THE NEWFoundersAchievementAwardRewarding balanced, sustainable businesses

COMMITTED TOYOURSUCCESSTHE NEWPROGRAMWAS DESIGNEDWITH SIX KEYPRINCIPLESIN MIND:Since our founding in 1959,Amway has been committedto enabling success forALIGN WITH CORE PLANour Amway Direct Sellers.Our founders, Rich DeVosand Jay Van Andel, started Amway as a wayto help people everywhere start their ownbusiness and achieve their full potential.REWARD LEADERS FORBUSINESS BUILDING EFFORTSThe business was built on four FoundersFundamentals:FREEDOMFAMILYHOPEREWARDWe believe that good work deservesREWARD ACTIVE & DIRECTMARKET INVOLVEMENTNO TERRITORIAL BORDERSappropriate recognition and financialreward. This change to FAA will better rewardAmway Direct Sellers for building balanced,sustainable businesses and developing theirdownline leaders.PROMOTE BUILDING SOLIDFOUNDERS PLATINUM TEAMSThis fundamental shift in FAA is taking placeas a part of a global change to better alignwith the Core Plan. Amway is preservingfull investment in the New FAA CommissionProgram, and with this change, commissionpayments will be redeployed to leaders withstrong and balanced structures.ENCOURAGE SUSTAINABLEBUSINESS BUILDING

THE NEWFAA COMMISSIONPROGRAM AT A GLANCEstrengthening the connection between FAA & Core PlanAverage Monthly CorePlan CommissionMultiplier (basedon width and depth)MonthlyMultiplierCore 35300%27250%20200%8LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTDHAC* CommissionMin F PlatTeamsGROUP DEVELOPMENT4Super TeamsHow to QualifySuper TeamsTableENHANCED SALESAt least 4in-marketFoundersPlatinumteamsFAA CommissionPaymentCommission ( USD), (paid in Super TeamsA Super Team is aFounders Platinum teamwith 30 pointsThis commission rewardsAmway Direct Sellers whoearn the highest multiplier(750%) and have two ormore teams at 30 pointsThe better you build,the more you can earn)*Paid annually foreach and every year1 02At least20points*DHAC Diamond Higher AchievementCommission* FAA Commission will be paid in local currency34567that you qualify 40,000 60,000Super Teams are notcapped, allowing for 80,000unlimited potential 100,000 140,000 180,0008. 220,000UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

performanceperformance years 2018 - 2020.

New FAA Commission ProgramFREQUENTLYASKEDQuestionsGENERAL QUESTIONSWhy are we changing the FAA program? And why now?Over the years, our business has evolved and the environment inwhich we operate has changed. As a result, Amway is makingglobal changes to better align all incentives with the Core Planand Amway’s Founders Fundamentals. Amway has taken a freshand critical look at the FAA program and is making changes toensure that Amway Direct Sellers are being appropriatelyrewarded for developing downline leaders and building balancedand sustainable Amway businesses. We strongly believe thatstrengthening the connection between FAA and the Core Plan willresult in more sustainable rewards for today’s leaders and a moreattractive program for the next generation of leaders.Where can I find the details around the New FAACommission Program?Your local Amway Sales team will be your go-to for all informationand details of the new program. After the official launch onSeptember 1, 2017, you will also be able to access literature andeducational materials via MyBiz.How long will the New FAA Commission Program be inplace?While Amway maintains the right to make appropriateadjustments as needed, the plan is for the new FAA program tocontinue permanently. The three year transition plan will end inSeptember of 2020.Is the New FAA Commission Program available for allmarkets worldwide?Yes, the new FAA program continues to be a global opportunity.What are the advantages of the New FAA Commissionprogram over the original FAA program? What's in it forme?There are a number of benefits to the new FAA program: Better compliments the Core Plan by directly connecting yourFAA Commission to Core Plan income.Rewards you for all business building activities by ensuringyou are rewarded for building leaders in both width and depth.Whereas the original FAA program only rewards you up to oneDHAC** in a team, the new FAA program will reward you forup to 30 points (e.g., 10 DHACs** in a team).**DHAC Diamond Higher Achievement Commission

