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SAP HANA on AWS SAP HANA GuidesTable of ContentsHome . 1AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA . 2What is AWS Backint agent? . 2How AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA works . 2Billing . 3Supported operating systems . 3Supported databases . 3Supported Regions . 3Get started . 3Prerequisites . 3Install and configure AWS Backint agent . 6Back up and restore your SAP HANA system . 17Backup and recovery using SQL statements . 17Backup and recovery using SAP HANA Cockpit or SAP HANA Studio . 19Get backup and recovery status . 19Find your backup in an Amazon S3 bucket . 19Schedule and manage backups . 20Backup retention . 20Verify signature . 20Troubleshoot . 22Agent logs . 22Installation . 22Backup and recovery . 23Backup deletion . 26Version history . 26Migrating SAP HANA to AWS . 28. 28Migration frameworks . 286 Rs . 28AWS CAF . 29Planning . 30Understanding on-premises resource utilization . 30Reviewing AWS automation tools for SAP . 30Data tiering . 30Prerequisites . 31SAP HANA sizing . 32Memory requirements for rehosting . 32Memory requirements for replatforming . 32Instance sizing for SAP HANA . 33Network planning and sizing . 33SAP HANA scale-up and scale-out . 34Migration tools and methodologies . 34AWS Quick Starts . 35Migration using DMO with System Move . 35SAP HANA classical migration . 36SAP Software SUM DMO . 36SAP HANA HSR . 36SAP HANA HSR with initialization via backup and restore . 36Backup/restore tools . 36AWS Snowball . 37Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration . 38Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration . 38AMIs . 38Migration scenarios . 38iii

SAP HANA on AWS SAP HANA GuidesMigrating anyDB to SAP HANA on AWS .Migrating SAP HANA to AWS .Option 1: Backup and restore .Option 2: Classical migration .Option 3: HSR .Option 4: HSR (with initialization via backup and restore) .Migrating SAP HANA to a High Memory instance .Option 1: Resizing an instance with host or dedicated tenancy .Option 2: Migrating from an instance with default tenancy .Third-party migration tools .Security .Additional reading .Document revisions .SAP HANA Environment Setup .Prerequisites .Specialized knowledge .Technical requirements .Architecture .Planning the deployment .Compute .Operating system .AMI .Storage .Network .Deployment using AWS CLI .Step 1. Storage configuration .Step 2. Launch the instance .Deployment steps using the console .Operating system and storage configuration .Configure operating system – SLES .Configure operating system – RHEL .Configure storage .Configure NFS .Post deployment steps .Additional reading .Appendix A .Document Revisions .SAP HANA on AWS Operations Guide .About this guide .Introduction .Administration .Starting and stopping instances .Tagging SAP resources .Monitoring .Automation .Patching .Restoring backups and snapshots .Networking .EBS-optimized instances .Elastic network interfaces .Security groups .