Cisco Catalyst 4500Series Switch Datasheet

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OVERVIEWThe Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches enable Borderless Networks, providing high performance,mobile, and secure user experiences through Layer 2-4 switching investments. They enable security,mobility, application performance, video, and energy savings over an infrastructure that supportsresiliency, virtualization, and automation. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches provide borderlessperformance, scalability, and services with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and superiorinvestment protection.The Cisco Catalyst 4500 has a centralized forwarding architecture that enables collaboration,virtualization, and operational manageability through simplified operations. With forward andbackward compatibility spanning multiple generations, the new Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series providesexceptional investment protection and deployment flexibility to meet the evolving needs oforganizations of all sizes. The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series platform has 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE)uplinks and supports Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE ) and Universal PoE (UPOE), enabling customersto future proof their network.E-Series chassis come in four different form factors: 3-slot (4503-E), 6-slot (4506-E), 7-slot (4507R E),and 10-slot (4510R E). 4503-E, 4506-E, 4507R E, and 4510R E chassis are extremely flexible andsupport either 24 or 48 Gbps per line-card slot. Integrated resiliency in the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Seriesincludes 1 1 supervisor engine redundancy (10-slot and 7-slot chassis only), redundant fans,software-based fault tolerance, and 1 1 power supply redundancy. Integrated resiliency in bothhardware and software minimizes network downtime, helping to ensure workforce productivity,profitability, and customer success.APPEARANCEFigure 1. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series SwitchesROUTER-SWITCH.COM2

KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITSCisco Catalyst 4500E Series Chassis FeaturesFeatureTotal number ofslotsLine-card slotsSupervisorengine slotsCisco CatalystCisco CatalystCisco CatalystCisco CatalystWS-C4503-EWS C4506-EWS C4507R EWS C4510R EChassisChassisChassisChassis36710255811112223113 and 45 and 6Dedicatedsupervisorengine undancyEngines V-10GE,6-E, 7-E, and8-E)SupervisorenginessupportedMaximum PoEper slotSupervisorSupervisorSupervisorEngines 8-E,Engines 8-E,Engines 8-E,8L-E, 7-E, 7L-E,8L-E, 7-E, 7L-,8L-E, 7-E, 7L-E,6-E, and 6L-E6-E, and 6L-E6-E, and 6L-E1500W1500W1500WSupervisorEngines 8-E,7-E, and 6-E41500W slots 1and 2; 750Wslots 3, 4, andROUTER-SWITCH.COM3

7-10BandwidthUp to 48 GbpsUp to 48 GbpsUp to 48 GbpsUp to 48 Gbpson all slotson all slotson all slots5on all slots52222AC input powerYesYesYesYesDC input powerYesYesYesYesIntegrated PoEYesYesYesYes1111 1000W AC 1000W AC 1000W AC 1400W AC 1400W AC 1400W AC 1400W AC 1300W ACV 1300W ACV 1300W ACV 2800W ACV 2800W ACV 2800W ACV 2800W ACV 4200W ACV 4200W ACV 4200W ACV 4200W ACV 6000W ACV 6000W ACV 6000W ACV 6000W ACV 9000W ACV 9000W ACV 9000W ACV 9000W ACV 1400W DC 1400W DC 1400W DC 1400W DC(triple input)(triple input)(triple input) 1400W-DC-P 1400W-DC-P 1400W-DC-P111scalability perline-card slotNumber ofpower supplybaysMinimumnumber ofpower suppliesPower suppliessupportedNumber ofROUTER-SWITCH.COM(triple input) 1400W-DC-P14

fan-tray baysLocation of19-inchFrontFrontFrontFrontFront (option)Front (option)Front (option)Front (option)rack-mountLocation of23-inchrack-mountNotes:1. Slot 1 is reserved for supervisor engine only; slots 2 and higher are reserved for line cards.2. Slots 3 and 4 are reserved for supervisor engines only in Cisco Catalyst 4507R E; slots 1-2 and 5-7are reserved for line cards.3. Slots 5 and 6 are reserved for supervisor engines only in Cisco Catalyst 4510R E; slots 1-4 and 7-10are reserved for line cards.4. 6 Gbps only on slots 8-10.5. WS-C4507R E and WS-C4510R E chassis support up to 24 Gbps per line-card slot when used withSupervisor Engine 6-E.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS OF CISCO CATALYST 4500 SERIES SWITCHPhysical Specifications of Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series ChassisSpecificationWS-C4503-EWS-C4506-EWS-C4507R EWS-C4510R E12.25 x 17.31 x17.38 x 17.31 x19.19 x 17.31 x24.35 x 17.31 x12.50 in. (31.12 x12.50 in. (44.13 x12.50 in. (48.74 x12.50 in. (61.84 x43.97 x 31.70 cm)43.97 x 31.70 cm)43.97 x 31.70 cm)43.97 x 31.70 cm)Rack units (RU)7RU10RU11RU14RUChassis32.25 lb (14.6340.50 lb (18.3744.50 lb (20.1954.50 lb (24.73kg)kg)kg)kg)Dimensions (H xW x D)weight(with fan tray)ROUTER-SWITCH.COM5

