Mia DaviesCandidate number: 5054Centre name: Charlton SchoolCentre number: 29335Cambridge creative iMediaLevel 2 CertificateR082 – Creating a digital graphic

NAME: MIA DAVIESCANDIDATE NUMBER:CENTRE NUMBER: 29335SERIES: JUNE 2019R082 – Creating a Digital GraphicLO1:Investigatingdigital graphics

Purpose of Digital GraphicsA digital graphic is a visual design created, stored, or displayed electronically. They are used throughout modernday society through things such as posters, magazines, newspapers, book covers and billboards. They are used ina variety of formats that include: Entertainment, informing, advertising, promoting, and educating.From outside research, I have found that the most successful digital graphics are either extremely loud and excitingor very minimalist. In other words, they need to make a statement and be different because that is what attractsthe most attention.My film festival poster will be used to promote, and to do this it will require a number of elements to achieve this.It will include the name and location, as this will make sure that the poster completes its function to showthe consumers where to go for the product. Also, it will include the main theme that consists of film, not only so that Ican fulfil the client's brief, but also so that it will correctly inform the consumer of the event before it is read. I willalso make the poster very exciting and appealing to look at in order to entice customers to attending the event,making a good first impression.My main article in the poster is a large bucket of popcorn, connoting summer, fun, and movies which is what myposter is attempting to get across, therefore putting a stronger, visual message across compared to the words'international film festival' alone. I have used a font that is not boring which reflects the nature of my poster andshould attract my target audience, informing them the genre of my poster before they have read it. Each of thesein their own way fulfils the purpose of digital graphics and will also be eye catching to the person seeing it.Overall, the theme of my poster is hand drawn, which I believe attracts my target audience and is not exclusive toa certain age range, gender or class. It gives me a wider audience, and is therefore closer to the brief provided.

Digital Graphics : Purposes & PlatformsImage of DigitalGraphic:Name of Digital Graphic &Platform (HOW):Identifiable Sub-Digital GraphicsPurpose of Digital Graphic:Nokia Lumia billboardMobile Phone, blue background withsnowflakes, white text saying ‘meetRudolph’.Promote the Nokia Lumia phone.Road sign – slippy or slick roads.Bright yellow with black details, a blackcar clearly slipping and swerving fromside to side.Raise awareness or inform driversof potentially dangerous roads.Bus advert for ‘Cargiant’Bright red bus, contrasting white advert,lots of small black cars, the slogan:‘Car’s, car’s and more car’s’, the logo inthe corner.To promote the car brand:‘Cargiant;’Leaflet for bikes, how they work,and extra information.Clear blue and white theme, mountainsilhouettes, finish flags at the bottom,images to do with bikes.To inform and bring awarenessabout bikes.Movie Poster for the film ‘hiddenfigures’.3 main characters, rockets, movie title,release date, actor names, slogan.To promote the film ‘hiddenfigures’.

Digital Graphics: Digital Graphics Vs. GraphicsGraphicsDigital geVector images – Betterquality.If computer breaks, or runs outof charge without saving, allwork is lost.Have the physical copy –If you make a mistake, youcan’t get lost in the same way can’t change digital graphics.Easy to send to people viaemails etc.Can be difficult to learn –especially for older users.Can get real brush strokes,that you can’t get on digitalgraphics.Quality lost if it goes onto acomputer.Looks neat and professional, Can get Copyrightedwith a high quality.It can look more genuine orheartfelt in some situations.Can be physically lost, orbroken.Can be edited multipletimes.More likely to be plagiarised,as photos from the internetare used.Can be 3D, and differentshapes.Can only have one copy.Fast and efficient.Good quality software can beexpensive.It can have a range ofdifferent textures.Difficult to send to people.Can have more than onecopy, with different drafts.It may not look very genuine.Easy to learn from an earlyage.Equipment needed forcertain aspects can beexpensive.

