simply log into from any device to create and submit your receiptsthrough the ‘Create A New Receipt’ option in the Customer Tab. Nutrition Club Sales: As you take your customers orders, you can use your smartphone or tablet tolog into HN MyClub App and submit receipts on the spot! Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play . Your customers may submit their Nutrition Club orders through the Engage App which will interfacewith your club’s HN MyClub and will create a receipt once the order is processed at your Club. Yourcustomer can download the Engage App from the App Store or Google Play .Requirements for a receipt to be accepted as Documented Volume:1. Receipt must be submitted to Herbalife Nutrition using Herbalife’s receipting tools (e.g. HN MyClubfor Nutrition Club sales and for retail sales) and must include the followinginformation:a.b.c.d.e.f.Products and quantities soldThe price paid by the customerMethod of paymentSale dateCustomer’s first and last nameTwo out of three of the following contact information for the customer: address, phonenumber and/or email address2. The receipt must be profitable (comparing the customer’s price to the Distributor’s costs of product,tax, and shipping and handling)3. The sale must be a genuine retail sale made to a retail customer. For Example: product purchasesfor personal consumption, sampling, or donations are not considered genuine retail sales.Page 2 of 29USEN Rev. 08/28/2020

What is Documented Volume (DV)?Documented Volume (DV) is volume that can be used towards your qualification to earn (earning %),qualification to achieve higher discounts, advancement in the marketing plan, and qualification forpromotions, etc.There are 6 ways to accumulate Documented Volume:1 & 2. Profitable customer retail sales supported by a receipt that is submitted and accepted by HerbalifeNutrition for: A sale made in any country by you or your U.S./U.S. territory downline that contributes to yourpersonal volume. A sale made in the U.S./U.S. territories by your non-U.S./U.S. territory downline that contributesto your personal volume. Currently, non-U.S. Distributors can only place Customer Direct orders.They are not able to submit Herbalife Nutrition Receipts or Nutrition Club receipts.3 & 4. All purchases made by your first line Preferred Members or the first line Preferred Members ofdownline that contribute to your personal volume.5 & 6. All purchases made by your non-U.S./U.S. territory downline that contribute to your personal volumemade outside the U.S. for sale to Customers in the market in which the purchase was made.Other Key Terms To UnderstandNon-Documented Volume (NDV)Volume that cannot be used towards your earning percentage, qualification to higher discounts andmarketing plan levels. This is volume from orders declared as Retail Inventory where receipts were notprovided, or the sales were not -profitable.Primary Personal Consumption (PPC)Volume from orders declared for personal consumption that is within the defined limit (currently 235,between 185-260 in Volume), which is subject to change each year.Secondary Personal Consumption (SPC)Volume from orders declared for personal consumption that exceeds the defined monthly personalconsumption limit.Primary Rewardable Volume (PRV)The sum of Documented Volume (DV) and Primary Personal Consumption (PPC). Your Uplines will becompensated on this volume in accordance with the Sales & Marketing Plan as long as the DV meets the2/3 – 1/3 Rule, which is explained on the next page.Secondary Rewardable Volume (SRV)The sum of Non-Documented Volume (NDV) and Secondary Personal Consumption (SPC). If sales receipts indicate a non-profitable sale, then they will be considered as SRV. SRV will be moved to the Accumulate & Allocate (A&A) bucket and redistributed as explained later.2/3 – 1/3 RuleHerbalife Nutrition will pay out wholesale profit, royalty overrides and production bonus on the earn base ofPrimary Rewardable Volume (PRV) component (Documented Volume Primary Personal Consumption)of US sales. In addition, when Herbalife Nutrition meets the requirement of the 80% rule, it will increasethe payout on the PRV to account for the Secondary Rewardable Volume (SRV) component (NonPage 3 of 29USEN Rev. 08/28/2020