? Eliminates territorial borders, allowing for multiple businessesto have the same earning potential. You will be rewarded forthe true scale of your global business, no matter if that is in onemarket, or many.The addition of the Super teams Commission rewards trulyexceptional leaders who inspire others to greatness.Additionally, the amount of Super teams you can earn is notcapped, representing a significant payment opportunity for youfor developing and maintaining Super teams.The payment structure in the new FAA program will not producesignificant changes in Commission year-over-year. YourCommission will more accurately reflect the size of yourbusiness.The original program is very easy for me to understand. Will theNew FAA Commission Program be as simple?We understand it may take some time to fully understand the newplan, but please know Amway is making every effort to ensure thatthe new FAA program is as straightforward as possible. Throughoutthe process, Amway consulted with Amway Direct Sellers and theirfeedback directly influenced the design and simplification of thenew plan. Additionally, appropriate support and education will beput in place to ensure you have a clear understanding of thechanges.How can I find out the impact of the New FAA CommissionProgram to my FAA Commission and track my progress?To help you set goals and motivate your downlines, Amway hasdesigned a new MyBiz feature that will allow you to track yourpotential income as determined by the new FAA program. Thisfeature will be coming soon. Your local Amway Sales team can alsoprovide guidance with setting goals and planning for the future.Is the New FAA Commission Program a cost savings tactic?No, the new FAA program is NOT a cost savings tactic. Amway ispreserving full investment in the New FAA Commission program. Toensure the success of every Amway Direct Seller, Amway is overinvesting in the program for the next three years to ensure asmooth transition. During this time, you will receive the better ofeither program (new vs. original) for your Commission payments.Is there training available on the New FAA Commission program?Beginning September 1, 2017, FAA training will be available viayour in-market Amway Sales Team. Additional educationalmaterials will be available via MyBiz.Are there changes I can make to my business to maximize the NewFAA Commission program?The most effective way to maximize the new program is to growyour Core Plan income by focusing on building your business inways that are rewarded by the Core Plan – a balance of width anddepth. The new FAA program also more directly rewards you fordeveloping downline leaders. For specifics on how to maximize theprogram for your own businesses, contact your local Amway Salesteam.How will the New FAA Commission Program enhance participationas compared to the original program?Because the new program rewards you for development of leaders indepth in a way that the original FAA does not, we believe that moreAmway Direct Sellers will qualify for this new program – not less.What is a balanced and sustainable business to Amway?A balanced, sustainable Amway business is one that meets theAmway Direct Seller’s expectations for success, demonstratessustainable growth and is built with a balance of width and depth.The width and depth equilibrium is achieved by balancing a focuson sales to customers with sponsoring others to do the same.Healthy businesses adhere to Amway’s Rules of Conduct, FoundersFundamentals and Values.HOW DOES IT WORK?What qualifies me to receive a payment from the new FAAProgram?There are three criteria to qualify for the new FAA Commission. Youmust be a DHAC**, have at-least 4 in-market Founders Platinumteams and at-least 20 FAA points. In addition, as is the case withthe original program, you must be in good standing.What is Monthly Core Commission?Monthly Core Commission is made up of Performance Commission(both Personal and Sales), Enhanced Sales, Group Developmentand Leadership (includes Leadership, International Leadership andFoster Commissions).Will the 2% Leadership Commission enhancement count?Yes, the 2% additional amount added to the Core Plan via theLeadership Commission will be included.How can an annual program be based on monthly Commissions?All monthly Core Plan Commissions from #1 and #2 businesseswill be combined together on a monthly basis. This will then beaveraged across the twelve months of the performance year tocalculate an average monthly Core Plan income. The multipliercalculated at the end of the year will be applied against thataverage monthly Core Plan income.Why does the New FAA require more points to participate than theOriginal FAA?The New FAA points are calculated differently than points in theOriginal FAA program points are now ADDITIVE, meaning theyinclude more depth than before – a big change over the currentFAA program. Leaders can help earn more points for themselvesand their upline (up to 6 F. Platinums and a total of 30 points ineach team) by stabilizing their own downline leaders and buildingsustainable depth.Are DHACs** and EHACs* also counting as Founders Platinums?Each leader down a team will count once at the highest qualifiedaward level. The EHAC or DHAC must also have a FoundersPlatinum pin to count. A DHAC** will earn an upline three points intotal.*EHAC Emerald Higher Achievement Commission **DHAC Diamond Higher Achievement Commission