To make a film poster, the best file format to use would be .TIFF for the printed version because it wold provide a higher quality.When it was printed out, it should be printed in CMYK (Standing for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black) as like .TIFF, it is ahigher physical quality. However, if it was for an online poster advertisement, .JPEG would be best as it has a smaller file sizewithout losing quality. It is also compatible across many platforms, programs and image editors. I would not use PNG because itis ill-suited for working with full-colour images and can not store multiple images in one file, which are both things I need to makethe poster. Using .JPEG would mean that the fie would be lossless meaning that as the file size is compressed, the picture qualitywill remain the same.To put an image on the poster, it would need to be a raster image, and to put a logo for example, it would need to be vector.This is because of the way vector images are stored – they are then able to make changes and edit a lot easier, and use it at avariety of image sizes than if it were a raster image. This also keeps any type from looking blocky and aids certain typefaces inmaintaining their smooth shapes and edging.I believe that Adobe Creative Cloud would be best because you can get licencing for the poster. To add to this, it includes awider variety of tools etc. to use, compared to Microsoft office which his limited tools. Also, Adobe Creative Cloud is used in amore professional way, so using this particular programme rather than Microsoft Office would give a cleaner and moreprofessional look.File Type:FileFormat:File Format Expansion:Description:Raster Imagery.JPGJoin Photographic Experts GroupCompressed image format standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts group. (JPEG)Raster Imagery.TIFTagged Image File FormatComputer format for storing raster graphics images.Raster imagery.BMPBitmap Image FileRaster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images.Raster imagery.PNGPortable network GraphicsA raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.Raster imagery.GIFGraphics Interchange formatA lossless format for image files that support both animated and static images.Vector imageryCGMComputer Graphics MetafileA file format for 2D vector graphics.Vector ImagerySVGScalable Vector graphicsA vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity andanimation.Vector ImageryEPSEncapsulated Postscript Vector GraphicsA graphics file that can contain 2D vector graphics, bitmap images and text.

Digital Graphics: DPI and PPIDPI Dots per InchDescribes the resolution of an image, and is physical.The More DPI, the better quality the image.The highest quality against the lowest quality DPI: 72 DPI is used on social media platforms such asFacebook, as it takes up less memory. 300 DPI is usedPPI Pixels per InchDescribes the resolution of an image, but is digital.The more PPI, the better quality the image is.High quality print is 600 PPI, which is industrystandard print. Low quality is 150 PPI, here are someexamples: 150 PPI is a high quality average resolution for aprint.

Digital Graphics: RGB & CMYKRGB - This stands for Red, green, Blue, and It is used on computer display. Itlooks best on computer display because it has less memory and more bits. It isadditiveCMYK – This stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key. Key is the absence ofcolour, or just black. It is used mainly for printing, so does not look as good asRGB on a computer display, it is subtractive.Digital web graphic – On a digital web graphic, I would use RGB, as it looksbest on a computer platform.Digital Graphic intended for print – For this one, I would use CMYK, because itlooks better after being printed.Available colours – CMYK has 10, 066, 327 to 11, 744, 051 coloursavailable.RGB can create 16, 777, 216 different colours.Additive – RGB is additive, meaningthat different amounts of the coloursare added together to make thecorrect final colour. As more colour isadded, it becomes white.Subtractive – CMYK is subtractive,meaning that colours are subtracted tomake new ones. The starting colour iswhite, and the more colour that isadded the darker it gets, eventuallyturning to black.

