LECTURE NOTESONCONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATINGEmad Elbeltagi, Ph.D., P.Eng.,Structural Engineering Department,Faculty of Engineering,Mansoura University

Construction and Building Eng. ProgramFaculty of EngineeringMansoura UniversityConstruction Cost Estimating (-----)Objectives:This course focuses on the cost estimating of construction projects. Advanced study ofconstruction cost estimating topics. Includes conceptual estimating, unit price development,subcontract work, budgets, negotiated contracts, and related items. Extensive use ofspreadsheets and estimating. The course focuses on: Project life cycleContract typesDifferent types of costsQuantity surveyingEstimating of labor, equipment and material costsDifferent types of cost estimateConceptual cost estimateDetailed cost estimateEstimating of construction worksProject pricingLecturesSaturdays: 01:40 – 03:10 PMTutorialsAs per the announced scheduleInstructorProf. Emad ElbeltagiOffice: B241Web page: & [email protected] assistantEng. Eslam Elmasoudi

TABLE OF CONTENTS1. INTRODUCTION1.1 Construction Project1.2 Project Life Cycle1.3 types of Contracts1.3.1 Lump-sum contract1.3.2 Admeasurement Contract1.3.3 Cost-reimbursable contract (cost-plus contract)1.3.4 Target cost contract1.4 Estimating1.5 An Estimator1.6 Purpose of Estimating1.7 Construction Project Costs1.8 Types of Cost Estimating1.8.1 Conceptual estimate1.8.2 Semi-detailed estimate1.8.3 Detailed estimate1.9 Quantity Takeoff1.10 Production Rates1.11 Exercises2. QUANTITY TAKE-OFF2.1 Importance of Quantity Takeoff and Required Documents2.1.1 Contract documents2.1.2 Quantity take-off: Why?2.2 Quantity Development2.3 Bill of Quantities2.4 Measurement Practice2.4.1 Earth works2.4.2 Concrete works2.4.3 Brick works2.4.4 Plastering2.5 Example Application: Substructure2.6 Exercises3. CONCEPTUAL COST ESTIMATING3.1 Conceptual Cost Estimating Basics3.1.1 Conceptual cost estimating definition3.1.2 Conceptual cost estimating characteristics3.1.3 Importance of conceptual cost estimates3.1.4 Preparation of conceptual cost estimates3.1.5 Conceptual Cost Estimating Output

3.2 Broad Scope of Conceptual Estimates3.3 Conceptual Estimate Adjustment3.3.1 Adjustment for time3.3.2 Adjustment for location3.3.3 Adjustment for size3.3.4 Combined adjustment3.3.5 Combined adjustment3.4 Conceptual Estimating Techniques3.4.1 Interpolation3.4.2 Unit method3.4.3 Superficial method3.4.4 Approximate quantities3.5 Parametric Cost Estimate Models3.6 Exercises4. COST OF CONSTRUCTION LABOR AND EQUIPMENT4.1 Preparing the Detailed Estimate4.2 Sources of Cost Information4.3 Construction Labor4.3.1 Labor s production rates (Productivity)4.3.2 Productivity sources3.2.3 Estimating work duration3.2.4 Basic principle for estimating labor costs4.4 Construction Equipment4.4.1 Labor s production rates (Productivity)4.4.2 Factors influencing equipment selection4.4.3 Renting versus purchasing equipment4.4.4 Time-value of money4.4.4 Equipment costs4.5 Exercises5. ESTIMATING WORK ITEMS COSTS, IDIRECT COSTS, MARKUP ANDCONTRACT PRICING5.1 Estimating Work Items Cost5.1.1 Swell and compaction factors5.1.2 Calculating truck requirements5.1.3Waste factors5.2 Estimating Indirect Cost5.2.1 Site overheads5.2.2 General overheads5.2.3 Construction contingencies5.2.4 Contractor/Subcontractor profit5.3 Finalizing a Tender Price5.3.1 Balanced bid (straight forward method)5.3.2 Unbalanced bid (Loading of Rates)5.4 Exercises

Outline and ScheduleWeek #DateTitle113/2/2016Overview220/2/2016Project life cycle and contracts327/2/2016Types of estimating45/3/2016Quantity take-off512/3/2016Quantity take-off619/3/2016Conceptual cost estimating726/3/2016Conceptual cost estimating82/4/2016Mid-term Exam99/4/2016Conceptual cost estimating1016/4/2016Detailed cost estimating1123/4/2016Detailed cost estimating1230/4/2016Estimating work items137/5/2016Estimating work items1414/5/2016Pricing1521/5/2016Revision

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