Statement of Work forServiceNow ServicesThis Statement of Work for Insert Engagement Title (“Statement of Work” or “SOW”), dated MMM DD , 2014, (the“Effective Date”) defines the scope of the Services and deliverables between CompuCom Systems, Inc., located at 8383Dominion Pkwy, Plano, TX 75204 (“CompuCom”) and insert Client Legal Name , located at insert address (“Client”) andincorporates by reference the terms and conditions of the insert Exact Name of master agreement dated insert effective dateof master agreement (“Agreement”) All initially-capitalized terms not defined in this SOW shall have the meanings ascribed tothem in the Agreement.1.Overview:CompuCom has been engaged by Client to provide the following services: insert a brief description of the overview Engagement Services: Deployment consulting and management services to implement the ServiceNow IT ServiceManagement Suite on behalf of the Client.A Project Manager and Technical Consultant(s) assigned to Client will follow CompuCom’s standard solution deliverymethodology. The tasks associated with the implementation will be performed by Client assigned technical staff andCompuCom assigned resources. Roles and responsibilities for each of the defined common tasks are outlined in thesections below.The CompuCom Standard Solution Delivery Methodology:Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 6Assess:Plan:Design & Build:Test:Implement:Support:Identify the business objectives.Develop procedures and tactical plans.Construct solutions or services.Validate solution or services.Deliver solutions or services within Client’s organization.Ongoing management of solutions or services.Client has chosen to implement the ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite and wishes to maintain an “Out of the Box”configuration of the following applications: Please adjust this statement as necessary depending on the deliverableApplicationDescriptionCoreFoundation of ServiceNow platform.* Service Desk / Incident ManagementRecord incidents, classify according to impact and urgency, assign toappropriate groups, escalate, and manage through to resolution and reporting.Leveraging the CompuCom GoLive Incident Accelerator as a base.Employee Self ServiceProvides supported end users a clean, simple front end to their IT supportorganization. Allows end users to log and track incidents and requests; viewknowledge, order from service catalog, and view Service Offerings all utilizinga mobile friendly layout.* Problem ManagementRecord problems, create knowledge from problems, request changes, assign toappropriate groups, escalate, and manage through to resolution and reporting.Leveraging the CompuCom GoLive Problem Accelerator as a base.Knowledge ManagementStore and make available information about common problems and issues in aneffort to prevent future redundant incidents.* Change ManagementCreate, access, approve and implement changes to Client environment.Form Revision 12/08/10Page 1 of 14Proprietary and Confidential

Statement of Work forServiceNow ServicesLeveraging the CompuCom GoLive Change Accelerator as a base.Configuration Management Database‘Light’(CMDB)Record configuration items, business services, and relationships.Service Catalog/RequestProvides data storage and administration as well as a user front end for orderinggoods and servicesAsset PortfolioLinks to CMDB of all assets, hardware, software, assets in stock, as well asrecords for manufacturers and vendors.Asset ManagementMaintain information about contracts, including leases, service contracts,purchase orders, warranties, and software licenses.IT Business ManagementSuite of tools that aid in planning, organizing, and managing projects, tasks andresources.Event ManagementDynamically creates alerts from infrastructure events generated by third partymonitoring tools.Field Service ManagementManage their out-of-office (in-the-field) service calls.*Represents the use of CompuCom’s GoLive Accelerators for ServiceNowAdditional functionality and ServiceNow applications exist within the base ServiceNow platform, and at Client’s discretion,will be implemented in subsequent statements of work or change orders to this SOW. All applications and functions notlisted in the table above are out of scope for this SOW. (Remove or add applications that are in scope for this project)The primary objective of this engagement is the efficient production implementation of the ServiceNow IT ServiceManagement Suite in accordance with Client’s stated ITSM process requirements as discovered during the Assess and Planphase. During the course of implementation, joint implementation activities will facilitate knowledge transfer betweenCompuCom’s Technical Consultant and Client System Administrators. Please adjust this statement as necessary dependingon the deliverable2.Projected Term:Estimated start date: TBDEstimated completion date: TBD3.Detailed Description of CompuCom’s Services and Responsibilities:CompuCom will provide a Project Manager and a Technical Consultant(s) familiar with ITSM (IT Service Management),ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and the ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite. The TechnicalConsultant(s) will provide primary technical assistance and technical configuration and tailoring of the ServiceNow ITService Management Suite. The Project Manager will function as a peer to Client’s assigned Project Manager and provideguidance towards the execution of the overall implementation, assistance with project planning, resource assignments andproject communications. The Project Manager will be Client’s primary escalation point for all project concerns and willhave direct and constant communications between Client and ServiceNow Operations for all pre Go-Live activities.Engagement Model1.CompuCom will provide a qualified Technical Consultant(s) that will be dedicated to the implementation ofthe ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite for the term of this engagement.CompuCom’s TechnicalConsultant(s) will have a background in software application development, the use and configuration of WEBForm Revision 12/08/10Page 2 of 14Proprietary and Confidential

