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PAYROLL OUTSOURCING SERVICESWe know that running a business is not an easy task. That’s why we are here. By providing you acomprehensive service in payroll, you can say goodbye to extra time spent administering yourpayroll. So that you can focus on more important things, like, running your business! So let’s startwith the most basic question:Why Outsource?Below are reasons why some companies outsource:1. Cost savings Eliminates cost of initial hardware and software investment and its subsequentmaintenance Reduces spending on technology upgrades due to obsolete functionalities and changesin statutory requirements Control operating costs as fewer employees needed to perform these administrativetasks, thus maintaining low headcount.2. Other indirect time/cost savings Reduces errors from manual handling of data Reduces risks involved in security and confidentiality issues Opportunity cost from redeploying HR resources and investments to other areas Reduce risk of fluctuating employee turnover and the need for recruitment andretraining, thus ensuring a stable operational environment3. Change in company focus Reduce the time spent on administrative task and to refocus on strategic planninginitiatives Reduces financial risks involved in non-compliance of legislative, corporate andtechnology changes Growing need for companies to leverage on established HR service providers forinformation and expertise that are not available internally Strategic partnership with HR service providers enable more flexibility and tailor-madesolutions for ever-changing operational needs Increase employees satisfaction as a result of more timely and accurate response totheir HR issues and queries1

With outsourcing, all level of staff in your company will enjoy some form of benefits andconvenience.1. For the Management Real-time management reports Attain cost savings by reducing capital investments Strengthen internal control and planning Reduce turnover, rehiring and retraining2. For the HR Department Reduce tedious and time consuming administrative work More time to focus on productive and strategic HR work3. For the Line Managers Convenient and flexible reporting options Updated staff information for management decision making4. For the Employees Fast and accurate access to informationWhy Our Payroll & HR ServicesAs your HR partner, we aim to offer you a flexibility and streamline payroll outsourcing services butat a competitive prices. Our goal is to help you achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost savingsas well as increase service level performances. We are proud to be a part of your great success.We take great pleasure in proposing our payroll outsourcing services to your company. First andforemost, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to extend this proposal to you and hopethat we can work together in synergy to expand and grow together.2

SCOPE OF SERVICES – PAYROLL1. Romainor Consulting (RC) will input/capture, compute and finalise the Client’s payroll i.e. claimsand monthly salary payouts. This will be carried out in strictest confidence by RC based on allpayroll related information provided to RC by the Client, Statutory Bodies in Malaysia and anybanks pertaining to staff bank loan deductions and subsidies.2. RC will render the additional services of assisting the Client in capturing and screening theinformation provided by the Client to ensure that they are in accordance with the Client’scompany’s policies and procedures and all government regulations.3. RC will seek Client’s authorised payroll signatories for their signatures on Letter of Instructions tomultiple banks prior to designated date of crediting.4. On monthly basis, RC will make timely cheque request and funds requisition to the Client for thepayment of salaries and wages via multiple bankers, statutory payments, namely, IRD, EPF,SOCSO, HRDF, Zakat, Tabung Haji and Koputra or other loan repayment and subsidies, salaries bycheque, namely resignations and new hires after the monthly payroll cut-off date.5. RC will remit all payments stipulated in item 4 with the relevant documentation to the relevantbodies before their respective deadlines. This will include banking in of cheques into employees’bank accounts.6. A time schedule will be agreed between RC and the Client, stipulating the deadlines for: Submission of data (employees’ hires, etc.) to RC; Submission of reports to the Client for vetting before finalisation of payroll; Preparation of funds and payment of salary to employees via bank accounts or othermeans; Submission of reports to the Client for record keeping; Issuance of cheques by the Client as payment to statutory bodies7. RC will prepare all standard payroll reports, after each payroll period as follow: Payroll summary Allowance and deduction reports Overtime reports Salary reconciliation reports Bank listing All statutory forms (e.g. EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax, HRDF, Tabung Haji, etc.)Should you have many companies under one group of companies, RC will print out all reports fordifferent entities as well as consolidated reports for management decision purposes.8. RC will print out payslip for every payout monthly, sort and distribute directly to all locationswith the Client’s employees throughout Malaysia.9. Yearly, RC will prepare the Form E (Employer’s Return) for submission to the Inland RevenueBoard at the end of the year and Form EA (Employee’s Return) and Form PCB 2(ii) to bedistributed directly to the Client’s employees throughout Malaysia.10. For any employment of new staff or resignation, RC will submit all relevant documentation tothe relevant authorities on your behalf.3

11. On an ad hoc basis, RC will prepare necessary reports requested by the Client, but within thecapability of payroll software. However, as and when there is a need for additional assistance inany payroll matters that will have to be accomplished as a project; then a formal quotation willbe prepared for the Client.12. RC will function as a helpdesk for all the Client’s payroll matters, answering calls and emailsdaily. Our office hour are from 8.30am to 5.30pm Mondays to Fridays. Despite our office hours,RC is happy to provide you support via our on call service numbers for urgent matters during theweekends.13. RC will prepare the accounting journals for payroll cost and accounting journals for financialmonth end provisioning in the format required by Client.14. Compute leave balance based on financial month end and upload the information to Client’saccounting system for computation of leave accrual.15. RC will perform reconciliation on all payroll related accounts and prepare adjustment journalsfor the reconciliation on a monthly basis.PROFESSIONAL FEESBased on the above services, our professional fees will be as follows:FeesOne-time Setup FeeDetailsCreating and setting up newdatabase based on parametersdetermined by the clientKey in YTD payroll data forexisting employeesNote50% of first month feeChecking and rectifying anyhistorical issues (if any)Monthly Professional Fee1 month parallel run on payrollprocess1 – 5 employees6 – 10 employees11 – 20 employees21 – 30 employees31 – 40 employees41 – 50 employees51 – 60 employees61 – 70 employees71 – 80 employees81 – 90 employees91 – 100 employees 100 employeesMYR 489.00MYR 899.00MYR 989.00MYR 1,088.00MYR 1,197.00MYR 1,317.00MYR 1,449.00MYR 1,594.00MYR 1,754.00MYR 1,930.00MYR 2,123.00Please refer Appx 14

