FRequest for ProposalVideo ProductionDate of Solicitation: October 18, 2019Deadline for Questions: October 30, 2019Closing: November 14, 2019 at 3 p.m. Atlantic TimeThe Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is committed to purchasing goods and services to ensure the best overallvalue. Procurement is conducted with due regard to applicable laws, regulations, trade agreements, internal policies,environmental considerations and competitive processes.Ensure that you have read all procurement documents carefully and that your response includes all of the informationrequested.

Table of Contents1.Request for Proposal . 11.1Executive Summary and Services Required. 11.2Background . 11.3Scope of Work . 11.5Initial Proposed treatment . 21.6Out of Scope . 32. Contract Terms and Conditions. 32.1Definitions . 32.2Budget . 42.3Contract Term . 42.4Copyright . 42.5Legislative Requirements. 42.6Indemnity. 42.7Insurance . 52.8Supplier Information Form . 52.9Access to Information . 52.10Notices. 52.11Changes, Alterations, Amendments. 52.12Termination . 62.13No Promotion of Relationship . 62.14Assignment . 62.15Gender. 62.16Force Majeure . 63. RFP Submission Information . 73.1Key Dates. 73.2Form of Submission . 73.3Proposal Submission Instructions . 73.4Enquiries . 83.5Amendments, Withdrawal and Disqualification . 83.6Costs Related to Solicitation Process . 83.7Conflict of Interest . 93.8Access to Information . 93.9CMI’s Rights . 94. Evaluation and Award . 104.1Evaluation Criteria and Process . 104.2Notification, Award and Debriefing . 115. RFP Submittal Documentation . 125.1Company Information . 125.2Addenda . 135.3Project Proposal . 135.4Relevant Experience. 135.5Schedule and Timeline . 135.6Budget . 135.7Supplier Statement . 14

1.Request for Proposal1.1Executive Summary and Services RequiredThe Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (hereinafter “CMI”) is seeking proposals fromproduction companies interested in working with us to create a brand awareness animatedvideo based on our tag line: “Countless Journeys. One Canada.” and “D’innombrables voyages.Un Canada.”Pre-production on this project may commence any time after the contract is awarded. Alldeliverables required by February 20, 2020.1.2BackgroundThe Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is located in the national historic site at theHalifax seaport where nearly one million immigrants landed in Canada from 1928 to 1971.Today, as Canada’s sixth national museum, we share the ongoing story of immigration toCanada—from first contact to present day. Our exhibits immerse visitors in the immigrationexperience and allow for a deeper understanding of how newcomers continue to shape Canada.Our bilingual tagline, “Countless Journeys. One Canada” and “D’innombrables voyages. UnCanada” a light on the many different paths people take to make Canada home, from past topresent and from coast to coast. Regardless of time or circumstance, the stories of journey areall part of a larger story that is the very fabric of our country.1.3Scope of WorkThe Contractor will produce the following: One video in two different length broadcast quality edits- a shorter version (15-30seconds) and a longer version (30-60 seconds).English and French versions are required.Music, v/o recording as required and supers.Video specs and formats to be confirmed based on final list of mobile and otherplatforms selected for sharing but anticipated specs are as follows: Recommended dimensions: 1280 x 720 for Landscape and Portrait Minimum width: 600 pixels (length depends on aspect ratio) for Landscape andPortrait Landscape aspect ratio: 16:9 Portrait aspect ratio: 9:16 (if video includes link, aspect ratio is 16:9)Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 211

Mobile aspect ratio: 2:3 (both types)Max file size: 4GBRecommended video format: .MP4 and .MOVCMI will provide the following: 1.5Assistance sourcing suitable archival and contemporary photos of newcomers from ourcollection as well as possibly Library and Archives Canada and other collections. Assistancesourcing suitable archival and contemporary video of newcomers from our collection as well aspossibly the National Film Board, CBC and other collectionsAuthenticity is a core value for the Museum. For that reason it is important that all images haveprovenance as relating to Canada’s immigration story.Translation services as required.Initial Proposed treatmentThe video must sympathetically and dynamically communicate our bilingual tag line. Weenvision a multi-media, motion animation video, possibly incorporating archival andcontemporary photographs, video, drawings and/or animated illustrations.Our tag line encompasses the journeys of recent newcomers, along with the journeys of all whocame before and how together we have created this country, our home, with its unique values,heritage and culture that we know today. All immigrants, regardless of when they came to thiscountry are part of this larger narrative. It is about being part of something bigger than yourself,your family or your daily community. This video should take viewers on this emotional journeyof understanding, connection and belonging”.The ideas of movement across time and space are important themes that should be present.Below is a short list of links which can be taken as a video mood board for inspiration. Weunderstand the effects and sophistication of these samples may in some cases exceed ouravailable resources. While they are successful for different reasons we have not found any thatfully demonstrates the emotional connection we want viewers to make with the subject matter.Elements Use of branding and music Idea of symmetry to demonstrate shared experience across timeand space Use of motion, Idea of moving through time and the hand-off from one scene to thenextCanadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 212 Use of the music and graphics Multiple time periods and overall impact of effects Empathic treatment of subject matter1.6Out of ScopeCMI will provide: Translation services as required.** Proponents must take into consideration that CMI is a bilingual organization and subject to theOfficial Languages Act. Any proposed creative must work in both official languages as acondition of approval.2.Contract Terms and Conditions2.1DefinitionsIn this document:2.1.1The words “CMI” or “Museum” means The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier words “Closing Date and Time” means the date and time set out on the cover pagefor the submission of Proposal(s) after which time no further proposals can be accepted.2.1.3The word “Agreement” or “Contract” means the agreement to be entered into betweenthe successful proponent and CMI for the services requested.2.1.4The word “Contractor” means the successful Proponent whose proposal is selected byCMI and enters into a Contract with CMI for the request herein.2.1.5The work “Proponent” means the vendor(s) who submits a proposal for the request inthis document.2.1.6The words “local time” mean the local time at CMI’s address (Atlantic Time Zone).2.1.7The words “Proposal(s)”, “Bids” and “Submission(s)” are to be considered as having thesame meaning herein and refer to the submission by the Proponent to the requestherein.Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 213 words “RFP” means Request for Proposals.2.1.9The words “working language” refer to the working, everyday language internal to CMI.For the purposes of this document and subsequent Contract, the working language isEnglish.BudgetThe budget range identified for this project is 20,000- 30,000 CAD and is inclusive of anyrelated expenses such as equipment, talent, music royalties, travel and other disbursements.The budget is exclusive of HST.2.3Contract TermAll deliverables shall be submitted to CMI no later than February 20, 2020.2.4CopyrightAll assets produced including working files in relation to the Contract are property of CMI.2.52.6Legislative Requirements2.5.1The Contract shall be construed, interpreted and governed by the applicable laws inforce in the Province of Nova Scotia and the laws of Canada applicable therein and theCourts of the Province of Nova Scotia shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to allmatters relating to this contract.2.5.2The Contractor shall be responsible for compliance with all current Canadian Federal,Provincial and Municipal Acts, Orders, Regulations and Laws which exist or may comeinto existence during the term of the Agreement.2.5.3The working language of CMI is English.IndemnityThe Contractor covenants to indemnify and save harmless the Museum, its directors, officers,employees and agents from and against any and all liabilities, losses, claims, demands, buildingdamage, costs and expenses (including lawyer’s fees and litigation expenses on a solicitor andcli