?What is a Founders Platinum team?Q12 teams do not count for the New FAA Commission. Each teammust now have a Founders Platinum pin within them to count asboth a Founders Platinum team and New FAA Points. An EHAC orDHAC must also have a Founders Platinum pin to count.Why is Amway limiting the number of Founders Platinum pointsper team to six?For two reasons. First, the New FAA Commission is meant toreward our most accomplished leaders for the development ofdownline leaders. The requirement to develop leaders beyondFounders Platinum to maximize points within a team is meant toencourage leaders to continue to develop their downlines beyondFounders Platinum. Second, this requirement is meant to guardagainst manipulation of volume and Founders Platinumqualifications.Why does Amway require #2 businesses to be at the EHAC* levelto count depth?The New FAA Commission Program is designed to reward activeand direct market involvement – not merely a position in the line ofsponsorship. Founders Platinum is required to earn any points.With the uncapping of potential from #2 businesses, the EHAC*requirement was included to ensure that leaders who were directlyinvolved in developing leaders within a market would be rewardedfor their efforts.Why aren’t Internationally sponsored Founders Platinum teamscounted toward the width requirement?The New FAA Commission Program was designed to reward activeand direct market involvement, therefore it only includes #1 and#2 businesses when measuring width and depth. Internationallysponsored teams will continue to benefit Amway Direct Sellersthrough the Core Plan, and the International LeadershipCommission generated by these teams will contribute to the CorePlan portion of the new FAA calculation.Is 150 points the maximum the program has, or can I earn more?The multiplier schedule is maximized at 12 Founders Platinumteams and 150 points. The multiplier will continue to apply againstthe average monthly Core Plan Income, even as that grows beyond12 teams or 150 points.What is a Super team?A Super team is a qualified Founders Platinum team with 30 pointsdownline of a leader. In order to enter into the Super teamsschedule and receive the Super teams Commission, a leader mustearn the maximum multiplier (750%) and have a minimum of twoSuper teams.How can there be unlimited potential when there is a maximummultiplier of 750%?There is no limit to a leader’s earning potential in the New FAAprogram. While the multiplier is limited to 750%, there is no limitto the amount of monthly core Commission a leader can earn. Inaddition, as leaders reach the 750% multiplier, they are eligible foranother unlimited portion of the New FAA program, the Super teamCommission. There is no cap to the number of Super teams thatan Amway Direct Seller can create and get paid for and it is not aone-time Commission a leader can get paid each and every yearthe team qualifies with 30 FAA points.Why are points assigned to Founders Platinum, EHAC*, DHAC**and not other award levels?The original FAA program rewards leaders for the development ofFounders Platinum, EHAC* and DHAC** teams. The new FAAprogram will follow the same general principle.Why does Amway require 2 Super teams in order to receive Superteam payments?The minimum threshold of two Super teams ensures that theleader has demonstrated that they can build their own Super team,not simply benefit from a Super team built by their downline.Are Super team payments replacing OTCAs? Why are they not amore lucrative amount?Similar to OTCAs, the Super team Commission is intended toreward our most exemplary and accomplished leaders for theirimpressive leadership. However, Super team payments are not areplacement for OTCAs, but are a reward for building sustainableteams and can generate income for the upline year afteryear. There is no limit to the number of Super teams a leader canbuild and no limit to the number of years a leader can earnpayments from those teams. This results in a smoother, morereliable income stream rather than a one-time payment.Is there any concept of jumping levels? (vs. jump 2 levels and upfor FAA 40 & up OTCA)No. However, all qualifications that contribute to your point totalwill be subje