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INTRODUCTIONManaging the entire uniform and laundry inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment frompurchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, requires acomprehensive system within the company. The interoperability of such system is especially importantwhen the cleaning or laundering is being outsourced.The RFID4U Uniform Tracking System provides full inventory receiving, tagging, tracking, and issuingcapabilities utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID, barcode, and NFC technologyincluding Handheld and Fixed Readers, Sensors, Wi-Fi and local networks, and the Internet.TABLE OF CONTENTS1. SOLUTION OVERVIEW . 42. UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM SOFTWARE . 6Stock Entry Screen . 7Uniform Issue and Verification . 8Portal Issue . 10Admin . 11Dashboard . 12Inventory Details Dashboard . 12Issued Item Details Dashboard . 13Order Details Dashboard. 13Reports . 143. HANDHELD RFID READER APPLICATION . 15Main Menu . 15Issue Items. 16Return Items . 16Qty on Hand . 16Cycle Count . 164. BENEFITS . 163WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

1. SOLUTION OVERVIEWHotels, restaurants, amusement parks, hospitals, military and government, manufacturing plantsand service facilities issue uniforms to their employees on a daily basis. In addition, they alsooften handle large quantities of towels, linen, draperies and other reusable fabric items. Allgarments and other items have to go through the collection, cleaning, storage and issuanceprocesses quickly and efficiently and not get lost, misplaced, damaged or issued incorrectly(right item to the wrong person or a wrong item to the right person).To solve this challenge, RFID4U has designed a Uniform Tracking Systems that can be utilizedfor any kind of washable or dry-cleanable item from uniforms to linen.System Applications: Each individual item (shirt, jacket, boots, hat, etc.), if tagged with an RFID or NFC tag,can be tracked separately, rather than as a class of items.Complete inventory management.Easy lot identification and control.Locating a specific item.First-In-First-Out processing.Issue and track uniform items based upon a pre-determined item issue list, validationagainst the list.Track wear and tear, number of laundry cycles and repairs.Assignment to personnel, prevent and track loss and damage, automatic return.Software:Our Uniform Tracking Solution is based on TAGMATIKS, our cutting-edge enterprise, cloudready sensory adaptive network software platform, that enables rapid deployment andintegration of scalable, real-time visibility solutions, for enterprise asset management, inventorycontrol, warehouse management, access control, apparel tracking, work-in-process tracking, reusable assets tracking, campus tracking, construction management, security, anti-counterfeitingand other applications.The system provides real time visibility tools, analytics and dashboards, that are available forsmartphones and tablets for making time-critical decisions on the road. We support all Android,iOS and WM mobile devices.Hardware:What used to be a domain of low or high frequency in laundrytags is increasingly being supplemented by UHF, which allowsfor longer read ranges, reading more tags at the same time andexpanded user memory.HID Laundry Tags4WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

Laundry tags have to survive high temperatures, various chemicals and harshenvironments in tunnel washers, water extractors and tumblers and most areencapsulated into various plastics and are in form of a small disc or button,which are to be sewn in. There are also tags that are soft and flexible and havethermosetting adhesive for direct fixation on the garment using thermo patchingprocess.There are several options for readers: 5Handheld readers for manual scanningTable embedded readers (articles are stacked or moved across)Attached to laundry chutesPlaced outside lockersOn or near bins, crates and collection basketsFujitsu FlexibleLaundry TagWHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

2. UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM SOFTWAREFrom the main menu, you can access the following processes:§§§§§§6Stock EntryIssuePortal IssueAdmin Inventoryo Product Mastero SKU Mastero Issue Master User Managemento Create New Usero Change Passwordo Edit User Device Status Sync Mobile Database Reconciliation Portal Reader – Historic InformationDashboard Inventory Details Issued Item Details Order DetailsReports Available StockWHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

§§ Received Items Issued Items Order DetailsHelpExitStock Entry ScreenThe Stock Entry screen allows for:7 Product receiving by scanning the UPC code (barcode) of the product or by manual SKUentry, and the system will get all the product information from the database and displaythe information on the screen. RFID Number Generation - the system will get last running number from the InventoryMaster Table and generate the RFID numbers based on the product count entered byuser. The RFID number is the combination of UPC number and serial number. RFIDnumber has 24 digits. The first thirteen digits refer the corresponding UPC number andthe next eleven digits refer the serial number in hex format. The user can see thegenerated RFID numbers in data grid. Printing the generated RFID Tags.WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