The above fees proposed do not include 6% service tax which will be billed separately together withthe monthly invoice. Out-of-pocket expenses namely dispatch costs, printing and stationery,travelling expenses (based on RM0.70 per km) to and from Client’s office and other incidentals shallbe billed at cost.SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITYRC proposed to provide the above services using MYOB Payroll software, an award winning softwarewhich is used by more than 700,000 businesses worldwide. This system is so user friendly whichmakes it powerful and reliable.The above applications will be hosted in our secured servers, workstations, networking equipmentand operating systems with proper backup devices.All data sent to Client in relation to employees’ information will be encrypted to protect customers’confidentiality.ENGAGEMENT PROCEDURESOutlined below are procedures of outsourcing services engagement between Romainor Consulting(RC) and Customer (CUSTOMER):1. RC shall provide an Official Outsourcing Service Quotation and Complete Score of Work toCUSTOMER.2. CUSTOMER shall agree and sign in an Outsourcing Service Contract with RC consented by bothparties.3. CUSTOMER shall provide RC all information related to initial setup of its human resource,payroll, accounting and all other related information.4. RC shall proceed to setup all necessary systems and routines of its monthly outsourcing services.5. CUSTOMER shall open a corporate banking account in Malaysia for payment to payroll,operating expenses and all other necessary payouts.6. RC will prepare Fund Requisition Sheet for CUSTOMER for verification and authorisation.7. RC will request CUSTOMER HQ to transfer fund into CUSTOMER’s corporate banking account inMalaysia for preparation of cheques to all contractors, employees and creditors.8. RC will prepare all authorised monthly payment cheques for CUSTOMER’s authorised signatoriesto sign before dispatching those cheques to all parties.5

PROJECT TASK MANAGEMENTOur project management is comprised of the following phases: Project kick off meetingDetailed processes and requirements studyReview meetingsInternal trainingParallel runReview meetingsLive runReview meetingsProject sign offSERVICE LEVEL GUARANTEEOur utmost priority is to ensure prompt and accurate monthly salary payments and contributions tothe statutory bodies in Malaysia. In the event of errors proven to be committed by us, we will rectifywithin a reasonable timeframe. Failure to do so, we will obliged to absorb any penalty chargesimposed on our Client.6

PAYROLL PROCESSING FLOWSTARTBy 16th - 24th Data capturing Data validationBy 15th Payroll fund requisitionReceive data from Client Payroll Fund approvalBy 18th - 22nd Confirmation & approval of payroll Approval of fundsBy 22nd - 24th Remit funds to RC bank acc: RC receive funds* Payroll funds* Statutory funds* RC professional feesBy 26th RC remits payment to employeesbank accBetween 26th - month end RC remits payment to statutorybodies Receipts of payment obtained26th - 1st week of next month RC submits month end report toclient:* Payroll summary, Payment receipt,Month end journal listing, OtherreportsAction by ClientEndAction by RC7

APPENDIX 1FeesMonthly Professional Fee8Details1 – 5 employees6 – 10 employees11 – 20 employees21 – 30 employees31 – 40 employees41 – 50 employees51 – 60 employees61 – 70 employees71 – 80 employees81 – 90 employees91 – 100 employees101 – 110 employees111 – 120 employees121 – 130 employees131 – 140 employees141 – 150 employees151 – 160 employees161 – 170 employees171 – 180 employees181 – 190 employees191 – 200 employees201 – 210 employees211 – 220 employees221 – 230 employees231 – 240 employees241 – 250 employees251 – 260 employees261 – 270 employees271 – 280 employees281 – 290 employees291 – 300 employees301 – 310 employees311 – 320 employees321 – 330 employees331 – 340 employees341 – 350 employees351 – 360 employees361 – 370 employees371 – 380 employees381 – 390 employees391 – 400 employees401 – 410 employees411 – 420 employees421 – 430 employees431 – 440 employees441 – 450 employeesService ChargeMYR 489.00MYR 899.00MYR 989.00MYR 1,088.00MYR 1,197.00MYR 1,317.00MYR 1,449.00MYR 1,594.00MYR 1,754.00MYR 1,930.00MYR 2,123.00MYR 2,187.00MYR 2,253.00MYR 2,321.00MYR 2,391.00MYR 2,463.00MYR 2,537.00MYR 2,614.00MYR 2,693.00MYR 2,774.00MYR 2,858.00MYR 2,944.00MYR 3,033.00MYR 3,124.00MYR 3,218.00MYR 3,315.00MYR 3,415.00MYR 3,518.00MYR 3,624.00MYR 3,733.00MYR 3,845.00MYR 3,961.00MYR 4,080.00MYR 4,203.00MYR 4,330.00MYR 4,460.00MYR 4,594.00MYR 4,732.00MYR 4,874.00MYR 5,021.00MYR 5,172.00MYR 5,276.00MYR 5,382.00MYR 5,490.00MYR 5,600.00MYR 5,712.00

FeesMonthly Professional FeeDetails451 – 460 employees461 – 470 employees471 – 480 employees481 – 490 employees491 – 500 employees501 – 510 employees511 – 520 employees521 – 530 employees531 – 540 employees541 – 550 employees551 – 560 employees561 – 570 employees571 – 580 employees581 – 590 employees591 – 60