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Vol 8. Issue 5ContentsMay 2014Features3 Judge Michael D. Ryan PortraitCeremony4 County Honors Employees5 Judges Say Farewell7 Court Employees Graduate inWashington DC8 Employee Satisfaction SurveyCommittee PhotosCover - Oil painting of JudgeMichael D. Ryan unveiled at hisportrait dedication ceremony in theOld Courthouse in Phoenix.Judicial Branch NewsThe Judicial Branch News is an online newsletter published by theMedia Relations Department.If you wish to contribute to this newsletter, please send articles,news items, photos or other correspondence to:[email protected] WritersDebbie GillilandChristopher G. BleuensteinTracy RandallKatie McSpaddenLara MeierProduced by the Media Relations DepartmentMedia Relations DepartmentOld Courthouse 4th Floor125 W. WashingtonPhoenix, AZ 85003Contributing EditorsKaren ArraVincent FunariKelly VailTanya LutherJohnny TseMary ByrnesNicole GarciaPg 2

Court NewsSuperior Court Remembers Honorable Michael D. RyanOn April 25, Superior Court celebrated the distinguishedcareer of the Honorable Michael D. Ryan with a portraitdedication ceremony.Justices, judges, former judges, court staff, friends and familyattended the ceremony at the Old Courthouse in Phoenix topay their respect to a brilliant legal mind who dedicated 24years to working in the Judiciary. Justice Ryan served as aSuperior Court Judge, a Court of Appeals Judge and ArizonaSupreme Court Justice.During the ceremony, Justice Ryan’s wife, Karen, and son,Kevin, unveiled the portrait. Presiding Judge Norman Davis,Commissioner R. Jeffrey Woodburn and retired JudgeRon Reinstein spoke on behalf of their friend and formercolleague.Justice Ryan was known as a fair and thoughtful jurist whomanaged his courtroom in a firm, respectful manner. He wasrespected by all who appeared before him as well as thosewho served beside him.As a Superior Court Judge, he presided over high profilecases such as AzScam, the Phoenix Suns drug case andthe criminal trial of Governor Evan Mecham. Prior to joiningthe Bench, he served as a Maricopa County prosecutor.Justice Ryan received his Juris Doctorate from Arizona StateUniversity. He also was the recipient of two Purple Heartsand the Bronze Star for his service as a United States MarineCorps platoon commander in the Vietnam War.JCorps Partners with Local CommunitiesThe Juvenile Community Offender Restitution and Public Service Program partneredwith local communities over the past few months for charitable causes and communityclean-up projects. Since January, JCORPS worked with the City of Phoenix on severalgraffiti clean-up projects as well as the Lindo Park and the Garcia Neighborhoodson spring clean-up and beautification projects. JCORPS youth have been in Tempehelping W. Steve Martin and his charities with the relocation of their warehouses.Mesa Councilmember Christopher Glover recently reached out to JCORPS forassistance with cleaning up streets and alleyways near Holmes Elementary in Mesa,which was experiencing excessive illegal dumping. More than 28 JCORPS youthturned out to help clean-up the streets around Holmes Elementary. Communities oragencies interested in partnering with JCORPS may contact JCORPS SupervisorLara Meier at 602-372-4349 or JCORPS Program Coordinator Alexander Stojsic atChief Juvenile Probation Officer Eric 602-506-5607.Meaux helps JCORPS on a clean-upproject in Mesa.By Lara Meier, JCORPS SupervisorPg 3

Court NewsEmployee AnniversariesCounty Honors Employees with30 Years of Service5 YearsSally Hawley, Judicial AssistantJames Beene, Superior Court JudgeSusan White, Court CommissionerMonica Garfinkel, Court Commissioner10 YearsStacy Kirshner, Adult Probation OfficerRichard Facio, Surveillance OfficerTerrence Moore, Security Officer IISilvia Puentes, Security Officer IIAlexis Leask, Juvenile Detention OfficerSikiru Adeniran, Juvenile Detention OfficerJohn Finn, Juvenile Detention OfficerPhillip Hanley, Admin Services DirectorScott Kindle, Court ReporterCheryl Smith, Judicial Clerk AssociateTiffany Durham, Juvenile Detention OfficerFabian Flores, Surveillance OfficerStanley Robinson II, Juvenile Detention OfficerTodd Weiss, Juvenile Detention OfficerSarah Hertel, Judicial AssistantAdult Probation Officer Beverly Geske15 YearsRocio Palomino, Adult Probation OfficerHolly Slater, Adult Probation OfficerKenneth Smith, Adult Probation OfficerThomas Weiss, Adult Probation Officer SupervisorTeresa Toth, Conference OfficerMary Stepanian, Registered NurseFernando Garcia, Surveillance OfficerJaime Lopez, Surveillance OfficerTeresa Sanders, Superior Court JudgeBarbara Vega, Judicial Clerk SeniorCourt Reporter Kim HannanGrayce Says Goodbye20 YearsEugene Lehman, Surveillance Officer25 YearsChauncey Crenshaw, Adult Probation Officer SupervisorHugh Gallagher, Deputy Court AdministratorKelly Ortiz, Judicial Clerk LeadRobert Batchelor, Adult Probation OfficerDiane Katz, Adult Probation OfficerJamille Barbosa-Hendershot, Juvenile Probation OfficerPaul Hamstra, Juvenile Probation OfficerCynthia Huth, Judicial Clerk AssociateKaren Egan, Judicial Clerk Supervisor* Information provided by Debbie Gilliland in the HumanResources Department.The Judicial Education and Training Departmentcelebrates Grayce Mayhew’s departure. Grayce isleaving Superior Court after eight years of service toembark on a new adventure in her career. Back Row- (left to right) - Dan Sitzler, Kelly Lusk, Cindy Reidand Eva Fatigoni. Front Row - Grayce Mayhew.Pg 4