Documented Volume Secondary Personal Consumption) of US sales using the Accumulate & Allocate(A&A) process.The 2/3 - 1/3 Rule requires that at least 2/3 of the PRV must come from Documented Volume. If thisthreshold is not met, we must move some of the Primary Personal Consumption out of PRV so that thereis twice as much Documented Volume as Primary Personal Consumption volume remaining in thePRV. Example: If a Distributor has 10,000 PRV and 5,000 was Documented Volume and 5,000 wasPrimary Personal Consumption then 2,500 of that Primary Personal Consumption must be moved out ofthe PRV. This leaves twice as much Documented Volume (5,000) in the PRV as Primary PersonalConsumption (2500).For Royalty Overrides and Production Bonus, the Primary Personal Consumption Volume that is moved isshifted to the SRV bucket and used to increase the payout on remaining PRV through the A&A process.This should allow the earner to retain their normal payout. For Wholesale Profit, the Primary PersonalConsumption Volume that is moved is rolled up to the first upline wholesale profit earner that can absorbthat volume and not violate the 2/3 - 1/3 rule themselves. This means that, for Wholesale Profit, a Distributorwill still earn on the PRV and the SRV will still be used to increase the payout on remaining PRV throughthe A&A process. However, unlike with Royalty Overrides and Production Bonus, the Wholesale Profitearner will not be able to earn on the Primary Personal Consumption that was moved nor will they be ableto use what was moved to increase the payout on the PRV through the A&A process.80% Rule and Accumulate & Allocate (A&A) As long as 80% of U.S. and Puerto Rico Net Sales in Herbalife Nutrition’s fiscal year (effectively atypical calendar year) is Primary Rewardable Volume (Documented Volume Primary PersonalConsumption), Herbalife Nutrition will make payments under the Accumulate & Allocate process(Secondary Rewardable allocation payout) based on their Primary Rewardable amounts. The A&A process is the method by which Herbalife Nutrition will make payouts on U.S. and PuertoRico earnings so that any orders not paid via the Primary Rewardable method can be paid. If less than 80% of U.S. and Puerto Rico Net Sales in Herbalife Nutrition’s fiscal year is PrimaryRewardable Volume, Herbalife Nutrition can only pay out on Primary Rewardable Volume and theSecondary Rewardable Volume payout will not be paid.How do you Qualify to Earn?FIRST: You ‘Qualify to Earn’ based ONLY on your Documented Volume from the 6 different categoriespreviously identified.SECOND: After you have Qualified to Earn, then you are eligible to earn: Wholesale Profits, RoyaltyOverrides, Production Bonuses, Vacations, and other compensation ** Eligibility is based on you reaching the corresponding qualifications.Important: Your Personal Consumption purchases will NOT count toward qualifying to earn WholesaleProfits, Royalties, Bonuses or other compensation or to achieve higher levels of discount.What You Earn OnOnce you are qualified to earn in the Sales & Marketing Plan, there is a two-step process in the calculationof your Wholesale Profit, Royalty Overrides and Production Bonus: Earn 8%-25% Wholesale Profit from your downline purchasing at less than 50% discount, and yourCharter Preferred and Preferred Members purchasing at 25% - 42% discount levels. Earn Royalty Overrides and Production Bonus on the documented sales of your downlineSupervisors at 50% & Chartered Preferred Members at 50%. Royalty Overrides and ProductionBonuses are paid out using the Primary Rewardable and Secondary Rewardable methodsdescribed below.Step I (Primary Rewardable Method):Page 4 of 29USEN Rev. 08/28/2020

Documented Volume and Primary Personal Consumption are calculated (Primary Rewardable Volume)and paid out based on the 2/3-1/3 rule.If your Documented Volume is less than 2/3 of your Primary Rewardable Volume, a portion of yourPrimary Personal Consumption Volume will be re-allocated as Secondary Rewardable Volume inorder to meet the 2/3 ratio of Documented Volume to Primary Rewardable Volume.Step II (Secondary Rewardable Method):Non-documented purchases and Secondary Personal Consumption are calculated (SecondaryRewardable Volume) and are paid out using the Accumulate & Allocate (A&A) process.The Accumulate and Allocate Process is the method used to pay Distributors in proportion to theirrewardable organizational earn base, as a percentage of Herbalife Nutrition’s total primaryrewardable volume in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. This process is subject to change and evenelimination in certain circumstances.Important to consider:Wholesale ProfitIf more than 1/3 of the Primary Rewardable Earnings consists of Primary Personal Consumption, then aportion of that Primary Personal Consumption will be rolled up to the first Upline Wholesale Profit earnerwhose Downline’s Primary Personal Consumption is less than 1/3 of their Primary Rewardable Earnings.Royalty Overrides and Production BonusIf more than 1/3 of the Primary Rewardable Volume consists of Primary Personal Consumption, then aportion of that Primary Personal Consumption will be moved to the Secondary Rewardable Volume.We recognize that the process described above is complex and will take time to understand.However, please remember that Herbalife Nutrition will be tracking your qualifications and eligibilityto earn for you. Use MyHerbalife to see the ‘My Volume’ and BizWorks reports including the ‘Linear View Plus’report and more. Throughout the month, you can track the Volume on which you ar