ompatible(19-in. rack and(19-in. rack and(19-in. rack and(19-in. rack d)included)Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Power Supply Specifications (Data Only)Power Supply1000W AC1400W AC1400W DC Triple InputIntegrated PoENo (data only)No (data only)No (data only)12A at 100 VAC, 5A at16A at 100 VAC, 7A atTwo -48 VDC at 15A;240 VAC240 VACOne -48 VDC at 12.5A 12V at 83.4A 12V at 113.4A 12V at 1360W 3.3V at 12.2A 3.3V at 12.2A 3.3V at 40W1000W 40W1360W 40W1400W 40W1667W2473W-Heat dissipation943 BTU per hour1048 BTU per hour1048 BTU per hourHoldup time20 ms20 ms8 msHot-swappableYesYesYesInput current (rated)Output current bined mode (data)Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Power Supply Specifications (Data and PoE)Power1300W ACROUTER-SWITCH.COM2800W AC4200W AC6000 AC9000 AC1400W DCwith Power6

SupplyEntryModule(PEM)Upto7500W(minus )data)whenconnecteddirectly to aDCpowerplant or 2external ACpowershelves Three 16AInputat100 VAC 16A 7A at 240200 VACcurrent(rated)at Two 12A Two 12A12A at 100 31Aat 100 VACat 100 VACVAC-60VDC(data only)OrOrOr 180AVACat Two 12A Two 16A Three-48at 200 VACat 200 VAC16A at 200(PoE)atVDCVAC 12VOutputat84.7A 12Vat 12V113.3A115.3A 3.3V at 3.3V12.5A12.5Aat 12Vat186.9A 12Vat163.3A 12Vat120Acurrent(data) 3.3V12.5AROUTER-SWITCH.COMatat 3.3V12.5Aat 3.3V12.5Aat 3.3Vat12.5A7

-50VOutputcurrent(PoE)at77.1A-50Vat16.7A-50V at 28A(200V)-50V at 50V38.5A50.0A(120V)(120V)at140Aatat-8/-60 VDCOutputpowerredundantmode1000W 40W1360W 1383W 2200W 1960W 1360W40W40W40W40W 4800W 7500W7500W 40W(data)UptoOutput800W1400W 3700Wpowermaximummaximum(220V)(220V)(220V)(minus theredundantperper 1850W 1850W 2500Wpowermode plyfor combined1333W2333Wmode hrBTU/hrBTU/hrBTU/hrROUTER-SWITCH.COMDataonly:1591 BTUs8

per hourDataandvoice: 2905BTUsperhourHolduptimeHotswappable20 ms20 ms20 ms20 ms20 ms4 msYesYesYesYesYesYesRegulatory Standards ComplianceSpecificationStandardRegulatory complianceCE Marking UL 60950 CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950 EN 60950Safety IEC 60950 TS 001 AS/NZS 3260 FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A ICES-003 Class AEMC EN55022 Class A CISPR22 Class A AS/NZS 3548 Class AROUTER-SWITCH.COM9

VCCI Class A EN 50121-4 EN 55022 EN 55024 EN 61000-6-1 EN 50082-1 EN 61000-3-2 EN 61000-3-3 ETS 300 386 NEBS Level 3 ETS 300 019 Storage Class 1.1Industry EMC, safety, and environmentalstandards ETS 300 019 Transportation Class 2.3 ETS 300 019 Stationary Use Class 3.1 ETS 300 386 CTR 12/13Telecom (E1) CTR 4 ACA TS016 FCC Part 68Telecom (T1) Canada CS-03 JATE Green BookROHS complianceROUTER-SWITCH.COMROHS510

CISCO 4500 BASIC ORDERING INFORMATIONProduct NumberProduct DescriptionWS-C4503-ECisco Catalyst E-Series 4503 switch (3-slot chassis), fan, no power supplyWS-C4506-ECisco Catalyst E-Series 4506 switch (6-slot chassis), fan, no power supplyWS-C4507R EWS-C4510R ECisco Catalyst E-Series 4507R E switch (7-slot chassis), fan, no powersupply, redundant supervisor capableCisco Catalyst E-Series 4510R E switch (10-slot chassis), fan, no powersupply; redundant supervisor capablePWR-C45-1000ACCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 1000W AC power supply (data only)PWR-C45-1400ACCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 1400W AC power supply (data only)PWR-C45-1300ACVCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 1300W AC power supply (with integrated PoE)PWR-C45-2800ACVCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 2800W AC power supply (with integrated PoE)PWR-C45-4200ACVCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 4200W AC power supply (with integrated PoE)PWR-C45-6000ACVCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 6000W AC power supply (with integrated PoE)PWR-C45-9000ACVCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 9000W AC power supply (with integrated PoE)PWR-C45-1400DC-PPWR-C45-1400DCCisco Catalyst 4500 Series 1400W DC power supply with integratedpower entry module (PEM)Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series triple input 1400W DC power supply (dataonly)WS-X4516-10GECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine V-10GEWS-X45-SUP6-ECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 6-EROUTER-SWITCH.COM11

WS-X45-SUP6L-ECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 6L-EWS-X45-SUP7-ECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 7-EWS-X45-SUP7L-ECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 7L-EWS-X45-SUP8-ECisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 8-EWS-X45-SUP8L-E Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 8L-EMEM-C4K-FLD64MCompact Flash memory, 64-MB optionMEM-C4K-FLD128MCompact Flash memory, 128-MB s/productdata sheet0900aecd801792b1.htmlROUTER-SWITCH.COM12