Court NewsJudge Douglas Rayes RetiresJudge Harriett Chavez RetiresJudge Douglas Rayes has retiredfrom Superior Court to join theFederal District Court Bench.Judge Harriett Chavez, who served25 years as judicial officer in theArizona court system, announced herretirement effective June 30.Douglas RayesJudge Rayes, who was most recentlyassigned to civil court, served 14years as a Superior Court Judge.During his time on the Bench, hepresided over calendars in criminal,civil and family court. He also servedthree years as the Criminal PresidingJudge.“Doug has always sought to improve the quality andperformance of our court and has been one of the keyplayers in moving it forward,” Presiding Judge NormanDavis said. “I will always remember Doug’s humble andcaring nature and his willingness to see the best in people.The United States District Court is getting a truly able andqualified judge and an even finer human being.”Judge Rayes served three years as a Judge AdvocateGeneral in the United States Army and later spent 18 yearsworking in private practice.Judge Verdin Says FarewellHarriett ChavezIn her letter to the Governor, JudgeChavez stated, “I have had the honorand privilege of serving the citizensof Arizona as a Judge in the bestTrial Court in the United States. I amgrateful to have had this wonderfulopportunity and will miss theexcitement and challenge of workingwith such dedicated professionals.”Judge Chavez served 23 years with Superior Court, thefirst 12 years as a Commissioner and the remaining 11years as a Judge. While serving on the Superior CourtBench, she presided over juvenile, family, criminal, civil andprobate calendars. She also worked two years as a Judgewith Phoenix Municipal Court.“I had the privilege of working with Harriett at the NorthwestRegional Court after it was opened in 2002, and soonlearned of her serious and impartial commitment to the ruleof law, her desire to do the right thing in every case, and ofher compassion for every litigant that enters her courtroom,”Presiding Judge Norman Davis said. “We will all miss ourdaily contact with Judge Chavez, her great attitude, hersupportive disposition, and her willingness to help anyonein need of assistance.”Prior to her judicial career, Judge Chavez served as anAssistant Arizona Attorney General; Deputy MaricopaCounty Attorney; Assistant Phoenix City Prosecutor andAssistant Mesa City Prosecutor.She earned her Juris Doctorate and bachelor’s degree ineducation/history from the University of Arizona.“Thank you for all you have done during your career toimprove the Court and the community. We all wish you thevery best in your well-deserved retirement,” Judge Davissaid.Judge Maria del Mar Verdin with members of her original judicialstaff at her retirement party in the Old Courthouse. Left to right Michelle Montijo, former bailiff, Judge Verdin and Melissa Gable,judicial assistant.Pg 5

Court NewsBrad Finch RetiresJA Earns DegreeCriminal Court Administrationannounces the graduation ofChris Kraus.Kraus graduated from ArizonaState University (ASU) with aBachelor of Science degree inCriminal Justice & Criminologyon May 13th. He is working inNot Guilty Arraignment Courtin the South Court Tower. Inaddition to working full-timefor the court, he also has beengoing to school full-time atASU’s downtown campus.Chris KrausWhen asked about his achievement, he stated: “I wouldlike to use my degree to get into probation or parole.”Superior Court’s Brad Finch retires after 33 years of service.Brad worked in many areas of the County including: theCounty Hospital, Adult Probation and Human Resources withSuperior Court.Submitted by Christopher G. BleuensteinCourt Reporter’s Office:Providing CoverageMarshal’s Office GraduatesA New ClassDuring a transition period in the Court Reporting Department,Pearl Duran (left) and Blanche Paulsen (right) accepted newduties and performed admirably. Also, thanks to the manycourt reporters who have volunteered their time with phonecoverage, filing and calendar coverage.On May 2, Superior Court welcomed a new class of Deputy CourtMarshals. The graduation took place in the Old Courthouse inPhoenix.Pg 6

