Data SheetCisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E:Leading Borderless Network Access andAggregation Supervisor EngineOverview Establishing borderless leadership is now easier than ever to achieve with the new Cisco Catalyst 4500ESupervisor Engine 7-E (Figure 1), an enterprise-class borderless network access and aggregation supervisorengine designed to provide 848 Gbps per system with E-Series chassis. Cisco Catalyst 4500E SupervisorEngine 7-E is the first Cisco Catalyst supervisor engine to provide 48 Gbps per slot with Flexible NetFlow,Advanced Security, combined with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and excellent investment protection.With these capabilities, 4 10G uplinks and 10/100/1000 PoE, PoEP and UPOE ports, this supervisor engine isundoubtedly Cisco’s leading borderless network access Catalyst supervisor engine. Supervisor Engine 7-E is builtwith price-performance aggregation deployments in mind, providing increased Gigabit Ethernet and 10 GigabitEthernet fiber density along with hardware capabilities to support enterprise-class aggregation functionalities.Supervisor Engine 7-E facilitates borderless user experiences for enterprise, public sector, mid-market, andcommercial customer deployment business-critical applications. Borderless network leadership is extended with important drivers - Hardware readiness for Cisco TrustSec ,medianet, Flexible NetFlow, Cisco EnergyWise, Cisco Powered Workspace - and other feature enhancementsenabled by the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E. Backward and forward compatibility with mostexisting Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 4500E line cards assures deeper customer satisfaction with the industry’s bestinvestment protection architecture. Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine 7-E is supported in E-Series chassis only.The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E delivers several new technology breakthroughs and industryfirsts, extending the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series placement from premium wiring closet solution into nextgeneration borderless access and aggregation deployments.The Supervisor Engine 7-E offers the following key leading innovations and capabilities: Enables 10 years of investment protection through backward and forward compatibility Cisco Catalyst switch with 48 Gbps per slot (848 G per system) Enables around 5 microseconds of latency to and from any 10G port First Cisco Catalyst switch with campus Flexible NetFlow (FNF) First Cisco Catalyst switch offering Cisco IOS XE Modular Software services First Cisco Catalyst switch with less than 200ms ISSU high availability First Cisco Catalyst switch for next generation Cisco Powered Workspace (EEE, UPOE) First and only modular switch with 8 bi-directional line rate SPAN and/or RSPAN sessions 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.Page 1 of 13

Figure 1.Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-ECisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E Feature HighlightsThe Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E is the first Cisco Catalyst supervisor engine to providenonblocking 48 Gbps per slot bandwidth and Flexible NetFlow for optimized application visibility. In addition to this,the enterprise-class Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E offers the following: Performance/Scalability 848 Gbps switching capacity with 250 Mpps of throughput 4 nonblocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks [SFP ] SFP support on uplinks to offer flexibility for up to 4 Gigabit Ethernet 384 ports of nonblocking 10/100/1000 PoEP (30W) capabilities on all ports in a line card simultaneously UPOE (60W) capabilities on all line card slots Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) 196 ports of nonblocking Gig SFP 100 ports of 10G SFP (4 Uplinks ports 96 Line card ports) 128K Flexible NetFlow entries in hardware External USB and SD card support for flexible storage options 256K Routing Entries for high-end campus access and aggregation deployments IPv6 support in hardware, providing wire-rate forwarding for IPv6 networks Dynamic hardware forwarding-table allocations for ease of IPv4-to-IPv6 migration Scalable routing (IPv4, IPv6, and multicast) tables, Layer 2 tables, and ACL and QoS entries to makeuse of 8 queues per port and comprehensive security policies per port Infrastructure Services Cisco IOS XE Software, the modular open application platform for virtualized borderless services Maximum resiliency with redundant components, Nonstop Forwarding/Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO),and In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) support 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.Page 2 of 13

