The Goetia Ritual BookBy Kuriakos1

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Table of ContentsIntroductionI. The Goetia Evocation Ritual .8II. The Goetia Spirits .10III. The Book of Shadows .833

CaveatThis text deals with astral and physical forces that canbe dangerous if misused or used carelessly. It is importantthat the reader know his or her own physical, emotional,and psychological limits before undertaking the studieswithin this book. The exercises herein and techniquesdiscussed are not to be used in lieu of the services oftrained and qualified professionals such as physicians orpsychologists. The reader is responsible, in every way, forhis or her actions involved in using the rituals in this bookand the author, publisher and the distributor of this textare not responsible for any undesirable outcomes fromthe use of this book.4

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IntroductionAfter thousands of years and endless difficult GrimoireMagick books on the subject, this book, The Goetia RitualBook, finally reveals the true secrets of the Goetia! ThisGoetia Ritual book is the most powerful and yet simpleMagick you will ever do! You only need a candle, bell,rope and incense and 10 minutes to do each ritual. Inchapter 1, The Goetia Evocation Ritual shows you step bystep how to easily summon these 72 Spirits of Solomon tovisible appearance! And in chapter 2 there is a list of allthe Goetia spirits with an easy to understand descriptionfor each spirit so you can easily summon them for money,health, love, psychic abilities and many more things aswell. Chapter 3 is a Book of Shadows to record yourrituals and results. From my personal experience many ofthese Goetia spirits will appear to you in visible form andyou may see, feel, hear or sense these spirits so please donot be alarmed as this is a sign that your request is beinganswered! However, for your protection, please always6

stay inside the circle until the ritual is completed. Afterthe ritual pay attention in the next few days to feelings,ideas and thoughts and follow all of these ideas etc. asthese are the answers to your request from the Goetiaspirits. Unlike spells which require a belief system, theseevocation rituals don’t require you to believe in them atall as these Goetia spirits are doing your bidding for you!7

I. The Goetia Evocation RitualThe Goetia Evocation RitualTemple Set UpPut on robe and wear Spirits Sigil as a necklacePut cloth on altar, with bell, lit candle and sandalwoodincense on itPut rope circle around you and the altar and face NorthRead description of Spirit and write RequestOpening RitualsRing Bell-“this temple is now open”Opening Prayer: “Before me is Raphael, behind me is Gabriel,on my right side is Michael and on my left side is Auriel. Foraround me shines the Pentagram and within me shines the six rayed star”8

Spirit CommunicationStare at spirit’s sigil and visualize your requestSay this 3 times: “I summon and evoke thee, (name of spirit),to visibly appear before me and answer my request of (request).Stare at spirit’s sigil again and visualize requestcompleted.Closing RitualsLicense to Depart: “I thank thee, (name of spirit), this ritual isnow done. All forces, Entities and Energies shall go about theirbusiness until again I call. In the Ultimate Name, go in peace todo my bidding. Harm nobody and none and nothing that Ihave, that I like and love. So mote it be.”Ring bell-”this temple is now closed”Record in Book of Shadows.End.9

II. The Goetia Spirits10

Spirit: BaelDescription: invisibility, secrecy, disguises11

Spirit: AgaresDescription: reunites, truce, communication12

Spirit: VassageDescription: knowledge of the past and future,recovers lost articles, protection13

Spirit: Samigina or GamiginDescription: sciences, contact the dead, discoveryof secrets, correcting mistakes14

Spirit: MarbasDescription: logic, shamanism, shape shifting15

Spirit: ValeforDescription: discover lost objects, obtain magicalfamiliars16

Spirit: AmonDescription: luck, prosperity, wealth, influence,love, friendship, familiars17

Spirit: BarbatosDescription: animal communication, wealth,discenchantment18

Spirit: PaimonDescription: personal magnetism, charisma,honors, arts, bondage19

Spirit: BuerDescription: healing and with herbs20

Spirit: GusionDescription: information-past, present and future,honor, dignity21

Spirit: SitriDescription: sexual attraction, desire22

Spirit: BelethDescription: sexual passion23

Spirit: LerajeDescription: triumph over obstacles, physicalstrength, winning, corruption24