Uniform Issue and VerificationThe uniforms are issued based on a Gender, Issue Name, Device Name (associated with thelocation where the item is being issued) and Order Number, and these parameters have to beselected before the issue can be verified. The system compares the order number with existingnumbers and will not accept duplicate values.The verification screen is divided into three parts: Allocated Items: The system gets the allocated items from the Uniform Issue Mastertable based on the selected parameters.Actual Items: The actual items are the items physically issued and picked from theselected smart table. If the allocated and actual items are same then only the acceptbutton enabled. Otherwise the user cannot accept the scan.Details – such as Scan Status that shows details about the process like date, number oftotal, accepted and rejected scans, and other details as required by the customer; and aDevice Status, which shows the device name and the status, such as Ready, Reading,or Error.The user starts the scanning/verification process by clicking the “Start Scan” button. Aftergetting all the information from the RFID server, system compares the actual list with allocateditems. Based on the comparison, it gives the status. The status may be one of the following: MissingOkInventory Exceeds Limit / Inventory LowSize Mismatch (By moving the cursor to particular row user can get all the SKU andcorresponding quantity)Extra ProductThe Scanning process can then be accepted or cancelled and the scan details can be printed inform of a report. The user can continue with another scan or can complete the order.8WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.


Portal IssueThere is another option for issuance using an RFID portal, instead of RFID Smart Table.The portal reader reads all the tags passing through the portal. If the Start button is pressed,then the portal reader starts to log all the read tags. It does not consider whether the tag isissued or not between the start and stop time.The system will get all the read tags between the particular times and show it in the data grid.The already issued items are marked as orange color and not issued items are marked in greencolor.The User can select either already issued items or not issued items. The user cannot selectboth at a time. The user can do anyone of the following actions for selected item. Add – It will add the selected items into the Item Details table and increases theinventory. Reduce – It will move the selected items from Item Details table to Issued Item Detailstable with issued time and device name. No Action – The system will not do any action for selected item.10WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

AdminThe Admin functions can be accessed by an Administrator only. The functions include: Inventoryo Product Master – used to add new product into the master database and includesproduct name, description, size, gender and other parameters.o SKU Master - used to enter Stock Keeping Unit number for particular productsize.o Issue Master - used to configure the allocated product for every issue andallocated number of items for every product.User Managemento Create New Usero Change Passwordo Edit UserDevice Status - the status of any registered device.Sync Mobile DatabaseReconciliation - the Reconcile screen is used to compare the actual and databasequantity. If there is any deviation, then the user can update the inventory to actualquantity.Portal Reader – Historic InformationProduct Master11WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

DashboardThere are three dashboards specified in the system, however, it is possible to create others percustomer requirements. Inventory Details Issued Item Details Order DetailsInventory Details DashboardIn this dashboard the user can view the following information: ProductSKUDescriptionQuantityTotal Inventory CostBy default, this page shows only the name of the product.If the user clicks on the product in left data grid, system will get all the relevant information fromthe Inventory Master table.12WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

Issued Item Details DashboardIn this dashboard the user can view all issued items in a day or in some time period (last 7, 30,90 days). If the user clicks on date, then the system displays product issued in the particularday. If the user clicks any one of the product, the system will display the information grouping bydevice name category (i.e. Male Smart Table, Portal, .)Order Details DashboardIn this dashboard the user can view all issued items for an order in various time periods (7, 30or 90 days).13WHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

ReportsThere are four main reports specified in the system, which have the same report layout andshow: 14Available StockReceived ItemsIssued ItemsOrder DetailsWHITE PAPER: UNIFORM TRACKING SYSTEM 2016 RFID4U. All Rights Reserved.

3. HANDHELD RFID READER APPLICATIONTo supplement the desktop application related to the RFID Smart Tables, a handheldapplication can be implemented. The advantage of a handheld is that it can help not only withthe issuance and receiving, b