Network virtualization through Multi-VRF technology for Layer 3 segmentation Automation through Embedded Event Manager (EEM), Cisco Smart Call Home, AutoQoS, and AutoSmartPorts for fast provisioning, diagnosis, and reporting Borderless Network Services Optimized application performance through deep visibility with Flexible Netflow supporting rich Layer2/3/4 information (MAC, VLAN, TCP Flags) and synthetic traffic monitoring with IP SLA Medianet capabilities to simplify video quality of service, monitoring, and security Energy efficient design with Cisco EnergyWise technology to manage network, PoEP, and PCInvestment Protection and Reduced TCO Full backward compatibility with 6 G, 24 G, and 48 Gbps slot line cards with no performance degradationThe Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E is compatible with classic Cisco Catalyst 4500 line cards, andpower supplies, providing full investment protection. Supervisor Engine 7-E is not compatible with classic Catalyst4500 chassis. When you deploy the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E with classic line cards, all of thenew features except the 24 Gbps and 48 Gbps per-slot switching capacity are inherited.Predictable Performance and ScalabilityThe Supervisor Engine 7-E is the first Cisco Catalyst supervisor engine to provide 48 Gbps per slot switchingcapacity. Table 1 highlights the performance and scalability enhancements of the Cisco Catalyst 4500ESupervisor Engine 7-E.Table 1.Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E Performance and Scalability FeaturesFeature and DescriptionSupervisor Engine 7-ECentralized Switching Capacity848 GbpsPer-Slot Switching Capacity48 GbpsThroughput 250 Mpps for IPv4 125 Mpps for IPv6IPv4 Routing Entries256,000IPv6 Routing Entries128,000Multicast Routes16,000 (Available with Cisco IOS XE 3.1.0 SG)32,000 (Available with Cisco IOS XE 3.2.0 SG or later)CPUDual Core 1.5 GHzCPU Queues64Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM)2 GB upgradable to 4 GBNVRAM1GSecurity and QoS Hardware Entries128,000Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) and Dynamic HostConfiguration Protocol (DHCP) Snooping Entries12,000MAC addresses55,000Active VLANs4,094ARP Entries47,000Spanning Tree Protocol Instances10,000Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVIs)4,094Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN)Maximum of 8 sessions: ingress and/or egress 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.Page 3 of 13

The Supervisor Engine 7-E is also optimized for multimedia applications with its advanced multicast supportoffered by features such as Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM), givingyour network additional scalability to support multimedia applications.Continued Innovations Through Infrastructure ServicesModular Open Application Platform, Cisco IOS XE SoftwareCisco IOS XE Software is the next generation operating system for the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisors,beginning with the Supervisor 7-E. Cisco continues to evolve Cisco IOS Software to support next-generationswitching hardware and provide increased architectural flexibility to deliver quick adoption of future CiscoBorderless Networks services, while making sure of customer investment protection in Cisco IOS Software.Cisco IOS XE Software provides the following customer benefits: Cisco IOS XE Software provides a modern operating system that can take advantage of the multicore CPUarchitecture of the next generation Cisco Catalyst 4500E system with Supervisor 7-E. Cisco IOS XE Software makes sure of customer investment protection in the existing Cisco IOS Software.With Cisco IOS XE Software, today’s Cisco IOS Software becomes a “Cisco IOS Software package” with aconsistent feature set and operational look and feel. This allows a transparent migration experience. Cisco IOS XE Software supports service virtualization capability that allows the Cisco Catalyst 4500E tohost applications other than Cisco IOS Software, such as customer written applications, or third-partyapplications in parallel with Cisco IOS Software. The hosted application can communicate with Cisco IOSSoftware to use its rich feature sets. This benefit allows a customer to quickly adopt new technologiesusing proven code, while keeping Cisco IOS Software simple and robust. Cisco IOS XE Software enablesCisco Catalyst 4500E to be an open service platform and is a primary anchor to enable future CiscoBorderless Networks innovations.Best-in-Class ResiliencyThe Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series was designed for excellent nonstop communications with noninterruptedhardware switching. With Cisco IO XE Software customers continue to reap the benefit of this best-in-classresiliency in various ways.ISSU allows you to upgrade or downgrade complete Cisco IOS Software images with minimal (less than 200msec)to no disruption to the network when using a redundant Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series system with dual supervisorengines 7-E. Facilitating rapid, nondisruptive software upgrade for new line cards, new power supplies, newfeatures, or bug fixes, ISSU offers continuous packet forwarding during the supervisor-engine switchover runningdifferent Cisco IOS Software releases.NSF/SSO offers continuous packet forwarding during supervisor-engine switchover. Information is fullysynchronized between supervisor engines to allow the standby supervisor engine to immediately take over insubsecond time if the primary fails.NSF/SSO and ISSU dramatically improve the network reliability and availability in a Layer 2 or Layer 3environment. NSF/SSO and ISSU are essential for business-critical applications such as voice over IP (VoIP).These features help ensure that VoIP calls are not dropped. 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.Page 4 of 13