Court NewsCourt Employees Graduate in Washington DCJohnny Tse (Third row, far left) and Nicole Garcia (second row, far right) earned certification as a Fellowof the Institute for Court Management (ICM). The graduation ceremony took place on May 9 at the UnitedStates Supreme Court in Washington, DC. The final step of the Fellows process includes a three-day masterclass held in Alexandria, VA. The Fellows program, dating back to 1970, is the highest certification in courtmanagement offered by the National Center or State Courts.Juvenile Court Reaches Out to South MountainOn April 10, Katie McSpadden, the Status OffenseSpecialty Court Coordinator, participated in a speakerpanel at South Mountain High School. The panel, hostedby the South Mountain W.O.R.K.S Coalition, was createdin 2008 to address underage drinking in the 85040, 85041,and 85042 zip codes. The Coalition consists of a variety ofrepresentatives from youth, parents, and law enforcement,to schools and government agencies. The group engagesin numerous activities, such as community education, peerleadership, public information and social media marketing,and community development.Katie McSpadden (second from the right) sits on a panel at SouthMountain High School.Ms. McSpadden is currently delivering presentations tolocal schools to help youths make informed decisions inthe community.Submitted by Katie McSpaddenPg 7

Employee Satisfaction Survey CommitteesEmployee Satisfaction Survey CommitteesCommittee meetings, made up of employees from every facet of the organization, are underway discussing ways to improvethe workplace. The best ideas and solutions from the meetings will be presented to leadership for possible implementation.TrainingFront Row (left to right) - Holly Burdine, HarrietGalbreath, Gary Bridget, Eva Fatigoni, AraceliAmbert, Marie Long. Back Row - (left to right)- Diana Hegyi (Co-chair), Phil Hanley (Cochair), Shawn Haught, Danielle Radler, KristinaTuba, Randy Rosencrans and Kyle Miller. (Notpictured: Gloria Braskett, Elisa Young andSusan Bee.)Flex TimeFront Row – (left to right) – Chuck Lopez, ChadWilliams, Leslie Strombeck and Tracy Schatza.Back Row – (left to right) – Connie Scott, DannaQuinn (Co-chair), Robert Prieto, Kristen Hunt, KimKelly and Barbara Broderick (Co-chair.) (Not Pictured:Lori Ash, Shari Anderson-Head, Kyla Bracker, NicholeFlowers, Brenda Jones, Tiffany Keshishian and LindaSandbloom.Bi-Lingual PayFront Row - (left to right) - Claudia FacioBarriga, Maria Maurin, Erma Hernandez, SandraNageotte and Pamela Leon. Middle Row - (leftto right) - Manny Barron, Jasmine Herrera, AmyAzpeitia, Debra Rubenstein, Danna Quinn (Cochair) and Karen Westover (Co-chair). BackRow - (left to right) - Jessica Alvares, RamiroSuastegui, Daniel Rodgers, Jason Hathcockand Paula Collins. (Not Pictured - GladysVillegas.)Pg 8

Employee Satisfaction Survey Committees - Continued from Page 8Inter-DepartmentalFront Row - (left to right) - Daniele Grasser,Kathleen Frazier, Karen Westover (Co-chair),Eric Meaux (Co-chair) and Kristi Ward.Back Row - (left to right) - Dave Elston,Rona Easterday, Andrea Stiles, Karen Arra,Laurie Laughlin, Mike Czerniejewski, PatriciaO’Connor, Penne Garrett and CharlotteShrum. (Not pictured: Kafi Grossley, KathleenMullin, Kelly Lusk.)Bench And EmployeeFront Row - (left to right) - Sarah Murillo, John Slone,Joan Weyrauch, Cynthia Mancinelli and Jim Koeller.Back Row - (left to right) - Kerry Vogel, Paula Coe,Daniel Fox, Charles Botz, Cynthia Stevens, HughGallagher (Co-chair), Phil Knox (Co-chair), VincentFunari, Kristi Dallman and Mike Babicky. (Not Pictured:Heidi Heniger, Robin Hoskins and Reggi Williams.)TechnologyFront Row - (left to right) - Kelly Vail,Richard Kokes, JoAnn Paulus, DarleneJackson, Jeremy Mullen, Daniel Burgess,Sandra Feijoo. Back Row - (left toright) - Tom Mosely (Co-chair), ChristianPopovici, Rodney Rego, Randy Tirado,Mark Hendershot, Kristina Rogers, BrianBledsoe, Julian Garcia and Richard Woods(Co-chair). (Not Pictured: Ben Williams.)Pg 9