Statement of Work forServiceNow Services2.0 applications, JAVA Script, and other necessary technologies, as required, to successfully configure andmaintain the deliverables of this engagement (e.g. web services, relational database management, reportconstruction, application security and performance tuning).2.CompuCom is responsible for hands-on configuration and tailoring tasks and activities and remediation oferrors resulting from Unit testing and User Acceptance testing.3.CompuCom will host a weekly project update with the Client Project Manager and key / limited Clientstakeholders as part of the project communications plan to verify the project is progressing properly. This is inaddition to any project status and work tasking meeting hosted by the Client Project Manager.4.Remove if accelerators are not included in the scope.In order to streamline the Client’s implementation schedule, CompuCom will provide an ITSM Accelerator forIncident Management, Problem Management and Change Management applications within the ServiceNow ITService Management Suite. As a part of the ITSM Accelerator package, the Client will receive the BestPractice Workflow, the process definition, Policy guide for (Change Management only) and the correspondingUpdate Set(s) for each of the Accelerators being delivered, which contains all the code and configurationsassociated with enabling the accelerator(s) on your instance, and the technical design document, which detailsall the changes made to your instance of the ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite.5.CompuCom will provide templates, if available as requested, to Client to support the completion ofrequirements definition by Client prior to start of development activities. Templates supplied will be in ageneric format compatible with common versions of Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Microsoft Word 2010,Microsoft Excel 2010, and Microsoft Visio 2010).6.CompuCom will engage ServiceNow directly, on the behalf of Client, at appropriate times during the term ofthe engagement to address issues that may arise during the period of this implementation. This may includethe initialization of Client instances, provisioning of VPN, when applicable and purchased as part of thisagreement, escalation of locally unresolved issues (e.g. programmatic defects), installation of special plug-ins,review and scheduling of full and patch releases during the implementation period and preparation of theinstances and support teams during go live.7.CompuCom will provide the documentation as required by ServiceNow on behalf of Client for transition ofsupport to ServiceNow8.Upon Completion of development and unit testing, CompuCom will provide knowledge transfer of configuredenvironment to the client assigned System Administrator(s).Implementation Details Provide specific details about the effort for this project 4.Client ResponsibilitiesTo meet its commitment to schedules and pricing, CompuCom requires that Client ensures that the following elements arein place at the onset of the engagement and throughout its duration. Delays in access to information or missed orrescheduled meetings could result in project delays and out of scope issues impacting the price of this project.1.Client is responsible for gathering all necessary credentials and connectivity for integrations to internal or externalClient systems. Client is responsible for troubleshooting all integration and connectivity issues pertaining to Clientsystems and interactive participation with CompuCom’s Technical Consultant(s) and / or ServiceNow Operationsfor all interfaces with ServiceNow.2.Client is responsible (or will contract out System Administration) for the ongoing support and maintenance of allwork performed under this engagement.Form Revision 12/08/10Page 3 of 14Proprietary and Confidential

Statement of Work forServiceNow ServicesOther Responsibilities1.Client will provide adequate computing resources, including without limitation such hardware and software as maybe specified in this SOW or other documents related to the project, and the hardware and software used by Clientemployees, except as may be expressly provided otherwise. Client will provide CompuCom access to existingenvironments and documentation as CompuCom may request. Subject to limitation imposed by Client.2.Client or its designated and authorized agent (e.g. ServiceNow) is responsible for daily back-up and otherprotection of its data against loss, damage or destruction. CompuCom will have no obligation or liability withrespect thereto regardless of the cause.3.Client will identify and supply qualified business, technical and operational staff as required to successfullyimplement all elements of the engagement. (e.g. Service Operation Process Owner, Incident Management ProcessManager)4.Client is responsible for defining and documenting business and process requirements (e.g. FunctionalRequirements document) prior to the scheduled start of this engagement. The Client Project Manager will makerequirements documentation available to the CompuCom Project Manager and Technical Consultant(s) for reviewprior to the start of the implementation. Client is responsible for the creation and continued refinement of allbusiness and process requirements and their documentation.5.Client is responsible for and should supply to CompuCom during the Kick-off meeting any known Clientdocumentation requirements (e.g. status report formats). Client is responsible for formatting and / or tailoringCompuCom supplied templates, where available, and documentation to comply with any internal documentationrequirements.6.Client is responsible for the identification of all sources of data, whether databases, spreadsheets or hard copy,required for the successful operation of ServiceNow. Client should supply a complete list of data sources to theCompuCom Project Manager during the Kick-off period.7.Client (or contracted System Administrator) is responsible for the identification, collection, modification,cleansing, alteration, formatting and mapping (pre-processing) of all data loaded by Client into the ServiceNow ITService Management Suite, whether through import or direct interface, in formats supported by ServiceNow (e.g.xls, .csv – both tab and comma delimited, two way email, ODBC, JDBC, JMS and Web Services). Client isresponsible for verifying that all character sets used are compatible with and supported by ServiceNow.8.Client is responsible for the identification, collection and pre and post processing of any and all open or historicaldata from existing service desk applications into the ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite.9.Client is responsible for the identification, definition and documentation of all use cases. Client should supplydetailed use cases to the CompuCom Project Manager for review prior to User Acceptance Testing.10. Client is responsible for scheduling, managing, and documenting the results from User Acceptance Testing. Clientis responsible for identifying the methodology for defect tracking and maintaining the action list(s) associated withtheir management and remediation. CompuCom recommends that the Client identify a single focal point for alltesting and remediation activities not part of the System Administration team for efficiency and effective closure ofissues.11. Client is responsible for defining and documenting operational processes and procedures. Prior to the start of UserAcceptance Testing, the Client Project Manager will make operational process and procedures documentationavailable to the CompuCom Project Manager and Technical Consultant(s) for review. Client is responsible for thecreation and continued refinement of all operational process and procedures documentation. CompuComrecommends, that as much as possible, operational documentatio