In addition to redundant power supplies, fans, and clock modules, the Cisco Catalyst 4510R E, 4507R E,4510R-E, and 4507R-E chassis models support 1 1 supervisor-engine redundancy, using the SupervisorEngine 7-E. The primary supervisor engine is active and is responsible for normal system operation.The secondary supervisor engine serves as a standby, monitoring the operation of the primary supervisorengine. The resiliency features of the Cisco Catalyst 4500E prevent network outages that could result in lostbusiness and revenue.Apart from the above, Supervisor Engine 7-E has resiliency built into its uplinks. Figure 2 shows the uplink optionson Supervisor Engine 7-E.Figure 2.High-Availability and Uplink Options for Supervisor Engine 7-ESimplified Operations through AutomationAs campus switching has grown to support increasing enterprise demands, so has the need to deploy andmanage new and evolving technologies. Simplified operations are critical in meeting these challenges andachieving increased operational efficiency through proactive management and reduction in unplanned networkdowntime.The Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine 7-E offers the following rich set of capabilities for simplified operations: Auto Install and AutoQoS for fast deployment Config Rollback for improved config management EEM, Smart Call Home, GOLD, TDR for simplified operations Flexible NetFlow and IP SLA for enhanced visibility Cisco EnergyWise for simplified power management ISSU for simplified change managementOptimized Application Visibility with Flexible NetFlowCisco IOS Flexible NetFlow is the next generation in flow technology, allowing optimization of the networkinfrastructure, reducing operation costs, improving capacity planning and security incident detection with increasedflexibility and scalability. The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E is the first Cisco Catalyst supervisorengine to provide optimized application visibility with Flexible NetFlow with a capability of 128K Flexible NetFlowEntries. The Supervisor Engine 7-E, with custom-built ASIC, delivers next-generation flow technology withunprecedented flexibility and comprehensive visibility extending from Layer 2 (MAC, VLAN) to Layer 4 (TCP, UDPflags, and so on). 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.Page 5 of 13

The flow data collected by Flexible NetFlow can be exported to external collector for analysis and reporting, ortracked by Embedded Event Manager (EEM).The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E enables powerful,on-box and customizable event correlation and policy actions with EEM. This allows the switches to triggercustomized event alarms or policy actions when the predefined condition is met. With no external appliancerequired, customers are able to use existing infrastructure to perform traffic monitoring, making traffic analysiseconomical even on large IP network.Details on Cisco Flexible NetFlow are available rel/ps6537/ps6555/ps6601/ps6965/product data sheet0900aecd804b590b.html.Investment Protection with Chassis and Line Card SupportAlready-installed Cisco Catalyst 4500E chassis with classic and E-Series line cards can take advantage of thenew features and functions of the Supervisor Engine 7-E on all ports with a simple supervisor-engine upgrade.However, to take advantage of the increased switching capacity of 48 Gbps per slot, the Cisco Catalyst 4500ESeries chassis (including R E chassis) and the se