Spirit: EligosDescription: strategy in life and love25

Spirit: ZeparDescription: infertility, barrenness26

Spirit: BotisDescription: truce, reconciliation27

Spirit: BathinDescription: transformation, astral travel, physicaltravel28

Spirit: SallosDescription: love29

Spirit: PursonDescription: assistance, special favors30

Spirit: MaraxDescription: wisdom, method31

Spirit: IposDescription: eloquence, presence, courage32

Spirit: AimDescription: victory, stimulation33

Spirit: NaberiusDescription: spirit guide, spirit communication34

Spirit: Glasya-LabolasDescription: commanding, endings35

Spirit: BuneDescription: wealth, spiritual protection, wisdom,knowledge, helps make decisions, necromancy36

Spirit: RonoveDescription: charm, gain through charisma37

Spirit: BerithDescription: honor, power, status38

Spirit: AstarothDescription: practicality, clarity39

Spirit: ForneusDescription: fortune, fame, recognition40

Spirit: ForasDescription: understanding wisdom, longevity41

Spirit: AsmodayDescription: intelligence, skill42

Spirit: GaapDescription: astral travel, ignorance43

Spirit: FurfurDescription: transformation, attraction, violence44

Spirit: MarchosiasDescription: prosperity, strength45

Spirit: StolasDescription: success, psychic protection46

Spirit: PhenexDescription: artistry, harmony47

Spirit: HalphasDescription: rise to power, ambition48

Spirit: MalphasDescription: aspiration, strength49

Spirit: RaumDescription: justice, luck, loss50

Spirit: FocalorDescription: uncrossing, failure51

Spirit: VeparDescription: karmic balance, destruction52

Spirit: SabnockDescription: triumph, construction53

Spirit: ShaxDescription: confusion, immobility54

Spirit: VineDescription: psychic protection, exposure,excellent for helping magicians55

Spirit: BifronsDescription: past lives, spirit channeling, memory56

Spirit: VualDescription: sensuality, luxury, antiquity57

Spirit: HaagentiDescription: transformation, alchemy, change58

Spirit: CrocellDescription: intuition, pleasure59

Spirit: FurcasDescription: divination, psychic power60

Spirit: BalamDescription: revelation, invisibility, wit61

Spirit: AllocesDescription: psychic and astrologicalunderstanding, wisdom, brings familiars62

Spirit: CamioDescription: intuition, diplomacy, interspecies andalien communication63

Spirit: MurmurDescription: restraint, information, philosophy,spirit communication64

Spirit: OrbasDescription: fame, recognition, dignities, honors,influence, friends, foes65

Spirit: GremoryDescription: treasure, gain, reward, love66

Spirit: OseDescription: transformation, answers, secrets67

Spirit: AmyDescription: treasures, knowledge, astrology,gives familiars68

Spirit: OriasDescription: prediction, transformation, treasures,honors, astrology69

Spirit: VapulaDescription: expertise, knowledge, philosophy,science70

Spirit: ZaganDescription: transformation, wealth, wisdom, wit71

Spirit: ValacDescription: discovery of treasure, discovery ofhidden enemies72

Spirit: AndrasDescription: overthrow, create discord73

Spirit: HauresDescription: balance, beginning, justice to enemies74

Spirit: AndrealphisDescription: measurement, cunning, mathematics,transformation75

Spirit: CimeiesDescription: strength, structure, communication,charm, finds lost objects76

Spirit: AmdusiasDescription: manipulation, music, gives familiars77

Spirit: BelialDescription: mastery, dignities, political power,favors, gives familiars78

Spirit: DecarabiaDescription: apparitions, mystic visions, illusions79

Spirit: SeereDescription: swiftness, motion, translocation,discover thieves80

Spirit: DantalionDescription: persuasion, reveals secrets, bringslove, telepathy, visions81

Spirit: AndromaliusDescription: retribution, regains stolen goods,punishes thieves, and reveals underworld dealings82

III. The Book of Shadows83

The Book of Shadows84

The Book of Shadows85

The Book of Shadows86

The Book of Shadows87

The Book of Shadows88

The Book of Shadows89

The Book of Shadows90

The Book of Shadows91

The Book of Shadows92

The Book of Shadows93

The Book of Shadows94

The Book of Shadows95