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http://masterofproject.comActivity & Project Duration FormulasIn order to calculate Estimated Activity Duration (EAD) of an activity, Optimistic (O), Most Likely(M) and Pessimistic (P) estimates for an activity are determined first. PERT Triangular DistributionEAD 𝑂 𝑀 𝑃3 PERT Beta DistributionEAD 𝑂 4𝑀 𝑃6 Standard Deviation (SD) of an ActivitySD 𝑃 𝑂6 Variance of an ActivityVariance (𝑃 𝑂 2)6 Range of an Activity DurationRange of an Activity Duration EAD 𝑆𝐷Online PMP TrainingMaster of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed.3

http://masterofproject.comFloat (Slack) FormulasFloat (Slack) of an activity determines how long an activity can be delayed without affecting theproject end date. If an activity is on critical path, float (slack) of that activity will be zero.In order to calculate Float (Slack) of an activity, Late Start (LS) and Early Start (ES) or Late Finish(LF) and Early Finish (EF) values of the activity are determined first.Total Float Late Start (LS) – Early Start (ES)Total Float Late Finish (LF) – Early Finish (EF)Earned Value Management FormulasAbbreviations of Earned Value Terms: Earned Value EVPlanned Value PVActual Cost ACCost Variance CVSchedule Variance SVCost Performance Index CPISchedule Performance Index SPIBudget at Completion BACEstimate to Complete ETCEstimate at Completion EACVariance at Completion VAC To-Complete Performance Index TCPI Cost Variance (CV)CV EV AC Schedule Variance (SV)SV EV PV Cost Performance Index (CPI)CPI 𝐸𝑉𝐴𝐶Online PMP TrainingMaster of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed.4 Schedule Performance Index (SPI)SPI 𝐸𝑉𝑃𝑉 Budget at Completion (BAC)BAC is determined during cost management activities, in Determine Budget Process, in aproject. BAC includes contingency reserves for activities and defines how much moneywill be spent during project in total. Estimate to Complete (ETC)ETC can be determined by re-estimation of the remaining works in a project or earnedvalue (EV) of the accomplished activities can be subtracted from EAC to find ETC value.ETC Re-estimation of Remaining WorksETC EAC AC Estimate at Completion (EAC)EAC value can be found by 3 different approaches using EV, SPI and CPI values.Approach #1: assumes that all future ETC work will be accomplished at the budgetedrate.EAC AC (BAC EV)Approach #2: assumes that cost performance achieved till now is expected to continuein the future.EAC BACCPIApproach #3: assumes that ETC work will be performed at an efficiency rate thatconsiders both the cost and schedule performance indices.EAC AC BAC EVCPI x SPIOnline PMP TrainingMaster of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed.5 Variance at Completion (VAC)VAC BAC EAC To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI)TCPI can be calculated by two approaches. If there is not a new EAC value, 1st approachis used. If there is an EAC value, then 2nd approach is used.Approach #1:TCPI 𝐵𝐴𝐶 EVBAC ACApproach #2:TCPI 𝐵𝐴𝐶 EVEAC ACPresent Value FormulaThere is time value of money and value of a future cash flow is less today than its amount infuture. This is calculated by Present Value (PV) formula. Abbreviations of terms: Present Value PV Future Value FV Interest rate r Number of periods nPV FV(1 r)nOnline PMP TrainingMaster of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed.6

http://masterofproject.comNumber of Communication Channels FormulaIf there are N stakeholders in an environment, following formula will give total number ofcommunication channels between stakeholders in this environment.Number of Communication Channels N(N 1)2Expected Monetary ValueExpected Monetary Value (EMV) of an opportunity or threat is calculated by following formula:EMV Probability x ImpactPoint of Total AssumptionPoint of Total Assumption (PTA) is applicable only in Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF) Contracts.Costs above PTA level are considered to be due to mismanagement. PTA is calculated byfollowing formula.PTA Ceiling Price Target Price 𝑇𝑎𝑟𝑔𝑒𝑡 𝐶𝑜𝑠𝑡Buyer ′ s Sharing RatioCheck Out Online PMP TrainingOnline PMP TrainingMaster of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed.7

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