Eyes and HornsAn animated short film aboutmasculinity, sex, and transformation.Original try:Eyes and HornsDCP, 24fps, ProRes, H264Surround 5.1, stereoColor16:9, HD, 1920x108006:15 minGermany, South Korea

tingEditorMusic performance& RecordingMusic & Sound DesignSound MixPost Production SupervisorLasercutColor CorrectionChaerin ImFabian DriehorstChaerin ImChaerin ImKatherina Rival, Lara EnnigkeitFabian Driehorst, Chaerin ImKarie Jacobson, Drew KowalskiKarie Jacobson, Drew KowalskiCraig SmithAlba DragonettiJens HartungFrédéric SchuldTechnique2D, Object animation,Stop-motion photography, Cyanotype printmakingSoftwarePhotoshop, AfterEffectsDate of completion01.01.2021

LoglineThe transformation of the over masculineMinotaur inspired by Picasso’s printseries ‘Vollard Suite’ leads to thedestruction of boundaries of sexes.SynopsisThe exploration of masculinity beginswith a portrayal of the outburstingMinotaur, a mythical creature the artistPicasso used to portray himself inhis etching print series.In the process of exploration,the Minotaur goes through a violentstruggle between being male and female,But when it ends, the connotations areflipped, the lines blurred,and the boundaries of identitiesare crumbled.

Director’sStatementThe inspiration came when I was going throughPicasso’s Vollard Suite, an etching series of100 prints produced from 1930 till 1937. The artworkreflects Picasso’s erotic and artistic obsessionsthrough the Minotaur, a hybrid creature who isviolent, cruel, and lacks control of his outburstingmasculinity. The constant depiction of the Minotaurdevouring women that appeared in the prints gaveme an unsettling curiosity about the mindset of thisself-observant, confident, yet disruptive male artist.I envied the power and acceptance Picasso had,but at the same time was very disturbed bythe toxic masculinity and misogyny that wereso prevalent in his artwork and love life.

These contradicting feelings and thoughts evokedby Picasso’s Vollard Suite was the driving forcebehind the film Eyes and Horns. With the useof light, reflection,and shadow of the engravedplexiglass and cyanotypes, the film goes throughthe gender-shifting faces of the Minotaur, a violentstruggle between the two sexes, the transformationof the female body, and the destruction ofgender connotations. I wanted to talk aboutthe out-dated masculinity Picasso represents,the unnamed women portrayed in numerousartworks, and the transformation betweentwo gender and two sexes.Ultimately, a new sexuality is born from the blurringlines and overturn of connotations.But in the process of this discovery, we realizethat numerous categories aside from the binaryclassification of male and female,or men and women, have always existed,but never properly acknowledged.

Visual ApproachPicassotranslatedinto plexiglass animationWhen I first looked into the images of the VollardSuite, the elegant and thin, but yet sharp lines of thefigures grasped me first. They gave the image a strongsense of fragility, like a thin layer of glass. The thinlines holding together a female’s nude breast wouldsometimes become dramatic shadings or frizzlinghairs of the Minotaur, creating a contrasting effect thatenhanced the weird erotic atmosphere of the narrativeand the underlying themes of sex, desire, love, and ego.The amazing fact that these flowing lines were a resultof the etched lines on a solid metal plate doubled mycaptivation.

The fluid lines were not only found in Vollard Suitebut also Picasso’s light drawing photography.In these photographs, the light was flowing acrossthe air like a trace of water. Only the photograph,not the human eye, was able to capture the wholetrace of light. Even though Picasso couldn’t witnessthe shape and forms with his own eye, he dreweffortlessly. He was similar to a child leaving markson the surface of the water, even thoughthe marks will disappear quickly.With the afterimage of etched flowing linesand flowing light captured through the camera lens,the monster hiding behind the reflection of a man,I thought:Why can’t I create a visual effect of ‘drawing onwater’, as if I’m animating with light, reflection, andshadow? How can I bring together the physicality ofthe engraved plate as well?

DirectorFilmsChaerin Im (born 1994 in Seoul) is anexperimental filmmaker from South Koreawho explores gender issues and sexualimagery with the use of craftsmanshipand distinctive materials. She graduatedfrom Seoul National University’s VisualCommunication Design BFA program(2017) and earned an MFA degree fromthe CalArts Experimental Animation MFAprogram (2020). Her films have beenaccepted to various widely-known festivalssuch as Annecy, DOK Leipzig, Hiroshima,and Slamdance.2021 Eyes and Horns6min 15secAnimated short graduation filmProducer: Fabian DriehorstCalifornia Institute of the Arts, Experimental Animation2019 Mate4min 24secAnimated short student filmCalifornia Institute of the Arts, Experimental Animation2018 Flora (꽃)4min 17secAnimated short student filmCalifornia Institute of the Arts, Experimental Animation2017 The Genesis3 min 32secAnimated short graduation filmSeoul National University, Visual Communication Design

ProducerFilmsFabian Driehorst founded the studioFabian&Fred with Frédéric Schuld in 2011.He is a producer of author driven animationand film. His productions could win severalinternational awards and were selectedin more than 800 festivals. He took partin training initiatives like ACE ProducersAnimation Berlinale Talents DocumentaryCampus and is a board member of theGerman Animation Association.2021 Eyes and HornsAnimated short(Director: Chaerin Im)2020 The Chimney SwiftAnimated short(Director: Frédéric Schuld)2020 How My GrandmotherBecame A ChairAnimated short(Director: Nicolas Fattouh)2019 LickalikeAnimated short(Director: Rebecca Bloecher)2019 Happiness MachineAnimated anthology feature(Director: various womendirectors from Europe)2018 Boy of WarDocumentary feature(Director: Igor Kosenko,Cyprien Clément-Delmas)2018 Carlotta’s FaceAnimated documentary(Director: Valentin Riedl,Frédéric Schuld)2017 The Last TapeDocumentary short(Director: Igor Kosenko,Cyprien Clément-Delmas)2017 DvalemodusExperimental short(Director: Bieke Depoorter,Mattias de Craene)2016 A La Derive/ Drifting AwayAnimated short(Director: CyprienClément-Delmas)2015 The CoupMixed-media short(Director: Fabian&Fred)2015 Däwit / DaewitAnimated short(Director: David Jansen)

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