Digital graphics: Calculating Digital Graphic measurementsPPI(Resolution)Pixel Dimensions(Pixels)(Width x Length)Total pixels /MegapixelsPhysical Dimensions (Inches)(Width x Length)1801000 x 15001,500,000 / 1.5MP3.3 x 5150750 x 18003,860,000 / 3.86MP5 x 1272800 x 6401,490,000 / 1.49MP6 x 1610150 x 15065,000 / 0MP15 x 155001900 x 11005,900,000 / 5.9MP3.8 x 2.22001660 x 234011,000,000 / 11MP8.3 x 11.718058 x 8314,100 / 0MP0.3 x 0.4 Pixel Dimensions are the horizontal and vertical measurements of an image expressed inpixels. Physical Dimensions are the physical, horizontal and vertical measurements of an image. Resolution is the detail that an Image ion)

Shows how many filmfestivals there have been,and it makes the 26th oneseen more important andrelevant.The month, date, time and yearare here so customers knowexactly when to go.Along with the hint of theshape of the clapperboard, the address also ishere to be more specific.Price is very small so people are notput off by the price.Clear title fitting withtheme.Use of clapperboard also reflectstheme of thefestival.The clapper board isin the shape of BostonMassachusetts, areference to thelocation.Companies that sponsor theBoston film festival.I think that this poster is aimed at people from about 30 because it has a very neutral yet classy theme to it,which would attract people of that sort of age. However, it also includes a map of the location within the logo,which younger people may not understand. There are not bright colours or childish fonts, telling me that it is notaimed toward children, and the style would not attract teenagers.

Characters on thetop to show whatthe festival ay belike.Uses language relevant tothe audienceMusic coming frothe man’s earrelating to theme.Relevantcharacter usedOctopus tentaclesadd to sea theme.Very unique overallso would be morelikely to attractattention.Sea beard –suggests theme offestivalAddress used, but fitinto the theme of theposter.Date included so theaudience knows when to goThis music festival poster has been designed for a target audience of 20 – 28. I can tell this because thewords used are associated with people of that age and it’s uniqueness also reflects this. Details such as thebeard being the bottom of the ocean, and people sitting on the hat makes it quite unique and modern,appealing to said target audience.

Includes thedate of thefestival sopeople knowwhen to go.Clear title used tobe recognisable.Plane suggests travelwhich is associatedwith holidays andhaving a good time.Colour scheme used is verybright, and uses funexciting colours throughout– will attract people.Very unique andabstract, reflectingthe festival.Has peopledancing suggesting whatthe festival will belike.Place associated with holidays and fun.Link to website sothat more peoplecan access it.In my opinion, this music festival poster is aimed toward 18 to 28 year old’s. I think this because it is full ofbright colours, but also appears more grown up due to the fonts and use of shapes. Also, it has people dancingwhich is similar to what people that age may want to do. The shapes and colours used make it modern, which iswhat young people may want.

– Book coverTo solidify my comprehension of the purposes of digital graphics, their properties, and target audience, I havedeveloped the following hypothetical digital graphic briefs:A publishing company has requested a book cover aimed towards teen girls. It should be of a standard size to equally matchthe book size. it should appeal to this target audience with images of music or make up for example. It should not be full ofpink or simple, large lettering.The reasoning for this is that the target audience do not want to be treated as children, and are very insistent on doingthings that distinguish them from a child, so the cover should appear more mature. Putting big, simple lettering andcartoons on the cover aimed at this target audience wold be considered very patronising making the consumers less likelyto purchase it. Including aspects of the target audiences interests will make it more likely to appeal to teen girls.It will be sold in places such as Waterstones, grocery stores, or online. Stereotypically, a teen girl wold go online to buy abook, so it would be predominantly sold here, but mothers may pick it up at grocery stores, and certain girls may go to abook store to get it.One purpose of book covers is to distinguish it from other books as without one, nobody would be able to find the book. Itshould also be used to attract and influence potential customers into buying it at a first glance, and if it is not noticeableand eye-catching enough, nobody will notice it and therefore buy it. It is suitable for print use, and so should be printed inCMYK.

– Birthday cardTo solidify my comprehension of the purposes of digital graphics, their properties, and target audience, I havedeveloped the following hypothetical digital graphic briefs:A card company has requested a Birthday card aimed at young girls turning 3. The card should be A4 when folded, with amatching pink envelope. The card should have a pink and girly theme.The reasoning behind this is that stereotypically, young gi